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Ideas for the Home Kitchen

As well as being practical a dresser should bring beauty to a room, something this solid oak dresser from Mereway Kitchens manages easily. It’s from the English Revival collection and is shown in Natural Oak and Indian Plum. Other colours are available and prices start from £3,500

Dressing up When it comes to storage a traditional dresser is a natural choice, allowing you to display as well as hide away


n the days of non-fitted kitchens, dressers were a common sight in many homes. Their drawers and cupboards were filled with pans, pots and the paraphernalia of family life, while treasured mementos, photographs or Sunday best crockery graced their open shelves. Perhaps the most wellknown type was the Welsh dresser, which though still popular today, has been joined by a multitude of different designs incorporating

more modern-day features such as adjustable shelves, glazed panels and internal lighting. Though kitchen design moves, on there will always be a place for the dresser, whatever its form. The more ornate examples are particularly suited to traditional style kitchens, but contemporary designs can work in any scheme. Such a piece of freestanding

furniture also becomes a potential heirloom, with the possibility to pass it on to children or grandchildren, something you can’t easily do with a fitted kitchen. According to Simon Baird of the Kitchen Dresser Company: “Kitchen dressers are timeless pieces of freestanding furniture and will always be cherished, especially by people who had one in their family’s kitchen when they were growing up.” | Traditional Homes

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Traditional Homes & Interiors Magazine April 2013  
Traditional Homes & Interiors Magazine April 2013