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Creative Portrait Issue 15 April 2016 ÂŁ13.00

We Are Portrait.Fashion.Beauty.Editorial


Photographer: Terry Mendoza Model: Romanie Smith

Creative Portrait We ARE Portrait.Fashion.Beauty.Editorial. in aid of Muscular Dystrophy UK Creative Portrait Magazine Issue 15 ÂŁ13.00 Paypal:

A unique glossy magazine for portrait,fashion,beauty & editorial Would you like to be a part of the #createdonate campaign in aid of Muscular Dystrophy UK ? Creative Portrait Magazine accepts submissions from the following: Photographers,Makeup artists,Models,Digital Artists & Fashion Designers Both professional & aspiring creative submissions welcome Please see our website or facebook page for terms & conditions Contact: Gems Woodall: Owner of Creative Portrait Magazine-Ambassador for MD UK Email: for submissions/features/sales enquiries Assistant Editor: Christian Tremont

All profit from sales of this magazine go to Muscular Dystrophy UK Charity Committed to fighting muscle wasting disease

Editor’s Corner

Hello everyone , welcome to Issue 15 of Creative Portrait Magazine in aid of Muscular Dystrophy UK Charity, where all sales of print copies goes straight towards funding for vital research into possible treatments for the muscle wasting disease. Everytime you purchase a copy you are contributing to hours of lab research which is just amazing so please do buy your copy from us, details on how to do this are on the inner page opposite, thank you ! I have been resting up a lot these last few months, the md gremlins are still out in force, but you know what ? creativity helps me cope & so I have been getting creative with my self portraits to take my mind off the negatives & onto the positives ! The image featured in Editor’s Corner today was featured in IG Elegance recently & proved to be one of my most popular self portraits, so thank you to everyone who has shown appreciation for my self portrait projects & disabled model & MDWONTSTOPME campaigns which are now being widely viewed & valued Calling out for Industry inclusion in all areas of modelling I have so much to be thankful for & I continue to be amazed at just how many super talented creatives are out there, it is just wonderful to see. I am very much looking forward to the coming month’s with the publication we have the 2nd annual Model Awards now officially open for nominations ! Haven’t heard about it yet ? Please do pop over to our facebook page for full details & information on how to get nominating. Send your nominations to the assistant editor Christian: Gems xx

Photographer: Terry Mendoza Model: Romanie Smith

Photographer: Scott Davis Model: Rachael Bartlett MUA: Fee Alice Leslie Location: Clacton on Sea

Photographer: Scott Davis Model/MUA: Poppy-Scott Location: Colchester

Photographer: Laura Mclean of One Click foto Model: Natasha Lynn

Photographer: Chris Middleton Model: Nikki Webster

Introducing EXCLUSIVE Model Feature Ann-Marie Doggett

Photographer: Paul Osborne

My name is Ann-marie Doggett I am a full time, professional Model and Actress from Lowestoft, Suffolk. My model name is Miss Marie I began my modelling Career back in 2006 with an agency in Norwich called Power Model Management. Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to be either an Actress or a model, but situations such as a fair few years of Bullying and Mental abuse absolutely stopped me from ever putting myself forward for something I believed I would never be good enough for.

However, I had grown into someone who began to slowly realise I wasn’t these awful things these awful people made me believe I was. So I submitted my photo to the agency and to my delight, they signed me up. I began doing commercial shoots for well-known Furniture and Electrical Companies. This then went onto Fashion Shoot for the Life Matters Section in the EDP. After about 3 years of working for the agency I decided to go it alone. I created my own website and literally travelled all over the country, even Portugal, chasing my dream and collecting experience as well as building a good reputation. I worked so hard, every weekend I would drive mostly to Essex and London to grow my name. I was invited to numerous Celebrity Parties which resulted in myself dabbling in Presenting where I Interviewed ex Big Brother Housemates and BGT contestants. My career really took a leap when I was crowned Miss Norfolk Galaxy in 2009. I came 5th in the Miss Galaxy finals. From there I was ring Girl for John Thaxton, Grid Girl for British Touring Cars and appeared in Numerous Magazines including Nuts, Carpology and Model-in-scene, even The Sun Newspaper. Over the next few years, I appeared in Carpology Magazine 4 times and was Crowned Fitty of the Decade in the 10th Anniversary Edition. My career was forced to take a break when I met someone who was disturbingly Jealous of my modelling. He became very controlling, to a point where I was no longer allowed to wear make-up or even nail varnish as he thought I was trying to attract attention. All the hard work over the years, and magazine appearances were shot down and I was called such names as a whore and much worse. I began to feel as if I was going back in time to my school years and so then all of my Confidence shattered and fell to pieces once more.

Luckily I grew wise to him and finally left him after only 9 months. I slowly began modelling again and eventually met a very special man who is incredibly proud of what I do and who is now my husband and father to our 2 beautiful boys. In 2012 I was Miss Lowestoft (Model search) whilst being 6 months pregnant, I was then crowned Miss Personality in the finals and in 2014/2015 I was crowned Mrs East Anglia Galaxy. I worked hard for my title by completing Fund raising events, visiting patients in hospitals, donating food for local foodbanks and raising £800 for Motor Neurones Disease and an Orphanage in the Ukraine by organising a Charity Football match. Now, I run my own Successful Photographer workshops all around East Anglia where Amateur Photographers pay a fee to come along to any of my themed Workshops to gain experience and confidence. I am also a budding actress and have just finished filming my biggest part to date in a Thriller Feature Film called Set Me Free which is due for its Premiere in Norwich in a few months’ time. I have always believed to never give up, to always push myself, even after being knocked back numerous times because I refuse to do any Nude or topless work, or because I’m only 5’4. I have continued to raid timelines on Facebook by promoting myself and my workshops. Trust me, believe in no-one but yourself, push harder than ever if it’s a dream you want to come true. Even when im old and grey I hope to grace pages and Shop windows with my proud smile, knowing I never gave up and having the best support from my incredible family.


Photographer: Ben Mayne

Photographer: Ian Moore

Model/MUA: Ashlee Jolyn Photographer: Artphoto Imaging

Photographer: Gary Wright Model: Gabriella Verri MUA: Venise Haynes Hair Stylist: Chloe Mullen

Photographer: Parnell Photography Model: Molly Robbo Styling: Abi Grey

Photographer: Parnell Photography Model: Eniko

Photographer: Rob Rook Model/MUA/Stylist: Nina Jade Location: Dereham Town

Model: Grace Ellen McEwen Photographer: Steven Harrison

Photographer: Alasdairew, The Honywood Company Model: Sarah Louise MUA: Bryanna Angel Allen, Kiss & Makeup Location: Davy Down, Essex

Model: Naomi Chapman MUA: Charlie Long Photographer: Graham Kingsland

Photographer: Kevin Kolber Model: Aleixs Sylvester Agency: BMG Models Orlando Hair/Makeup: Daliana Tavares Stylist: Deborah Reed Dress: Bailey 44

Photographer : Edyta Blonska Model/MUA : Ilona Procajlo

Photographer: Kolokial Shots Model: Clare Hayles MUA: Amy Jacobs

Creative Portrait Magazine’s Resident Fashion Blogger Chanel Joan Elkayam Interview with the fashion designer Chanel Joan Elkayam by Roberta De Martino Naples, Italy I can finally tell you part of the Paris experience that has excited me most: the meeting with Chanel. She and I are two very different girls, but similar in some way, with a passion that join us: fashion. When she invited me to the presentation of her new collection, I did everything and anything to be there, to be able to meet her in person. And it was worth it. I loved every piece of the collection, entitled "Femme Royale, which was inspired in 1800, that's one of the epoque that I love the most. I have to thank Tiffany McCall, organiser of the event, who made this meeting possible! Chanel gave me also the chance to interview her to know more about her, her passion and obviously about her collection 1.You’re only 18 but you’re having all this success. How do you feel about that? I am really proud of what I have achieved! Each and every outfit have been proven to be worth all the hard work I have put in. The collection that I showcased at Paris Fashion Week was only the second collection I have ever made. It was a huge thing for me to be showing my work in such a prestigious event!

2. Did someone push you to do what you do or did you start alone? When I was about 15 I remember asking my mum about the career I want to pursue as a fashion designer. A fashion designer is what I have wanted to become since a very young age. I asked her if I have to wait until I have completed a degree in order to start my own clothing line. She inspires me every single day of my life. She told me “If you believe that you can do it, then do it. I will support you in every way possible” And so I started and it has been the most amazing experience of my life. Fulfilling my dreams every single day. 3. At what age did you start? Ever since I was a child I have been interested in fashion design, I always used to draw my ideas in lots of little diaries and I made many dresses for my dolls! My mum kept all of the things I made too. Along side my education and work experience, at 16 years old, I felt ready to start my own clothing line. I conducted all the tasks involved. I also organised a fashion show to exhibit my very first collection consisting of 36 outfits.

4. Why did you choose black as one of the colours in your colour scheme for this collection? My colour scheme for my Autumn/ Winter16 collection shown at Paris Fashion Week was dark blue, black and white with hints of gold and silver. One of the reasons why I chose the colour black on my colour palette this season is because it’s a strong colour, it means something. I feel that black as a colour is very powerful. Emotion and depth is something I like to show through my designs. 5. What are you inspired by? Anything in the world around me can inspire my designs! Every collection of mine has a different theme but they all follow my personal aesthetic. The collection which I made for Autumn/Winter16 Paris Fashion Week was inspired by international royalty. I combined shape, structure and embellishments to create some one of a kind pieces. I feel that now-a-days the past has been forgotten and in this collection I brought the royalty from the 1800’s back through my own personal style of design.

6. Do you have some favourite designer? When doing some research for one of my projects at Central Saint Martins I came across a designer called Gianfranco FerrÊ and I fell in love with his work! I also love the designs of Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior. I also love the sculptor called Barbara Hepworth, I see her sculptures and immediately associate them with design and where they can be placed on the female figure. 7. What do you remember about Manchester Fashion Week? Was it a good experience? Manchester Fashion Week was a great experience! I was given very positive feedback from the public, press and media. This was very encouraging for me as it was my very first collection! Tiffany’s assistant Sarah had found me through Manchester Fashion Week and asked me if I wanted to present a collection at Paris Fashion Week! 8. What do you do over this passion? How do you spend your free time? I am always designing and constantly looking for inspiration in the world around me but when I am not designing I like to read books and I love to be with my friends and family. I do pilates and like to walk in the countryside where I live.

9. What do you expect from the future? My ambition is to become a global influential fashion designer with boutiques across the globe! I want to inspire others and make my mark in the fashion industry. 10. Would you give an advice to the young people who have a dream like you? My advice for young people who have a dream is to take that dream with both hands and fulfill it! I believe that anyone can do anything if they put their heart and soul into what they want to do. Hard work, dedication to their creative practice and risk taking is needed!!

Image Credits Photographer: Robert Pearson

Model: Rosey Metcalfe Photographer: Tim Copsey MUA: Bridie Bows Makeup

Model: Beth Smith Photographer: Tim Copsey

Creative Portrait Magazine Exclusive Photographer: Simon Rich Model Misha Nogueira Make up by Fay Harris Hair by Emma Aldridge

Model: Beth Smith

Model Misha Nogueira Make up by Fay Harris Hair by Emma Aldridge

Photographer: Simon Rich Model: Emma Aldridge

Introducing EXCLUSIVE Model Feature

Joan V

Photographer: Laura Dark Photography Makeup by Deanna Roberts of Makeup Vamp Hair by Synthetic Rebellion Wardrobe by Kambriel

Joan V

is a veteran mature professional alternative model , based out of Winnipeg , MB, Canada. She began Modeling at the age of 18, after being discovered in an airport , awaiting a flight with her mother to Japan. Joan has found great success and satisfaction being an Alternative genre model , she specializes in Gothic, Lolita, Aristocratic Goth, Metal, Punk, and Fantasy styles. She has also appeared in High Fashion and Haute Couture magazines. She is inspired by unusual and stylish fashion, accessories and music. At middle age, she is still published in a wide variety of Alternative publications , Art Books, Newspapers, Catalogs, and Advertising Materials. Joan was voted Best International Alt Model by Alt Fashion UK two years in a row, in 2014 and 2015. She has just recently reached her 150th print publication , since 2011. Joan is also a writer, and entrepreneur. She loves to hike, read, and visit art galleries and museums in her spare time. Travelling is a favourite hobby.. Joan plans to take her modelling career into her more senior years , and consistently works hard to keep up her vast repertoire of magazine publications and art works. She is also a classically trained pianist. Her goal is to break down the barriers of ageism and discrimination in modelling, and she strives to do just that in every shoot she undertakes. Joan V Facebook Page -

Photographer: Rejean Brandt Photography Model: Joan V. Makeup by Bret Matthew Makeup Artistry Hair by Joan V. Wardrobe by Artifice Clothing Headdress by Maskerade, UK

Photographer: Rejean Brandt Photography Makeup by Ngoc Truong Hair by Josie Vilayvanh. Wardrobe by Artifice ClothingHeaddress courtesy of Rejean Brandt

Creative Feature Gillian Katz


I was brought up in a showbusiness family my other, Valerie Masters was a well known singer in the 60’s and my father Dick Katz a well-known Jazz pianist and then a very fine theatrical agent- bringing many top names into this country including: Mowtown, Suzy Quatro, Hot Chocolate and many more. As a child we always had musical evenings where we would dress up, hold my father’s cigar lighter and sing using the wall lights as cameras 1, 2 and 3. My sister and I made a little double act!! I always loved the elegance and glamour of makeup and hair. It really can change someone’s look entirely. My Stepfather Tony Nunn is also a very fine theatrical agent representing Music composers for films, script writers, Stanley Baxter and many more as well as being a child violin prodige himself.

Having left school studied hair and makeup for 5 years and consequently worked for many good names such as Selfridges Salon, The Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch and The Savoy in their Salon. I was inspired by meeting lots of people, lots of nationalities, different types of hair and creating each of my Clients a stylish look some going to weddings, cocktail evenings, black tie do’s, all kinds of occasions. I found a career that I loved and still love in hair and makeup. To see a lady look like a lady whether elegant, natural, stylish, slic, vintage – what a choice to choose from! I look at my Client and try to do a hairstyle that incorporates her personality, style and make her look her absolute best! Everyone loves to look and feel great and that is what I try to create. Over the years my mother Valerie Masters and I incorporated our headdresses business a business where we make and design all kinds of hair accessories, veils, tiaras, fascinators to set off and complement the hairstyles that I create. We have been featured with hair and headdresses on many of the following, Sacha Miscolo,Tony and Guy’s daughter, ITV featured me on the news to show hairstyles when Kate and William were getting married, Don’t tell the Bride (numerous episodes), the film Nanny McPhee, Alecia Dixon, the well known Ladies Footballer Goalkeeper for Chelsea Football Club Herdvig Lindahl, Esther Rantzen, Coronation Street, Eastenders and many more. I also often incorporate hair pieces, and extensions which are a fantastic quality and help to fill out the hair making my Client look her best. I am oozing with ideas and truly love what I do! Gllian xxx CONTACT: Gillian Katz 07956 482248

CONTACT: Irresistible Headdresses 01403 871449 Bridal and Wedding Tiaras, Veils, Fascinators, Hair Pins and Grips, Jewellery, Flower Hair Accessories and

Creative Portrait Magazine Exclusive

Paul Winstone Paul Winstone Photography Fashion, Portrait and Event Photography

Photographer: Paul Winstone Designer/stylist: Lacry Puravu Millinery: Lisa Jayne Make-up: Aga Malinowska Hair Stylist: Wioleta Siemieniuk Model: Angelika Jermak

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© Creative portrait magazine Issue 15 April 2016  
© Creative portrait magazine Issue 15 April 2016  

COVER Photographer: Terry Mendoza Model: Romanie Smith Creative Portrait Magazine in aid of Muscular Dystrophy UK Charity We Are Portrai...