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has an non-appealing silhouette, isn’t in line with the body upon which it is supposed to be shown, and without having created a balance in the potential of the fabric with its capacity, then the outcome will be notgreat. Silhouettes for a creative person working with clothing is everything. In fact, people working with fabrics in general and regardless of what they are making, are preoccupied with this important aspect. If the silhouette is great, the fabrics must have a certain level of quality, and the design must be a clean and thought-out design. Likewise, if it isn’t, no expensive high-quality fabric in the world and no design concept could save it from failing, only dampen the fall a bit. What is much more common though, is when neither quality nor thoughts have been implemented in the process, instead simply trying to copy what already exists but without acknowledging the massive effort behind that particular product.

way in which the fabric shapes a line, those sometimes very small details, is what it’s about. What’s even better, you can find silhouettes anywhere and everywhere around you, good ones and less good ones. Do you have access to any sort of glass? Well then, have a look at it, on it, through it – filled with water up to half, or not, any other sort of liquid or solid matter and see the difference. A concrete structure, a book, a pen, a coffee mug, a nail polish box? A building, city, mountain, tree? There are thousands of them, yet some are exceptional and the rest aren’t. It’s in the silhouettes. Do you think of silhouettes when you see fabrics? Or any other material? Are you aware of the important role they play in beauty?

This is not only true in terms of clothing, but in any situation where fabrics are included – in cars, planes, theaters furniture and exhibitions. Why do similar fabrics and similar visual concepts feel so different when driving a car or flying? Could there maybe be a silhouette making the Lamborghini interior look and feel much more amazing than any other car available on this planet (probably in the galaxy to be exact)? The fabrics of the chair, the details and the pure 127

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