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reating a 21st century living space in this detached four-bedroom Victorian property, while at the same time retaining its 19th century feel, was no mean feat for bespoke kitchen company The Secret Drawer. Stockbroker Rupert Fenton and his wife Emma had commissioned the company to transform their home in Rathmell, North

Yorkshire. The couple wanted a contemporary layout and the latest high-tech appliances, but didn’t want the traditional appeal of the property compromised in the process. The answer was to remove a two-foot thick wall between the existing kitchen and dining room, creating one space in which to house a cooking and living zone. This though then

created another potential problem – the size of the new room. According to Richard Mason, designer for Yorkshire-based The Secret Drawer: “Both the beauty and the greatest challenge of this project was the large space that the removal of the dividing wall between the former kitchen and dining room created. | Traditional Homes

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Traditional Homes & Interiors Magazine April 2013  
Traditional Homes & Interiors Magazine April 2013