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MESSAGE FROM KKEL FOUNDER FOUNDER’S MESSAGE Lina Ashar Greatness is a given. The beauty is in finding one’s very own version of greatness that’s a perfect fit AND in helping our children to see the greatness that is a given in them as well. Igniting the greatness of our children is easy to do and the greatest inheritance we can give and one we can savour while we are still here to enjoy it. ~ Howard Glasser The most powerful influencer on the human emotional state is the power of the story. The stories we hear and resonate with and the internal stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and about our perceptions of the world around us will create our internal energy and the energy we attract from the external world. This coming year we will be placing a great emphasis on encouraging students to tell themselves stories that propel them to greatness and to allow themselves to perceive the world in positive ways that are empowering for them rather than disempowering. So our self-image, the ‘inner blueprint’, is created 100% by the stories we tell ourselves which create our mental conditioning. People have certain thoughts about themselves and about the world, and create internal stories. Those stories have thoughts and have feelings attached. Thoughts and feelings create actions and behaviors. Over time, those behaviors become habits. Those habits are what form our character and putting all those things together that determines exactly what life we get to live. An example of this that I tell students in a story is about is two salesmen that are sent from America to investigate the opportunity for the sale of shoes in Africa. One sends a telegram back stating ‘No opportunity. No one wears shoes.’ The second one writes back, ‘Great opportunity. No one wears shoes!’. I go on to ask students which is an empowering story to tell oneself and which is the disempowering story.

The importance of this in the context of education and life success is that the energy one creates for oneself will determine the success and outcome of one’s life. Today we know that all of life is only made up of energy. That means all physical forms including the human form is only energy. These energies vibrate at different levels. The more our energy is in high frequency the more potential we create for creativity, ingenuity and healing. The highest frequency energies come from positive stories we tell ourselves. Low frequency energies that come from fear, negative stories and perceptions we feed ourselves causes resistance, unhappiness and illness. There is only energy. All of life is only made up held in form. All form including the human form is made up of energy. The more our energy is in high frequency the more potential we create for creativity, ingenuity and healing. The highest frequency energy comes from love and the feelings connected to love. Feeling of frustration, anger etc generates 1 micro volt. Feelings are generated from the heart such

as love, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance generated at .25 microvolt. The low frequency causes resistance, unhappiness & sickness. The high energy causes creativity, ingenuity & healing. The human heart is the bio electric power house of the body and is 40+60 times more powerful than the energies that are emitted in the brain. Therefore I say it is as important if not more important to educate the heart and the brain, the soul as well as the mind. What is the end goal to the birth to death cycle? The search and quest for happiness. Happiness is only possible with true love. True love has the capacity and power to heal and to transform and bring true meaning to our lives. Let us educate our kids for love, passion, purpose and happiness Lina Ashar KKEL Founder


It is for certain that the future will bring much changes, and some of these with little or no notice. This is why, it is important for young people to be prepared for what lies ahead. Looking at what lies behind serves no purpose in today’s world and it simply allows to repeat what you would’ve seen in the past. So how do we change for an uncertain future? Our passion has been to offer a truly great education to help children in a way that they “learn how to think; not what to think”. Since the introduction of Billabong High International School back in 2009, we have continuously guided students with the right kind of knowledge, positive attitude and refined skills so that they continue to learn and discover on their own even after leaving school.

Each child is unique and learns differently. That is why this belief has driven our passion to put the child at the centre of everything we plan - from the curriculum we teach, the co-curricular programs we offer, the facilities we provide; in a manner that each and every aspect of the school is carefully worked around the individual child. It was with great pride, I congratulate all of our students for their remarkable achievements this year. When you think you’ve reached the maximum potential, we go far and beyond in both academics and co-curricular achievements. The international field brought much suspense and uncertainty as we ventured further than ever before in our conquest to learn more and experience. Our intelligent young minds, took every challenge they participated to their heart and

excelled in bringing pride both to the school and the country. I would like to thank all the students, parents, academic and admin staff for being part of our school - every bit of work , no matter how small, has helped in taking our achievements to greater heights. When you will look back on this yearbook years later, I hope it brings back fond memories of your time at Billabong High International School. Our door is always open, as we look forward to hearing of your continued excellence and achievements. Wish you all a great and wonderful life! Abdul Rasheed Ali Chairman


Let me start with congratulating the dedicated team of students, teachers, design team and every person who has directly or indirectly contributed to this year’s BHIS Yearbook. It gives me immense pleasure to be part of such a proactive and progressive team. This Yearbook carries fond memories of the year gone-by. A year of outstanding achievements and innovation. At BHIS, we endeavour to create opportunities which are enriching and engaging for each child. Our vision is to create an educational institution which not only focuses on academic excellence, but also puts emphasis on all round development of

the child. As you go through the Yearbook, you will be amazed to see the wide variety of activities which are conducted at BHIS. Our learners are at the heart of everything we plan and execute. We are a ‘school at work’ and constantly try to set new benchmarks for ourselves. With the hope that you will like the presentation, I once again, thank you all for being a part of this wonderful journey. Warm regards, Dinesh Bakshi Principal BHIS EPS Director of Education

Our vision is to create an educational institution which not only focuses on academic excellence, but also puts emphasis on all round development of the child.

Dear Billabong High families,


Hello Billabong Community, I have the honor of being the Principal at a school that I love. Over the years, we have built a tradition of excellence at BHIS. We take pride in being a school where every student can find an avenue for success and in being a community where everyone in BHIS family strives to find the best in themselves and others. Students, you bring such joy and happiness to our school. We are truly fortunate to have such a wonderful group of children at BHIS, Dream campus. You have touched my life and this school by your presence. I encourage you to work hard in school, set goals for your life, and stay focused on those goals. Keep your eyes on your goals and don’t let anyone or anything deter you from achieving them. Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do and don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better. Parents, it has been my pleasure getting to know not only your child, but you as well. Having parental

support and open lines of communication is an essential part of any successful school year. Thank you for all you have done to make our year so fulfilling and memorable. Teachers and staff thank you for your commitment. This year has been full of hard work and has been a massive learning experience for all of us. I am proud to be a part of the tradition of success that has been built over many years at Billabong High International School, Dream Campus and am proud to be your Principal. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with you again this year and I look forward to a great year. Go Billabong! Meenal Bakshi Principal BHIS Dream Campus

MESSAGE FROM SCHOOL CAPTAINS FOUNDER’S MESSAGE Step 1: Be honest. While taking up an enormous amount of responsibility it is no surprise that hurdles would come running towards you. Being the school captain, I faced several obstacles myself but by being honest and realistic with myself and fellow council members, we overcame them and rode further to achieve with the concert “Star Crossed” in March 2017, where we played an initiative role in creating a whole theatrical play to Sports day in July 2017 and the specially planned Teacher’s day in October 2017. Step 2: Be passionate about what you do. 2017, in short was one heck of a rollercoaster ride. As school captain, I’ve had my fair share of thrilling and distressing moments but all of which ended up making this year an exclusively notable and prosperous one.  I’ll let you in a little secret about success.

By simply wearing a badge does not make one a real leader. What would make someone a real leader is by undertaking work even when the time seems to be a strain. More importantly, love what you do and never do it for just the sake of doing it.

teacher’s day assembly within a week time. It’s been a great honour and I feel extremely privileged to be the captain of this school for a year and working alongside the other talented members of the council made it even better. Being in the council has been something truly amazing that I have been able to be a part for the past 3 years. Now I would like to pass on some advice to the future council members, “Take your responsibility and treat it with respect and integrity. Stay true to yourself and always listen to your heart when making decisions while simultaneously putting your logic into all circumstances that you have to face.” The year of 2017 has been filled with one of a kind experiences, it’s been a real hectic journey for me. All of the countless meetings which we had in then end has been worth it, this year has truly been a successful year for the school. My fellow council members, senior grades (niners, teners, eleveners and the twelvers *inside joke please don’t question it*) and I have achieved much this year, from managing the successful “Starcrossed” event to organising a

Balancing out work and studies is not hard when you find time to do it, stay motivated and feel passionately about whatever you do because it will help you to succeed immensely. Most importantly be honest even at the most difficult time because ‘honesty’ in my point of view is key to uphold the respect that you have for yourself and the respect that you receive from others. That was enough formality for one article :)

All “steps” aside, it was an honour being Equality Deputy Captain in 2015, the School Deputy Captain in 2016 and the School Captain in 2017. It is a lot of “captaining” but the captaining is probably one of the most significant reasons that makes me love Billabong as a second home or perhaps even as my own. Let me not forget to mention that one of the coolest parts about being the captain is also working with your friends (bffs) and finding out how much potential we all have collectively which would hopefully make us unbreakable like Thor’s hammer. However, I think now the time has come where I put my little badge inside the drawer with the rest of them and bid farewell as I truly feel privileged to have served as your captain of the year 2017. Aminath Eema Asim (11A) School Captain

The one who goes for captain everything is on his head and as Misbah Sir once said, “You cannot play the blame game, you work hard to ensure that everything goes right and do make sure that you get everything approved by the management and the head of the council while you’re at it too.” Billabong high is truly a unique school with so much to offer, what I would like to request from each and every student is to be more active get more involved, enhance your skill set, become leaders and that grades are not everything. The year of 2017 has been a fun, stressful, enjoyable year for me and I hope that the coming year will be even better since it will be my last year in school, and in this term as the captain I’m proud to have left a small but a visible mark in the history of the School. This is your captain signing out. *signs out* Humam Ahmed Mujah (11A) School Captain


Greetings and welcome to the first edition of BHIS YEARBOOK 2017, our new annually supplement designed especially for people who might be interested to know about our students of BHIS who made 2017 a successful year with their hard work, enthusiasm and dedication. This Yearbook is an insight of budding talents, feelings, deeds and achievements of the young minds. Our team aims to cut through the confusion and give you clear, sensible and reliable information from our young scholars through their expressions and their feelings for each and every moment they spent in or out of the school. We want it to be entertaining and informative, at times contrary, but above all useful. Inside you will find a mixture of features and regular columns on a wide range of activities conducted by Islanders Education and the participation of students ranging from primary to secondary and their trainers and facilitators. We

tried our best to include our school values through articles, poems, stories and reflections of our young budding scholars. Over the last several months, our team worked around the clock to bring out this colourful yearbook to make you to enjoy a wealth of new insights that have been helping us to better connect the School with you and its students. We are honoured to share the work of so many committed and thoughtful people. We hope you will visit these pages and continue to be a part of Billabong High International School, Maldives. We will be grateful to welcome your feedbacks and suggestions to improve the edition of BHIS Yearbook for the next year. We, will strive always to keep you engaged and appreciate your support and are so happy to have you as a reader of BHIS Yearbook 2017. With warmest thanks, Sunita Bhattray

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Humaam Ahmed Mujah

“Hard work is key to success.” In my case it has been proven right. Through my hard effort and the encouragement and motivation from my parents and teachers, I managed to achieve a ‘World Brilliance Award’, ranking ‘Top Eight’ in the world in Sociology in my IGCSE exams.

IGCSE results were unexpectedly good for me, I’m so grateful to everyone who has helped me to achieve these results especially my parents. If they had not let me choose all the subjects which I was eager about doing I would not have been able to put in the necessary effort required.

Hard work and dedication will always be rewarding in the end, so keep your head held high and work hard. I assure you it will pay you well in the end. Even this year, I look forward to achieving more through my effort.

Therefore, I’d like to give a message to all the parents requesting them to allow their children to pursue what they are passionate about and I guarantee you that passion will do them wonders.

Ahmed Akif Maaz Shareef As English was one of my favourite subjects I always struggled and tried hard to score in it. In the end after tons of practices given by my teachers and being encouraged by my parents I was able to get ‘High Achievement’ in both English as a First Language and English Literature. If you really want to score good marks in English, the only way is to practice, practice and more practice.

BENCE PETER PERFORMANCE By Aishath Noorain Jiyad (Grade -9B) To meet your idol or someone who you admire would honestly be a dream come true and for me, it was somewhere along those lines. And that was Peter Bence. Peter Bence is the fastest pianist according to guineas records and holds a child prodigy title. Talented? Obviously, but it doesn’t stop there. To top it off, he is one of the most precious people I’ve ever met. In the short amount of time I had spent with him, I learnt to appreciate his art and find inspiration that I never knew I could find. It began when my friend, Suma and I were chosen from our school’s host pool, to host an event where Peter Bence would perform, live. Of course, we were ecstatic, jumping and squealing with excitement right after the news. How could we not? And so our journey began. We woke up bright and early on a Friday morning to go to the airport to meet Peter Bence for the first time. On any other day, we would have been whining about waking up so early and fantasize about how our beds were calling out to us. But that day, our nerves were fired up with excitement and we were all jittery and impatient.

After a long wait, we finally met them and exchanged greetings. The mood was so bright and light, full of enjoyment. But of course, after a long day we departed our ways to prepare for the upcoming events that were planned. Honestly, everything was hectic. People were running here and there, making sure everything was perfect. Suma and I went through our lines so many times, I’m sure we could have said them in our sleep. However, it was not only Peter Bence who graced us by his presence but our famous and talented local band, Detune Band as well. Two students from Billabong High had the precious opportunity to perform on stage with them and I’m sure they had a fantastic time as well. On the night of the event, Peter Bence had mesmerized the audience with his magic, the sound of the keys on the grand piano that he seemed to be lost within. It surely was a magical moment, to see someone so indulged in their passion, giving it all they’ve got. As for Detune Band, they sent out waves of excitement and got the crowd cheering ecstatically. That night is a night I would never forget.

Despite the ups and downs, the hectic errands and the nervousness, in the end I believe it was worth it. The time I had spent with new people, making new friends and finding inspiration, it was all worth it. Of course I was overcome with a feeling of sadness as the night ended, but I chose to end it as classy as possible. We let the night fade into memories through laughter, pictures and autographs. We can never get back the time we spent but we can always cherish those moments in different ways. I still reminisce about those few days now and then but instead of feeling down that it was over, I choose to be happy it happened in the first place.

ELECTION FEVER Zara Samy (Grade 11A) The annual student council elections are one of the events that all the students eagerly anticipate at the beginning of every year. The competitiveness and excitement surrounding make the elections a memorable one each year. Campaigning for the student council posts is the most stirring aspect of the elections.  It is without a doubt one of the most exhilarating weeks of our school year due to the vigour and enthusiasm that follows it.   We implement multiple ways to campaign using banners, badges, headbands, posters and many

others to persuade students to vote for us. Every time our candidates manage to awe the school with a great campaign each year. The speeches are also a defining moment of the elections, as it gives the students the final chance to choose their winning candidate. Personally, the experience was challenging, yet the results made any hiccups worth it at the end. Running for the student council allows our students to be inspired each year by our very own. It also teaches us leadership, team work, responsibility and many other qualities that would carry forth in our coming years


Sarah Ali (Grade 9A)

Billabong High celebrated its 8th Founder’s Day on the 8th of February, 2017. The inauguration of the student council, as well as the awarding of scholarships, also took place during this celebration. After the ceremony, the students enjoyed a day of fun activities together, conducted for everyone by the newly inaugurated student council. The ceremony began with students who had worked hard in both academic and sportsmanship fields receiving scholarships. One high-achieving student from each grade received an academic scholarship. Furthermore, a single student from the school was awarded a sports scholarship instead of an academic one. I see the scholarship awards as a great recognition of achievement and merit. Next, the students elected for the council took part in the oath-taking and inauguration ceremony. This was one of my favourite parts of Founder’s Day, as I got to take part in one of the most honourable ceremonies throughout my academic career. Reciting the oath and signing the document of our inauguration really cemented the responsibility that we as the student council would have. I left the stage with a newfound sense of respect for the student councils before ours,

and excitement for the year that lay ahead of us as a team. Afterwards, the club presidents of the school were inaugurated into their positions. Like the student council, they received badges for their positions, though the student council had the privilege of receiving official sashes as well. Together with the club presidents, we had set the precedent for a great student council. One of the highlights of the Founder’s Day celebration was a speech given by one of our school captains, Humam Ahmed. Another great speech was delivered by principal Zeena Gasim. Furthermore, everyone at the Founder’s Day celebration took part in a variety of fun activities after the ceremony. The activity stalls were held by the student council members, and included fun games such as ‘Twister’ and ‘Just Dance’ for students to enjoy for the rest of the day. Indeed, the 8th Founder’s Day celebration of Billabong High was a memorable day for all. It is an observance that I will cherish throughout my school life, and a commemoration I will look forward to in the years to come.

FIRST LEGO LEAGUE SINGAPORE By Azman, Grade 9 B My experience with the First Lego League was quite the rollercoaster ride. The competition essentially consisted of; an obstacle course based robot challenge, bundled together with a presentation to be made about a problem faced by the world, and a viable solution. This year’s theme was about animals. After a few months of coding, building and researching our humble team of seven, two coaches and five students, were ready to embark on our journey. It was 3rd March of 2017, our flight was to depart in a few hours and we stood at the entrance of the airport. Simultaneously, I was an excited rabbit and a nervous wreck. We gathered at the assembly point and bid goodbye to our parents. our team, which consisted of; me, Zufar, Shauban, Haail and Nawaf along with Misbah Sir and Miss Anu as our coaches, started making our way to airport security. After an hour of the classic airport procedure, we rushed to the plane and quickly boarded our flights. After a tedious and tiring journey we landed in Singapore, we went through hectic airport screening and finally reached the exit. We hailed two cabs and drove to our hotel. Our hotel, named the String hotel was a lovely hotel, nothing too extravagant or too cheap. An elegant hotel with comfortable bedding, clean accommodation and polite staff, all of which I really enjoyed. We spent the first day tirelessly practising our presentation for the next day and another fraction of it just thoroughly refining our coding.

The first day of the competition was upon us, we commuted via taxi with our presentation, robot and teamwork ready. The presentation went quite smoothly, we were proud of ourselves and happily went back to the hotel. We spent rest of our day coding only to finally land to a terrible fate; our code had corrupted and we did not have a backup. So, we spent the whole night rotating shifts and perfecting our code once again, we worked as a team and managed to get everything together by the crack of dawn. The next day, we finally got to the robot game, tired and sleepy, but excited. We spent the day admiring other contestants’ builds and rehearsing with our own robot. All contestants were given three rounds to attempt the obstacle course, and we did pretty well as first timers yielding a decent sum of points. After the competition, came the prize giving ceremony. We received a medal for gracious professionalism, a prize given for the team who is polite and respectful to everybody in the competition. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and we spent the last day exploring the city, shopping and having a great time. Having enjoyed our stay, we flew back to Malé to be welcomed by our family once again.

WOMEN’S DAY It was a privilege to celebrate Women’s Day 2017 together with UN Women. A special assembly was held for students together with an art exhibition under the theme “Women & Work”. Representative for UN Women Multi-Country Office for India, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka, Dr. Rebecca Reichmann Tavares joined the function as the Chief Guest. The art exhibition had over 300 works of art from students of Billabong, Kangaroo Kids and Ameer Ahmed. Special functions relating to the day were held during the week for primary, secondary and Dream Campus students also.

OPEN QURAN COMPETITION AWARDING Special function held on 20th July for the awarding of Billabong High International School’s Open Quran Competition 2017.


By Imaan (Grade 9A) The National History Bowl and Bee was held in Dubai, on the 15th of March, 2017. There was a total of eleven students participating in the competition, including myself, and we were accompanied by four teachers. We were divided into two groups, senior and junior. Our departure was early in the morning. As soon as we reached Dubai, we were all very excited and nervous at the same time. It being my first time actually outside the Dubai airport, I was thrilled and looking forward to the trip. We spent about three to five hours in the bus revising for the quiz, on our way to Abu Dhabi. For lunch, we stopped at a restaurant and had delicious food. Another hour later, we reached our hotel, Ramada hotel, and we spent about two hours resting because we were exhausted after all the travelling. On the second day, we started studying right after breakfast. After a while, some of us went to the pool

while the others to the gym. After the break, we watched some educational videos, and stayed up for a long time practicing for the quiz. It was the day of the competition. It was held at a beautiful venue, Brighton College. We were all very enthusiastic for the competition to begin. Halfway through the History Bowl rounds, it was time for the History Bee. This was where participants were given points based on their individual answers. There were four participants from our school. Although nobody got a place, they enjoyed the experience. Towards the end of the competition, we found out that the juniors made it to the finals, but they lost by one point. The juniors got qualified for the regional round, which was to take place a few months later, in Singapore. We finished the competition around 6pm and head back. The bus ride back to the hotel was memorable, we proud of ourselves for our performance in the competition.

SECONDARY CONCERT ROMEO AND JULIET By Suma Saeed (Grade 9A) My name is Suma Saeed but some of you may also know me as Juliet. At the beginning of this year I was chosen to play one of the lead roles as Juliet in a modern version of Romeo and Juliet. This play was very different from all the other versions of Romeo and Juliet you may have seen. It was more of a comedy than a tragic love story. The young and talented students of Billabong High were the ones who deserve complete credit for making this one of the most successful plays. The IT work, choreography, acting, script and decorations were all done by the students. Our script was a combination of today’s modern times and the olden times. My character Juliet was portrayed as a teenage girl who was obsessed with taking selfies and networking in social media whereas Romeo was from a more ancient time. Along with dances and acting new things were brought into the mix such as rap battles and fashion shows. I am very proud to have been a part of something so amazing and unique.

One of the best parts of being a part of this play was getting to work with Mr. Munthasir, commonly known as Munko, who is one of the best directors/producers in the Maldives. Without his guidance and support this play would have been impossible. He taught me to keep my head held high and walk the ramp with confidence; which is something I will always keep in mind. I learnt countless things from this experience, but most importantly I found my love for acting, something I don’t plan on ever giving up. I remember how nervous I used to be when I went on stage. However, the minute I delivered my first dialogue, I forgot everything else and realized that this is something I really love doing. Being in this play boosted my confidence to another level. One of the many things I became good at included staying in character. When I played the role of Juliet, I forgot who I was and became Juliet and I can proudly say that I executed it perfectly. I will forever remember how amazing it felt to play Juliet and I look forward to taking part in other plays as such next year!

Azhan Zareer Ahmed (GRADE 6B) The secondary concert of 2017 was one of the biggest and most popular events so far. It was the best concert I have ever participated in. The drama was interesting and fun and the dances were magical. In my opinion, this year’s concert was the most awesome one. My favorite part was the fact that students were in charge of the whole concert. And thanks to Munko sir we were successful. I was one of the narrators of the drama. Practising for the concert was very exciting. Munko sir is a professional actor so we had an incredible teacher. He taught us how to say our lines and how to be the person we are acting. He put a whole different meaning to narrating and acting! And all dances choreographed by senior students, were especially nice. The concert itself was, in a word, hilarious.

The concert benefitted everyone in different ways. It improved our presenting skills and made us learn more about acting. Everyone got a chance to show their talents and skills during the concert. All the students did their best and it came out wonderful. And the credit should go to the senior students and the participants. So I hope more students will join next year’s concert. I would also like to thank the senior students who arranged an exciting concert to give us such wonderful memories.

PRIMARY CONCERT (EPS) It was an epic journey as our students took us on a journey to retell the classical story of “PinoKALO” during Billabong High International School’s Annual Primary Concert.

PRIMARY CONCERT (DC) It was an epic journey as our students took us on a journey to retell the classical story of “PinoKALO” during Billabong High International School’s Annual Primary Concert.

WORLD SCHOLAR’S CUP FOUNDER’S MESSAGE CHALLENGE MALE’ By Khyati Bhatti Grade 9 B I would like to share an experience which gave me lifelong learning. It is my experience of WSC Maldives round. It was a 2-day event with many fun activities, such as debate, MCQ challenge, collaborative challenge, buzzer round and talent show. On the first day, we, the billabong students, met in one of the classrooms of Ghiyasuddin International School, where the event was hosted. In our small teams, we were doing our last minute preparation before we were all taken to the main hall. We were welcomed by the WSC representatives there. I expected the opening ceremony to be another boring assembly with never ending speeches, however, it was totally the opposite of what I anticipated. The enthusiasm of the representatives made the opening very lively and entertaining. Then we went for our first event, debate. My team lost the first 2 debates and we felt really disheartened. Yet, we did not lose our confidence. We were determined to win in our final chance and we won the third debate. Later, we had dinner in the school cafeteria,

where the food was indeed delicious! Next was the collaborative writing. We had to persuade the reader with the power of our words and could discuss our writing with our teammates to improve it. The final event for the day was the scholar’s challenge. It was the toughest MCQ paper I have ever faced. Also, at the end, I ran out of time and circled all the options for the remaining questions, which later gave me a hand ache. This was the end of the first, and extremely tiring, day. We began the second day with the scholar’s bowl (the buzzer round). All the teams, including mine, were so involved in the scholar’s bowl that when we got a question right, we all used to jump up in the pleasure and excitement. The following event was the talent show, were various students presented their unique and outstanding talents. The final step to the end was the awarding ceremony. My expectation to win any medals was not high as I thought that everyone did much better than me. Anyhow, this incredible competition ended with our school getting 172 medals with my 7 medals and cute, little alpaca.


SPECIAL ASSEMBLY FOR INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS Special assembly held on 17 July to recognize the achievements of the Billabong High students who participated in the International History Bee & Bowl Asian Championship and the World Scholar’s Cup Global Round. Billabong High International School competed against 52 schools from all over Asia in the International History Bee & Bowl Asian Championship held in Singapore from 16th to 18th June and qualified for the International History Olympiad to be

held in Berlin, Germany. Billabong High International School competed against over 4,000 students from 40 different countries in the World Scholar’s Cup Global Round held in Hanoi, Vietnam from June 26th to July 1st and won a total of 64 medals - 24 Gold medals & 40 Silver medals. With four of our teams qualifying for the World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions to be held at Yale University, United States.

INTERNATIONAL HISTORY BEE & BOWL QUIZ SINGAPORE By Ibha (Grade 9B) Hi everybody, I am Ibha and I am here to share my experience which I had in 2nd round of History Bowl and Bee. A few students were selected from our school to participate in the 1st round of International History Bowl and Bee and I was one of the lucky members of junior team. Our junior team had qualified in March, at Dubai round and we went to Singapore. We had Sarah, Nawaf, Rabaah, Hisa, Niaha, myself and our reader Eema in the team to crack any type of nuts in the 2nd round of competition. We left for Singapore on the morning of June 15th. The next day was spent to cover all the bases by revising lots of questions, reading articles and books and watching videos. The night before the competition my condition was like a cat on hot bricks.

The next morning, we woke up with the chickens to leave for the competition, which was being held at the Hwa Kong Institution. 52 teams took part in this round and over 200 students. (A lot, I mean.) After the opening ceremony it was a tie to begin. We all had butterflies in our stomach, but also burst with excitement to take part. We played five rounds with four quarters each. The competition took up most of the day and at the end we were all dead tired but proud to be the part of it. Even though we didn’t win, we managed to qualify for the international championship, which will be in Berlin next year 2018. This was one of the biggest competitions in the world and I was proud to have been a part of it. Waiting for Berlin trip in 2018.

WORLD SCHOLAR’S CUP GLOBAL ROUND HANOI By: Humam Hussain Shiyam, Class 5A The trip was lots of fun and we had to work hard as well. The World Scholar’ cup is a celebration of education and the subjects are science, social studies, literature, arts, music, history and special area. At the end we all got globe sized alpacas. This was the biggest global round in the World Scholar’ cup with 3,600 scholars. WSC was held in a different country every year. This year it was held in Vietnam, Hanoi at Vietnam Convention Center. The theme for this year was “An Unlikely world” Now about Vietnam, on the last two days we went on tours. On the first day, we went to Ha-long bay (Halong = rising dragon) which is a beautiful cluster of islands with hidden caves. We visited one cave that was huge. We found out that a picture of one or two of the islands was printed on a 200,000 VND (Vietnamese dong). When we were coming back four kids fell asleep and almost got drawn on the face. On the second day, we had a tour of Hanoi (Hanoi = descending dragon) Vietnam`s capital.

First, we went to Quan Thanh temple but no-one wanted to go since there was a very long queue then we went to the museum and saw many things about their culture and saw many old artifacts of Vietnam. When we came out we all got some cotton candy. We also had a cultural fair where we had prepared a stall on Maldives. All the countries had their stalls and many people visited the stalls. At the end of the tournament we all got alpacas of many different colors. Many of my school mates got selected for the final round in Yale. I want to thank Misbah sir, Firshan sir, Miss.Liza, Miss Nalini, Miss Aisha, Miss Sophie and all the other teachers and parents who helped us have a truly great time. Especially for all the children who were together as a family. We all enjoyed and learned a lot of information about Vietnam and other countries.


SECONDARY SPORTS MEET Ahmed Saraau Saeed (Sports Captain 2017,Grade 12A) Sports meet kicked off with a ceremonial torch giving to our special guest Kuda Husen. Sports meet is always an intense event with a wide display of talented young athletes and fierce competition where the 4 houses face off in different activities such as long jumps, heats and relays for the house trophy and secure bragging

rights! I myself won the trophy during 2016 with Unity and it will remain one of my favourite schooling memories during my time as a student in Billabong High International School. Congratulations to Equality who won this years cup after a very well deserved effort in the end.Â

COLORS AWARD By Aik Abdulla Rifau (Grade 9 A) Colours Award 2016, was held on September 26th 2017. It is an annual award given to sports students for their achievements of the previous year. It is not a piece of cake to get this prestigious award. Thousands of students around Maldives apply for these awards every year and only a few receive them. There are 6 main categories of awards. Runners’ award, Winners’ award, Special award, Scholarships, Outstanding award and overall Colours Award Best Athlete. The Colours Award goes to best all-round athlete of the previous year. The age groups these awards are given to are U12, U14, U16 and U18. It has been an honour to receive an award at the Colours award 2016. I received the Special Award for my achievements in athletics of 2016. This award reflects a year of continuous hard work. Hours of practice each and every day. The year had a lot of ups and downs

for me. There were days that I felt like giving up but I continued to work and I got good results. Walking up the stage was a unique experience similar to which I had two years ago at Colours Award 2014. A year of absence motivated me to work harder and achieve the award the coming year. I would like to congratulate the other two athletes from Billabong High. Zaidhan received Runners’ Award for Basketball and Akhyaar received winners’ award for table tennis. I would like every student to know that anything can be achieved only you have to work hard and put your heart into the sport you play. I hope more Billabong students could be the next athletes to walk up the stage in the future years.

INTER SCHOOL BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT Zuha Ashraf Ali (Grade 6A) I am Zuha and a member of Junior Basketball team of Billabong High International School. The Inter-School Basketball Tournament this year was held from 10th to 26th April, earlier this year. It took place at the Youth Centre Indoor Court. Many schools took part, including Billabong High and I was in the Under 12 girls and boys’ teams. We started off with rigorous practices thrice a week till the tournament. There was a selection, and I was lucky enough to be selected as only twelve children got selected. We practised and practised until the tournament started. All of us knew we could do it, and so did our coaches. And then the tournament began. The tournament started off very well indeed. The first match was a success, as we beat Thajudeen School. And the next match was successful too, resulting in Billabong beating Rehendi School. But the next match

was not our time to shine. We lost to Iskandhar School by a single point. It was okay as it was not all about winning. We got the happy news of reaching the semifinals though. As the semi-final came at last, we played our hundred percent against Ghiyasuddin School. Our school lost, even though we were winning half way through the match. One team had to win, and this time it wasn’t us. We all were still happy, even after a loss. We got immense support from our coaches, school teachers, parents and students. As winners or losers, we all were happy as the tournament ended. Ghiyasuddin School got first, Iskandhar School got second and we got third. We were very happy for them. There was no third place trophy. All that mattered was that everybody enjoyed and had a wonderful experience.

MAKITA 15TH INTER SCHOOL SWIMMING COMPETITION Congratulations to our swimmers in the 2nd Kids Swimming Festival 2017 and Makita 15th Inter School Swimming Competition

MILO INTER SCHOOL ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIP By Ahmed Nashyan (Grade 6B) It all started at the beginning of the year. We all were sweaty and tired. Every practice harder than the others. Everyone sprinting, jogging, walking, crawling! It was all near impossible, but our Billabong coaches motivated us to not give up. People from other academies would look at us bewildered on why we were working so hard. That was because we were training for the event… Milo Interschool Athletics Championship. With our coaches’ encouragement and our strength, I believed that we would be one of the best schools to participate in the competition. On September 12th, I went to the track because we had our 8x50 relay event. At first I was intimidated by the other athletes, from other schools. We warmed up and went to the marshalling point when a strange thing happened. There were no boys there. It turned out we were disqualified because we were late The next morning, we gathered at the track to run our 8x80 relay. Our coach as usual inspired us and persuaded us to run like the wind. Soon, we were in

our lanes and it had begun. We were in last place until soon we closed the gap and went second from our heat. The school that got first only won by just one second. I felt so sure we would achieve higher. Our event, was the final event of the tournament. I shook my feet occasionally and I was prepared for this big day. We warmed and I went to watch our partnering events. Before I knew it, we were already on the grass waiting for our event. It was a bad start for me because someone stepped on my foot while wearing spikes. And of course, it started bleeding. I felt all my hope getting washed down but I didn’t want to let the team down. We were in the lead but we dropped the baton which caused us to get 5th place. In fact, all the 8x80 relay teams dropped their batons The Under 13 boys’ team got selected as best school. And one of our Under 13 athletes was announced as the best athlete. All of this was possible thanks to the parents, Principal, Management team, teachers and coaches. . All in all, this was a good learning experience for us. I am sure we could do better next time.

Zuka Ashraf Ali (Class 6A) “Athletics tournament”. You’ve probably heard these words floating around the school these past months. From 11th- 15th September the Athletics Association of Maldives held the 20th Milo Interschool Athletics Championship, right here in Male’. 32 schools from around the Maldives participated, and our school was among them. There was a selection where the coaches took the timings and then our school provided coaching for the students who got selected. There were practices for 20 days and we worked long and hard for 1 and ½ hours, every single day. The practices were tiring, but the coaches kept on giving us words of encouragement to keep on going. As the tournament was getting closer and closer, the truth was slowly dawning on us. We were going to be

competing against the fastest athletes in Maldives! The coaches trained us harder, more effectively, without missing even one practice session. They told us they had faith in us and to just try our best. We started the tournament with a lot of energy and enthusiasm and ended it the same way. The Under 13 boys from our school received an award for best team from their age group and Masoon received an award for the ‘Best Athlete’ in his age group! The tournament included hectic and unpredicted weather, a lot of laughing and cheering, a little bit of crying, a lot of skipping school and immense support from all the parents and coaches, and it was definitely worth it. Winning and losing are all part of the game. Each and every athlete showed an example of true sportsmanship and tried their best until the very end. I hope that next year will be even more successful than this one!

INTER-CLASS FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT Sporting spirit and courage was high among our energetic Grade 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (EPS) students, as they took to the field to participate in the Billabong High’s Inter-class Football Tournament held from 14th to 16th November.

4th MILO INTER SCHOOL CRICKET LEAGUE Congratulations and well done to our young Cricketers for their performances and for reaching the finals of the 4th Milo Inter School Cricket League 2017



When you are a teacher at Islanders Education, it ought to be special. At Billabong High, each day is a celebration. But this celebration was extra special, because it was ‘Teachers’ Day’. A day when students, parents and management came together to say ‘Thank you teachers, we love you, we value you”. The day started with a special welcome to our beloved teachers to a beautifully decorated school. Parents had painstakingly decorated the building, a day before. A sumptuous breakfast was awaiting, but that was not all - a special assembly solely managed by Grade 3 and 4 students was an amazing way to say ‘thank you’ to the teachers. Children had their own humble way to show their gratitude to their beloved teachers with a sash and a suitable title for the teacher.

TEACHERS’ DAY (EPS) FOUNDER’S MESSAGE What a wonderful day it was. A special day to thank our beloved teachers. The day started with welcoming our lovely teachers with a rose and a special breakfast. That was just the start; the day was lined up with spectacular performances by our students and parents. After all our teachers are second to none. The impromptu performances were flawless as usual. It was a hectic and a long day, but everybody enjoyed it to the fullest. We are pleased that the entire Billabong High community took the time to thank our dedicated faculty in their own special ways.

WORLD SCHOLAR’S CUP FOUNDER’S MESSAGE TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS YALE We cannot thank enough the assistance and support provided by the Permanent Mission of Maldives to the United Nations for our contingent participating in the World Scholar’s Cup - Tournament of Champions. Thank you for the welcome at the airport and the insightful tour for our students. Our contingent participating in the World Scholar’s Cup - Tournament of Champions visited the Permanent Mission of Maldives to the United Nations and took

a tour of the United Nations Headquarters. They also visited the Empire State Building and September 11 Memorial & Museum. World Scholar’s Cup - Tournament of Champions was held at Yale University from 10th to 14th November. Special thanks to the Permanent Mission of Maldives to the United Nations for the warm welcome and hospitality; also to Qatar Airways and Shinetree.

CULMINATION ACTIVITY GRADE 1 The students of Grade 1 Billabong High International School put their parents on the hot-seat, as they took on the role of teachers and conducted activities from different subject-matters for their parents during the Culmination Day.

CULMINATION ACTIVITY GRADE 2 (DC) Culminating activities are an important part of our academic program. Culminating activities are organized for students to demonstrate their skills through various activities. In these activities students play the role of mentors and guide their own parents through various academic subjects. Billabong High Dream Campus Grade 2 and 4 students put their parents to the test on 2nd November. It was time for the students to check the understanding of their parents. Parents were eager to get the rewarding badges after completing activities - though some of them were difficult. Activities from various subjects were carried out during the Culmination Day.

CULMINATION ACTIVITY GRADE 2 (EPS) Grade 2 students of Billabong High EPS quizzed their parents during the Culmination Activity held on 9th November. During the Culmination Activity, students demonstrated “what I know now� and shared new knowledge with parents. This was an opportunity for further extension of understanding and also allows parents to be involved in the learning process.

CULMINATION ACTIVITY GRADE 3 (DC) The students of Grade 3 Billabong High International School Dream Campus put their parents on the hot-seat, as they took on the role of teachers and conducted activities from different subject-matters for their parents during the Culmination Day held on 30 August.

CULMINATION ACTIVITY GRADE 3 & 4 The students of Grade 3 & 4 of Billabong High EPS put their parents on the hot-seat, as they took on the role of teachers and conducted activities from different subject-matters for their parents during the Culmination Day held on 14 September.

GRADUATION NIGHT GRADE 10 & 12 By Sujoy Bhattray (Grade 12A) The 2017 Graduation ceremony was very special for me as it was the second and last graduation event of the school that I was part of. It wasn’t only for the Grade 12’s but also for the Grade 10’s some of who were not going to continue in the school. After two strenuous practices, all the students arrived half an hour early at the school in their dazzling outfits only to realise that they had to wear a heavy robe, a sash and a graduation cap on top for the night. It was a new, memorable experience as we hadn’t worn these for our Grade 10 graduation in 2015. The event kicked off with the arrival of the Chief Guest for the night – Mr. Akhilesh Mishra, Ambassador of India to Maldives accompanied by his wife Mrs. Reethi Mishra and the head of the Indian Cultural Centre Mr. Mohammed Khaliq who graced the occasion.

The graduating students entered into the hall in a procession led by their class teachers Ms. Sunita for Grade 10A, Ms. Hidhuna for Grade 10B and Ms. Nalini for us. Our hosts for the day were Humaam and Lyn from Grade 11 who made sure the event ran smoothly. Mr. Dinesh Bakshi gave the first introductory speech where he outlined that BHIS stood for Belief, Hard-work, Innovation and Sincerity which we would follow throughout the rest of our lives. Immediately followed by his motivational speech was the awarding of our diplomas. Our awards were handed out to us by the Chief Guests and after this we were privileged to hear an inspirational speech by the Indian Ambassador.

The final agenda for the night was the candle lighting ceremony where our class teachers held a big candle, ‘The Mother Candle’ and all the students lined up, lighting their mini candles one by one to signify the transfer of knowledge from our teachers to ourselves. We went up on the stage with our candles and stood for our final class pictures which we would cherish forever. All students were then invited onto the stage for the most enjoyable part of the evening where we all threw our caps into the air in joy as our parents recorded the occurrence in slow-mo. It was a very emotional and life changing event for me as I was meeting some of my teachers for the last time in the school and I was very proud to be stepping foot into the outer world. After the plethora of graduation pictures with my peers which was the last page in my school life.

AWARDS CEREMONY End of another successful year, as we celebrated the numerous achievements of our students academically and in various co-curricular activities. With much excitement we look forward to 2018 with the planned initiatives and programs; bringing a truly dynamic and holistic education for our students in an ever-changing world.

Zuhura Ismail (Grade 12A) The 2016 Awards Ceremony was a special one, and not just because it may have possibly been my last. I will prize this event among some of the most special days during my time at Billabong High, and I hope that future Awards Ceremony may prove rewarding to my fellow students. Hosted by Azmaan and Noorain, the ceremony was graced by the presence of some very prestigious persons: namely, Dr Ibrahim Hassan, Country Program Coordinator for Australian Awards; the chairman of Islanders Group, Mr Abdul Rasheed Ali; executive directors of Islanders Group, Mr Ahmed Adhly Rasheed and Mr Eedham Rasheed; as well as the senior officials from the Ministry of Education, the school principal, vice principal, teachers, and, of course, the award winners. This year’s winners were numerous -- and many of them won multiple awards, particularly the O’Level batch of 2016, who did exceptionally well and won both local and international awards for their hard work. Our school captain, Humaam, was one of them -- and as one of the highest-achieving winners of 2016, he gave an inspiring (and not a little humourous) vote of thanks at the end of the ceremony. He certainly left us all speechless.

His wasn’t the only speech given at the ceremony. Mr Adhly gave a keynote address at the beginning of the ceremony, where he bravely admitted to scoring a U during his own O’Level examinations once upon the time. The chief guest, too, admitted to a similar achievement while addressing the audience -- his conclusion being that academic failure isn’t the end of the world, and that one can always try again. Of course, that isn’t an excuse to slack off. Rather, it is an encouragement for students who may not always achieve the best of results despite working hard -a beacon of hope to try again, explore new options, and perhaps become a distinctive winner for the next awards ceremony. Our school principal, Mr Dinesh Bakshi, also delivered an interesting speech, along with a short video depicting exciting plans for the school next year. Programs include some exciting school trips, changes to the school curriculum, introduction of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program, and more. My only lament is that I will not be able to enjoy these benefits, although I hope they may prove to be of help to the students currently studying at Billabong High.


JUNIOR ART FESTIVAL Students from Grade 6-8 experience the resurrection of “Ancient Civilizations” during the Junior Arts Fest held on 14 October. Under the theme “Ancient Civilizations”, Billabong High hall filled up with Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, among many others, as students got to learn more about the History and Geography lessons taught in their classes. Quizzes, charades and rap battles related to the theme saw the ancient civilizations gathered at the event had fun and going home with far greater knowledge.



Social Science and Liberal Arts Fest 2017 held by the Humanities Department of Billabong High International School. The one-day event saw the unveiling of BHIS Humanities Department’s “Invictus” magazine and its online blog during the inauguration ceremony. Main events during the festival included quizzes, charades, spoken word poetry, debate, impromptu speech and rap battle also.

SCIENCE EXPO - MODERN SCIENCE FOR THINKING GENERATION It was all hands-on fun, critical thinking and creative designing during Science Expo 2017 - “Modern Science for a Thinking Generation” held on 19 October.

DHIVEHI LITERARY WEEK AWARDING CEREMONY Children with a strong foundation in their first language often display a deeper understanding of themselves and their place within society, along with an increased sense of well-being and confidence. Naturally, this flows down into every aspect of their lives, including their academic achievement. “Dhivehi Adhabee Haftha� (Dhivehi Literary Week) provided the opportunity for students with a series of competitions where they got to showcase their talents

within a wide range of activities. These activities helped them to understand the language better and be more connected to it. Varied activities took place for different grades; some of them include word building, making sentences, creative writing, story writing, presenting a news clip, and reciting poems.


BELLETRISTIC DAY Ainy Niyaz Yoosuf (Peace House Captain, Grade 10B) THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT OF BHIS organised the English week and the closing ceremony was called the BELLETRISTIC DAY 2017. An opportunity was given to all the students of secondary to participate in various competitions like quiz, drama, story writing, poetry writing and poetry recitation, debate, ad zap. These

were conducted in both in-class and inter-house competitions. Some external judges were invited to judge few of the competitions. 72 TROPHIES were given to all the achievers. ‘SUCCESS DOES NOT COME FROM WHAT YOU DO OCCASSIONALLY BUT WHAT YOU DO CONSISTENTLY’, was proved in this week. From the core of my heart I want to congratulate and thank all the participants. WELL DONE! PEACE HOUSE.

GEOGRAPHY TRIP TO THE METEOROLOGICAL DEPARTMENT Geography students from grade 9 visited the Meteorological Department, Hulhulhe, Male, Republic of Maldives on 14th October 2017. They got a chance to see, observe and understand the weather forecasting process. As weather and climate is in the IGCSE syllabus they need to identify the weather instruments and this trip gave them an opportunity to do so. All 7 students from grade 9 from Geography Department witnessed how weather report is made and anchored in a studio.


STUDENTS VISIT FROM MADIFUSHI ISLAND Study Camp visit to Billabong High International School by Madifushi School (Th. Madifushi) students. Madifushi School students joined selected classes for a valuable learning experience and interaction between students from both schools.


FUVAHMULAH TRIP GRADE 4 Over 34 students from Grade 4 of Billabong High took a trip down south, to the island of Fuvahmulah from the 2nd to 6th of September. Students got the chance to observe the uniqueness of the beautiful island of Fuvahmulah and see the vegetation, floral and fauna of the island. Trips included a visit to our fellow students at Billabong High International School in Fuvahmulah, tour of historical places on the island and a special information session shared by Mr. Adnan.


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSION - MAY Professional Development Workshop held for teachers on the use of interactive and theatrical tools to improve English skills of students at Billabong High International School

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSION - JULY Professional Development (PD) Session held for the primary level teachers of Billabong High by Mohamed Munthasir (Munko).

ENOVATE EDUCATION SYMPOSIUM We wrapped up another successful symposium hosted and organised by Foundation for a Better Future and Islanders Education with participants from 8 schools all over the Maldives on 12th August.

ICE CREAM DAY GRADE 1 Our Grade 1 (EPS) students enjoyed their delicious ice creams on 14th November to celebrate the learning of the multiplications table.

BEACH CLEANING DAY GRADE 5 A beach cleaning event was carried out at Hulhumale beach by the students of Grade 5 EPS on November 11th. Over 41 students and 15 teachers took part in the event. It proved to be a great initiative on the occasion of Republic Day as part of the I-Care program. To finish it off, the students of Grade 5 had an enjoyable BBQ to celebrate the success of their “Shop Shop� event.

PUPPET SHOW GRADE 4 “PinoKALO� could not come unfortunately, but Grade 4 students of Billabong High EPS conducted a puppet show on Sunday 5th November 2017 to explore new horizons in learning through entertainment. As a project of their EVS subject, the students learned about light and shadow and did experiments in the class. To develop these experiments further and to inculcate

the use of English Knowledge through presentation skills, the students got ready with their puppets which they made using BBQ sticks. The students performed in groups to bring out their characters into life using their voice variations and shadow puppets. They had an amazing time, they learned, they enjoyed and it was an utter success.

SHOP SHOP MATH ACTIVITY GRADE 5 It was a shopping frenzy as Grade 5 students held a special Math Activity on 30 October. There weren’t any balance sheets to be seen, but cashiers at every table as students got to learn more about profit and loss topic.

MATH ACTIVITY DAY GRADE 1 & 2 It was a fun-filled day of Math activities and games as Billabong High (EPS) students tested their Math knowledge during Math Activity Day for Grade 1 & 2 on 14th September.

MATH OLYMPIAD (DC) Students of Billabong High International School Dream Campus of Grade 1 & 2 gave their brains a good workout during the Math Olympiad held on 30 August. Activities include math related puzzles and games, with our special educational needs (SEN) students joining in on the intriguing fun also.

VISIT TO A SHOP GRADE 2 Luckily it wasn’t a shopping spree as Grade 2 students of Billabong High visited M7 Bookshop and Ihsaan Fihaara to learn more about money in their Mathematics class. Students all bought an item and got to experience first-hand on how money exchange and transactions happen. Our special educational needs (SEN) students also joined in on the experience with their fellow classmates.

EMERGING CAREERS OF 21ST CENTURY It was another first in the Maldives, as Billabong High hosted “Emerging Careers of 21st Century - Career Path Insights for O Level and A Level Students�. The panel discussion with industry experts, government officials and eminent academicians provided students and parents the opportunity to make an

informed decision for their future. We are pleased to have our fellow students from Villa and GIS join us for this experience. Special thanks to our supporting partners VTV and Muni Home Care in helping us make this event a success.

VICTORY DAY SPECIAL ASSEMBLY Special Assembly held at Billabong High Dream Campus to commemorate Victory Day (Nov 3rd). Special thanks to Maldives National Defence Force and our guest speaker Command Sergeant Major Abdulla Saeed for the insights and information shared regarding Victory Day.

INTERACTIVE SESSION FOR ENGLISH LITERATURE - GRADE 2 Interactive Session held for English Literature (Grade 2) students regarding the life of a journalist and on how to write news articles by Public Service Media (PSM)’s Senior Editor Moosa Waseem.


HEALTH SCREENING GRADE 1 Health screening conducted for our Grade 1 students by Maldives National Defence Force in association with the Ministry of Education - Republic of Maldives

CAMPFIRE NIGHT GRADE 2 “Camp Plop - Literature Culmination 2017” Campfire Night held for Grade 2 students of Billabong High International School

WORLD SCHOLAR’S CUP PARTICIPANTS RETURN It was a warm welcome reception for our World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions participants from US, as they touched down back in Maldives on 16th November. Billabong High students won a total 8 medals and 1 trophy at the World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions held from 10th to 14th November. Billabong High qualified for the Tournament of Champions after having won 61 medals during the World Scholar’s Cup Global Round held in Vietnam back in June this year. Special thanks to Qatar Airways & Shinetree


Zaara (Grade 6A)

A shrill cry echoed in the mist….. I woke up in a room filled with headless pigeons with scarlet red blood all over them. Every single pigeon had a special mark on it. It was the letter ‘B’ just in different fonts. I tried to get out but there were no doors. Until two windows came into sight, I saw two paths. One of the paths was a long narrow path with BLOOD on the sides. The other path had weird looking feathers everywhere. I chose the path with the feathers not knowing where the path would lead to. I chose this path because I had blood-phobia. On the way, I met a cat mixed with a fish. Yes, I know, it sounds totally out of this world! It got even way weird when it chose to say, “My name is K-A-T-P-H-I-S-H! Not catfish!” it said it could take me to the nearest ‘tunnel’ The path was getting darker and darker, and things got even worse when I lost track of time. I followed katphish and he pointed to a dark tunnel with long fingers and nails sticking out form both the ends. It sounds really gross. Katphish asked me to go in. He sounded friendly or at least looked friendly and since I’m really weird I decided to go in without having the slightest idea of what could possibly happen. I found myself on a small island where I met a little girl with chubby

cheeks, blue-green eyes, cute pigtails and rosy lips. “I’m Bronwyn” she said. “I predicted… um, I had a feeling you’d be visiting today…,” she finished looking both unstable and pleased. She had invited me into her house which for some reason looked vaguely familiar and took me to her room. IT WAS THE EXACT SAME PLACE WITH THE BLOODY PIGEONS! I almost fainted! Why would she do such a thing! She tried telling me that she was not that cute bubbly girl everyone thinks she is. She said she’d been bossing around everywhere she went and she said I looked like a second grader! I got so caught up with her explanation; I forgot that I should have been looking for an exit. I found a window which looked like it was my only choice, so I jumped! It felt like I was falling for hours. Then WHOOSH I landed on my bed, in my room at 6:15 am. Oops… gotta go! Gonna be late for athletics! BYE! The weird girl who has blood phobia and is also afraid of pigeons.

THE MIDNIGHT CLOWN “Jack,” whispered a voice. He opened his eyes. He saw a figure in the moonlight, “wake up. Get dressed.” It was her sister, Annie. Jack turned on his lamp. He rubbed his eyes and yawned lazily. Annie was standing beside his bed. She wore jeans and a sweatshirt. “Let’s go to our castle,” she said. “What time is it?” asked Jack. He put his bunny slippers on. “Don’t look at your clock,” said Annie. Jack looked at his clock. “Oh man,” he said. ‘It’s midnight and way too dark to go outside!” “No it’s not, the moon is shining and it will lead us to the castle, come on Jack, don’t be lazy!” cried Annie. “Annie, can’t you wait till tomorrow?” asked Jack. “No, please Jack” cried Annie. “We have to find the fourth M thing. I have a feeling that the full moon might as well help us find it.” “That’s crazy Annie,” said Jack “I just want to sleep.” “You can sleep when we come back home Jack!” cried Annie loudly. “Fine, fine,” Jack said stubbornly.

Annie jumped up and down happily. “Meet you at the back door Jack,” she tiptoed out of Jack’s room to the backdoor. Jack yawned and pulled on his jeans and sneakers and a sweat shirt. He put his pen and book in his backpack and rushed off to meet Annie. Quietly they stepped outside. Soon they left their street. Annie led the way into the frog creek woods. It was much darker under the shadows of the trees. Jack looked sideways to search for the castle. “There,” said Annie. The castle was shining in the moonlight since the castle was up in a tree. Annie grabbed the rope and started climbing up. When Jack started climbing up the rope, he heard rustling noise coming from underneath the castle. He got frightened and climbed up quickly. Moonlight streamed through the window. That’s when Jack heard the rustling noise again, this time Annie heard it too. This time the sound was closer to the castle. They looked at each other with a dumbfounded look on each their faces. Annie quickly shut all the doors and windows but left one open for fresh air. Jack put his head against the window Annie had left open and whispered, “I knew it was not a good idea to go out late at night!”

Eashal Ali Fauzy (Grade 6A) Annie did not pay attention to what Jack said but instead she gasped in horror. “ANNIE! What is happening?” asked Jack a little scared. Annie muttered “T…. There’s s….something b………behind you!” Jack heard a heavy breathing sound coming from behind him. “Is it bad Annie?” asked Jack as tears started to fill his eyes. Annie slowly nodded as Tears started to fill Annie’s eyes too. Jack slowly turned his head and saw a killer clown standing right behind him; he had red hair and clown make up on his face. He held a bloody knife in his hands; his clothes were drenched with blood. Jack jumped towards Annie and hugged her really tight. Annie saw a log near the study table; she grabbed it and threw it at the clown. The clown fell on his back and groaned like a bear. They both jumped out of the castle window and went running back to the house screaming in horror. As they reached the house they locked all the possible doors that the clown could get in through. They realized that it was never a good idea to go out late at night. They hugged each other and went to bed pretending to forgot all the thing that happened two minutes ago.


Eafa Rameez (Grade 10A)

Life as a thief was pretty hectic to say the least, and I found this out as soon as I joined the internationally famous con artist Jake Anderson and his group of cons when they got a job offer to steal one of the most prized paintings that was currently sitting in the guarded office of a certain business mogul, Seth Madison. Once the team and I had got the entry-and-exit plan down to a T, I’d come to pity Seth. He wouldn’t even see this coming, even though he has the painting guarded heavily.

Riko standing next to me with his arm around my waist. I caught one of my teammates’ eye from across the hall as she passed champagne glasses to the guests. The painting hadn’t been brought out yet, so I knew it was still in the safe house. She gave me a short nod before casually walking back to where another member stood. From the look on their faces, and Flora’s hard voice in my ear saying, “Go time,” I knew I had to stage a distraction so that no one noticed the painting was gone.

Tonight had been the night that we were going in to steal the painting, and the painting was being moved tonight by Seth for his annual auction in a critically acclaimed hotel; one that I hadn’t bothered to learn the name of. I had been dressed by a teammate, Flora, while Jake had rambled on with instructions in the background. I had winced at the constricting feeling around my body when Flora zipped up the tight dress; a red, flowing gown that was practically made to garner attention. According to Jake, I was going to be the bait for the evening, and my ‘plus one’ was going to be another teammate, Riko; Riko, who also happened to be my ex. Ever since we ended things in Barcelona last year, we weren’t on good terms. We, unfortunately, met again for the job, and even though I still had feelings towards him, I knew it wasn’t going to work.

Riko’s arm gripped my hip and he leant down to mumble in my ear, “Think you’re good enough to get everyone distracted?”

“Listen, you’re supposed to-” “I know the drill,” I had sharply said back to Jake who just huffed from his position on the couch, eyes raking down the dress that was almost a second skin on me. I was going to be sent in with Riko equipped with earpieces for Flora and another member to direct us around, while Jake and the others were pretending to be assistants at the auction. My instructions stated that I was supposed to be distracting guests while letting a few other teammates grab the painting and run. Now, I was currently making small talk with a woman there to buy some vase,

I just laughed dryly, slipping out of his grasp and shot him a wink that had him smirking and shaking his head in defeat, probably knowing what I was about to do. I knew he was watching me even as I turned around and started walking towards a couple that looked like they were in a heated discussion about a necklace that laid before them on a stand. The sound of my stilettos surprisingly didn’t catch their attention and I pretended to stumble, falling onto the woman. Everyone looked over at the scuffle when I started yelling at her about how she should watch where she was going, and I saw Riko from the corner of my eye press his fist to his mouth to keep from laughing at my overly dramatic performance. I huffed at him from the distance and then shoved the woman who kept yelling that she didn’t do anything. A teammate secretly came from behind her and snuck a valuable ring into her partner’s pocket, and walked away briskly when guards came to solve whatever issue the woman and I had. The metal detector on a guard started beeping the moment he came towards us, and in a matter of seconds, they were putting cuffs on the couple for ‘attempted robbery’. Riko was still laughing by the time I went back to him, and I just elbowed him as a

response for his snickering. The whole fiasco had Seth and his guards busy, and the auction eventually got called off. Riko pushed me into the queue and carefully moved out, eyes sweeping the streets for the getaway car for Riko and I. He still had his arm around me and he was starting to push his luck as he drew me in closer, walking down the street until a car drove by us. The window rolled down and Jake popped his head out and told us to get in. I detached myself from Riko’s strong grip and entered the car, him getting in the front while I got in the back. It didn’t take us long to reach our base, and everyone was standing around the painting. Jake ruffled through a duffel bag and distributed the money and flight tickets, all of us silent as it dawned on us that the job was done and we were going our separate ways. “I’ll go hand over the painting. You guys need to fly out now,” Jake said gruffly. “It was good working with you.” Before I knew it, there was only Jake, Riko and I left. One look at my ticket and a laugh slipped past my lips. I knew Riko wanted to talk, and he nodded at the front door with his head, and we packed up what we had and walked out, down the elevators and onto the street where I hailed a cab. Right before I got in, Riko’s arm shot out and held mine roughly. His eyes searched for mine. “Will I ever see you again?” There was only one answer to the question: “Barcelona. Catch me if you can.” I laughed at his awestruck face and got in the car, watching him laugh as the driver sped into the traffic. It was unbelievable that a painting had brought us back to each other.

A MOMENT OF DOUBT My fingers swiped across the screen and my eyes flickered across the millions of abstract faces of women, some outstanding while others boring and basic. However, each of them had something in common with me; a laudable ambition to search for our significant other. After all, that is the whole purpose of Tinder, the miraculous app that guides half a heart to another. The alarm rang for the third time and I forced myself to crawl out of bed and into the shower. The warm water caressed my skin and woke me up from my groggy state. I couldn’t be late today, it was the day of the meeting between the company I worked for and another company we were partnered up with. So I hurried out and in the span of five minutes, was left with just my tie. I walked over to the mirror, wrapping the tie around in a loose nook. I would consider myself an average guy, tall, light stubble with caramel hair, brown eyes and skin not too dark. The tinder notification bell rang and it strung the chords of my heart. But I didn’t have time to spare and check, I was already late. After locking down the house, I flung myself into my car and drove into the busy morning streets of New York. The meeting was boring as always and I spent half the time doodling on my notepad. I couldn’t find anything else to kill time with. Then I remembered the notification form earlier and my fingers danced around the screen, anxiously. Her name was Hera Mont Carle and she looked as beautiful as her name

Aishath Noorain Jiyad (Grade 9B)

sounded. Her golden hair fell around her heart shaped face that glowed in the sun, she looked stunning. After mustering up some courage, I sent a simple ‘hello’. That simple hello lead to good morning and goodnight texts. We had long countless hours of talking and I felt like the chemistry we had could blow up the entire universe. It was always either texting or calling. I would usually pace around my room, sweating because of the nervousness. I could never get used to hearing her angelic voice. Then we decided to finally meet up, to see each other in person. The next morning, I woke up an hour earlier than I expected and I couldn’t fall back asleep. The nervousness had created chaos in my head and I flung open my cupboard to find the perfect attire for the night. By the end of the first two hours, my room was a mess. I walked over my clothes, nearly slipping, trying to find my phone. There was still time, maybe too much time. I couldn’t keep giving into the wreckage so I decided to go out for a quick run. The sun was almost setting by the time I got back. The bouquet of roses in my hand nearly toppled off as I struggled to find the keyhole. I had just about an hour and half to get suited up and drive to the restaurant. So without wasting anymore time, I gathered myself together. I was either early or she was just late. My feet tapped at frantic rhythms on the wooden floor. My eyes searched


desperately for golden hair. Then I saw her. But what I felt was not my heart beating erratically, doing summersaults in my chest or my stomach flipping itself upside down. It was more of a disappointment, a feeling of massive doubt. The way she held herself, the way she walked, talked- it was all different than I expected. The graceful, mannered woman in my head seemed far from the one standing a few meters away from me. My fist clenched itself around the stems of the roses and I forced a smile as I welcomed her in a hug. Nothing could compare to the disappointment I felt in myself for letting those mind blowing moments I spent with her suspense itself to just shrivel into nothingness within a moment of doubt. So the night faded into an ending, of me apologizing and her pouring a glass of water over my head. The next morning greeted me with the memories of the night before and like that very first morning, my hand reached for my phone. A new tinder notification popped up on my screen with a text message from a new match. “Hello, Dante”, it read. My exhausted body heaved with a sigh and my face sank into the pillow. I wasn’t angry or hurt, just disappointed in myself. However, I was thankful for my moment of doubt. If it wasn’t for that hesitancy, I could have hurt more, and not just myself. Maybe doubt wasn’t the worst of things, but a blessing in disguise. The alarm rang for the third time and I sat myself up. There was no meeting but I still didn’t want to be late.

Shadha (Grade 6C)

Everyone has dreams Big and small You might see a scary thing Or someone robbing the mall

The flowers may bloom with delight Waiting for the butterflies to land on them The kids go out and play While the parents go out to find some gems

The ghosts may creep up on you at night But sometimes they just go through your minds They also haunt your dreams you see But some of them may just be kind

So now you see the wonderful dreams Or the horror that seeks For now let my dreams be I really got to go fix my sink since it leaks

ON THE NIGHT OF A FULL MOON A shrill cry echoed in the mist as 16 years old veronica fell from her bike. Something was coming towards her. It was tall, at least 6 feet, and hairy. The reflection of the full moon shined bright in its gloomy red eyes, shining fangs that were the size of a mammoth’s tooth. Its claws were getting sharper and sharper as it came closer. The moonlight was now shining on the creature’s face, and veronica could see clearly that it was a wolf, and it was trying to bite her. Veronica really likes wolves and foxes. She knew all about them, she knew how to get away with a wolf attack, but as of now she was scared, too scared to think. So like any normal person, she screamed for help and ran. She ran as fast as she could, slipping on wet leaves from the sprinkling rain. Just as she was close to the end of the forest, she tripped on a tree branch and fell. By now the wolf had somehow lost her. She got up and she started having

trouble breathing. She had asthma. She reached for her pocket to get her inhaler when she realized, it fell while she was running. She frantically searched the whole area, rummaging through leaves, but no luck. Just as she got up from the ground, something pushed her back down, and she felt a pinch on her back. A very strong pinch. She tried screaming, but no words came out. And suddenly, everything went black. She woke up a few minutes later, and felt the pain of the sharp pinch. She lifted her shirt and saw a huge bite mark. It was bleeding heavily, and she knew exactly what bit her that night. She got up, and began walking towards home, back slouched, limping. She entered her house as quietly as possible, as it was past midnight by now. She decided not to tell her mother about it, as she knew that she’d start panicking. She woke up next morning, expecting a shock of pain from the

CARPE DIEM When the warriors preach that the world’s a social construct, I wonder if that’s the cause of my mental obstruct. And of course, you have a solution for that. “Just escape the concrete, look around you!” Ah, yes. Mother nature. The infinite fuel to keep our kind going. But then, there’s fragmentation. Or an identity crisis, as you like it. The polluted world is not enough for me. This detachment from self requires detachment from society, a cycle that leads back to the reattachment to the two. But as I stood on a lone hill, away from the lowlands, the air I breathed was still tainted from decay, and the ‘freedom’ I tasted was spiked to sedate. The roots of egotism have corrupted all soils. Regardless to the change in vicinity of perspective, all I saw was ignorant glorification and mad scramble for a sense of purpose. A supposed storm before the calm, a disorder before the order. The thing is, it’s just false consciousness.

Aaeshath Laissaa Ashraf (Grade 6B) bite, but surprisingly, it didn’t hurt. She lifted her shirt, only to see the bite mark gone. She was dumbfounded when she saw this but had no time to think. Her school bus arrives in 10 minutes. She entered the school, and everything was unusually loud. She could hear the cheerleading team talk about who should lead the team, she heard the jocks talk about their next football game, someone slamming their locker door, she even herd her own heart racing from all the noise. And in the blink of an eye everything went back to normal. It did keep coming back though, and every minute felt like hours. Out of the blue, the bell rang. Everyone rushed to the door. Veronica sprinted out of school and ran home. She ran upstairs to her bedroom and straight towards the computer. She did research on what was happening to her. There was one website that gave her the answer she needed. She was a wolf, and it was the night of a full moon.

Aishath Sara (Grade 11A) Years and years of labels and clichés, have molded us into the very robots that we aim to create. So within and throughout this surrounding chaos, the most obtainable truth is you and yourself. And no, not the one with the goal to impress, but the one who’s reading thiscarrying the mass of muscles pumping blood and thoughts, unveiled from the layers of gilded veneers, and embracing the signs of simply being human. I write these words wearing only my skin, with the cold reaching through and my hair on ends, fueled by burning desire for humane revolution, void of intention of following the trend. But since you’re all so keen on fighting for solutions, just think of this as my contribution: Seize the moment in all its glorythe only golden key for self liberation.

WORLD SCHOLAR’S CUP EXPERIENCE Zoya Umar, Alisha Shahid, Ayan Ahmed Ameen and Kiko K. Townsley (Grade 5) This is the story of four awesome 10-year-old girls’ journey to the World Scholar’s Cup Global Round in Hanoi, Vietnam. The World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) is an international team academic program with students participating from over 50 countries. The competition was founded by DemiDec, in particular by Daniel Berdichevsky, DemiDec’ President, in 2006. We were pretty excited to qualify from Male’ Round (first ever round in the Maldives) and go to the Global Round. The best part of our WSC experience was making a lot of new friends and of course, collecting the alpacas. The alpaca was the ubiquitous symbol of the WSC. All of us worked so hard for our global round. We studied day in and day out, and learnt so many new information regarding conspiracies, issues and ideas relevant to today, and the future. After all that studying for about a month or so, the Billabong High International School contingent was ready and set to go to Hanoi. Our travel to and back to the destination is worthy point to note. We

had fun transits at the airport. We really think we gave a new meaning to how to enjoy a transit in an airport. Bangkok airport actually ran out of chicken wings at one point! After one whole day of travelling, we were finally in Hanoi and we were instant millionaires. At the present exchange rate (between 20,00021,000 VND per US dollar), changing a $50 note gets you 1.138 million dong. Ka-ching. Moving on to the reason we went to Hanoi, the Convention Centre itself where the competition was held left us in awe. The WSC’s first day began with a scavenger hunt. We met so many new people from different parts of the world. For the scholar’s debates we were all in suits and sharp. The debates were challenging but we gave our best. The cultural day was awesome too, so many tables, representing different parts of the world. We also went to our first ball. We dressed up and had a wonderful time dancing the night away. The tours we took were also out

BEAUTY OR BLOOD “A death in the National Museum”, shrieked all the news channels and newspapers. I sat in my living room investigating the case, to save my best friend Juana, who was stuck in it. I, being Juana’s best friend and lawyer, was sure that she was innocent. When I went to meet her in the police station, she told me that she didn’t do anything wrong, and it was the museum which did it. She also added that she felt something was there, something odd, something terrifying! Her words made no sense to me, but I decided to go in the museum to investigate the matter myself. Hence, with the court’s permission, I decided to go to the museum, alone, at night. That day, the time surprisingly went fast and the night soon arrived. I reached the museum and slowly entered. Step by step, I walked to the center of the hall. Suddenly all the lights went out and made the museum was as dark as a cave. I could barely see my own hands and legs. Unexpectedly, a powerful ray of light, almost as bright as the sun, flashed into my eyes. It came from a painting, fixed on a wall near me. I approached it, on my tiptoes. That was when I realized that the light came from a broken tube light placed above the painting. When I reached the painting, I scrutinized the magnificent artwork. It was the painting of the most beautiful actress of the 19th century, Lady Victoria.

of this world. We were quite taken back by Halong Bay – beautiful caves and awesome souvenir places. On the bay, we had lunch on a boat. Lots of seafood! We went to the museum, the museum of Literature, ate cotton candy and enjoyed all sorts of wonderful things. Finally, the day of the medals and awards! Such a day of achievement… we were so proud of all our friends – the juniors and the seniors. Best part was we qualified for Tournament of Champions in Yale University in the United States of America. All the hard work for this trip was really worth the while. We just had a wonderful time with the awesome teachers, friends, and parents - fun travel companions. Thank you school Management, teachers, and friends. Thank you for adding a wonderful memory to our life. To be honest, we were happiest to find ourselves on a billboard outside the school – being appreciate and recognized – such an uplifting feeling for us! ca’m o’n ban (thank you in Vietnamese).

Khyati Bhatti (Grade 9B) Lady Victoria was indeed very gorgeous. She had dark black eyes which had the same shine as a diamond, fair complexion which had the glow of the moon, and light brown hair which were extremely long and smooth. I was absolutely lost in the beauty of Lady Victoria’s painting. Instantaneously, a deafening sound brought me back from my train of thoughts. ‘Bang! Bang!’ It was the painting repeatedly knocking and rocking against the wall. That moment it felt like the whole world had frozen. I had never been as terrified as I was that day. I jumped a few meters back. I wanted to run away, but the commitment made to Juana glued me to the spot as I had to find the truth for her. Therefore, I moved closer to the painting. My legs trembled and my pace was slower than a slug’s speed. With every step the banging of the painting became more rapid and louder. I mustered all my courage and reached the painting. My shaking and trembling hands took the painting off the wall, but what I saw caused my hands to drop the painting on the floor. On the back of the painting, there was a note written in blood. As I read the note, I discovered it was written by

someone who was madly in love with Lady Victoria when he was alive. The note mentioned that he would kill the person whoever tried to steal the painting. Everything became clear to me why Juana was being suspected to have murdered of a man who she didn’t know. The note ended by saying, “No one in the world can steal my beloved’s painting, NO ONE!” Next day in the court, I was on my chair still traumatized by the horrifying incident which I had experienced the previous night. I didn’t say a word in the court. Juana asked me so

many questions with her pleading eyes which I avoided now and then. I could not save my honest friend, due to unavailability of any evidence which could prove her innocent. A few days later, after I had got over the spooky event I had witnessed, I was sitting in my living room, watching the news on my television. All of a sudden, a breaking news alerted me. The headline said, “Lady Victoria’s grand painting stolen from the National Museum.”

CHANGE BEYOND RECOGNITIONS FOR A TEENAGER Aishath Noorain Jiyad (Grade 9B) Recently, I attended a parent’s forum where the notion of “whether teenagers were house trained” was debated between the presenter of the forum and the studio guest, Pierre Joubert. In the perspective of Mr. Joubert, the world of today has changed beyond recognition. He argues that teenagers inhabit change that is very much different from that of their parents and thus, requires consent and acceptance to embrace this change. This includes altering the expectations to today’s standards, in a way that is beneficial to teenagers. However, the presenter deemed otherwise. She believes that for all the work that she has done for her kids, they should at least aid their parents by doing as little as housework, her conclusion is that one day they would have to take up that responsibility either ways and what better way to accomplish this than making them prepare for their future as of right now. I believe there is also the possibility of potent danger if they are unaware of brief explanations of their relationship, let alone clueless to carry them out. According to Mr. Joubert, the teenagers of today have their work cut out for them and served on a silver platter, and this work is known as education. Teenagers first priority at the moment is only education and I too believe they should not be blindsided by work like that of the house, when parents are simply capable of doing them. Sacrifice is part of parenthood, he says. However, the presenter counters his belief with

the mere concept of responsibility. The chores that are presented to them play important preparations for their adult life. She believes if they continue to rely and dump their problems on their parents, the result would be a generation of spoilt, lazy and complaining kids. Even their future careers would be hindered, permanently. With that she has defended against the notion of kids been relieved of such household works. I believe that the result would even hinder the economy of the new generation as the efficiency they provide would not be to the fullest potentiality. In light of Mr.Joubert’s view, he takes into example his teenage daughter who already involves herself in countless occupied hours of work and more work. He expresses his distress on the academic pressure she is under and personally even prefers her relaxing and enjoying often. The ‘chore chart’ the respondents mentioned in the questionnaire is pure nonsense to him. He believes it to be outrageous. To this, the presenter counters that it is not as unreasonable. I believe that though his daughter may have a drive by a laudable ambition to a successful career path, she must also consider the basics s of the housework so as to fulfill her needs later in life and careers can only be fulfilled with hard work. If their careers were to stretch along with their personal life, the teenagers should be able to handle both conveniently. Mr. Joubert was challenged by the presenter with the evidence of existing families that have successful

careers and even then, looks after the family conveniently. He replies by stating that meeting ones needs and managing money is a more important responsibility. His son, who is at a university, is given allowance in trade for working if he wants any luxuries. This example, he chose, to show how he managed to teach this importance. Although there is positivity in this, the presenter says that she does not personally feel that it is the best choice for her kids if they are only doing it for monetary reward. She shared her experience back when she was fifteen, when her mother fell ill and she had to step up and provide for the family. I believe that was a responsibility that took her out of her little world and gave her a useful role in the family. There were definitely proud moments amidst the unfortunate situation. I believe that teenagers should be aware of these responsibilities and chores even if they do not have to practice them. Both guest and presenter were supported with valid arguments. However it really depends on an individual’s situation. If teenagers are more likely to be occupied in hours of work at school, then they should focus on their education and benefit from that. However, if they are in more unfortunate situations such as not being able to afford to go to school, then they should focus on taking care of their family and helping them in any way possible but at the same time, doing something that benefits them and helps them to learn some useful skills for their future life.

A SECOND CHANCE I was on my way to school, I remember the day very clearly. It was a hot day in the year 2015. Like every other day, my head was in the clouds. I had no interest in school, all I thought about was only football. I am an ambitious teen, desperately trying to fulfill my dreams and pursue my passion of playing football. The moment the school ended I ran to the football field. I noticed an unfamiliar face, a foreigner examining the field. He was scrutinizing the younger footballers of their skills. It was unusual to see foreigners like this in Male’. I got on the field and started to play, I was dominating and controlling the game as usual. After the game, I packed my bag and was about to walk out of the field. As I approached the gates, I heard a voice from behind. “Excuse me, may I talk to you please?” I turned around and to my surprise it was the foreign man. He introduced himself as a scout of England and was looking for young talents in the Maldives. He was impressed by my playing style and offered me a scholarship in one of the prestigious sports school of England. I felt ecstatic, excited to break the news to my parents. I ran home as fast as I could. I told my parents about my opportunity, it was a relief to know that they were positive about it. I eagerly waited for a call from the scout. A week later, I received a call. The gentleman wanted to meet me and my parents. We met at Seahouse café Maldives, a famous restaurant located above the Hulhumale’ Ferry Terminal. He introduced himself as Glen Applegate. He detailed about the scholarship and about my football skills.

Aik Abdulla Rifau (Grade 9A) Exactly two weeks later, I boarded an airplane to England. It was a long flight. We landed at London and travelled to the academy where we were given dorms to live in. I lived with one roommate, his name was Sam Clucas. I got off to a bright and promising start, I studied well and displayed exemplary performances week in week out. I was progressing more the Glen had expected me to. Sam was my biggest rival in the academy. After a few, trail day approached. The trail was to qualify for the under 16 Arsenal academy team. It was a horrible day, I displayed an extremely weak performance. It was a disappointment as I failed to qualify. Sam was miles ahead of me when I was nearing the finishing point. His improvement was fascinating. As I could not perform well the management of Arsenal informed me that my scholarship had been taken away and I had to fly back to Maldives. After returning to Maldives, I felt like a disgrace to every Maldivian. I returned empty handed with no trophies and no respect. This failure broke me and left me with no confidence or motivation to continue football. My parents worked hard to boost my confidence. To encourage me, my mother took me to a movie. The movie was a turning point in my life. It was an inspirational movie that motivated me to pursue my dream. I started working hard and going for training each and every day. As a 15-year-old living in the tiny country of Maldives, it was an enormous feat to conquer. Many weeks later, I received a called, alerting me about a trail in

DREAM A dream I had About shimmering butterflies In the clouds They roam, oh so high The roar of a lion I heard it very clear

my area. I attended the trail and got selected for the scholarship once again. I got a second chance. I flew to England and landed in London as a rejuvenated boy bursting with confidence and ambition. I continued my training and the trail for the under 16 team was coming up. On the trails day, I walked onto the pitch with both hope and nervousness. I performed well and qualified for the team. It was a proud moment. I performed very well throughout the season. On the last of the trails I was called for another meeting. I was nervous. So many thoughts were going on in my mind. I was afraid it would be the same scenario what I experienced a few months ago. I walked into the meeting room. My coach, manager and the owner of the club were present. They got straight to the point. My coach told me that I would no longer be playing in the Arsenal under 16 team. I felt a sharp pain in my chest. My tears filled to the rim of my eyes and my throat was choked, I didn’t know where I went wrong. I gave my best in each and every game. I turned around to leave, that was when my coach asked, “Where are you going?” “To pack my bags.” I replied. He giggled and asked, “Why pack your bag when you’ve got promoted to the professional team?”

Haya Ahmed Fairooz (Grade 6A) It made all the darkness In the world disappear I walked over and heard The flapping of wings I looked around And I saw someone bring

A box full of light Which rained over me I opened my eyes And it was all just a dream

FUN WITH COLOURS Fathmath Mashail Mohamed (Grade 6B)

ART CLUB This is the first time I chose Art club and I am grateful for it. It has been very memorable and enjoyable. I have learnt different focal techniques and skills of the art world. Most importantly, I have learnt how to keep cool head when things go wrong while working on an art piece. In the beginning of the year, we did colour-it-in pages for children in the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital. We drew

pictures of unicorns, cars, mermaids and lots more for the little patients.

it is so relaxing with a pot of paint and a canvas.

We created varieties of artistic work like fabric prints, paintings as well as drawings while exploring with different mediums (water and oil colours, pencils, markers, crayons). This enhanced our creativity and improved our confidence. Art club has always been a relief for me. After the hectic, stressful hours of school,

I am very grateful to have team members I can rely on. We have worked together to come up with creative artworks. All of us feel the club is a great place to explore the wonders of the world. I hope we will be able to showcase our talents next year at the school art exhibition.


CODING CLUB Hi everybody, I am Chaand and a newbie in this school. Thanks to coding club to join me in as a member. I am a techy boy and I love to play with digits. Since I became a member I developed an interest in coding and

solving problems also known as debugging in the coding language. I have built some applications such as an electronic voting system which will be used for the student council elections in 2018. I have also created a calculator, a database application and I am

COOKING & SKILL CLUB Hi, My name is Layana and I’m the president of the cooking and skills club. I wasn’t the president at first, my best friend Mishka was but she moved to Malaysia. So after she left I was elected as the president unanimously. I really didn’t want to take the post at first as there were many students from

different grades. I didn’t know their names even since I became president in second term. However, I tried my best to socialize with the members of the club and I found that it is not a tough nut to crack. I think the club is an amazing place to learn new skills. Here everyone gets hands-on experience. We have done a lot of different things and learnt skills like needle work

still working on creating more applications. All of these were created using Visual Basic 6.0 which is a complex software to understand. It feels good to code and learn new things and also makes me creative.

ENJOY YOUR TIME Aminath Layanath Suwaid (Grade 8B) and origami. We have also learnt how to bake different things like cupcakes and brownies. Being a part the club has been a great experience and the members of the club and teachers are all very helpful and caring people. I would like to thank all the teachers and members of the club for accepting me as their representative and I am proud to represent a club like ours.

EVENT ORGANISERS CLUB Every week I eagerly wait for Mondays. Although most people hate them, as a member of event organizers my Mondays have become bearable. This was my first year in being part of this club and I had a lot of fun. Although I was new to the club the teachers and the students helped me fit in and there wasn’t a bit of awkwardness or uncomfortableness that lingered in the air. We were first called event organizers but later it was renamed to ‘Future Entrepreneurs’. As future entrepreneurs we went out on the road and asked different shop owners questions related to their business. It was a fun experience and we gained a lot of knowledge which

could help us if we wanted to become entrepreneurs in the near future. We were also divided into groups and asked to make commercials advertising a product. All of us took part in it and had a good laugh over the creative and innovative ideas that were presented.

interview which required us to be serious and keep a straight face all while trying not to burst out laughing. We were divided into interviewers and interviewees and we got to experience what it’s like applying for a job. We even had to prepare fake resumes for it!

We were also invited to attend an event which was held in Dharubaaruge’ but since we didn’t want to walk we ended up not going. However, afterwards our club teacher told us that they were serving food samples and we really regretted our decision. Because everyone knows that all you need in life is free food… and some education. The next week, we had a mock

I had a very memorable experience and I have learnt a lot of skills such as planning an event and how to work as a team. I had a really good time as a member of this club and I hope the skills that I have attained will benefit me in the future when I will be applying actual job interviews. And not a fake job that consists of my friends as interviewers.

LEGO & ROBOTIC CLUB I joined the robotic club this year and I find the robotic lab as a very exciting and interesting place. I visit the lab most of the time after school. The journey so far has been very challenging and we have learnt how to implement ideas of our team and execute them to make our projects successful. As a team we built a doodler which looks very simple yet it does the sophisticated task of printing. The hardest part about this project was coding


MONDAY MEMORIES Aishath Naishan Nashid (Grade 9A)

it where all the blocks were pre coded and only by using trial and error method we could achieve the required task from the doodler. The members of the club are very dedicated and ambitious about their creations and have built some robots like bat-mobile and robotic chainsaw. Now we all are working on some new projects. While working on our projects we don’t

I AM NOT A ROBOT Amaan Abdul Azeez (Grade 9B) miss out the fun in the club specially when it comes to the name of the pieces to be assembled. The most challenging part of the club is to arrange the pieces back to their appropriate place which we struggle a lot. Overall, ever since I joined the club I’ve learnt to work in team as well as I become more organized and creative.



I was on cloud nine when I came to know that I was elected as the President of Science Club. Becoming popular among the students made me proud of myself. I started to become an example to other students.

In my view the biggest achievement I achieved was acquiring the capability of working as a leader and the improvements brought in the leadership qualities of mine. Additionally, I learned to respect people and to accept others’ views.

I learned a lot of new stuffs in the club. I knew more detail about science and its branches. I gained knowledge on movement, electromagnets, forces, weight and mass. I learned to do many new experiments.

The team members of my club are the best anyone could have. They are friendly, cool and masterminded. They bring the new ideas when we start any project and accomplish it successfully with passion. As well as they help me to lead the team in

My repeated training session at school eliminated the fright and boost me with

confidence so that I was able to take any assignment. As a result, I was outstanding on the concert day at my school. The specific work entrusted to me along, with my fellow speech masters, was to compere in between the various programs which were being delivered by various participants of different classes. As the different items were being ushered in onto the stage while giving a brief description of the item and essence behind it, I was glad to discover that the audience listened to me attentively and waited for my next introduction. Simultaneously, it

I wish I would continue as a part of science club next year.

was very interesting to co-ordinate with my fellow speech masters in smooth conducting of the stage program. Generally, our team members exchanged views sighting their own experiences which came in very handy and along with this my interest in public speaking has been increasing day by day. Personally, I feel public speaking is a great asset in enhancing your career. Hope to see many speech masters next year.

NIGHTINGALES OF BHIS Aishath Jeena Hameez (Grade 8A)

MUSIC CLUB The music club is a warm and welcoming place where we join together with our musical talents. New sounds from new instruments and our voices fill the music room with so much life. It’s really fun to hang out together, making new friends and learning new things together. The entire room has a very fun and enjoyable vibe that it’s hard to stay still and do

It is a great feeling to lead such a wonderful team and to help others to improve their knowledge in the subject of science. We apply science in everyday lives of ours without realising. It increases the potential of each and everyone to think about the universe and in general the Earth.


SPEECH MASTER CLUB The speech master’s objective is to pass on valuable information on any topic lucidly to the audience. My experience as a speech master in my school has been gratifying. In that I got rid of my hesitation in making a public speech delivered from a stage. It enhanced my capacity to pass on valuable information on many a subject. When I started my role as a speech master trainee I was not at all convinced whether I would be able to pass on vital information on a relevant topic.

every way I ask. They work for the good of the club without being selfish.

nothing. You just have to get up and sing or play an instrument. We have keyboards, guitars, drums and many more. This is my first time with the music club but over these past few months, I’ve grown very close to the subject music, learning how to play instruments and to sing better and made so many new friends. Members

from the club performed in many different occasions. Some members are experienced while some are still learning from the ‘professionals’. Overall, my time with the music club was very enjoyable and very informative and I hope I’ll learn more with all my club members.

MY MODEL UN EXPERIENCE Haail Hassan Haleem (Grade 9A)

MUN CLUB This was the first year and the first time I’ve ever participated in anything like this. I was pretty nervous. On day one there were many assemblies where each delegation had to talk about the country they are representing and in the afternoon we had a session to discuss our resolutions. On Day 2 & 3 the practice debates took place and I was able to meet so many intelligent students and interact with them. At the end of the day we were all very proud. MVMUN is a roller coaster ride, and

PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB To begin with, joining a non- competitive photography club is one of the best ways to improve photographic skills. The Photography club of the Billabong High International School primarily focused on providing different opportunities for members to show their work while also opening doors for improvement. The mission of our Photography Club is to provide a supportive environment for interested photography students to share their creativity, knowledge and passion for photography while holding weekly classes and discussions and organize events such as; photo-walks,

my journey from a student to a delegate was incredible! MVMUN taught us to be diplomats, to feel the weight of humanity in the palm of our hands, and to know that each decision we take have many implications. MVMUN has made me realise that we, teenagers are powerful and our ideas can save the world or destroy it. MVMUN has taught me so many things, the essence of friendship and peace, made me grow into a more beautiful and confident person and made

me more human. Participating in this amazing conference has opened all out minds to help us discover pressing issues in our society and the world we live in. MVMUN was a lifetime experience and thank you MVMUN for everything. I believe that MVMUN create future leaders, heroes and activists that with a little bit of luck will do something for this world. Thanks MVMUN for inspiring me and for everything.

MY EXPERIENCE AS A MEMBER OF THE MEDIA CLUB IN 2017 Zaidhan Athif Shakoor (Grade 7A) field trips, gallery visits, and by visiting artists. I have always been interested in Photography. Individually, I learnt that not all cameras are the same. One of the most important things I learned in Media club was that there is more than one way to shoot. Hands-on learning with new cameras will get you familiar with all the tools of trade. I got used to different types of cameras and therefore be able to highlight the different equipment I am familiar with. Our cherished teachers here at the photography club develop leadership and

teamwork skills in our members. They provide us with the right information and guidance needed to master our photography skill. Thanks to teachers for making Photography club The greatest element of the Photography club is our team. When we shoot as a team, preparing together is a huge advantage. We discuss what role we are each going to be taking, and outline any essential information about the subjects or situation of the shoot. Together we learn from our differences. Thank you all.

















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Billabong High International School Maldives Yearbook 2017

BHIS Yearbook 2017  

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