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2019 Product Catalogue

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All about us Almost 25 years ago, Creative Visuals introduced large format digital printing to Australia. Since then, our small but committed staff has grown into a large team of dedicated professionals who always ensure that their clients’ needs are a priority. 3

LEFT: QT Hotel Melbourne

organisation, and our goodwill is matched by our dedication to combating environmental issues.

Today, we are proud to be one of the country’s leading experts in large scale digital printing and portable display manufacturing. Creative Visuals is the exclusive distributor of the world renowned Expand brand of portable displays enabling us to provide a diversity of products unequalled in Australia.

Over the past three years, we have made a conscious effort to minimise waste and use recyclable and biodegradable materials. Our environmental practices are constantly evaluated to reinforce our commitment to providing a green solution in the print industry.

At Creative Visuals, our vision extends past the highest quality prints and products. We are the only company to have been a donating sponsor for the entire ten year duration of the Cancer Council’s Art Awards. We take great pride in our support of such an inspiring


Our Commitment Creative Visuals is committed to reducing and recycling our materials waste. We also have a green procurement policy to assist in minimising our impact on the environment. Our environmental management systems have been implemented to enable the certification to ISO14001.

Not only is the majority of our display hardware recyclable, we also offer all our clients that have purchased products from Creative Visuals to send them back to us for recycling when they become redundant and encourage all clients to use our Greener solutions. We have recycled over 12 tons of Aluminium from tradein displays over the last 12 months.

The key items are: + Procurement of Eco-solvent printers. + Internal recycling programs and waste management. + Usage of quality parts components to ensure long-term use and durability.

We have made a dedicated commitment to the future for all of our products and practices to ensure we source the most environmentally friendly products available.


Digital Graphics Interior and exterior


YCC The graphics for this community centre are highly detailed and unique. They are fun and colourful for an individual venue. Using a combination of opaque and clear films, Creative Visuals have successfully installed an intricate and comprehensive interior graphic solution for Yarraville Community Centre.





Glass Cover almost any glass surface with high quality printed graphics. Create high impact or subtle images to suit your environment. Our large range of unique materials allow us to produce graphics that are frosted, clear, indoor or outdoor. We use high grade tough materials along with non-fade inks to ensure longevity and quality production. We produce to any size.





1 / AGL Sydney Meeting rooms, NSW / 2 / AGL Melbourne Staff breakout area, VIC / 3 / Bank of Queensland Reception, QLD / 4 / Optus Headquarters Cafeteria, NSW




1 / Accelerate Holden office, VIC / 2 / StarTrack Foyer, NSW / 3 / QT Hotel Melbourne, VIC



Wall Murals Create high impact images at the highest resolution. Using high quality inks and materials our wall murals can be tailored to fit all environments. We work closely with some of Australia’s creative design studios, Creative Visuals have produced an extensive range of exciting results in different environments. From small wall murals in the retail and hospitality world to large corporate fit-outs in which our expertise is second to none, Creative Visuals will always achieve the best results possible.




Exteriors Create high impact images for external hoardings, walls, display stages and many more... Either single or double sided, we use a variety of materials to suit your application. This includes indoor and outdoor materials. With a dedicated production team we can “finish� your banner to any requirement. This includes sewing pockets, hemming, eyelets, rope edging, weighted pockets, etc and we supply a variety of alternative hanging tracks.


Exhibition Displays Have maximum impact at your next exhibition


Booth Meet Booth. A smart little tool that we’ve developed to help get your next exhibition display underway. It’s quick and easy to help you make your booth your own. Head to our website and check it out creativevisuals.com.au/booth




Measure up

Walls & floors

Kit it out

Pick the size of your booth and how many walls you’re after.

Softwood floors or custom printed carpet can be the perfect way to make your booth unique. Here you can also select which walls you want graphics on.

Here’s the fun part. Kit it out with a selection of both our products, and products from the Expand range.







A great booth starts with a unique design. Creative Visuals offer you a way to customise your bo to ensure that you stand out at your next event. GET STARTED


Search here for what you’re after... M





Event Activations “Experiential Marketing,” “Event Marketing,” “Activations,” “BTL Marketing.” Whichever term you use we have display solutions to achieve your goals and interact with your target audience.

Renault INCLUDES + Custom car support platform + Fabricated consultation desk + Digital media Information tower


Bupa INCLUDES + Expand Podium Case + Switch 1000 Banners + Silhouette Plus back wall + Shopping centre height approved

Medibank INCLUDES + Silhouette Plus back wall + Switch 1000 banner + Raised timber flooring + iPad stands

Ledified INCLUDES + Raised recycled timber flooring + Custom counter with lockable storage + Branded column with product display + Counter with built in iPad stands



Exhibition Stands Unique designs created specifically for your company. Our exhibition stands are built to the highest quality and design. From smaller 3m x 3m booths through to 20m x 20m stands we cover it all.



+ 3m x 3m Size + Fully Constructed Stand + Built in LED lightboxes and logos + Shelving with LED lighting + Multimedia Display This stand was designed to be a modular solution that can be scaled from a 3m x 3m corner space up to a 3m x 6m space with the same stand components. Self-contained to create a fresh and contemporary stand that is welcoming to your visitors. Bold branding and the use of softer timber niches and colours work together to make a pleasing space for the customer to interact with the product.


Monier A custom design fitout to showcase our client’s product range in a new and eye-catching way for their showroom. This custom specified sample display was constructed using a wide variety of materials and finishes to integrate into the industrial style environment.


Lockheed Martin + 6m x 3m floorplan + Custom built expo stand + Interchangable fabric graphics + Lockable counters and storage + Multimedia display screens + High tech carbon fibre finishes With a focus on information technology within Lockheed Martin the stand makes use of multiple screens and demo areas for the client to showcase their high end software. With faux carbon fibre graphic wrap on the surfaces and the bold contrast of black and white the stand creates a crisp clean futuristic look.



Made just for you

Interactive Displays In the information age we live in it is increasingly important to engage and connect with your customers in an interactive way. Creative Visuals can tailor make an interactive station or kiosk that can be set-up to deliver this information which both suits your message and works within your budget. Whether a single unit for use in a corporate foyer or multiple units to be rolled out to retailers, we can develop a solution just for you.


Custom Displays Rather than relying on the more generic off the shelf display solutions let our team custom design your next product or media display platform. Whether stand alone or a staffed information point our award winning designs will capture the interest of your customer. With a great range of contemporary materials in our range we will utilise the latest in computer aided cutting and process coupled with our professional fabrication team to construct your display to the very highest standard.


Branding 3D signage and vinyl cut lettering for company logos, brands or messages is a very common and very effective way to advertise your company and brand. We can offer you + Machined CNC cut or lasercut logos + 2 Pack Sprayed finish in corporate PMS colours + Indoor/Outdoor application + LED Backlit letters or full Lightbox Displays + Variety of materials and finishes available.


Popular Displays The best of what we have to offer and our most loved products.

FREESTANDING seamless & lightweight freestanding stretched fabric frames in custom sizes. Now with no tools required for setup









Ensure your message takes centre stage, the Silhouette Plus utilises the stylish and innovative Silhouette frame to create made to measure freestanding walls.

The Silhouette Plus Stretch Fabric Frames can be setup without the annoying allen keys!!

The Silhouette Plus is so simple yet so effective with very little frame seen from the front view – this is what makes this stand so unique. With the minimalistic approach to this effective stand the weight and ease of set-up leaves it unchallenged. EASY LOCK The Silhouette Plus can be setup without the annoying allen keys!! No tools required when setting up. KEY FEATURES + Single or double sided + Custom Sizes + Interchangeable fabric images + Paddle feet + Optional Case on wheels or carry bag


FREESTANDING create different shapes and sizes

INFINITE CONFIGURATIONS With our innovative linking system you can produce almost any shape or layout to complement your marketing activity or event. With the interchangeable fabric image, Silhouette offers flexibility and most importantly an easy solution for your event. The Silhouette system is also recyclable.

By using only 3 Silhouette displays you can achieve a number of different display configurations.

MAGNETIC JOINING SYSTEM Upgrade to our unique Magnetic system that enables you to join stands by simply pushing them together. No screws or tools required.



WALLMOUNTED LIGHTBOX LED Lightboxes Silhouette is also a slim but stylish lightbox that will transform any space to a bright illuminated eye catching feature to advertise your brand or products. The interchangeable high quality fabric print offers endless flexibility.

KEY FEATURES + Built in or surface mountable + High output LED + Custom bespoke sizing to suit your space + Fully installed on site + Australian certified + Interchangeable fabric images + Slim 80mm profile



1 1 / Australian Hellenic Museum 35

2 2 / 88 Queensbridge St, Melbourne Showroom

3 3 / Paccar Australia, Reception 36

WALLMOUNTED stretched fabric frames to mount on walls that can be any size

Silhouette is a stylish and innovative multi-purpose image frame that has function, simplicity and quality. With an interchangeable high quality fabric print the flexibility offered by this ingenious frame is endless.


From small single sided frames on internal walls, through to large double sided hanging frames in foyers, Silhouette offers flexibility with style.


KEY FEATURES + Custom Sizes + Interchangeable fabric images + Single sided


Flextile Swedish Excellence It doesn’t get more portable than this!



Portable, modular, unique, and patented.

+ 800mm wide + 1000mm wide + 1200mm wide

Simplicity at its most beautiful and functional. Each panel can hold its own graphic or be part of a larger, seamless mural. With three different frame sizes and the ability to navigate multiple angles, your imagination is the limit. The frames are folded out by hand and simply stacked as needed to build the display. No tools, no locks, no hassle.


Flexible, modular and scalable. Choose from the completed solutions in the tables below or build your own display.


the first mobile lightbox made of plastic exclusively at Creative Visuals

PIXLIP GO is based on a three-part set of components. Neither tools nor prior technical knowledge are needed for rapid assembly and disassembly. PIXLIP GO is the first mobile plastic lighting frame in the world. By contrast to sharpedged aluminium, this makes it particularly light and avoids any risk of injury.


KEY FEATURES + Single or double sided + Custom Sizes + Interchangeable fabric images

SIZES GO Lightbox 100 x 100 cm

GO Lightbox 100 x 200 cm

GO Lightbox 100 x 250 cm

GO Lightbox 200 x 200 cm

GO Lightbox 200 x 250 cm

GO Lightbox 300 x 250 cm

GO Lightbox 100 x 145 cm

GO Lightbox 285 x 240 cm




Textile Polyester knitted textile The prints are high-quality and are an extremely light fabric. These are printed using an environmentallyfriendly dye subblimation printing process. Thanks to the double-sewn rubber lip and the elastic portion in the fabric, the prints can be easily inserted into the plastic profiles which allows the flexibility of interchangeable prints.

Lighting LED Module

System connector Flex 180° angle

The illumination of the PIXLIP GO frames is accomplished using our powerful LED modules. These feature a 24 V lighting module. All construction parts are CEcertified and through their limited heat development fulfil the usual safety provisions for events.

The PIXLIP GO Flex connector allows the user to connect several equally high frames at an arbitrary angle. The unobtrusive plastic elements are simply pushed up and down on the respective corners of the frames. Due to the identical design, the suspended hinge remains nearly invisible.


System connector Step Variable height

System connector top Constant height

The PIXLIP GO Step connector allows the combination of two different height frames to create a stable presentation wall. The small plastic element is pushed up and down into the respective system groove of the two frames.

With the PIXLIP GO system connector Top the same height frames can be connected together. For this purpose, the small plastic parts are simply pushed up and down into the respective system groove of the two frames so that they are exactly aligned with one another.


the first backlit alternative to classic roll-up exclusively at Creative Visuals

As an alternative to conventional roll-up banners, PIXLIP POP is ideal for use at POS and in the event industry. With a total weight of on 8kg this is a real lightweight on the market for mobile advertising displays.


PIXLIP POP backlighting is illumunated by narrow LED stripes which enables a particularly narrow frame depth of only 75 mm. When rolled up, the flexible LED panel can be packed in a practical carry bag to save space.

KEY FEATURES + Light weight + Interchangeable graphic + 2 minutes to assemble + Tooless + Portable + Cost effective + Recyclable SIZE + 850x2000mm

GrandFabric large freestanding ‘sleeve’ fabric displays that pack up for easy transport SIZES

A simple, large, high impact stretch fabric display that packs up into a transportable case or bag for easy transport.

+ 2320mm wide x 2400mm high + 2950mm wide x 2400mm high + Ask about our custom sizes

Connect the profiles, pull over your pillow case fabric, add the feet – READY!


SINGLE OR DOUBLE-SIDED PRINT Use as a single or double sided display. EASY TO TRANSPORT The Expand GrandFabric backwall fits into our Expand PodiumCase, a combined counter and transport box on wheels. It can also be delivered in a nylon bag on wheels.

FLEXIBILITY Simply add extra stands to create larger walls and different configurations.


Unique 360 Degree rotating panel hinge


PodiumCase a transport box on wheels that can be easily be turned into a counter READY, ROLL, UNPACK & GO A flexible and very spacious transport box. It is opened up like a suitcase, which makes it very easy to pack. The Expand PodiumCase is a perfect transport box for Expand MediaWall, Expand MediaFabric and our other products. SIZES Closed 980mm x 730mm x 450mm Open 1240mm x 980mm x 600mm TRANSPORT BOX The Expand PodiumCase transport box is equipped with wheels and a handle for easy transport. The Expand PodiumCase can transport up to 5 retractable displays or an Expand MediaWall or our other products.


PodiumCase XL a super spacious counter – and two transport boxes


This spacious counter is perfect for product demos, events, exhibitions and as a portable bar. Open the two boxes and add a large table top, a graphic on the front and shelves on the inside. A large space for welcoming your customers and lots of space for storage of brochures and collateral on the inside.

Open 2180mm x 980mm x 1060mm

When done, pack up everything in the two transport boxes.


Retractable Displays Easy to setup, get your displays up in 30 seconds. Stat.

lightweight interchangeable image displays designed for flexibility and functionality

30% LIGHTER, 30% SMALLER Switch is 30% lighter and 30% smaller than its respective Reelite equivalent, making it considerably lighter and more compact – and easier to transport!




Switch is one of the only retractable displays available that has a clever interchangeable cartridge system. The unique image cylinder is the quickest and simplest method available to change your images.


+ Lighter and smaller than the Reelite + Interchangeable image cylinders SIZES + 800mm x 2000mm

This unique feature allows you to create a portfolio of different images to use with a single base.

+ 1000mm x 2000mm


Make your Switch display stand out from the crowd with your own logo or branding on the base.



Reelite Switch



the ultimate lightweight desktop display with an interchangeable image cylinder

SIZES Now available in 6 sizes + 400x900mm - Portrait + 400x600mm - Portrait + 600x1200mm - Portrait + 600x400mm - Landscape MADE IN AUSTRALIA


+ 400x400mm - Square + 600x600mm - Square



With our unique interchangeable image cylinder we can offer flexible solutions when campaigns require frequent updates.

Switch Mini is revolutionary, incorporating simple design and using lightweight materials to give you one of the lightest retractable displays available on the market.

One-on-one meetings or sitting on a counter at point of purchase, Switch Mini has an endless application. KEY FEATURES

Traditionally used for counter and desk applications, Switch Mini is also ideal when space can sometimes be restricted but your message needs to be visible.

+ Lightweight. Depending on size between 1-1.7kgs


Penta Swedish Excellence It doesn’t get more portable than this!



Penta offers you a genuine light weight, portable solution that is as good as it gets when it comes to compact pull up displays.

+ Compact and small + Lightweight (2.5 / 3.8 / 4.9 Kgs)

It is stylish and engineered for the long haul which is why we back that up with our lifetime warranty.

SIZES + 600mm wide + 850mm wide + 1000mm wide + 1250mm wide + Height (telescopic pole) 1600 - 2200mm (800 / 1000 / 1250mm wide) 1600 - 2000mm (600mm wide)



an interchangeable image display when stability and durability is paramount Reelite display is one of the few retractable displays available that has a clever interchangeable cyclinder system. The unique image cyclinder is the quickest and most simple method available to change your images. KEY FEATURES + Made of durable materials + Interchangeable image cylinders SIZES + 600mm x 1800mm + 800mm x 2000mm + 1000mm x 2000mm + 1200mm x 2000mm + 1500mm x 3000mm + 1800mm x 2200mm BRANDABLE Make your Reelite display stand out from the crowd with your own logo or branding on the base.


MediaScreen XL An extra wide, extra tall roll-up which is exceptionally suitable when your message needs to be seen from a distance. You can easily create an even larger image by linking two or more displays. SIZES + 1200mm x 2000mm + 1200mm x 2500mm + 1200mm x 3000mm ASSEMBLY

MediaScreen 2 A stable retractable double-sided banner display. The double banners make the product easy to place and enable exposure from two directions as well as the possibility to show two different messages. SIZES + 850mm x 2000mm + 850mm x 2200mm + 1000mm x 2000mm + 1000mm x 2200mm ASSEMBLY


Popups The perfect solution when you need a backdrop for your next event.

MediaWall Curved the optimum shape and proportions for your message STANDARD SIZE

Expand MediaWall brings an optimum shape and proportions to your message and images. The shape enhances the visibility of your graphics from all angles.

+ 2290mm high CONFIGURATIONS

One of the lightest image walls on the market. Expand MediaWall is an easy and quick display to setup wherever you choose. ASSEMBLY


LinkWall a highly flexible display system – adapt the size and shape depending on location, occasion and target group


INFINITE CONFIGURATIONS The Expand LinkWall allows for ultimate flexibility. Simply change the shape by bending it to fit your location. The size is changed by adding or removing panels.


The LinkWall has flexible panels in-between, connected with a patented magnetic solution. Combine as many as you like to create your own Expand LinkWall.

It is the perfect investment as you can use it in different ways for each event. With 7 Expand LinkWall units, 6 flexible panels and 3 end panels you can create all displays shown.

KEY FEATURES + Available in 220, 250 & 290 cm graphic height Serpentine configurations + Achieve multiple + Single or double sided

Open U shape

L shape

Curved mural

U shape

Star island

Triangular towers




Outdoors If you’re up against the elements then we have a great range of outdoor displays

GrandFabric Outdoor An outdoor backwall for any weather condition


Expand GrandFabric - Outdoor wall is made with the same lightweight aluminium frames as our popular Expand GrandFabric system.

Use as a single or double sided display. SIZES

It is designed for long-term outdoor use and can be placed on different surfaces such as sand, snow, grass and asphalt as it comes with several support options.

+ 2320mm wide x 2400mm high + 2950mm wide x 2400mm high

EASY TO TRANSPORT The Expand GrandFabric Outdoor backwall fits into our Expand PodiumCase, wth the support part bags transported separately.



FlagStand a high quality, stable and portable flag stand for outdoor use SIZES

A lightweight, portable flag stand perfect for all outdoor events, marketing activities and campaigns.

+ 2m high + 3m high + 4m high

It is very stable and can be used in almost all weather conditions either with an X base or with a ground stake. The materials of the product have been carefully selected to handle long outdoor use and can also be used indoors. ASSEMBLY


FlagStand XL a stable, portable flag stand with a telescopic function, making it possible to vary the height up to 5.5m A stable and portable flag stand perfect for brand building at events, sales activities and campaigns in all kinds of outdoor environments. All product materials are carefully selected to endure long outdoor use. The flag stand can be used on almost all surfaces, such as sand, snow, asphalt and grass. It is delivered in a bag for easy transportation. ASSEMBLY

SIZES + 5.5m high


MediaScreen 2 Outdoor The first fully portable retractable banner for outdoor use. This makes it one of the most unique outdoor displays available. This double-sided display has a patented solution that guarantees stability even by strong winds. This stand can be used on just about any surface such as grass, asphalt and sand. This is the perfect tool for all kinds of outdoor events. The product is delivered in two bags for easy transportation. SIZES + 840mm x 1800mm

Teardrop flag A lightweight portable flag display that is designed to be lightweight for transport but sturdy and durable to accommodate most outdoor weather conditions. Choose from single or double sided option for your next outdoor event. Our teardrop flags have superior quality to ensure they last the test of time. SIZES + 2.2m + 3.4m Hard Ground Base Plate

Soft Ground Stake


Marquee’s High quality outdoor event marquee with your creative branding.

Invest in a high quality marquee that withstands sun, wind, rain and still looks good after all the wear and tear that outdoor products go through. A cost effective way to maximise exposure at any event. Our marquees are easy to setup and dismantle. They fold neatly into a bag with roller wheels. Easy to pack up, roll away and store. KEY FEATURES + Quick setup + Easily portable + High strength and durability + Add walls and branding + Includes carry bag SIZES + 3m x 3m + 6m x 3m

Tent pegs

Ballast bags


Other Displays The rest of our range that can add value to your event booth, or showroom

MonitorStand XL mount your large LED/LCD monitor or integrate it with the graphic walls – can hold up to 60” LCD/LED

Expand MonitorStand XL is an extra large stand for monitors & flat screens up to 42 kg or 60”. It can be used as freestanding or integrated in the Expand MediaWall. The stand is very stable and is delivered in a bag. It weights only 17kg. Monitor is not included. SIZE & WEIGHT Footprint: 762 x 762 mm Weight: 17.1 kg (incl. bag) Flexible monitor height: 1600, 1700, 1800 & 1900 mm.


Brochure Solutions Expand BrochureStand is made from carefully selected materials and is designed with precision to guarantee problem free usage with a long lifespan.

All the components of this very stable and scratch resistant brochure holder is recyclable. The stable locking connector with magnets makes it very easy to move when set up and packs up in a lightweight padded nylon carry bag.

The design makes it easy to load A4 brochures even when collapsed. EXPAND BROCHURESTAND

EXPAND BROCHURE HOLDER Available in two sizes: 250mm x 1360mm and 500mm x 1360mm

SCISSOR BROCHURE HOLDER Scissor Brochure Holders are stylish and practical brochure stands which effectively set off your brochure material. The Scissor Brochure Holder is available in A4 and A3 size and comes with a sturdy aluminium carry case. The concertina design of the Scissor Brochure Holders make them quick to set-up and pack away neatly into the slick metallic case.









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