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Fayth Hope Who is Fayth Hope? Depends on what time of day it is. But to further break it down, SHE IS: a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a friend, a student, a counselor, a poet, a singer, a songwriter, and a lover of music. Hailing from Birmingham, AL, Fayth has been involved in music throughout her entire life. Fayth found her voice as a performer while doing a stint as an event promoter in Augusta, GA’s arts scene. She often served as a filler when the events ran too short. And much to her amazement, the people liked what they heard. The events gradually became a training grounds for Fayth to further experiment with her voice and other performance elements. She then began performing on the city’s open mic circuit and also provided background vocals for various local artists. She even fronted for a blues and rock band at one time. Although Fayth enjoyed what she did, she became disillusioned with having to fit into other people’s sound, style, and schedule. And now that Fayth was a wife and mother, performing on someone else’s schedule proved to be quite the obstacle. With that in mind, she decided to pursue her own project where she could live on her own terms and create her own music. Fayth’s life journey helped to shape her sound and persona. For the most part, her music is a combination of soul and spoken word. But you might also catch her doing something within the jazz, alternative, and folk music realms. This musical culture clash is the result of Fayth’s constant exposure to different genres of music throughout her life journey. Coupled with verses inspired by trials, triumphs, and lessons, her music is somewhat like a life as she’s experienced it. To say it as Fayth would, “My music is a menagerie containing my life experiences thus far, both in words and sound. I’ve kept these treasures locked away for so long. It’s time to share it with others.” Time indeed.


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