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What do we mean by “creative tourism”? Who are the creative tourists? … some examples Why fostering creative tourism in my destination? How to create a creative tourism program? Why to join the Creative Tourism Network® How to apply? (Destinations).

What do we mean by “creative tourism”?

‘Tourism which offers visitors the opportunity to develop their creative potential through active participation in courses and learning experiences, which are characteristic of the holiday destination where they are taken.’ Crispin Raymond & Greg Richards (2000)

Who are the CREATIVE TOURISTS? … some examples …  a group of American tourists who discover the “ Provence way of life”, by participating in ceramic or aromatic workshops, in Biot (French Riviera).  a traveler who gets closer to the Mayan Indians culture while taking part in a textile workshop in Guatemala.  a couple of tourists who make cooking classes in Galicia, Austria or Thailand.

 a group of friends who travel to Ibiza to take part in a workshop of DJ’ and chill-out music production!  a family that participates in a photographic route in Paris.  una orquesta juvenil japonesa que alquila un prestigioso auditorio de Barcelona para realizar un concierto al cual invita al público barcelonés.

Y así un largo etcétera …

Why fostering creative tourism in my destination? To add to your destination a quality tourist segment with a minimal investment: highlighting existing resources (traditions, immaterial heritage, arts) and making the infrastructures, the tourist and cultural deals more profitable (cultural centers, hotel supply, service provider companies).

Because it fits in different contexts (rural and urban destinations, ‌), and perfectly matches with other tourist segments (seaside tourism, rural tourism, idiomatic tourism, slow tourism, wine tourism, LGBT, Mice, etc).

Because it is deseasonalizing, and optimizes the hotel business all the year long, and it is not necessarily linked to a tourist attraction (monument, natural space, etc). Because it has a positive effect on residents' self-confidence and encourages cohesion between the cultural and tourist fields of a destination.

How to develop creative tourism in my destination? Although we could find as many models as destinations, we suggest you the following and easy one:

1 – Organization of a presentation of the project to which you invite the tourist operators, artists, cultural associations, citizens of your destination. You open a debate with the audience in order to start designing activities.


The people and companies interested in proposing activities and services to creative tourists, fill a form in order for you to get the formatted proposals.

3- You create a website, or a section in your existing one, in which you highlight the offers of Creative Tourism. The Creative Tourism NetworkÂŽ can help you with different aspects of your project. (further details at the next slide).

Why being a member of Creative Tourism Network®? Your membership to the Creative Tourism Network® offers you:  The opportunity to start in only few days a Creative Tourism program, thanks to: - The advice of the Creative Tourism Network® for the creation of your project. • • • • •

- Our department of communication to promote your offers through: Website and social networks in four languages (see the attachment), Newsletters regularly sent to a specialized database, International Press Campaigns, Promotion in fairs, congresses and conferences (see the attachment), Possible collaborations with tour operators, companies, media, etc.

- A high and quick SEO within the Creative Tourism field. - Recognition as a “Creative Friendly” destination.  The synergies generated by international networking.

 The possibility to host Creative Tourism Network® events in your destination.

How to apply? (Destinations):

1 - The destination (Tourism Organization, City Council, …) fills the following form and send it to

2- The Scientific Committee evaluates the application. and in case of approval , it indicates the entrance fee to the applicant. (an approximate one can also be given by email previous to the application form).

3 –Once the membership confirmed by the destination, the Creative Tourism Network® starts offering its services.

Please, feel free to contact us, we will be very delight to inform you personally!

Creative Tourism NetworkŽ c/ Consell de Cent, 347 – s/a 08007 Barcelona Tel- (34) 93 215 74 11

Creative Tourism Network - Guidelines  

Creative Tourism Network - Guidelines

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