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MagAZINE Dec 2016/Jan 2017 Issue 4

Caregiving Edition


Villard de Borchgrave

Founder and CEO of the Light of Healing Hope Foundation

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ell here we are again and I am just as excited about this issue as I was for our very first issue! November was Caregivers month, December is the full swing holiday month and January will mark a new year so I am going to cover a lot of ground in this issue. The dictionary says that a "Caregiver is someone who looks after someone", but I'm not sure I totally agree of such a simple definition. Animals care for their young. We care for animals. We look after our homes, cars, bodies, food and the list goes on. We give great care to picking the right place for vacation, reading the best material for our lifestyle and who we choose in our social circles. I believe that a "Caregiver can be any person, place or thing that looks after another person, place or thing, or after its own self." Yes...I love that definition! In my opinion, giving care is a very complicated job and, in many cases, not one we volunteered for or wanted. Caregiving may not come with a thank you, or rest, or

2 HEAL Magazine - Vol. 4

the outcome we envision, but we somehow do it to the best of our ability. I am happy that the United States Thanksgiving holiday is also in November because I want to personally thank each and every Caregiver who has unselfishly taken care of anyone, anyplace or anything without expecting anything in return. We are so proud to feature Alexandra Villard de Borchgrave, an ultimate Caregiver, for our cover so please make sure to read about her and watch our exclusive TGoTV Network interview. December and January hold a host of holidays, rethinking old habits and new beginnings so we will have all sorts of fun articles and whatnots from jokes to recipes...and speaking of don't want to miss our Feb/March issue of HEAL because there will be one handsome guy on the cover. Can you say, "Chef Angelo Sosa"??? God Bless, Safe Keeping & Happiest of Holidays to All!

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R E N R O K nd

irkla K e s o Ambr


hat really made it so unreal about my mother’s condition at the time was this. I wasn’t only her caregiver; I was also a breast cancer survivor. Looking after my mother and trying to keep my health issues under control was a circus act in itself. I was forever balancing her doctor’s appointments and my own, also at that same time making sure that my younger sister Reba, who was born mentally and physically disabled, was also taken care of. Yes, I balanced our lives accordingly. Was I lucky? No! I was blessed. Here I am spending time with two women whom I’ve needed and admired, now needing me. I didn’t think twice when my mother’s health started going in another direction. My mother had always been a very proud woman. So when she lost 4 HEAL Magazine - Vol. 4

the ability to use her legs (it started in early 2011), she definitely didn’t have to worry about her care. Because my mother had twelve children; God gave her a nursing wing of her own. But he chooses me to be her primary caregiver. Caring for a family member can be very emotionally. Being a caregiver of a parent, takes it up another notch. My mother would sometimes say she was a burden. In no way what so ever, did that thought cross my mind. When I was her caregiver, I would pray every day that my mother would always be with me. As I said before, caring for a parent is quite different. You have to put your pride on a shelf. There are things we think we’ll never have to do for a family member, but in spite everything. We do them. When they call out in the middle of the night because they’ve wet themselves and feel embarrassed. You do what’s right. You change

their clothes, you change the linen and make sure that you stay awake with them reassuring them its okay and you don’t mind it at all. When they call your name at 2:00am and you know you just left their room at 1:00am. You get up, go back and see to their needs. You live off of a few hours of sleep each day. Those who were once your closest friends don’t talk to you anymore. They just don’t understand the sacrifices you’ve made. They can’t possibly comprehend how you can just put your life on hold and become a caregiver, but you do it because you love the people you’re taking care of. Those you’re caring for becomes your life. For those like me, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Being a caregiver also can sometime mean; being the only one capable of transporting them to doctor’s appointments. What about the other person in the household with disabilities, who not only needs your attention, but can’t understand what’s going on because she doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand. You take care of her needs also. You don’t forget there are two people who need you. You don’t forget there

Take My Hand are two people who depend on you twenty-four hours a day. You wake-up every morning and make sure your Superman cape never hits the floor. By all means necessary, you take care of them. I sometimes wondered if my younger sister Reba understood any of this. Reba was and will always be my assistant. When you’re a caregiver, you’re life ends. You don’t get to go out to parties. You can’t go to that fam-

ily BBQ, or kid’s birthday party. You have to stay home and make sure your loved ones are cared for the way you want it. You don’t get to hang out with old friends when they come into town. One of my funniest things about being a caregiver is. Yes I said funniest. When you do find a friend and confidant, you don’t have time for them, because you’re afraid if you leave your loved ones to spend

even a minute with them. Something bad might happen. I learned so much about who I am, through those last 3 ½ years I spent with my mother. I might have been her caregiver, but she was my mentor. Not everyone can be a caregiver. Being a caregiver of a parent means; Losing a piece of yourself when God, takes their hand….

Dec 2016/Jan 2017 5


Townsend Carter

Founder of DopaMind Boxing & Cycling. DopaMind Boxing is a non-profit non contact boxing program developed to specifically cater to those who have been affected by Parkinson’s disease.



d e t a c ti s i h p So Winos

8 HEAL Magazine - Vol. 4


u abo g a r to b ine! e c pla ew The favorit r you


t is certainly that time of year where many folks will have good cheer! I've had a few people write in about their favorite holiday drinks and we are passing them on to you! (*Always remember to drink responsibly, do not drink & drive and know when to say enough. Please & thank you!) • • • • • • • • • •

Ventana Rubystone Red 2014 Champagne Billecart-Salmon Antinori Villa Toscana 2013 Penfolds Grange 2011 Syrah/Shiraz William Fevre Chablis Domaine 2014 Chardonnay MooBuzz Monterey Chardonnay 2014 Viva Diva Moscato Strawberry Le Colture Prosecco Superiore di Cartizze Taylor Fladgate First Estate Reserve Port San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, 33.8 Fl Oz (12 pack)

FOODDRUNK n u F y a d i l o H


he holidays always give us a reason to eat, eat some more, then eat some more. I love that but it's not very different from the other 364 days of the year for me. As someone who really enjoys a bite of everything in the room, (otherwise known as "grazing"), I rarely have the problem of overeating and/or feeling stuffed. We asked our readers to send in some of their favorite holiday foods, and they did, as did I. My tummy is growling just thinking about how delicious these sound! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Macaroni & Cheese Turkey & Stuffing Anything with gravy Mashed potatoes Cranberry sauce Apple pie Chocolate tarts Chess pie Yams Banana pudding Kraut & Brats Prune strudel (MMM-MMMM!) Green Bean Casserole Roasted Root veggies Cornbread Gnocchi Anything chocolate

Dec 2016/Jan 2017 9

Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holiday By Terri Holley


he colder season is finally here! Gone are the golden days of autumn, thoughts of raking leaves, and the colorful fall foliage. In their place are winter-themed wrapping paper, sparkling trees and weeks of non-stop celebration. These days, with the holiday season being heavily commercialized, hyped-up and overinflated, many of us find ourselves in a perpetual state of overwhelm. Is it possible to enjoy the holidays without the chaos, anxiety and stress? Years ago, the holiday season gave us permission to pause. It was well-deserved time off that gave us space to enjoy family and friends, recharge our batteries and prepare for a brand new year. These days, it can be difficult to slow down and really savor the holidays, but the possibility still exists. Take a minute and connect with your most fulfilling and enjoyable holiday season. What made it great? How did you take care of yourself? How did you feel after the holiday season was over?

indulging in celebratory treats and feasting on foods that keep the body well nourished.

A prosperous New Year starts with making time for selfcare during the holidays. With that in mind, here are a few self-pampering gifts that will guarantee a season of healthy celebration.

Here's to a wonderful, enjoyable and healthy holiday season!

The gift of movement. Be sure to exercise at least 3 times per week. It is great way to manage stress and burn off extra calories. The gift of nourishment. Stock up on fruits, vegetables and unprocessed/unrefined carbohydrates such as whole wheat crackers, granola bars and dried fruit. Don't go for perfection, but strike a balance between 10 HEAL Magazine - Vol. 4

The gift of being in the moment. Take time to be still and notice where you are on the holiday map. Are you consciously and intentionally moving through the holiday season? Staying grounded in the present will help you avoid temporal pleasures that may lead to extra pounds or unexpected debt. The gift of connection. The holidays may surround you with people who are difficult to be with. Treasure the opportunity to connect deeper with everyone. What is the gift the "hard to be with" person gives you? How can you better appreciate everything the holiday season brings? The gift of gratitude. Reflect on what has made your life richer and fuller in 2016. How can you leverage these blessings to experience a wildly successful 2017?

Terri Holley, MS CPCC is a Certified Professional Life Coach, trainer, speaker, and wellness expert. She supports people in honoring their deepest commitments to health, fitness and wellness. She is the owner and founder of Momentum Health and Life Coaching, LLC. Visit her website at [] Article Source: Holley/31722 Article Source:

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Chef Angelo Sosa!

Dina Dwyer-Owens: What an inspiring "Undercover Boss" to the world!

Make sure you catch the Feb/March 2017 issue of HEAL because Chef Angelo Sosa will be our cover story and he is one fantastic guy with a talent for cooking that will blow your socks off! Don't believe me? Check out this clip of him making the great Bobby Flay sweat on Iron Chef!

Business leader, book author and corporate motivational speaker...can you say, AMAZING?? Don't miss our March/April 2017 issue with the incredible Undercover Boss, Dina Dwyer-Owens, on the cover and her story of why being the best she can be is important and what that means for her company (The Dwyer Group) and their employees. Another genuine spirit that "Heals Hearts wherever she goes!"


Alexandra Villard de Borchgrave


ife has such an interesting way of helping those who have like minds find each other. I met Alexandra and her quick witted husband, Arnaud, a little over two years ago and I instantly fell in love with both of them. I am saddened to say that Arnaud passed away in February 2015 but he left his story, and their story, in the best hands possible. Poet, photojournalist, author, inspirational speaker, and...caregiver. Alexandra is a classic beauty filled with grace, charm, poise, and a voice that is so melodic, you go into a trance listening to her speak. She is a gracious host in her gorgeous Washington DC home and, as I watch her move across the floor (and observe that loving twinkle in Arnaud's eyes as he, too, watches her), it's difficult not to think she is floating on air with her long, dark hair cascading on her shoulders. I think to myself, "Who IS this beautiful woman?" Well let me tell you what I know HEAL Magazine - Vol. 4

then you can watch our interview to see for yourself who this amazing woman is and why we know that she is an ultimate caregiver. Alexandra Villard de Borchgrave: Borrowed information from *Founder and CEO of the Light of Healing Hope Foundation 501(c)(3), Alexandra has made it possible for over 23,000 of her books of hope to be gifted to those in need of comfort in hospitals and hospices. • Daughter of the late United States Ambassador and Mrs. Henry Serrano Villard. • Met her husband, internationally renowned journalist Arnaud de Borchgrave. • Graced the pages of many magazines! • Author of three inspirational and healing books; HEALING LIGHT: Thirty Messages of Love, Hope, and

Courage, HEAVENLY ORDER: Twenty Five Meditations of Wisdom and Harmony BELOVED SPIRIT: Pathways to Love, Grace, and Mercy *Alexandra's three "C's": 1. Be committed: believe strongly in the goal, have faith and put your whole being into it. 2. Be open to criticism: seek help even if it isn't easy to admit a lack of expertise. 3. Be courageous: risk and dare to pursue a dream regardless of any fears. Alexandra Villard de Borchgrave: Borrowed from the eyes of Rhayne Thomas. *Genuine in her giving, she sends her healing books to cancer survivors all over the world. *Her books are the epitome of love, and they are filled with inspiration to anyone that touches them. *She took care of Arnaud through their journey and never left his side. *She has dedicated her life to caring for others with her voice and through her foundation. *Every word she speaks is carefully chosen to make sure love is the message she is giving. *Her three "C's" empower and encourage! I really could go on and on about Alexandra but I want you to watch our interview so you can help support Light of Healing Hope Foundation. For more information on the foundation, please visit and feel free to contact them at Info@LightOfHealingHope. org or 202.333.1737. Here's to making the world a happier place by caring for each other! Facebook: Light of Healing Hope Foundation Twitter: @LightofHealingHope Instagram: lightofhealinghope Dec 2016/Jan 2017 13

"The Lorna Dancey Scar Project" Caregiver. What a powerful word. And speaking of powerful, stay tuned for upcoming 2017 Heal magazine issues that will feature the beauty of caring for others who have been scarred, mentally and/or physically, through the camera lens of the talented young Canadian woman known as Lorna Dancey. Our interview with Lorna will be an exclusive on TGoTV Network and HEAL with Rhayne!

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Photo by: Matt Wynn

Coming January 18. 2017

The Idea Joint Ladies and gentlemen...Allow me to introduce another powerful weapon in the TGoTV arsenal...The Idea Joint! Yes, I know...that sounds AMAZING! The Idea Joint is the latest creation from network CEO Theresa Goss and it will be life changing for anyone who has ever thought about starting a small business right from their very own kitchen table with very little startup! First things first; • No business is easy to start if YOU DO NOT DO THE WORK! • We can give you all of the tools but we CANNOT build the shed FOR you! • No matter what business you choose to start, the key to success is PASSION! • No it will NOT happen overnight! • If you DO NOT DO THE WORK, DO NOT WRITE US to say how we "tricked" you. You "tricked" yourself! • Whatever business you choose, HAVE FUN doing it and it won't feel like work! So there you have it. Stay tuned for "The Idea Joint" and see that dreams really can come true!

The first step to building your business is a great idea...

Caregiver Stress Quiz:

How Are You Holding Up? By A. Caoimhghin


s care g ivers, we all experi ence ca re g ive r stress, or j ust st ress i ndu ce d by o u r d aily act i v i t i es, to var yi ng l eve l s a n d fo r d if fe rent reasons. We all resp on d to d i f fe re nt situ ati ons di fferent ly. If you're won d e r i ng how yo u're doi ng j ust answer ye s or n o to the fo llowi ng quest i ons. More "ye s " a n s we rs ind icates t he possi bi li t y for hi gh e r l ev e ls of stress. Th e hi gher your potent i al s t re s s leve l , the mo re li kely i t i s t hat you're be i n g af fe cte d by ca regi ver st ress and mi g ht n ot eve n re alize the i mpac t t hat has on you. Ta ke j us t f ive minu tes to look over t he qu e s t i on s b e l ow and ma ke a ment al note of how ofte n yo u say " yes". 1 . Do yo u p rovide more t han four hours of c aregiving every day? 2 . Are yo u the s ole caregi ver for your ca re re cip ient(s) ? 3 . Do yo u exe rci se less t han t hree (3) h ours e ach we ek ? 4 . Are there mult i ple people t hat fall un de r yo u r care ea c h day? 5 . Are yo u the pri mary caregi ver? 6 . Do yo u get fewer t han four (4) hou rs pe r d ay of p erso n al t i me? 7 . Is yo u r ca re -rec i pi ent a c lose fami ly me mb e r? 8 . Do yo u e at out , especi ally fast food, more than three tim es per week? 9 . Do yo u wo rk odd hours, suc h as ni ght ti m e ho u rs, or have a varyi ng shi ft s ched u le? 1 0. Do yo u care for one more perso n s w i t h Al zhe ime r's or Dement i a? If yo u said yes to more t han t hree of t h os e i te m s , cha nces are t hat you're affec te d by c a re give r stress. What c an you do w h e n you a l re a d y d o it a ll, li ke t he famous quote says " You c a n d o it!", and you can! Your c are- rec i pi e nt s a re gratef u l, yo ur fami ly i s grateful, eve ryon e a ro und yo u is g rateful for your serv i ce , your w i l l i ngne ss to t ake up t he responsi b i l i t y of s o m eo ne e lse's care, and act ually fol l ow i n g th ro u gh. Le anin g on ot hers for s upport , e s p e cially when you're t he pri mary c a re gi ve r i s n ot necessa rily a pleasant t hought .

Mos t of t h e t i me t h os e a roun d yo u d o n' t un de rs t a n d you a s t h e pri m a ry c a re g i ve r, your s i t uat i on , a n d w h at s t re s s e s yo u . Th ey t ypi ca l l y re s pon d a n d t ry to h e l p i n ways t h at ma ke t h e m fe e l bet te r, ma ke t h em fe e l l i ke t h ey a re i nvol ve d, a n d t h os e t h i n g s u s u a l l y com e out i n t h e form of "ca re gi ve r a d vi ce", a s i f we n e e d m ore a dv i s ors ! But we wa nt to t a l k to s ome on e , i f n ot fri e n ds an d fa m i l y, t h e n w h o? Try, i n s te a d, re a ch i n g o u t to ot h e r ca re gi ve rs for s upport . Ca re gi ve rs s upport e a ch i n m a ny ways . Se a rch out a n d fi n d a n on l i n e c a re g i ve r s upport forum or di s cus s i on grou p a n d j o i n i n di s cus s i on s w i t h ot h e r ca re gi ve rs . Sh a re your expe ri e n ce s a n d l e a rn from oth e rs go i n g t h rough s i m i l a r s i t uat i on s . Ta l ki n g to yo u r fri e n ds or n e i gh bors mi ght be fru s t rat i n g at t i me s , t h at 's w hy we e n coura ge yo u to re a c h out , ve nt a l i t t l e , a n d l e a n on yo u r fe l l ow ca re gi ve rs , t h ey un de rs t a n d a n d a re t h e re for you. Th ey're much l e s s l i ke l y to h ave t h at gre at i de a , a n d offe r t h at n ext l i n e of a d vi ce t h at j us t dri ve s you cra z y. Kev i n Ame rs on i s a ca re gi ve r a n d c a re g i ve r s upporte r h e l pi n g h i s fat h e r care fo r h i s gra n dmot h e r. He expe ri e n ce s f i rs t h a n d t h e i mpa ct t h at s t re s s pl ays on a p r i m a r y ca re gi ve r's da i l y l i fe . Afte r a l ot of s e a rc h i n g on t h e i nte rn et for a ct i ve ca re gi ve r s u p p o r t forum s , a n d be i n g di s s at i s fi e d w i t h t h e q u a l i t y of s oft wa re run n i n g t h os e foru m s , Kevi n de ci de d to put h i s progra mm i n g kn ow l e d ge to work a n d co-foun de d a n ew ca re gi ve r s u p p o r t forum at ca re gi ve r-t a l k. com [ ht t p: //c a re g i ve rt a l k. com] . We re ce nt l y publ i s h e d a qu e s t i o n o n ca re gi ve r s upport [ ht t p: //ca re gi ve r- t a l k . co m / q u e s t i o n s / 3 1 /c a re g i ve r- s u p p o r t - h o w - d o ca re gi ve rs -ca re -for-t h e ms e l ve s] pl e a s e co m e a n d cont ri bute h ow you m a n a ge yo u r ow n s t re s s . Art i cl e Source : ht t p: // E z i n eArt i cl e s . co m / expe rt /A . _ Ca oi mh gh i n / 1 0 3 9 8 6 8 Art i cl e Source : ht t p: // E z i n eArt i cl e s . com / 6 2 2 4 9 8 7 Dec 2016/Jan 2017 21

on HEAL with Rhayne

Rhonda Forsyth - President of HonorHealth I had not met Rhonda Forsyth prior to this interview so I had no idea what to expect but, she did email back and forth with me so I thought, "Hmm...I must be doing something right." Rhonda was an incredible interview, an incredible woman and I was in awe of her journey and strength. She was a 10 year cancer survivor, unapologetically  ambitious, factual and she had a great sense of humor that made me feel like we were friends way before this interview. Please listen closely to her words because there is real wisdom in what she has to say...

Listen ~ December 14th

on HEAL with Rhayne

Dr. Linda Greer Dr. Greer is a specialist in Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology and, one of the funniest women I have ever met! I encountered Dr. Greer in 2011 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I knew everything was going to turn out great. She has an easy way about her but when she walks into a room, a light shines from within her that tells you she is genuine; and if the light doesn't tell you, her infectious laugh definitely will. Here's to a great woman!

Watch ~ December 21st




Without the Guidance and Mentoring from Lillian McMorris HEAL and TGoTV would not exist. Almost 17 years ago I made a phone call to FOX5 trying to connect with Ms. McMorris, that call changed my life. Lillian listened to my ideas that day and took me under her "wing." Over the years she has taught me the true meaning of media and production, from radio to television Lillian has been there every step of the way. She was the very first guest on My Chapter & Verse... this is that segment. Thank you Lillian for always believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself! Theresa Goss (TGo) HEAL Publisher

Happy Birthday Lillian! What are you GRATEFUL for? Please share your Gratitude Stories by emailing our Editor at:

Touch one and shine your light on millions.

Caregiving COVER TOPIC

“The estimated prevalence of caring for an adult is 16.6%, or 39.8 million Americans. Approximately 34.2 million Americans have provided unpaid care to an adult age 50 or older in the prior 12 months.� ~

26 HEAL Magazine - Vol. 4


lthough many people know there are caregivers, most people have no idea what a caregiver really takes on. Imagine doing all the things you usually do every day and then suddenly, you are doing all of those things for yourself AND another person that you love. And you do then ALL day, EVERY day. And…in addition to those things, you have to do many others things. Caregivers are like full time nurses but without the pay. Many caregivers don’t get a day off and it is a nonstop job that many have been thrown into without any training or warning. Depending on the severity of the loved one’s illness, a caregiver may find themselves administering medications, taking the loved one to many doctor’s appointments, waiting countless hours in hospitals, changing bedding, assisting the loved one with eating, drinking, walking, getting dressed and so much more. I am sure it goes without saying that a caregiver has to do those things while also trying to keep a positive attitude and keep themselves on track. After speaking with many caregivers in the last few years, here is some of the advice the advice they passed along for current and future caregivers;

• Make sure to take time for yourself as you are not good for someone else if you are sick. •

Know that it is okay to ask someone else to help so you don’t get burned out.

Know that your best is your best and don’t feel guilty if you can’t get it all done each day.

Do what you can to stay positive and grounded.

Know that your loved one knows it’s not an easy job for you but they appreciate it.

• Don’t be afraid to call the doctor in care if you are unsure of something. •

Try to maintain a sense of humor and compassion.

Join a caregiver’s support group. As a caregiver, you will face many challenges but know that you are not alone. You can contact a local support group in your area and many are even at your local hospitals. Here’s to celebrating those who give unconditionally to make the lives of others more comfortable.

Dec 2016/Jan 2017 27

The Premiere of Cooking with Chef Tess

r copy Grab you


Is PROUD to present:

Cooking with Chef Tess

"No Knead Bread"

28 HEAL Magazine - Vol. 4

10Q Very Much! Get it? 10Q Very Much?? HaaHaaHaa! I am the funniest Editor on the planet! Anyway, I would like to give some big thanks to a few folks that made 2016 a super fun and exciting year. If you don't see your name here it's not because you didn't add excitement, it's just because I'm over 30 years old now and I forget! • Always to God for keeping me safe and surrounding me with the best of the best! • Michael Fontaine & Fontaine's Fantasies: Hats, hat & more hats! • Theresa Goss & Stacey Hall: too much to even begin! • Tamera Powers, Bonnie Powers & Wizzy: Powers & Prunes! • Donna & Richard Paisley: Food, wine, laughter, fundraising, pets, farms, pies, noodles! • All of my Doctors & their staff in Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ. • Paulla "Quad LL's" Miller, Dr. Greer & the entire team at HonorHealth: Interviews to heal others globally! • Chiquita Serpas, Mary Gauwitz & my entire family at Editha House in Phoenix, AZ. • The entire team at VegasPBS! • Debra, Tyler & Karla: The UPS team that never tells me no! • The entire team at Atria Seville, Las Vegas for ALWAYS going Above & Beyond! • Tarmo Vesterbohm: Allowing me to be a part of your gift of music in another country. • The Arizona Academy in Phoenix, AZ: Giving me the chance to help young musicians! • The Hills of West Virginia: Socks, theater, Rocket Boys, laughs & my very own Neil "Diamond"! • My Mount Airy Mayberry Days Family: Could anything else be such fun??? • Ann Ellis & Welk Resorts: You, Jon & the entire Welk team have made many dreams come true! • My faithful Prunes!

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HEAL Magazine - Caregiving Edition  

"Caregiver can be any person, place or thing that looks after another person, place or thing, or after its own self." ~ Rhayne Thomas, Edito...

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