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work. play.


CROSSROADS OF CULTURES The University of Illinois at Urbana-

Urbana-Champaign is more than just

Champaign is a welcoming and inclusive

the home to the University of Illinois –

crossroads of cultures. People from more

the twin cities are two of the most

than 120 nations call us home and their

cosmopolitan in the state. With a

presence adds to our diversity in ideas,

combined population of about 180,000,

attitudes, food and art. A world-class

Champaign and Urbana feature top-

research institution founded in 1867,

notch restaurants, concert arenas, and

Illinois was one of the original 37 public

parks and recreation facilities. People

land grant universities. Today, the

come to the University of Illinois for

University of Illinois, with its history and

outstanding career opportunities.

prestige, stands as the state’s flagship

But they stay here because they find a

public university. Our campus now

community that makes it easy to balance

consists of nearly 300 main buildings

work with family, and achievement

situated on 1,400 acres. Our high-quality

with satisfaction. It doesn’t take long

academic programs, outstanding facilities

to realize that Urbana-Champaign is

and abundant resources have earned

a wonderful place to call home.

Illinois the reputation as an institution of international stature, and we are ranked annually among the top public universities in the country.

In Champaign-Urbana, it’s about

Community This is a place where research collaborations

Like many universities, our campus is

happen not only in the field or the lab,

home to a wide range of exceptional

but also at the dinner table. Lifelong

research and scholarship. But what

relationships are forged here. It’s a

truly sets us apart is a collaborative

place where colleagues become friends,

environment that leads to ground-

research partners might be neighbors,

breaking discovery, innovation and

and casual conversations blossom into

partnerships that invite new ways

meaningful professional relationships.

of thinking and working. So it’s no surprise that we count 22 Nobel Laureates, 19 Pulitzer Prize winners, six MacArthur Fellows and 18 National Medal of Science recipients among our faculty and alumni. This is a place where important work happens. It’s a community where professional goals and personal life come together, and

22 Nobel Laureates

where family matters. At Illinois, you really can have it all.



The work we do at Illinois has real and lasting

Our campus offers many programs and

Providing in-house technology

impact. As a land-grant university, we hold the

services that assist faculty entrepreneurs

protection and commercialization

expectation that our faculty, staff and students will

and help convey their work into the

services, the Office of Technology

help improve society, and that our classrooms and

public sector. The Campus Research

Management transfers intellectual

laboratories will develop the leaders of the future –

Board allocates over $2.5 million a

property into practical use—benefiting

and we have the resources to deliver. Our network

year in programs that enhance faculty

the public as quickly and effectively as

of relationships with major corporations such as

scholarship. The Illinois Program for

possible. And our research park was

Boeing, Intel, Caterpillar, Yahoo! and others results

Research in the Humanities supports

named the 2011 Outstanding Research

in thousands of grants and awards, and we’re

fellowships, symposia, release-time

Park by the Association of University

consistently the top university recipient of NSF

awards, and reading groups to promote

Research Parks (AURP), and continues

funding. In total, nearly $600 million of external

interdisciplinary work in the humanities,

to act as an incubator for bringing

funding each year is invested in Illinois faculty and

arts and social sciences.

technology from the laboratory to

the work they do.

Top 10 Tech City

economically viable business activities.

“It’s easy to get significant work done here at Illinois. And it isn’ t just about the great labs and facilities. It’s really about your colleagues and your students – people here are interested in answering questions and solving problems, not arguing over the credit.” Nadya Mason, Professor, Physics



We’re home to numerous research

Technology, which was founded on the

centers, multidisciplinary research

premise that reducing the traditional

efforts and many advanced

barriers between various scientific

laboratories. Interdisciplinary

and technological disciplines can

discovery is a topic of conversation

yield research advances that more

at every university today. At Illinois,

conventional approaches cannot.

it isn’t just talk. It is a way of life.

More than 1,500 researchers from

There may be no better national

43 departments as far-ranging as

example of this than our Beckman

psychology, computer science,

Institute for Advanced Science and

electrical engineering, kinesiology and community health, chemistry and English comprise 13 Beckman Institute groups, working within and across these overlapping areas.

Largest public university library in the United States

“At Illinois, it’s possible

to redefine success, and invent entirely new ways of working with colleagues from across campus in almost any field, for almost any reason.”

M. Elen Deming, Professor and Head, Landscape Architecture


BALANCE At Illinois, we’re committed to

policy are signature features of our

supporting faculty members and

commitment to faculty well-being. In

their families as they navigate their

fact, our campus is a national leader

professional and personal lives. We

in this area, as recognized in a 2010

have a long history of assisting faculty

study conducted at the Harvard

with dual career issues, medical

Graduate School of Education. The

challenges, the birth or adoption of a

Collaborative on Academic Careers

new child, tenure clock hurdles, and

in Higher Education (COACHE) cited

general health and wellness. Our

the University of Illinois at Urbana-

Dual Career Academic Couples hiring

Champaign as one of four exemplar

program and our Tenure Code Rollback

doctoral institutions based on tenure-track faculty ratings of “work and home balance and supports.”

Exemplar doctoral institution for personal-professional balance


CULTURE AND ARTS Krannert Center for the Performing

is held every two years and draws

Arts is the cornerstone for arts in

thousands to its three-day lineup.

the community. This premier facility

The university is also home to the

combines four theatres, an outdoor amphitheatre and flexible lobby space and has become the nation’s leading university-based arts presenter. The Center presents 300 to 400 events each season, including a professional series that has feaured artists such as Yo-Yo Ma, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, and k.d. lang. Ellnora | The Guitar Festival

second largest fine arts museum in Illinois, the Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion. The museum’s collection of more than 10,000 works of art is complemented by outstanding temporary exhibitions, artists’ lectures, music and dance performances, and film screenings. A visit to Spurlock Museum reveals a repository of world history and culture, and features five galleries that house exhibits from all corners of the world and boasts 40,000 objects in its artifact collection.

A micro-universe of

cultural wealth


DIFFERENT BEATS If local music’s your thing, we’ve had a

Often, the community spills into the streets

long tradition on that front too. In 1967,

with a multitude of music and arts festivals

a group of UI students came together to

and fairs. From Taste of Champaign to

become REO Speedwagon, and the rest

numerous street fairs and neighborhood

is history. Grammy winner Allison Krauss

events, every week brings something new.

grew up playing in the local haunts, and

Have a taste for the blues? There’s the annual

Champaign-Urbana continues to impress

Blues, Brews & BBQ Festival. Movie buff?

as the breeding ground for a number

Check out EbertFest, a four-day film festival

of talented, local artists including the

curated by alumnus Roger Ebert.

alternative-rock band Hum. On any given

In Urbana, the summer culminates with

night, you can choose from a number of live musical performances.

Talented local artists

the annual Sweetcorn Festival, a two-day lineup of food, kids’ events, performances,

We’re host to some pretty big names, too.

and music headliners such as Survivor, Soul

Recent shows at the Assembly Hall and

Asylum, and the Marshall Tucker Band. And

other venues include Kelly Clarkson, Rascal

this is just a small sample of what the C-U

Flatts and Ben Folds.

community has to offer.

“Living is not the same as residing; you can reside in a place without living it. Living is enjoying life to the fullest extent, and Champaign-Urbana is a place to live.� Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Photo courtesy of Bruce Amsbary


LIVING, LESS HASSLE Combining natural Midwestern beauty

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy 80 parks

spectators and volunteers together for a

with cultural resources typically found in

spanning nearly 1,000 acres in Champaign-

weekend of races and activities.

larger metropolitan areas, the twin cities

Urbana alone.

of Urbana-Champaign retain the charm,

In just minutes’ drive, you can enjoy outdoor the excitement of Big Ten athletics is

friendliness, safety and affordability of smaller communities. Housing, entertainment, and living expenses are comparatively low. That translates into fewer dollars spent on staples and more in your pocket to explore your passions. Easy commutes, a designated “bike-friendly” community, and an award-winning mass

sports and activities such as swimming,

never far away on the campus. And while

boating, fishing, hiking, camping, biking

championships are abundant, Illinois

and cross-country skiing at one of three

retains a reputation for excellence and

major forest preserves in Champaign

integrity – and we take pride in knowing

County. Or take an afternoon to explore

that our athletes are students first.

thousands more acres of natural areas in

Illinois also promotes active learning and

our neighboring counties. Golfers enjoy

self-discovery opportunities to the entire

nine public golf courses within 15 miles transit system (free with campus ID) make it of Champaign, and three private clubs. quick and simple to get from here to there. The annual Illinois Marathon is becoming

Top 10 Green City

With 19 intercollegiate sports programs,

campus community. Our outstanding campus recreation facilities boast 500,000 square feet of state-of-the-art space

a highlight on the Midwest’s running

available to concentrate on wellness and

circuit, and brings thousands of athletes,

healthy lifestyles.

“This is an easy place to do what you want. It is easy to get to and from your place of work. It is easy to focus on your research/work. It is easy to develop relationships with students. It is easy to raise kids in the environment you want.� David Tewksbury, Associate Professor, Communication


“Micro-Urban”Community Downtown Champaign is a

strong technology base, and

thriving mixture of commercial

commitment to societal issues

and residential. Strolling through

coupled with a world-class university

the downtown district, you will

make this community a destination

discover upscale restaurants, art

for professionals of all kinds.

galleries, boutiques, locally owned

For those with a travelling spirit, in

retail stores and nightlife. Or you might prefer a visit to downtown Urbana with its own eclectic mix of restaurants, bars, retail and more.

three hours or less, you could be in Chicago, St. Louis or Indianapolis, enjoying a major sporting event, world-class museums or dinner

Champaign-Urbana is on an

at a renowned restaurant. Or

accelerated development track,

choose to venture along a different

emerging as a leading example of

path and enjoy national treasures

a “micro-urban” community—a

like Shawnee National Forest or

population center of less than 250,000

historic Lincoln sites. Amtrak,

with a set of highly desirable attributes Greyhound, and American Airlines

More than

150 full-service restaurants

commonly found in larger cities. Our

offer daily transportation so you

vibrant arts/culture/nightlife scene,

can very quickly be on your way to

internationally diverse population,

almost anywhere.


SCHOOLS University Laboratory High School is a

Champaign Unit 4 School District

selective admission, public, laboratory

• Received the 2011 “What Parents Want”

school sanctioned by the State of Illinois

award by SchoolMatch, the nation’s

and associated with the University of

largest school selection consulting

Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. “Uni” enrolls

firm. Only 16% of schools nationwide

approximately 300 students, spanning

have received this honor.

five grades. Its alumni include three Nobel

• Champaign Unit 4 offers a school choice

Laureates, a Pulitzer Prize winner and an Academy Award winner; it is regularly recognized as a “public elite” school by Newsweek and the Washington Post

program at the elementary level that gives parents several options to meet their child’s unique needs.

because of its students’ consistently high

• Unit 4 teachers are regular recipients of

scores on the ACT.

the “Those Who Excel” awards presented by the Illinois State Board of Education.

Three magnet elementary schools with foci on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), International Education, and Micro Society Ventures.

Urbana School DistricT 116

Champaign County Schools

• Nearly 25% of a recent Urbana High

• Special Education Services encompass

School graduating class admitted to

a broad spectrum of service delivery

the University of Illinois.

models such as self-contained, work

• For the second year in a row, Urbana

study, team teaching and full inclusion.

School District 116 was honored by the

• Gifted Enrichment Programs are available

College Board with a place on the 2nd

in the public schools to address leadership,

Annual AP Honor Roll, for increasing

creativity, artistry, and intellectual/

access to Advanced Placement course-

academic fields.

work while improving performance

• High school graduates received more than

on AP exams.

• 46 different languages represented from student population, who come from countries in North America,

$7.2 million in post-secondary scholarships.

• More than 100 AP/Dual Credit Classes are offered in Champaign County.

South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

In addition to the public school districts, 26 area private schools round out the available choices for parents.

work. play.

LIVE. We’ve heard countless stories from people who tell us they came to Illinois as a temporary stop in their careers, and stayed for decades. We’ve asked them what makes Illinois special, and they say it’s the seamless integration of work, play, and personal life in a community where you really can have it all.

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Faculty Recruitment Brochure  

Brochure for informing potential faculty members about the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the surrounding community.

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