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Issue # 3, April 2013

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A note from Shannon... Hey everyone! I’m excited to be back with our third issue of Limitlessly You! There’s lots of cool stuff inside (if I do say so myself). One of the things I am most excited about is that for the first time we have guest contributors and they’ve written some awesome articles for you. Yay for great people who put up their hands to say yes when I asked for contributions to make this online mag even better for us all. I have a confession to make. When Limitlessly You! was first birthed I had the honest intention of publishing it monthly. The reality is that life got in the way and I haven’t been able to get an edition out for months. I have felt bad about this. Really bad in fact. I know how important it is to connect with you all and share the ‘stuff’ that I’m so passionate about getting out into the world because I know it has the potential to really make a difference for you. This issue is big, bold and full of so much goodness as my way of saying sorry. Anyway we’re back with a bumper edition to celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week (15th - 21st April you can join us for daily creative injections and inspirations on Facebook) I hope you love this issue. Thank you for being you and supporting Creative Possibility. I believe in you!

In This Issue...

Welcome from Shannon Feature Article from Shannon; Give Up Or Take Back Control Guest contributions Want To Succeed? Set A Theme by Caylie Price of Better Business, Better Life Would You Be Willing To Believe You Can by Susan Broughton of Journey to Abundance The Fine Art Of Setting Intentions by Katy Tafoya of Success For Solopreneurs Imitation is Suicide by Kadena Tate Are You A Leader? by Barb Wade Inspiration from around the world - Get behind the inspiring Imogen’s Angels Princess Ladybird Fundraising Initiative Giveaway’s and a rare chance to work with Shannon one on one for free (see page 9!) Meet the Visionary Creator, the ultimate entrepreneurial and creative personal leadership archetype Creative Inspiration on Creative Possibility The Limitless Life Radio Podcast Show 5 Min’s of Limitless Inspiration with author and creativity pioneer Jill Badonsky Potential transformation, certain inspiration, big bursts of colour and lots, lots more

At Creative Possibility we believe in education as keys tools to create a limitless life so we now proudly support the education of 8 year old Kimlang in Cambodia as well as the Girls Fund project through Plan Australia by donating at least 5% of all of our profits monthly! You know what they say - educate a girl and you support a community so this is us doing our bit to stand up for what we believe in 2013 All Rights Reserved | Shannon Bush | Creative Possibility | P.O. Box 240 Scarborough WA Australia 6922 | 156 Vincent Street North Perth WA Australia 6006

Limitless sharing! Feature Article....

Shannon Shares

Give Up Or Take Back Control? by Shannon Bush Recently I had the opportunity to spend some time with a client of mine who is in a big space of struggle. The premises where his business is based have been sold and he has less than 2 months to move Now the fact that the premises were to be sold didn’t come out of the blue.  He knew about it a short time ago and we’d been working together to take control and get decisions made and actions taken to support a move to a new home.  In fact just last week during coaching we’d set up a moving file and started a list of all the things he’d have to do when moving time came He’d voiced many mixed feelings about the incredible uncertainty that comes when the place you lease for work is going to sooner than later be owned by someone else who may not want you to stay.  Everything he shared were what I’d call usual responses to uncertainty.  In fact I knew many of them myself from when we sold our home last year and I had to find somewhere to work from quite quickly

decisions had been taken away from him and he just didn’t know what to do Luckily I found out what head and heart space he was in and was able to drop in and visit him in person with little notice after another client I visit just 10 mins from his business wrapped up their session significantly earlier than expected Within just 2 hours we were able to work together to turn things around and go from “I am thinking of closing the business down completely “ to genuine positivity and action. The key thing I want to highlight here is ‘work together’!

When you feel like the entire world is conspiring against you that is the sign that you need to ask for and allow yourself to receive help. You can continue to feel helpless, hopeless, devastated, out of control, depressed even OR you can take action and do something to regain the sense of balance and reclaim your power and that includes getting the support you need from someone who can look at things you can’t see or have lost sight of and get them to help you to get back on track

The thing is, when the call came to say there was to be a new owner and that he was going to have to move it was like he was hearing it out of the blue, for the first time.

He was devastated and struggled with what to do. He felt powerless, helpless, like all the

2013 All Rights Reserved | Shannon Bush | Creative Possibility | P.O. Box 240 Scarborough WA Australia 6922 | 156 Vincent Street North Perth WA Australia 6006

Limitless sharing! Feature Article....

Shannon Shares

It’s all up to you. What are you choosing? So that’s what we did. We talked about all the pros and cons of moving. We focused on the opportunities that a new premises, and one that might not match the golden list of a perfect new home, might present and then we took action to find a new home that would meet the needs of my client and his business and it’s continued growth and we did all this from a space of being really clear about why he started his business in the first place and why he’s been committed to growing it.  Even why he chose to employ a coach to support him and his business to expand and flourish All of his feelings were valid and real but they were bringing him down and distracting him from his why.  I have talked about this a lot – the why you do what you do.  Whenever you’re feeling like giving up it’s a sure sign you are disconnected from your why.  If you’re taking action it’ll be out of a place of desperation, overwhelm, lack, powerlessness, poor self worth and diminishing deservability.  Quite likely you’ll be in a place of inaction and feel like there is nothing you can do.  I know.  I’ve been there myself, many times during my lifetime and in many situations

What I have come to understand when I feel like this and when my clients, friends and family feel like this is that they need to choose – To make a decision and then to take action

Doing that means you are in a place of empowerment and living the principles of personal leadership Start with one of my favourite instant empowerment processes; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Think about the situation briefly Ask “how can this be easier?” Write down all the ways it can be Ask “what action will I take right now to regain my power / control?” Take action Repeat as necessary (I suggest whenever you feel yourself slipping back into feeling like you don’t have a choice and everything is out of control)

Loved this article? Share your experiences on my blog along with your feedback and while you are there check out many of the other empowering articles created by Shannon for you to support your life and business If you want to share this article in your own ezine or newsletter then that’s fantastic. Please include the following; About The Author: Shannon Bush Shannon Bush, the Creative Possibility Coach is a dynamic, creative, empowering coach and mentor with a limitless toolbox of fun, innovative and transformational opportunities for you to create a limitless life and business filled with succulent effortless success. Get started on your journey to a better life today by requesting a Limitless Life Discovery Session with Shannon via email

2013 All Rights Reserved | Shannon Bush | Creative Possibility | P.O. Box 240 Scarborough WA Australia 6922 | 156 Vincent Street North Perth WA Australia 6006

Limitless World!

Define Your Limitless Life

Each week on Creative Possibility - The Limitless Life Radio Podcast show I asks feature guests to share what it means to them to live a limitless life. There has been overwhelming support for doing things your own way, for allowing yourself to be creative, to make choices about how you want to live your life and then to go out and make that happen whatever way you can Have you ever thought about what a limitless life means to you? Irrelevant of whether you feel you are living one or not the important thing is to know what you’re moving towards. As I always say you can’t pour your focus and attention into achieving something if you don’t know clearly what that is. Understand what you want to achieve and why (without getting caught up in the how it will happen) Pause for a few minutes right now and finish this sentence; “My limitless life is a life......”

Inspiration from around the world

Imogen’s Angels Princess Ladybird Fundraising Imogen’s Angels Founder Fiona Holmes hosts a very special fundraising event for Make A Wish Australia every April in honour of her daughter Imogen who left this world nearly 3 years ago. Here’s a message from Fiona about the event - we do hope you support this very worthwhile cause; To honor our Imogen every year we run a very special fundraiser. Princess Ladybird is run from the 24th of April to the 1st of May. This week marks Imogen’s birthday on the 26th of April and then her passing on the 1st of May. In that week we sell ‘green princess ladybirds’ brooches to raise funds for ‘Make a Wish Australia’. The green colour of the ladybirds represent Imogen’s favourite colour and the title princess ladybird, was Imogen’s nickname at the hospital after a little ladybird appeared in her hospital room when she was completing the toughest of cancer treatment. We do hope you will join us in making this years ‘Princess Ladybird’ and even bigger success for Make a Wish in honor of our daughter Imogen

Purchase your own Princess Ladybird broach and help Fiona bust her goal to sell over 300 little ladybirds this year!

Buy Now If you’ve got something to share that you’ve found inspiring in your part of the world we’d love to hear about it. Please send details to the Creative Possibility team at

2013 All Rights Reserved | Shannon Bush | Creative Possibility | P.O. Box 240 Scarborough WA Australia 6922 | 156 Vincent Street North Perth WA Australia 6006

Limitless Abundance! Would You Be Willing to Believe You Can? So often I hear women say “I can’t because I don’t have enough money.” They can’t... go on that holiday... start that business... write that book... They can’t create and live their dream because they don’t have the money. There are other things that we tell ourselves we lack and are the reason we cannot live our dreams. Sometimes we even tell ourselves we don’t know what our dreams are. I deeply desired taking a week off for writing but was telling myself that I don’t have enough time and I don’t have enough momentum in my business to leave it for a week and focus on being creative. What things may you be telling yourself that you don’t have enough of? I have a completely unsubstantiated belief about you. I believe you have all the internal resources within you to create whatever kind of life you want. You may not trust this within yourself, and you are not likely to, just because you read it. You may, however, come to discover your resources, and as you use them, begin to believe it. In fact, if you reflect, you are very likely to realise that you already have been accessing your amazing internal store of resources to create your life - for better or for worse. Back to money. Money is not an internal resource. Money is a form of energy. Money is an outer, physical reflection of the inner resources that we bring forward to the world.

Being paid less than we are worth, not being paid at all, or struggling to find a job or clients can all be reflections of the fact that we don’t place value on our own inner resources or our ability to bring them forward. Literally this means we don’t value ourselves. Or we don’t value the life we could be creating if that money came into our lives. As I write this I am sitting at a desk, in my room at an artist’s retreat near Margaret River, looking out at the window at tall trees and quirky pieces of art. I am staying here for a week. I decided to value myself enough to go ahead and make this possible. What if we claimed our inner resources? What if we were willing to receive money in exchange for sharing our gifts? What if this money was more that enough to create the life of our dreams? Would that feel good? Would you be willing to decide today to start asking more empowering questions like those above rather than making disempowering statements that include the words “I can’t”. Would you be willing to see what kind of limitless possibilities could start flowing your way on your journey to creating the life of your dreams? Listen to Susan’s recent appearance as Shannon’s guest on the Creative Possibility Radio Show

About The Author: Susan Broughton Susan Broughton is a recovering Financial Planner who helps women slay money dragons and create purposefully abundant lives. For free instant access to the Empower Your Money Gift Box including an eBook, powerful journal practice and meditation go to

Money is created in our lives when we use our inner resources, skills and talents to create value for others. Getting paid is the exchange we get for sharing our resources.

2013 All Rights Reserved | Shannon Bush | Creative Possibility | P.O. Box 240 Scarborough WA Australia 6922 | 156 Vincent Street North Perth WA Australia 6006

2013 All Rights Reserved | Shannon Bush | Creative Possibility | P.O. Box 240 Scarborough WA Australia 6922 | 156 Vincent Street North Perth WA Australia 6006

Limitless Creativity!

Introducing Glass Artist Gina Scriven from Glass by Gina Gina has been fashioning divine works of art from glass for more than 20 years for clients from all corners of the globe. Inspired to create pieces that talk to their owners in a deeply connecting way Gina demonstrates the true essence of the Visionary Creator and is incredibly talented and dedicated to her craft and to her vision Over the past couple of years Gina has developed an innovative product she calls Baby Blocks! These one of a kind pieces capture life like impressions of the feet of infants creating for their parents and loved ones a timeless impression of a single moment in time. Gina crafts each piece by hand, combining her love for glass and passion for connecting people to each other in a profound way to produce something truly unique. To find out more about Gina’s Baby Blocks and custom hand made pieces contact her via her website

Baby Blocks - cast feet set deep inside a glass block which is then polished to capture a luxurious personal work of timeless quality and a celebration of life.

Celebrating World Creativity & Innovation Week 15th - 21st April Introducing Author Niki Burton, creator of the Pure Heart Kids Books series Inspired to support children through the experience of grief Niki published the first of 4 books in a series focusing on positive grief recovery. Grief is not limited to death. We all experience grief in our lives and these experiences can be hard to understand and work through in a way that creates healing and positiveness. With her books Niki hopes to support families, educators, health professionals and anyone who has experienced grief to do so in a way that promotes openness, real-ness and honesty. You can discover more about Niki’s published titles and invest in your own copy of her delightful books at Note from Shannon: Niki recently featured as a guest on my radio show. Click here to listen to the great chat we had about her wonderful work

WIN a set of Niki’s Books - Send an email to and in 25 words or less tell us how you think these books will positively impact your kids 2013 All Rights Reserved | Shannon Bush | Creative Possibility | P.O. Box 240 Scarborough WA Australia 6922 | 156 Vincent Street North Perth WA Australia 6006

Limitless Life!

Effortless Success Zone Challenge Your Effortless Success Zone is about being in a space where you are living from your strengths. Things flow freely, there is increasing ease with everything you do. Life is quite simply, more effortless! Your Effortless Success Zone Challenge for this edition is to;

Write down 5 statements that support and define the person you are going to be this coming month. Start out by thinking of them as intentions if they’re not yet real. Put them somewhere you can read them every day and let them become a part of you.

At Creative Possibility we view a ritual as a repeated action focused on celebration! This edition’s Personal Leadership Ritual asks you to Celebrate your achievements by capturing and reflecting on your successes every day Too often we get caught up in the busyness of life and don’t pause to give ourselves the chance to celebrate and honour what’s really happened for us in the past day / month / quarter or even year. Use our Weekly Success Journal to capture your daily successes and then get to it and celebrate in style!

Personal Leadership Ritual of the ISSUE

Claim one of 8 Limitless Life Discovery Sessions ** FREE ** A couple of times a year I make time in my schedule to offer a limited number of free discovery sessions where you have the opportunity to experience some great benefits. Others who’ve claimed this offer say that at the very least you will; Discover one of your personal leadership archetypes and with this a freeing sense of self understanding which gives you the chance to feel deeper self acceptance Learn at least 3 of your natural strengths so you know instantly the innate skills you have to support you to more effortlessly achieve whatever you are focused on right now Understand one of your key limiting beliefs, what impact it’s having on you and how you can change it so you can move forward and really shift the ‘stuff’ that’s in the way of you living your own limitless life It’s a no obligation 45 min one on one virtual session with Shannon (via Skype) and a genuinely rare opportunity to connect with Shannon for free

Don’t miss out. Book here now for sessions week of 29th April

Special Limited Offer For Massive Self Discovery & Personal Freedom Here $297 Value

(Please read the fine print: this offer is not available to current or former client’s of Shannon Bush and Creative Possibility) 2013 All Rights Reserved | Shannon Bush | Creative Possibility | P.O. Box 240 Scarborough WA Australia 6922 | 156 Vincent Street North Perth WA Australia 6006

Limitless Life!

The Fine Art of Setting Intentions I've been a firm believer in the power of affirmations for quite a few years now. More recently, I've started playing around with setting intentions. Much like affirmations, intentions are a great way to change your environment by changing your thoughts.


Write it down and repeat it often. Once you know what you want to be or feel, write it down. Hang it all over the house—on the fridge, in the bathroom, above your desk, on the mirror, on your dashboard. Put it anywhere and everywhere and repeat it to yourself as often as possible. Think of it as your own personal mantra.


Watch your thoughts. When you catch yourself sliding into your old thought patterns (and it will happen), getting caught up in your same old story or coming down with a case of the woe is me, dig up that intention and repeat it to yourself a time or two.


Be patient and persistent. You don't have to believe that the intentions will work at first (I used the "fake it 'til you make it" approach when I first started), just keep at it. Repeat your intention over and over to yourself throughout the day and you'll start to believe it. Don't beat yourself up when you have those moments where you slip. Just keep on keeping on.

As Jennifer Louden states in her book, "The Woman's Retreat Book" "An intention is not a goal, although you may present it to others as one. Intention is an aim that guides action. A goal, by contrast, is the purpose or objective toward which an endeavor is directed. Intention is gentle and keeps you in the moment, focused on unfoldment. Goal is driven and keeps you in the future, focused on finishing, on doing it all, doing it right. Forming an intention in the shape of a goal would defeat the purpose because it would take you out of being and into doing." When setting intentions, keep these five simple tips in mind: 1.

Get clear about what you want to focus on. Know how you'd like to BE. Do you want to be healthy, wealthy, supported or loved? Know how you'd like to FEEL. Do you want this health, wealth, support or love to come to you easily and effortlessly?


Watch your words. Your focus here is to essentially reprogram your brain with new and positive thoughts and beliefs, so think clearly about your choice of words. Keep your intention focused on the positive and what you want—not on what you don't want.

About The Author, Katy Tafoya Katy Tafoya is teacher and a small business coach who finds joy in helping women claim their passion and expertise. She guides solopreneurs to make their lives and their businesses juicier, more fulfilling and more successful. If you're ready to transform the business you love for the life you desire you can sign up for a free subscription to her weekly ezine at

2013 All Rights Reserved | Shannon Bush | Creative Possibility | P.O. Box 240 Scarborough WA Australia 6922 | 156 Vincent Street North Perth WA Australia 6006

Limitless support!

claim Your bonus Giveaways now.... Have you checked out our resources page at our online home resources recently? We have a growing range of bonus free giveaways and resources that you can use to enhance your life and business With each new edition of Limitlessly YOU! we publish free downloads related to the content you’ve been reading to support you further Here’s just some of the newest fabbo stuff we’ve got for you Weekly Success Journal Empowering Reasons to Put Myself First wall chart Limitlessly YOU wall chart (page 6 of this issue!)

Creativity Superstars Feature in Episodes on Creative Possibility Radio Live A Life Of Creative Joy with Author and Creativity Pioneer Jill Badonsky Banishing the NGE (Not Good Enough) Syndrome with Creativity Queen Dr Laura Dessauer Right Brain Business Planning with Artizen Coaching Founder and Author Jennifer Lee

Recent Episodes How To Be Seen, Felt, Heard and Loved In Your Relationships with Relationships Coach Dean Powell Helping Kids Become Thriving Social Heroes with child Psychologist Helen Davidson Journey To Abundance: How To Create More Money And Freedom with Susan Broughton

Create your own Self Care Plan guidelines I Get To List Template

Throw your arms back & look to the sky; Breathe Feel what it is to be alive & free Now that’s Creative Possibility! 2013 All Rights Reserved | Shannon Bush | Creative Possibility | P.O. Box 240 Scarborough WA Australia 6922 | 156 Vincent Street North Perth WA Australia 6006

Limitless business!

Want to succeed?

I wanted to write something about choosing a theme and using that as a focus to motivate, inspire and guide you this edition. Lucky for us I came across this wonderful article written by Better Business Better Life’s Caylie Price. I am all about making things as effortless as possible and with one of my favourite questions being “How can this be easy?” I decided that rather than reinvent the wheel I’d just ask Caylie if she minded me sharing. Lucky for us she said yes! I’d hoped to share Caylie’s article with you sooner but hey better late than never. I believe that what Caylie has to share is relevant at any time of the year.

Pick A Theme & Be Inspired To Bring It To Life

learned that if you’re going to go big you need to act consistently and leverage the activities to maximise your results. After all who wants to build massive momentum and push hard only to create one-off results. To me go big, consistently means taking action, being brave and doing it regularly. No one hit wonder. Plus I thought it had a nice ring to it. Yes, I’ve set specific goals and created action plans to implement over the coming months but when it comes to evaluating opportunities and experiences I want these theme to guide me. No shying away just in case I fail. Read the full article here

The extraordinarily brilliant Facebook expert Mari Smith chooses one word each year as her theme. In the past they’ve included growth and commitment. For 2013 she’s chosen abundance. I’ve loved this concept since I first came across it and after I witnessed its ability to guide people in achieving wonderful results via Elle Roberts and the Artful Business Conference I knew I needed to adopt it.

About The Author: Caylie Price Caylie Price is the founder of Better Business Better Life. A social strategist, copywriter, SEO consultant and all round great chick, Caylie helps you blast your business to success so you can live the life you want WB: FB:

The best way to adopt something you love is to examine it then make it work for you. So this is my theme for 2013: GO BIG, CONSISTENTLY I’ll be applying go big, consistently to both business and personal life. Now I realise you’re probably looking at the screen right now with *this girl is crazy* eyes. Especially as I spent the first two paragraphs highlighting ONE WORD. I know. Stay with me. (And please don’t give me crazy eyes). 2013 is a fresh start and I’m incredibly excited. I want to do and experience so many things. I’ve

Make this the month when you share your BIG word to inspire and guide you moving forward. Come and tell the world and ask for support on our Facebook page at

2013 All Rights Reserved | Shannon Bush | Creative Possibility | P.O. Box 240 Scarborough WA Australia 6922 | 156 Vincent Street North Perth WA Australia 6006

Limitless business!

Effortless Success Business Booster! Make A Self Care Plan & Show Yourself You Matter Effortless Success comes from a combination of choices and action. In fact I like to say that it’s the result of committed choice followed up by committed action. Saying that, success in any form is less likely to show up if you’re not showing yourself and others how much you matter. Recently I had a fabulous experience leading a Leadership Retreat day for an inspiring group of volunteers. They wanted some self care and nurturing so for me the obvious choice was to teach them how to create self care plans - bright colourful fun statements of self importance and love. Here’s a pic of my own self care plan (see more pics on page 13!)

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Limitless Business! Feature Article....

Shannon Shares

Imitation Is Suicide “There is a time in every man’s education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide; that he must take himself for better, for worse, as his portion“ Ralph Waldo Emerson I love this quote because it aligns with my belief that authenticity has no competition. I don’t care what you do – NOBODY can do exactly what you do in the exact same way that you do it. You are a designer’s original. There is absolutely no need to compare yourself in any way, shape, fashion or form to another human being.

Comparison is the thief of joy. Comparing yourself to others sets you up for failure. Meaning, you can compare yourself to others and either enter the realm of an inflated ego or the land of low self-concept. Both are extremely unhealthy. Trust that there is beauty in diversity. Give yourself permission to engage in self-care. Affirm today “I am enough” and “There is more than enough to spare and to share”. I believe that there is room in the market for Macy’s, Dillard’s, Saks, Neiman Marcus, and JC Penney [ed note; or any big name department store where you live!]. Now insert your niche and remember that there is room for any “perceived’ competitor AND “You”. There is no need to live by a scarcity principle. There are 7 billion people on planet earth and they all have different preferences. You cannot please all of the people “all of the time” and it is foolish to waste time, energy, money and resource attempting to achieve that goal.

Have you noticed the number of people who stand up at networking meetings and say the following when asked to give their 30 second commercial: •

“I’m a real estate agent, accountant, virtual assistant, etc” (Fill in the blank with any “title”)

“I’m a mix of Facebook plus Pinterest with a hint of Twitter”

“I’m like Wal-Mart or K-Mart but cheaper”

“Yeah, I do what Jane/John does only for XYZ company”

Tell the truth. Are YOU doing this? If so STOP it immediately! Imitation is suicide. You are equipped with gifts, talents, strengths and abilities that will engage the customer in a very different way than those who may sell a similar product or service.  Today is the day to make a commitment to get rid of laziness. If you can’t effectively communicate your point of differentiation, you will get lost in the sea of sameness and eventually the doors to your business will read “closed”. Leaders are NOT lazy. They understand that in order to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, it is necessary to engage in inner inquiry.  They walk their talk and talk their walk. They are constantly “sharpening their saw” so that they truly can make a positive impact in the marketplace.

Leapfrog the market. Make the idea of competition irrelevant.

Lost in the sea of sameness.

2013 All Rights Reserved | Shannon Bush | Creative Possibility | P.O. Box 240 Scarborough WA Australia 6922 | 156 Vincent Street North Perth WA Australia 6006

Limitless Business! Feature Article....

Shannon Shares

If you are ready to make the shift from lazy to leader, the following questions are designed to assist you in discovering how you can be of greater service to your clients. You must understand your capabilities AND you must be aware of how easy it is for a prospective client to compare you with someone offering a similar service.

1. Identify FIVE people who offer a similar product, service, speech, event, etc. similar to yours. List them by name.

2. What is the customer’s perceived experience of working with them? How can you improve your customer service experience?

3. How is their business: Steady? Increasing? Decreasing? Why?

4. How are their operations similar and dissimilar to yours? What are their strengths and/or weaknesses?

you must learn when to hire the right person to take your brand to the next level. Nikki interviewed me and captured my passionate life missive and I know that she can and will do the same for you. Ok -pitch over but seriously, check her out. Far too many people drive traffic to their website with words that are boring and generic. Don’t you be one of them. In closing, allow me to remind you that you are compensated for the VALUE added benefits that you bring into the life of your clientele. Answering these questions will provide you the necessary confidence in communicating how wonderful an experience it will be to work with you. Clients will appreciate that you took the time to make them feel loved, respected, valued and appreciated.  I wish you every success as you do the work to propel your brand forward.

5. What have you learned from watching their operations?

6. How do you plan to apply creative and innovative ideas without imitating or stealing the intellectual capital of another brand?

7. How do you feel about the titles in Alexandra Franzen’s article “You’re not a COACH, you’re a Life Purpose Provocateur! + 33 more ooh-lala job titles” Take the initiative and  gain clarity about your business strengths, both individual and collective. Write down the answers to the questions above and create a more compelling value proposition statement that sounds like sweet music to your client’s ears. Rewrite your 30 second commercial and website copy while you’re at it.

Compelling copy is the currency of the web. Use your words to engage hearts and remember that imitation is suicide. BE YOURSELF! If you don’t know how, then hire a copywriter. Nikki Groom writes kick ass copy. How do I know? She wrote a lot of the copy on my website.  For clarity, I wrote my blog posts but copy-writing is NOT my gift.  As a leader

About The Author: Kadena Tate Kadena Tate, contributing author in the New York Times Bestseller, “Business Model You”, believes that authenticity has no competition. For the last decade,  Kadena has taught service based entrepreneurs how to take who they are and what they know and package that into multiple offerings. As a business acceleration alchemist, Kadena’s work is designed to help you leapfrog the market and make the idea of competition irrelevant.  Kadena will help you gain the confidence + clarity necessary to attract clients + cash + clout. Visit her online today

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Limitless inspiration! 5 Minutes Of Inspiration With Author & Creativity Pioneer Jill Badonsky It’s our pleasure this month to introduce you to one of the most creative women we know who we just had to share with you! We felt it was fitting for our celebration of World Creativity & Innovation Week. To get to know Jill better we asked her our 5, “5 Minutes With” getting to know you questions and here’s what she had to share with us 1. What's the best piece of advice you've ever received? I’ve heard wonderfully wise ideas for every area of my life, but since creativity controls the thermostat of my existence, I’d say that any advice regarding making creative expression that rings true to who you are a priority heats up my passion. 2. Did you make any shifts in yourself to get where you are today? How did you make them? Really? What successful creative person hasn’t made shifts? I made them out of survival, from ignoring the fear and following irresistible intuitive nudges that initially required operating outside my comfort zone, by not listening to those who thought I was crazy, by taking risks and understanding that if I trust my inner strength, pain will be no stranger but wonder will be a constant companion. I shifted from good little girl to independent creative zealot, from corporate big-wig to entrepreneur, from a fear-based individual to a creative freedom fighter. Once you hurdle the fears and doubts that stop many, you continually want to find more barriers to transcend with creative fire.

Read the full feature here About Jill Badonsky Jill is a creativity coaching pioneer, inspirational humorist, artist, and founder of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™, a coaching model that guides individuals by using unprecedented approaches to busting through blocks to creative joy. Jill has been a creativity coach and consultant since 1996 She is a nationally recognized workshop leader and author of The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard):10 Guides to Creative Inspiration for Artists, Poets, Lovers and Other Mortals Wanting to Live a Dazzling Existence and the award winning, The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder. Jill’s latest book is out now. The Muse Is In: An Owner’s Manual to Your Creativity outlines how to power up one’s genius, take it for a test drive, troubleshoot problems along the way, and offers tips for proper care and maintenance. With her dazzling illustrations and quirky humor, Jill Badonsky delivers the operating instructions for helping her fans spark their creative passion. Find out more on Jill’s website or purchase your copy via Amazon today and kick start your creativity in a big bold way!

3. What do you do for yourself to increase the amount of “effortless” in your life? •

I constantly ask myself “How can I make this easier?” (Note from Shannon; I should have guessed Jill would use one of my own favourite questions to create limitless-ness and effortless in her life. Love it!)

I invested in Jill’s new book and can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to kick start, nurture or even explode their creativity! It rocks so go grab a copy now!!, Shannon

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Limitless inspiration!

Are You A Leader? Some people are destined to be leaders on a global scale. Political Leaders, Spiritual Leaders, Thought Leaders, and Business Leaders. Perhaps that is your calling and you have always known it. But even if you don't see yourself as a world leader, one thing I am sure of: you must be the leader in your own business. Maybe you have a team member who isn't doing their job or a contractor who is constantly missing deadlines. Or maybe it's a client who does not do their work and then blames you for their lack of results. When you come up against these situations, do you wait, make allowances, and hope for the best? Or do you confront the problem with grace and power so you can resolve it as quickly and painlessly as possible? The comic book truism of "To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected" is accurate. Leaders not only need to be examples but they must be willing to make hard decisions and deal with conflict in the most productive and least selfish way. Your ability to lead depends on many things, but one of the most important keys is your ability to give up the victim role and be self-responsible. That is, "owning" your part in any given situation and acting from that perspective. It is so easy to fall into the "Blame Game" when it comes to conflict. But when you do, you immediately give away all your power to some external force (the other person's behavior, the economy, mercury in retrograde) and you immediately become a victim. There has never been a leader of any type that has succeeded from a victim stance. Understand, though, that owning your part does not mean condoning unacceptable behavior, or allowing yourself to be stepped on.

Here are a few hints about how you can become the authentic leader that your business (and life) truly needs. Â #1 Stop Playing Small You must embrace and accept your innate power as a business owner and leader. At the end of the day, you are the creator of everything that happens in your business, without exception. When you give up your own power and hold back shining your brilliance, you help no one and it ends up draining you. #2 - No More Excuses Excuses really are a time waster. Drama and drawn out discussions about who is to blame, why something happened, etc. etc. may feel satisfying in the short term, but they accomplish very little in the long run, except running you down. This includes making excuses to yourself. Ask yourself, "Do I want to lay blame, or do I want to fix this and move forward?" It's hard to do both at the same time. Even though there may be someone else involved or even caused the problem you're trying to solve, the only EMPOWERING mindset is to courageously look at YOUR PART in things.

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Limitless inspiration! Because that's really the only part you can control. I find that quite often, I had warning signs about an impending problem that I could have nipped in the bud, but instead I ignored my intuition and knowledge because I didn't want the confrontation or I was irrationally hoping it would all just go away in time. #3 - Don't Let Things Fester As I mentioned above, procrastination around taking a leadership position is quite common. We all have a built-in aversion for uncomfortable situations. Sometimes, we tell ourselves that we're just "waiting for the right moment." But what we're really doing is protecting ourselves from whatever it is that we fear.

About The Author: Barb Wade Business Coach & Mentor Barb Wade specializes in teaching entrepreneurs how to make more money more easily while enjoying a business and lifestyle that reflects their priorities. Download Barb's "Word-forWord Scripts To Overcome Objections" and book more high-paying clients now at

I have never once seen a situation that should have been taken care of immediately, resolve itself better because I played hooky with my leadership responsibilities. If you can be clear headed and calm, it's almost always better to stand as a leader now, and handle whatever has to be done sooner than later. When it comes right down to it, being a leader means setting aside childish fears and becoming a true grown up. It means shifting your mindset from self-preservation and self-interest to selfresponsibility. And it means accepting the mantle of that responsibility and the greater strength, confidence, and wisdom that authentic personal power requires. And everyone whose lives you touch will be the better for it.

“To lead your life is to make a choice and follow through with action. Practicing personal leadership is the most powerful gift you can give yourself” Shannon Bush (from the upcoming book Lead From Within, Unleashing The Power Of Your Personal Leadership Style coming May 2013)

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Limitless inspiration!

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Limitless inspiration!


Visionary Creator

So far we have introduced you to the Inspirer Believer and the Liberator Engineer, two of 12 different Personal Leadership Styles that are the core of the Innate Potential Model. It’s time to introduce you to the

Visionary Creator in recognition and celebration of April’s World Creativity & Innovation

Independence is a gift for you and enables you to be confidant, clear and capable Intuitive and deeply feeling, it’s important that you stay connected to these parts of yourself and trust the gifts they are


Your strength and determination are unwavering

Be inspired by her to let your inner creative Goddess be free to create and express beautifully and freely. She’s the perfect creative goddess to work with if you want to enhance your creativity, develop your big picture, visionary side and understand the beauty that lies in engaging your left and right brain - strategy and focus with a big dose of colour and artistry.


You will be able to learn more about her and the other 11 personal leadership archetypes in my upcoming book,

A wise gifted teacher and mentor sees you slip

Lead From Within, Discovering Your

with people effortlessly

Personal Leadership Style, to be published in

Supportive, of others and yourself, you are

and allow you to fulfill your various roles with

Kindle format on late May 2013 closely followed by a print version. Here’s a summary of her natural strengths;

Empowered and empowering go hand in hand for you. You are both naturally empowered and have a way with working with and being empowerment that allows you to empower others as needed

into an environment where you share knowledge

accepting and this makes you affable and well loved, just like the Goddess Athena, the favourite daughter of the Greek Pantheon who you are very similar to

Is She Open Alive Creative Visionary Empowered Liberated Joyous Free? Yes!

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Limitless inspiration!

I Get To Planning:

A Refreshing & Empowering Approach To Getting Things Done I am a compulsive list writer. I always have been. I also love to create goals for most areas of my life. It helps me to stay focused and on track. I encourage my clients to create goals and work with them to find ways that support their goal creation and fulfillment in a way that aligns with who they are. Recently I was able to share one of my favourite goal setting and time management techniques with a client who is a true Visionary Creator and struggles with the structure of to do lists and goal setting. She finds traditional goal setting rigid, restrictive, full of boundaries and limiting to her natural creative side. Saying that, one of her biggest challenges in life and business is staying on track and completing. She often feels overwhelmed and gets easily distracted.

That’s no surprise considering she has on average 12 or more projects demanding her focus with new one’s being added each day. Sometimes the new ones bump others off her list that have become less exciting but equally there are times when the new projects just compete with everything else she is trying to do. My first piece of advice to her was to limit the number of projects she is focusing on to 3! That’s correct - just 3 at a time and everything she does relates to just those 3 projects. Each project has a goal and a list of tasks to complete the project and bring it to full reality. Next I suggested she look at her to do lists as I Get To Lists instead - that way all the things are a choice and you don’t feel you have to, should or must do! I’ll share a full case study on my blog soon but for now you can get a free downloadable copy of my empowering “I Get To Lists” here

About Shannon Bush....

“It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.” Oprah Winfrey

Shannon is the Creative Possibility Coach, Director and Principal Coach at Creative Possibility, a dynamic creative organisation dedicated to empowering individuals to create their own succulent effortless success, key to a limitless life and business. A radio show host, author, coach, Arts Therapist and creator, Shannon is a mindset liberator and action inspirer, and founder of the Innate Potential Model of Personal Leadership defining 12 unique personal leadership styles. Over the past 15+ years Shannon has amassed a wealth of expertise related to personal and professional development. She is determined and dedicated to inspire and teach women to become the leaders of their lives and businesses. Shannon is inspired most by a juicy conversation, words of wisdom, active creativity, the creative beauty the world has to offer, the day to day journey that is life, the people she loves and who love her and her curious cat Archie Find out more about Shannon and how you can work with her visit

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