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Operation Theater Control Panel A fast growing group of engineer entrepreneurs with an eye on excellence set out to make their own destiny. Powering the spirit of enterprise with the dream to set up a company, this would stand out for the excellence of its products

Our Products 1.Modular Operation Theater 2. Medical Gas Pipeline System 3. Surgical Scrub Station 4. Laminar Flow System

Modular Operation Theater

Creative Engineers Pvt. Ltd Manufacturer of Modular operation theater, Medical gas pipeline system,Operation theater control panel located in Noida India.

Medical Gas Pipeline System

Medical Gas Pipeline System is installed to provide secure, convenient and cost effective system for the clinical and nursing staff at the point of use.

Surgical Scrub Station

Laminar Flow System

Operation Theater Control Panel  
Operation Theater Control Panel  

Fully Automated which meets IEE Standard Operation Theater Control Panel designed By Creative Health Tech Pvt. Ltd meet all the criteria of...