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the weekly voice Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vol 16 No. 70 PM: 40025701

One More RCMP Lays Charges In Twist In ‘Marriage-for-immigration’ Scam Osama Killing Saga

Washington: Osama bin Laden, the Al Qaeda chief, was unarmed and had already died with a bullet to the brain when the US Navy commandos entered his bedroom during a raid in Pakistan's Abbottabad city, a US Navy SEAL has revealed in a book.

Giving a firsthand account of last May's raid, the SEAL who also participated in it, has disclosed that Osama had been fatally wounded before they entered the room. 

As the SEALS ascended a narrow staircase, the team's point man saw a man poking his head from a doorway, wrote the SEAL using a pseudonym Mark Owen (whose real identity has since been revealed by Fox News) in "No Easy Day," a copy of which was obtained at a bookstore by The Huffington Post.

"We were less than five steps from getting to the top when I heard suppressed shots. BOP. BOP," writes Owen.

"I couldn't tell from my position if the rounds hit the target or not. The man disappeared into the dark room." 

Contrary to media reports that Osama had a weapon and resisted when Navy SEALs entered the room, he was unarmed, writes Owen. 

 Team members took their time entering the room, where they saw the women wailing over bin Laden, who wore a white sleeveless T-shirt, loose tan pants and a tan tunic, according to the book.

"Blood and brains spilled out of the side of his skull" and he was still twitching and convulsing, Owen writes. 

While bin Laden was in his death throes, Owen writes he and another SEAL Continued on page 2...

The RCMP have charged 39 people in a major investigation that looked into the fake marriages for the purpose of immigration under which an alleged criminal organization arranged marriages of convenience to allow foreign nationals to enter or remain in Canada. The investigation, dubbed Project Conjugal, was begun in October 2009. RCMP Constable Erique Gasse is quoted by CBC as saying, "It was an anonymous tip that led to the project called 'Conjugal', the purpose of which is to address the legitimacy of hundreds of suspicious marriages." The latest arrests by the RCMP's Immigration and Passport Section were of people who are alleged to have participated in marriages of convenience. A marriage of convenience is defined under Canada's Immigration and Refugee Protection Act as a marriage entered into solely for immigration purposes. Amadou Niang, 56, is alleged to be the ringleader of the alleged criminal enterprise. He is believed to have worked with others to ar-

RANJIT DHALIWAL range marriages of convenience, for money, mainly between North African men and Montreal women, many of whom are of Haitian descent. It is alleged that 315 such marriages were arranged. Niang, a Canadian citizen, is described as a bogus immigration consultant. According to the Montreal Gazette, the alleged criminal enterprise was broken up early this

Kasab’s Death Sentence Upheld

New Delhi: India's Supreme Court Wednesday upheld the death sentence awarded to Pakistani terrorist Kasab for his role in the Mumbai savagery, marking the end of the legal battle for a man who desperately tried to escape the hangman's noose.

In a ruling bound to

cast a shadow on India-Pakistan relations, Justices Aftab Alam and C.K. Prasad said: "We are constrained to hold that death penalty is the only sentence that can be given in the circumstances." 

The verdict got a thumbsup from both Continued on page 3...

year. In March, Niang appeared in court on 42 immigration charges. Niang's next court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 23, and according to the Gazette, it is believed he is negotiating a plea bargain. The others arrested this week are due to appear in a Montreal court on Oct. 16. After the arrests were made Continued on page 3...

‘Son Of Sardar’ Runs Afoul Of Sikh Body

Amritsar: Claiming that Sikhs were being shown in a bad light in the film Son of Sardar, the All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF) has urged the clergy to take action against actor-producer Ajay Devgn. In a letter to Akal Takht head Gurbachan Singh, AISSF president Karnail Singh demanded action against Devgn for hurting the religious sentiments of Sikhs. The Akal Takht is the highest Continued on page 2...

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2 | Saturday, September 1, 2012

One More Twist In Osama Killing Saga

f r o n t pa g e

Continued from page 1... "trained our lasers on his chest and fired several rounds. The bullets tore into him, slamming his body into the floor until he was motionless."

Then the SEALS repeatedly examined his face to make sure he was truly bin Laden. They interrogated a young girl and one of the women, wailing over bin Laden's body, who verified that it was Osama. 

The book calls out inaccurate accounts of the assault.

"The raid was being reported like a bad action movie," Owen writes. "At first, it was funny because it was so wrong."

Contrary to earlier accounts, Owen says SEALs weren't fired upon while they were outside the gate of the compound. There was no 40-minute firefight.

While searching Osama's neatly organised room, Owen writes, that he found two guns -- an AK-47 and a Makarov pistol -- with empty chambers. 

Owen also writes that the shots fired inside the room appear to contradict the mission they were given. 

During a meeting with top commanders, a lawyer from either the Pentagon or the White House "made it clear that this wasn't an assassination," writes Owen. He recounted the instructions: "I am not going to tell you how to do your job. What we're saying is if he does not pose a threat, you will detain him."

‘Son Of Sardar’ Runs Afoul Of Sikh Body

Continued from page 1... temporal seat of the Sikh religion. Karnail Singh Tuesday said the film, to be released in November, had blasphemous remarks against Sikhs. AISSF has sought registration of a police case against the filmmakers. "The film's trailer has demeaning dialogues," Karnail Singh said. "In the film, the lead actor wears a Sikh turban but has the tattoo of a Hindu god on his chest. This is against Sikh principles," he said. Karnail Singh said they had sent a legal notice to the filmmakers and asked to delete the objectionable scenes. But Devgn had not responded to the notice, he said.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012 | 3

Why The First Man On The Moon Kasab’s Death ‘Apologized’ To Indira Gandhi Sentence Upheld

London: "I apologize for the inconvenience", US astronaut Neil Armstrong told Indira Gandhi when informed that the Indian Prime Minister had kept awake till 4.30am to watch him land on the moon on July 20, 1969. This anecdote about the celebrated astronaut, who died earlier this week, was recalled here by former external affairs minister K Natwar Singh who was present when Armstrong and his fellow astronaut met Mrs Gandhi in New Delhi as part of their world tour after their moon landing. Singh, who conducted the two heroes into Mrs Gandhi's room at her Parliament House office, recalled that the then US ambassador was also present. After photographers snapped the two astronauts with the prime minister and left

the room, there was an awkward silence. On being signalled by Mrs Gandhi to speak, Singh said: "Mr Armstrong, you will be interested to know that the Prime Minister

kept awake till 4.30am, so as not to miss the exact time of your lunar landing." Singh recalled that Armstrong rose to the occasion, and said: "I apologise for the inconvenience we caused you, Madame Prime Minister. Next time, I shall make sure that we land on the moon at a less unearthly hour". July 20, 1969 became a watershed date in the history of mankind after Armstrong, commanding the Apollo 11 spacecraft landed on the moon, and accompanied by fellow astronaut Aldrin spent nearly three hours walking on the moon. After the Apollo 11's moon mission, Armstrong announced that he did not plan to fly in space again. Armstrong died on August 25 at the age of 82.

Sunita Williams Goes For A Walk… In Space!

Houston: Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams and her Japanese colleague on board the International Space Station, Wednesday, ventured outside the lab to perform maintenance tasks of their home in orbit. NASA astronaut Williams and Japanese flight engineer Akihiko Hoshide aim to replace a faulty power-switching unit and a failing robotic arm camera of the International Space Station. This is the fifth spacewalk undertaken by 46-year-old Williams. On August 20, two Russian astronauts worked outside the orbiting lab to relocate a cargo boom. But today’s spacewalk is the first performed by a US astronaut since the final shuttle mission in July 2011, reported.

Williams along with Hoshide and Yuri Malenchenko of Russia left for the ISS aboard a Russian spacecraft Soyuz TMA-05M on July 15 from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Williams, who was a flight engineer on the station’s Expedition 32 crew, became commander of Expedition 33 after reaching the

space station. Williams was selected as an astronaut candidate by Nasa in 1998. She was assigned to the International Space Station as a member of Expedition 14 and then joined Expedition 15. She holds the record of the longest spaceflight (195 days) for female space travellers.

Hindu leaders have been arrested in Karnataka and a “catastrophe” averted, a top police officer said Thursday.
 “A catastrophe has been averted in Karnataka following the arrests,” state police chief Lalrokhuma Pachau told reporters here.
The eleven - six arrested from Bangalore and five from northern town of Hubli - were “handled” by Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Harkat-ul-Jihad-e-Islami (HUJI) operators based in Saudi Arabia, Bangalore city Police Commissioner


Bangalore: Eleven people with links to terror outfits Lashkar-eTaiba and HUJI, and planning to assassinate leading Karnataka politicians, some journalists and

initially refused to accept an Indian lawyer.

 In a concurring judgment giving more reasons for upholding Kasab's death sentence, Justice Prasad said it was evident that the conspiracy to attack Mumbai was hatched by Pakistanis in Pakistan.

The court also upheld the acquittal of Indians Fahim Ansari and Sabauddin Ahmed who were accused of providing vital support to the Pakistani killers prior to the 26/11 attack.

The Maharashtra government had challenged the acquittal of Fahim and Sabauddin by the Bombay High Court.

Kasab was given death sentence by a Mumbai trial court May 6, 2010. The Bombay High Court upheld the death penalty Feb 21, 2011. If and when the death sentence is carried out, it will be the first in nearly 17 years in Maharasthra state. The last officially designated hangman of Maharashtra retired in 1996. The state prison officials say that Kasab's execution will be carried out by regular police personnel. "It is a misconception that there is a hangman who executes the death penalty. The scary looking guy who hangs convicts is a creation of movies," says Swati Sathe, DIG (headquarters), was quoted in a report as saying. "Police personnel of the rank of constables and below like sipahis prepare for the hanging like setting up the rope and putting the black cloth on the convict's head. According to the prison manual, it's the jail superintendent who pulls the final bolt," said Sathe, adding, "If my seniors order me even I would have to do it. I would have not flinched if I was ordered to hang Kasab." G

11 Arrested, Major Terror Strike In Bangalore Averted

Continued from page 1... the Congress and the BJP besides those who survived the Nov 26-29 audacious attack that left 166 Indians as well as foreigners dead and scores injured.

In Iran, External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna said he was sure Pakistan would "take note of what has happened in the Supreme Court".

There was no immediate official reaction in Pakistan. 

Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, now 25 and in a Mumbai prison, was one of 10 heavily armed Pakistanis who sneaked into Mumbai by sea Nov 26, 2008 night and unleashed mayhem that almost caused an India-Pakistan war. 

After initial denials, Islamabad admitted in January 2009 that Kasab was a Pakistani.

The Pakistani moved the apex court challenging the death sentence given by a trial court, which was upheld by the Bombay High Court.

The judges rejected Kasab's contention that the Mumbai attack was a war against the Indian government and not against the Indian state or people.

Kasab, the only Pakistani terrorist to be captured, came from a poor family in an impoverished village of Pakistan's Punjab province. Son of a vendor, he signed up with the Lashkar-e-Taiba to wage jehad.

The Supreme Court said the Indian government was only the elected organ of the state and the repository of sovereign powers.

The court did not accept Kasab's argument that not providing him a lawyer soon after his arrest vitiated the entire process, including his trial and consequent conviction and sentencing on 80 counts.

The judges reminded him that he had

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B.G. Jyothiprakash Mirji said at the joint press meet.
The eleven were arrested late Wednesday, Mirji said.
Arms and ammunition, including a foreign made 7.65mm pistol and many rounds, have been seized from those arrested in Bangalore, he said. Among the arrested are said to be a journalist with an English daily here, for alleged links with terrorist outfits, police sources said.

Residents of Jayachamarajendra Nagar in north Bangalore from where five of the nine were arrested late Wednesday told reporters Thursday that one of the men arrested was a reporter in an English daily, another a software engineer and a third a student of computer science. They did not know details of the other two. 

Four others were arrested late Wednesday from Hubli, about 450 km north of Bangalore, sources said.

Interrogation of the suspects is on. A statement is expected from the Bangalore city police commissioner in this regard.

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RCMP Lays Charges In ‘Marriage-for-immigration’ Scam Continued from page 1... public, a joint statement was issued by Public Safety Minister Vic Toews and Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism. In the statement the two ministers said, "We wish to commend the RCMP Immigration and Passport Section for their successful efforts in bringing charges not only against the alleged mastermind of the operation, Mr. Niang, but against those individuals who allegedly chose to participate in a marriage fraud scheme designed to circumvent Canada's immigration laws. “These charges underline that the Government of Canada takes immigration fraud very seriously and those involved in these acts will face serious consequences. “The problem of marriage fraud is serious and will only get worse if we don’t put measures in place that protect the integrity of our immigration system while deterring people from trying to use a marriage of convenience to cheat their way into Canada. “Over the past 12 months, our Government has introduced a series of measures to fight marriage fraud. Canadians depend on an immigration system that is fair and secure. They don’t want us to allow phony marriages to discredit our entire immigration system. That is why we will protect the integrity of the immigration system and weed out those engaging in this type of fraud.” The investigation is continuing and more arrests are expected.

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4 | Saturday, September 1, 2012

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Agreement # 40025701

-By Jaideep Sarin The threat of militancy ended years ago but Chandigarh continues to be tagged a ‘disturbed area’ -- thanks to the bureaucracy that wants it to be kept this way for its own benefits.

The ‘disturbed area’ tag was given to Chandigarh, a union territory (UT) and the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana, in 1983 during the years of militancy in Punjab (1981-1992).

This was done to give special powers to the administration and the police and security forces to effectively deal with militancy.

Punjab, however, shed the ‘disturbed area’ tag in 1997.

Since Punjab was mostly under President’s rule during that time, Chandigarh was also brought under the purview of the Punjab governor by making him the UT administrator.

But nearly

-By Stephen Gill


Phasing Out Canadian Studies Program

Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) has lately announced that it will phase out the funding for the International Canadian Studies program, which lasted for about forty years. I received this announcement with mixed feelings. I strongly believe that instead of phasing it out, its money should be channeled into other programs. The five million dollars that Canada invests every year in Canadian Studies programs in 55 countries is a huge amount that can be used in better ways to promote Canadian Literature abroad. Before touching the issue of better ways, I would like to say something about myself and personal experiences. I am an Indo/Canadian writer who has been in Canada for the last about fifty years. Since 2010, I have been to India thrice on the invitations of two or more universities, each time as a special guest at their national and international conferences of teachers of English at college and university levels. In those conferences, I met knowledgeable lecturers and professors. Once within India, I was invited further usually by more campuses to talk to their students at the master’s level where their teachers and scholars at the doctorate level were also present. I was also a paid life member of the Indian Association of Canadian Studies. I am convinced that I am in a position to state my observations about the impact of International Canadian Studies program in India. I support the decision of Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) because I had frustrated experiences where the Canadian Studies existed. On the other hand, I had positive experiences where the Canadian Studies did not exist. I can share those experiences if anyone would like to know. I believe that the program should be phased

out in its present structure, but not its money. I would suggest channeling its money to other related programs because the Canadian Studies Program did not work as it was expected. This program has given rise to politics among some university teachers who look for positions in associations related to Canadian Studies to travel abroad to attend meetings. Those days

Canadian Studies Program has given rise to filthy politics among university teachers in India. I heard that the Indian Association of Canadian Studies has been split into two factions and both claim to be the real representative of Canadian Studies Program. This has less to do with Canadian Studies and more with dollars and going abroad for official meetings. Some

when elections for office bearers took place were horse trading gatherings. To get better results, this money should be used to sponsor Canadian authors widely for literary tours abroad, and for more translation grants to foreign book publishers. I would suggest that: 1. Canadians who are invited abroad by at least two universities in one tour should be sponsored with only to and fro air tickets and some travel allowance. Once the invitee is in a foreign land, most domestic expenses should be met by the host organizations. It would help authors more than the present Canadian Studies program did. 2. Canadian universities should be encouraged more to give grants to foreign students to study Canadian literature. Any grant given to foreign students remains within the country. 3. More funds should be available to foreign book publishers to translate and sell Canadian authors in their languages, and to attend foreign book fairs. It should be based on cost sharing. I would like to repeat that the International

universities which had Canadian Studies refused to buy Canadian authored books because they received them free from the Canadian Government. It certainly did not create awareness about Canadian Literature, considering the amount that was spent. The money would be used more fruitfully if Canadian authors are widely and partly sponsored to visit universities abroad. Also, more incentive should be made available in the form of translation grants to foreign publishers. It is notable that overseas literary tours and translation grants are available in some shape even now. However, it is shrouded in mystery that who gets benefits and how often they have been benefitted. I would suggest that the overseas literary tours should be handled also by organizations like the Writers Union of Canada for their members. I would also suggest that the present Canadian reading program handled also by the Writers Union of Canada should include the entire North America. Stephen Gill is Poet Laureate of Ansted University and an Adjunct Professor of EuropeanAmerican University.

Why Is Chandigarh Still ‘Disturbed’? two decades after militancy was wiped out of Punjab and with no major terror incident taking place in Chandigarh after 1995, the city continues to be a ‘disturbed area’.

The matter is now under the purview of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, which Monday admonished the Chandigarh administration for dragging its feet on the issue of removing the tag.

A bench of the high court orally remarked that the bureaucracy did not want the label to go as it suited its interests.

It pointed out that officials posted in Chandigarh were clearly taking advantage of the label to serve their interests.

One reason the bureaucracy here does not want the tag to be removed is that even if posted out of Chandigarh they can retain their government accommodation in the disturbed area and

enjoy other benefits, an official in the UT administration said.

The high court bench has now given the administration three weeks to file its reply on why Chandigarh continues to be designated a ‘disturbed area’.

Sources in the administration say it had written to the central government to take off the ‘disturbed area’ tag



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from Chandigarh but no notification has been issued so far.

The high court took up the issue after Surinder Bhardwaj, a Janata DalUnited (JD-U) leader here, filed a public interest litigation (PIL) in January.

He sought the abolition of the Chandigarh Disturbed Area Act enforced in the union territory. But the administration is

yet to file a response.

In his petition, Bhardwaj said tourism to the city, especially by foreign nationals, was getting affected due to the tag.

He said that under the rules, foreign nationals visiting Chandigarh had to obtain special permission.

Chandigarh continues to be headed by the Punjab governor, who also acts as the UT administrator.

Despite demands to revert to the old setup of Chandigarh being headed by a chief commissioner, who is a bureaucrat, the central government has not allowed it.

None of the Punjab governors want to let go the powers of the administrator, said a retired bureaucrat.

In his view, this way they continued to have an upper hand over the city, even while dealing with Punjab and Haryana governments and Chandigarh’s VIPs and other influential people.

f r o n t pa g e

Saturday, September 1, 2012 | 5

Bollywood-style 9 Eleven Movie Wins Award The awards were announced at a starstudded event at the Capitol Hilton here Saturday hosted by the IMDB qualifying international film festival that showcases and recognises all global independent artists and their diverse talents. Dedicated to building a global film community and supporting emerging filmmakers, WMIFF, founded by June Daguiso, offers all selected artists exceptional exposure. A fast paced thriller with undertones of terrorism, "9 Eleven" poses the question

Washington: "9 Eleven", a Bollywood-style thriller by Indian American director Manan Singh Katohara, has won the Best Feature and Best Director awards at the 2012 World Music & Independent Film Festival (WMIFF) here.

how does one survive collectively in meeting the growing phenomenon of terrorism head on. It portrays the life of 11 people terrorised to the core by an unknown entity in an unfamiliar place. Each individual is petrified and is hesitant to talk or take each other into confidence for one simple reason: The fear of the unknown! Earlier "9 Eleven" won the Best Feature Film award at the Peoples Film Festival (TPFF) in New York showcasing extraordinary films using different media formats.

Written and directed by Katohora, who won the 2012 Rising Star Award for the film at Canada International Film Festival, the film had been nominated in a record eight categories at WMIFF.

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8/29/12 12:11 PM

6 | Saturday, September 1, 2012

Zainab Naveed Crowned Miss Pakistan World


Arrest Made In Mississauga Body Parts Mississauga: Investigators from the Homicide and Missing Person Bureau have made an arrest in relation to the homicide of 41 year old Ms. Guang Hua Liu of Scarborough. On Wednesday, August 15, 2012, at approximately 11:30 a.m. police attended Hewick’s Meadow Park in Mississauga in response to a citizen’s report of possible found human remains. It was confirmed by the Coroner that these remains were human and a large scale search of the Credit River area was undertaken that produced further Investigators were made aware of simremains. ilar findings in the Toronto area and

after Post Mortem tests, it was determined that these human remains were that of the victim Ms. Liu. Investigators have made an arrest in connection to this investigation, and charged a 40 year-old Scarborough resident, Chun Qi Jiang, with Second Degree Murder. This investigation is still ongoing and we are asking that if anyone has any information with regards to this investigation are encouraged to call the Homicide and Missing Person Bureau at 905-453-2121 ext. 3205, or anonymously via Peel Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS ( 8477 )

Rejuena, a member of every healthy and happy family.

Mississauga: Eleven most striking young girls and seven very handsome and dashing young boys of Pakistani origin from around the globe recently descended on the city of Mississauga to compete for the prestigious position of Miss Pakistan World and Mr. Pakistan World 2012 title. This pageant was organized by Sonia Ahmed, a very dynamic and fearless entrepreneur and President of Miss Pakistan World Pageant. By taking this bold step, from the last ten years Sonia is not only trying to present Pakistani youth an international platform, but she is also presenting the soft, sophisticated and cultured face of Pakistan at the world stage. This show started with a dance performance by contestants. The emcees were Ahmad Nizam and Faiza Zafar. Bal Ghosal, Minister of State (Sports), government of Canada and Priti Lamba were invited on stage to present the plaques to the various sponsors. Ghosal spoke briefly about the importance of this pageant and put his whole hearted support behind this event. He congratulated Sonia Ahmed for arranging such a great show, while educating people about the vibrant and rich culture of Pakistan. Brad Butt, Member Parliament, Mississauga Streetsville put his full support behind the pageant and congratulated Sonia for staging such a wonderful event. There were many highly entertaining and captivating items presented in this show by the contestants of this pageant. The audience greatly enjoyed the Kathak dance presented by Changezi, a professional dancer from Pakistan. Changezi is a trained and highly skilled dancer of Kathak classical dance form. He mesmerised attendees with his soulful performance, dignified, dramatic, and sensuous body moves. At the end of the evening, Zainab Naveed was crowned Miss Pakistan World 2012 and Shan Virk was selected Mr. Pakistan World 2012. Miss congeniality award was given to Mariam Dawood, Sahara TV Talent award was given to Maria Sarfraz Mughal, Miss Perfect 10 award was given to Marium Khan Ali, Miss Photogenic award was given to Bismil Zia, and Miss Popularity award was given to Parmal Naseer. Mr. Perfect 10, Mr. Photogetic, Mr. Personality and Mr. Popularity awards went to Shan Virk, Ahmad Salim, Ali Haider, and Sharjeel Butt respectively. The awards were presented in the presence of Sanober Hussain, Miss Pakistan World 2011 and Attia Bano Qamar, Miss Globe 2011. Contributed by Salim Shaikh Photo credit: Global India Newswire

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Saturday, September 1, 2012 | 7

Tabla, Kathak International Yudh Gatka Competition Held In Toronto Lessons In Brampton

Toronto: The 10th Annual International Yudh Gatka Tournament was held in Toronto recently, where players from many parts of North America participated, including Vancouver, Calgary, Indiana, New Jersey, Fremont, Selma, Yuba City, India, New York, Toronto and Maryland DC.

is martial art which focuses more on the concept of sword play and certain strikes which earn points. During a 2-3 minute match, the player which can accumalate the most points takes the match. "The tournament is a great way for the community to get together, and particularly for anyone who enjoys seeing true athletic and diverse talent at work," said Jasdev Singh, the main organizer of the the event.
The competition hosted kirpan spinning, marahti and soti which each had a 18 and older division, and also a 17 and

"It was nice to see that equality came into play in the competition as well. Girls had the opportunity to compete, and many of them won their share of prizes." The aim of each contest was to perform the task with agility, speed , good will and show respect to each other showing a humble

sense of mind.
When asked what he thinks about the tournament, Jasdeep Singh, age 22, said, " This is a program I have attended for 5 years and this was another shock to me, the big turnout with sangat. I was also happy to see Sports Minister Baljit Gosal attending the event and supporting the sporting event along with Councillor Bonnie Crombie."
The winners:
Singhs Soti Competition
Open (18 and over)
1st- Jagmeet Singh, California Gatka Dal
2nd- Charnjeet Singh , Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Akhara Toronto
3rd- Balraj Singh

, Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Akhara Toronto
 Under (17 and under)
 1stManmeet Singh, California Gatka Dal
2nd- Davinder Singh, Baba Ajit Singh Gatka Akhara
Singh's Marahti Competition
Open 18+
1st - Manroop Singh , Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Akhara

2nd- Tejpal Singh, California Gatka Dal
 Kaur's Marahti Competition
Open 18+
1st- Puneet Kaur, California Gatka Dal
2nd- Amrita Kaur, India Gatka Akhara Under 17 Singh’s Kirpan Competition
1st- Manmeet Singh, California Gatka Dal
2nd- Charnjeet Singh , Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Akhara Toronto
Giani Jagbir Singh , New Jersey USA
Bhai Jarnail Singh, Ottawa , Canada
Bhai Gursheel Singh, Toronto , Canada
 Bhai Sunmit Singh, Maryland, DC USA

Since 1988, Ritesh Das has been training some of Canada’s finest tabla players through Toronto Tabla Ensemble institution. As a disciple of Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri, the leading exponent of the Lucknow Gharana, Ritesh’s teaching approach gives students a deep knowledge of this North Indian tabla tradition. Innovative classes help students develop their unique musicality, give opportunity to study at an advanced level, and be part of the professional program through the performance band, the Toronto Tabla Ensemble and Youth Ensemble. Canadian born Joanna de Souza began her life-long study of Kathak under Pandit Chitresh Das in 1978, and under his guidance, in the traditional one-on-one, guru-shisha-param-para context, she received knowledge in all aspects of Kathak dance performance, theoretical understanding and teachers training. During a two-year study period in Kolkata, India, living with her Guru’s parents Nrityacharya Prohlad Das and Smt, Nilima Das, Joanna received her Masters Degree in Kathak dance through the Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad, India and studied sarangi with Pt. Ram Nath Misra, father of the famed New York based sarangi master Pt. Ramesh Misra. Her return to Canada, and establishing M-DO/ Chhandam Dance Company, was fuelled by the intent to establish the art form here from her unique perspective as an informed, contemporary, non South Asian, classical Indian dancer. Heading up a team of dedicated teachers, Ritesh and Joanna will be conducting these on-going classes in tabla and kathak at Homestead Public School, 99 Fletchers Creek Blvd, in Brampton.

Minister Paradis Stressed On Building Digital Economy

Ag re em en t

Council of Canada's Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) annually to expand the program's reach and services for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada. IRAP is the government's premier innovation assistance program for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is a cornerstone of Canada's innovation system, and it is regarded worldwide as one of the best programs of its kind. Through its balanced approach of advisory services and funding, the program supports over 10,000 firms annually. Since 2006, the Harper Government has invested nearly $8 billion in initiatives supporting science, technology and the growth of innovation firms in Canada, including $5 billion for advanced research, education and training; $2 billion for post-secondary infrastructure; and $1 billion for applied research and financing.

Fi do

unlimited Smart combo

w ith

Pe hl a

FR m EEonth *

Toronto: Christian Paradis, Minister of Industry and Minister of State (Agriculture), recently emphasized investment, adoption of technology, and innovation as the Harper Government's key priorities during his address to the Economic Club of Canada. "Our government's top priority is jobs, growth and long-term prosperity. Our world is becoming smaller and more digital. To succeed, as a nation, we must fully engage in this new world. We must create its technology, capture its potential and reap its benefits," said Minister Paradis. "This means investing in research and creating new products and services. It means finding new markets, improving productivity and learning to do business differently." In his remarks, Minister Paradis highlighted some of the Harper ernize Canada's laws and spur pri- tion Plan 2012 provides substantial lion for venture capital. Government's recent measures to vate sector investment in research direct support for business innova- An additional $110 million is promote economic growth, mod- and development. Economic Ac- tion and makes available $500 mil- allocated to the National Research

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8 | Saturday, September 1, 2012



Saturday, September 1, 2012 | 9

Independence Day Celebration Continues

Mississauga: South Asians in Ontario celebrated India’s 65th Independence day on Aug. 26 with a gala dinner and dance, attended by about 400 people. 
Sam Chopra, the president of the organization, has played a very vibrant role in successfully bridging the gap among different South Asian communities with his selfless dedication. This organization along with former MPP Tony Ruprecht also raised the Indian flag in front of Queen's Park for the first time in Canada.
National anthems of India and Canada were sung by Neil Wadhvana, dances were performed and presented by Bharat Mata Mandir and Kannada Sangha group of Toronto along with dance dhamaka group. Harmeet Bassan, Geeta Chopra and three Chinese singers of Indian origin who sang Hindi songs were applauded by the crowd. Photos by Bashir Nasir

Menaka Thakkar Wins Walter Carsen Prize


Rishi Singh, son of Baljit & Ravi Malhotra got married to Shalini, daughter of Kuldhir & Nirmal Wahi on Aug 24th at Oakville Gurdwara. (Photo by Sewak Singh)

Ottawa: Renowned classical Indian dancer Menaka Thakkar has won this year’s Canada Council Walter Carsen Prize for Excellence in the Performing Arts. The founder and artistic director of the Menaka Thakkar Dance Company in Toronto nabbed the $30,000 honour on Tuesday. Named after Toronto businessman and philanthropist Walter Carsen, the award honours Canadian artists who have spent the major part of their career at home working in dance, theatre or music. The Canada Council for the Arts administers the prize, usually annually on a four-year cycle: dance, theatre, dance, music. The Canada Council for the Arts administers the prize, usually annually on a four-year cycle: dance, theatre, dance, music. A peer assessment committee choose Thakkar as this year’s winner, citing her “remarkable career as an ex-

pert proponent of Indian Classical dance forms.” “She has also had tremendous impact as a performer, a choreographer, a collaborator with other dance forms and as the founder of a world-renowned dance school and company,” committee members Lynda Gaudreau, Jay Hirabayashi and Joysanne Sidimus said in a statement. Thakkar is also principal choreographer at her large ensemble dance company, which she founded in 1978 and has since toured around the world. She is also founder of Nrtyakala Canadian Academy of Indian Dance, Canada’s first full-scale Indian dance school. Her choreographies have offered variations on traditional or classical Indian dance forms and incorporated contemporary and fusion elements. Thakkar currently teaches Indian dance at Canada’s National Ballet School.

March Against Female Foeticide Planned

A new campaign called: Because I was born…… is being launched under the Leadership of Loveen Kaur Gill of Amar Karma to speak against stigma of female foeticide prevalent in certain communities. A 3-dimensional campaign will be held as the group is adopting a stronger approach to stand up against it. “As a theme of our movement: We will no longer plead for the lives of unborn girls by centering the loss of sisters or daughters because all those who are part of this crime, have let go off this sentiment ages ago. We will rather talk about the extinction of women by highlighting the difference we have made with our existence. Our campaign will involve women who nurture their household, raise children to give better citizens to the societies, to those women who have taken up the reins to implement changes such in political world, to medical field and to all walks of life.” Loveen Kaur Gill said while explaining composition of the campaign. This crusade will have three components to it: Print media, Broadcast and Local Awareness. Print edition has already started and progressing through its 4th episode this week in India and a newspaper in Canada-wide, renowned female writers are writing the series for this module. The group is also making documentary to broadcast in English and South Asian languages to raise the voice through broadcast medium. In the local awareness element, a walk is being organized in Brampton On September 15, 2012, and venue will be announced soon. Along with Loveen Kaur Gill, this campaign is being accompanied by Dr. Gurminder Sidhu, Prof. Kanwaljit Dhillon, Surjit Kaur, Sandeep Dhanoa, Raj Ghuman and Harjot Ghuman from Fulkari Group along with Mandy Khurana from Amar Karma Organ Donation Society, many writers, film makers and others from Sahaita foundation. CI12078089-UCA-11X8-OL.indd 1

23/07/12 2:47 PM

10 | Saturday, September 1, 2012


ICCC Thanks Its Volunteers

Toronto: The Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) organised over 80 events between July 2011 and June 2012, and the volunteers played a pivotal role in making these events a success. Recalling some of

these events at the felicitation program, Naval Bajaj said, “The Chamber is proud of you, proud of your effort, proud of your support. If it were not for volunteers, our Chamber wouldn’t be able to do more

than a few programs in a year. That we do so many programs every year is thanks to volunteers like you.” The Chamber depends upon volunteer support for all of its marquee events such as the Annual Awards and Gala

Obhrai’s Pacific Tour To Strengthen Relationships

Night, the Holiday Dinner and Dance, the Annual Charity Golf Classic, and the India Mission 2012. The volunteer appreciation dinner was a small measure of thanking all volunteers for their dedication and involvement. Calgary: As part of the strategic focus on the pacific region, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Deepak Obhrai, M.P. is currently representing actively and wilfully Canada at the Pacific Islands Foworking to dilute rum where he will engage in diaAmerica's primacy logue on priority areas with pacific in the world.

 Trade nations and meet with New Zeapublication Variety land’s Foreign Minister to discuss pegs it as a "slickly areas of common interests. From the Pacific Islands Foproduced" documen- rum, Obhrai will travel to South tary that could "turn a Korea to reinforce the strong ties tidy profit" with conbetween Canada and South Korea, tent that prompts diswhere he will also lay a wreath at cussion about "Presithe War Memorial of Korea. dent Obama as a clear Obhrai will then be in India and present danger to advance Canada-India relations whose socialist govand meet with his counterparts. erning philosophy has been indelibly As a sign of the growing relationcoloured by radical ship between our two countries, he influences."

Although it's not will attend the official opening of likely to win fans among Obama the new offices of the Consulate supporters, Variety's review con- General of Canada in Mumbai. He tinues, "there's no gain saying the will also spend some time listenvalue of '2016' as a sort of Cliffs ing to Canadian and Indian busiNotes precis of the conserva- ness people to hear from industry tive case against the re-election their thoughts on how to improve of our current US president".
 our economic ties.

Indian-American Makes Anti-Obama Film

Washington: An anti-Obama film by an Indian-American conservative author that has rocked the box office is set to make further inroads across the nation, thanks to the buzz created by Republican National convention.

Mumbaiborn Dinesh D'Souza's documentary "2016: Obama's America," that purports to show what the nation will be like should President Obama be re-elected, will expand to about 1,800 theatres Friday, entertainment trade site TheWrap reported citing Rocky Mountain Pictures.

That's up from the 1,091 theatres it played in over the weekend, when it took in $6.2 million between Friday and Sunday for a per-screen average of $5,940 - the best of any film in wide release. It added another $1.2 million at the box office Monday.

Produced for roughly $2.1 million, the film with its catchphrase, "Love Him.

Hate Him. You Don't Know Him" - has made $10.3 million since its release seven weeks ago and has surpassed "Bully" as the year's top-earning documentary.

Co-directors John Sullivan and D'Souza, along with producers Gerald Molen and Doug Sain, are in Tampa, Florida for the Republican gather-

ing that Tuesday officially anointed Mitt Romney as its presidential candidate to challenge Obama in the Nov 6 election.

Based on D'Souza's book, "The Roots of Obama's Rage", the documentary basically argues that Obama has a pro-third world view inherited from his Kenyan father, and he is


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Haroon’s Eid!

Saturday, September 1, 2012 | 11

Public Mobile Offers Unlimited Music

Mississauga: As it has been the tradition in Haroon Khan's home for almost four decades, this year too the Toronto: Just in time to head back family brought in Eid in grand style with a generous lunch to which his scores of friends from the media, to school or the office, wireless politics, police and community turned up. Photo by Sabir Gaya. provider Public Mobile has teamed up with the music industry’s major record labels, including Universal Music Canada, Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc., and Warner Montreal: An organization called, gender equal rights. But Gotop- er women?” Music Canada. The new partnerGoTopless, took its Aug.26 pro- less women have been clearly told Gary said that many people ship gives Public Mobile customtests in 30 cities worldwide, with a they’re not free to go topless like call the public exposure of female ers access to millions of songs. bold statement. men can, and that if they do, they breasts “a degradation” or “a hu- Public Mobile’s new Siren Music miliation of the women body.” As GoTopless enters its 5th will be fined and/or imprisoned.” is an unlimited mobile music expeyear of protests demanding wom- Calling this discrepancy “a “Only a perverted mindset rience that offers unlimited music en’s rights to go publicly topless, blatant double standard,” Gary thinks that exposing a female and unlimited data for one flat-rate breast is more humiliating than price. they are concerned that discrimi- gave examples. nation against bare-chested wom- “In Tel Aviv, authorities told exposing a male breast,” she said. “Public Mobile believes in GoTopless leader Sharon Aziza “Female breasts are as beautiful providing people with services that en continues worldwide. “Despite our recent victory in this week that although Israeli law as men’s and they likewise come are easy to use, convenient and afToronto, where our annual protest is vague about topless rights, fe- in all sizes. The only degradation fordable,” said CEO Alek Krstajic. has just been officially welcomed male protesters must wear full bi- that will be observed in the streets “In addition to unlimited talk, text after being forbidden last year, we kini tops or face arrest,” Gary said. on August 26 is the degradation of and data, we want our customers to still have much ground to cover “Well, what about the men? Israel male domination!” have access to unlimited music and before being granted our consti- passed a Gender Equal Rights law GoTopless is determined to that’s why we are so pleased that achieve topless equal rights world- Universal Music Canada, Sony tutional right to go bare-chested in 1951!” wherever men can,” said GoTop- “It’s appalling that even fe- wide. Music Canada and Warner Music “Gender equality is a basic hu- Canada have agreed to help us less President Nadine Gary. “Even male officials like the mayor of with laws ensuring gender equal- Asheville, North Carolina, are man right!” Gary said. do what no other Canadian wireity, women are still being arrested supporting the men who oppose The celebration march took less provider has done – provide for going topless. The govern- topless gender equality!" she said. place in Toronto at Kew Beach a combination of unlimited music ments of the United States, Israel, “They got where they are through Avenue and Lakeshore Blvd. East and unlimited data,” added KrstaFrance, the United Kingdom and gender equality. How can they (just south of Queen Street East, jic. Australia all supposedly guarantee deny that hard-earned right to oth- Toronto). “Universal Music Canada is

Right To GoTopless Protests

excited to be involved in this partnership with Public Mobile and the chance to put more music into the hands of more Canadians,” said Randy Lennox, President and CEO of Universal Music Canada. “We are delighted to partner with Public Mobile, to provide seamless accessibility to our content and engage music lovers across the nation,” commented Shane Carter, President of Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc.” “We welcome the arrival of Public Mobile’s Siren Music service. It is an exciting and innovative approach for how Canadian’s can enjoy their music on the go,” said Steve Kane, President of Warner Music Canada. With Siren Music, customers can access as much music as they’d like and never have to worry about a download cap. No other carrier in Canada offers that combination of unlimited music and unlimited data. Other carriers have per-track fees or limit your data usage. Siren is a truly mobile service that allows you to download music on the go with no computers, no syncing and no extra devices required.



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12 | Saturday, September 1, 2012



Saturday, September 1, 2012 | 13

Sukhbir Badal Cancels Punjab Housing Societies Told To Come Clean Visit To Vancouver

Vancouver: Punjab’s Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal has cancelled his upcoming visit to B.C. fearing that he may be accused of human rights violations and be subjected to legal action by pro-Khalistani forces in Canada. Badal was to attend the Canada India Agriculture and Food Processing Forum 2012 that is scheduled to take place in Vancouver on September 10-11 and later in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, on September 12-13. A reception had been planned for Badal in Vancouver to meet with local business and community members on Monday, September 10. Badal’s cancellation comes in the wake of his father and Punjab Chief minister Parkash Singh Badal being slapped with a lawsuit earlier this month during his visit to Milwaukee to families of the victims of the Wisconsin Sikh gurdwara shooting and to attend a wedding. The lawsuit by the New York-based Sikh group accused Badal senior of human rights violations by overseeing the “torture” of Sikhs in Punjab and “defending notorious police officers”. A group, called “Sikhs for Justice”, announced that, following its petition, the US District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin had served Badal senior with summons asking him to respond by the end of this month. The lawsuit prompted a meeting attended by Vikram Bajwa, President of the Indian Overseas Congress, Dr Rajwant Singh Dhillon, president of Punjab Canadian Foundation senior members of Shiromani Akali Dal, executives of Vancouver Gurdwaras and leaders of Non-Resident Indian (NRIs) bodies in the Pacific Northwest. In the meeting, the lawsuit was discussed at length and it was resolved that Badal junior should be advised to cancel his Canada visit. A joint statement issued after the meeting said, “We have to advise the Indian leaders, irrespective of political affiliations, as our responsibility being NRIs to protect India’s interests and respect in the international community. All NRIs and their organisations have a responsibility to act as ambassadors of India.” The group suggested that Punjab send

a senior administrative officer instead of Sukhbir Badal. “It is a shame that Badal has cancelled his visit to BC which would have helped improve business ties with Punjab…This is the work of the remnants of the proKhalistani separatist faction which is still quite active in Canada and the U.S.,” said a Sikh businessman in Surrey who was looking forward to meeting with Sukhbir Badal. In Canada, several groups associated with the Khalistan movement are banned as terrorist organizations. “The programme for the visit was in such an advanced stage that the State governments of British Columbia and Ontario were contacted to arrange meetings of the Deputy Chief Minister with the powers that be, there,” reported YesPunjab. The lawsuit filed in United Sates under Alien Torts Act and Torture Victims Protection Act contends that Punjab chief minister Parkash S. Badal had shielded police officials who inflicted custodial torture and were responsible for the extra judicial killings and continuous human rights violations against the Sikhs in Punjab. The lawsuit against Badal, which seeks jury trial, clearly indicates the anger of the Sikh community for appointing tainted police officer Sumedh Singh Saini as Punjab Deputy Inspector General of Police, who is on trial for killing and abduction of innocent people during the Sikh insurgency in Punjab. “Petitions are regularly filed in US and Canada under torture laws, so Sukhbir can also come under scanner of Canada law," Indian media reported, adding that Gujarat State Chief Minister Narendra Modi was denied a visa by USA, on a similar petition filed by Muslim League. "The lawsuit will raise awareness to the international community regarding the torture and extrajudicial killings of Sikhs in the state of Punjab by the security forces," said Sikhs For Justice attorney Gurpatwant Pannun. “It will send a strong message to political leaders that they will not be able to visit United States without being answerable to the international laws and the courts for their role in gross human rights violations," he added.

Chandigarh: To check malpractices and fraud in various cooperative house building societies and to make their functioning transparent, the Punjab Government has made it mandatory for the management of such committees to share information about their activities with their members through the internet, according to a report appearing in the Tribune newspaper. There are about 600 house building cooperative societies registered with the State Cooperative Department. The department is flooded with complaints against the managements of these societies. “Frauds committed by certain societies are serious. Huge sums have been siphoned and members are crying foul,” said a senior official. The Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Punjab, AS Miglani, said: “It is clear that most problems in these societies stem from lack of transparency. Hence, in the interest of the members, exercising powers under Rule 45 of the Punjab Cooperative Societies Rules, 1963, the managing committees of all housing societies have been directed to share information about their activities with their members through the internet.” Every cooperative society would have to set up a website at its own expense with a unique domain name within three months. The managing committee of the society would be responsible for regularly updating its website that would be “accessible to all members at all times”. The website would have to be updated at least once a month. It would carry the name, address, e-mail and the date of registration of the society along with the telephone number of its office. Relevant details about its members and office-bearers would also be put on the website.

It has been made mandatory to put details with regard to purchase of land, its cost and the money paid on the website as also the number of flats/plots proposed to be built and allotted along with the date on which approval has been accorded by the general body. The date of allotment of work to the contractor, completion and the total cost incurred would also be put on the site. The dates of general body meetings

held in the last three years, their agenda and the minutes of the meetings would also have to be displayed. A summary of the income and expenditure incurred by the society in a quarter of a year would have to be displayed. The audited balance sheet of the previous year would also be displayed on the website. Each member would be given complete details about his/her account and plot/flat allotted to him. It will be the joint responsibility of the president and secretary of the society to ensure that the information displayed or updated is authenticated and is duly provided in an intelligible format to the agency engaged by the society for updating and maintaining its website.

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14 | Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vikas Kohli Curates Major Arts Council Show

Mississauga: On Friday, August 24th, the Mississauga Arts Council celebrated it's 30th anniversary with a special free event at Mississauga's Celebration Square. "Huge thanks goes out to the over 100 performers, filmmakers and visual artists who made this show happen. We covered modern dance, urban music, art from Latin, Indian and Chinese cultures and more than I think anyone expected in one show. The best part is that it was just a sneak peak of the talent brewing in this city," says producer Vikas Kohli of FatLabs who curated the show. The show began at 5pm with free public film screenings on the large HD screens in the open air venue, visual arts exhibitions,

and a fine arts and crafters marketplace. At 7pm the main stage performances began with music, dance, and spoken word. In addition to the film screening and stage show, the audience witnessed visual artists creating work in the square as well as had the chance to join in and create their own sidewalk visual art pieces. The evening saw many kudos and congratulations coming from prominent figures of the community such as MPP Dipika Damerla as well as Councillors Pat Saito, Chris Fonseca, Jim Tovey, Ron Starr, and Bonnie Crombie. We also heard from Susan Burt (Director, Culture Division), Ron Lenyck (CEO, Living Arts Centre), Bohdan Shulakewych (President,

Community Events

Free English Conversation Classes - 3038 Hurontario Street (Suite # 206)- Monday to Friday - 2.45 pm to 4.45 pm Organized by India Rainbow Community Services of Peel, this free classes help you communicate with confidence. Childminding is available. Bus tickets will be provided to eligible candidates. For registration call 905 273 4932 Reading Circle - 3850 Finch Avenue E.(Finch & Kennedy) - Fridays 10 am to 11.20 am Organised by Centre for Information & Community Services of Ontario, this free, interactive, English program with songs, rhymes, word games, puppet shows and literacy activities for children aged 2 to 3 years with their parents and/ or caregivers aims to nurture reading habits of preschool children. For Enquiry / Registration call 416 293 4565 extn 103

Orientation Sessions For Children of New Immigrants - Orientation Centre, 700 Markham Street - July 3rd to 20th and August 13th to 31st - 9 am to 3 pm Conducted by the Toronto Catholic District School Board, these sessions are open to all secondary school students especially children of new immigrants through the summer. The centre will also assist families of high school applicants in locating an elementary school should they have younger peers from age 6 to 13. Students and their families should call ahead for an appointment at 416-393-5500 PakistanNOW! - Resurgence and Subversion in Art - Fourth Eye Gallery and South Asian Gallery of Art Aug 13 to Sept 7, 2012 Opening reception for this exhibition of new-modern miniature paintings by some of the leading practitioners will be held Aug 13 from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Venue: Fourth Eye Gallery - 438 Parliament Street, Unit 2, Toronto -- 416 519 6456 or 416 893 1764 or visit www.fourtheyegallery. com and South Asian Gallery of Art, 1277 Fairmeadow Trail, Oakville - 416 702 9355 or 905 825 9793 or visit Free Intro Class to Reiki Healing - The World’s Biggest Bookstore - Saturday - September 1 Stephanie Norwich, M.Ed.(Counselling Psychology), Reiki Master will make a reiki presentation followed by a healing demonstration. Topics include: What is reiki?, How it works, the history, usage/application, benefits, self treatment, the three levels of training, and steps to becoming a Licensed Holistic Practitioner. Venue: The World’s Biggest Bookstore, 20 Edward St., 2nd floor, near the French section. Close to Dundas Station. For more information call Stephanie Norwich at (416) 5318061, or, or visit : www. Lions Fundraising Gala 2012 - Grand Victoria Convention Centre - Friday 14 Sept - 7 pm Organised by Toronto Netralya Lions Club and Toronto Doctors Lions Club in support of excellence in vision research. Venue: Radisson Plaza, 175, Derry Road (E), Mississauga. For event sponsorships, corporate tables, group or individual tickets contact 416 291 4747 or 905 553 7603 or 416 838 7378 Language Classes For 2012-2013 - Middlefield Collegiate Institute - Registration Date - Saturday September 8 - 10 am to 12 pm Punjabi and Hindi with York Region District School Board for High School Students. Registration at 525 Highglen Avenue, Markham, Ontario. For further information please call 905-554-3695 Meet & Greet MG Vassanji - Brampton Library Chingcouzy (Meeting Room) - Sept 9 - 2.15 pm to 4.45 pm This event is organized to celebrate the Hindi translation of Vassanji’s novel Assassin’s Song ( Qatil Ka Geet). The author will be available for a book signing. Venue:

Brampton Library, Chingcouzy, 150 Central Park Drive

Mississauga Arts Council Board), and the organizations first executive director, Laurie Pallette, among other artists and supporters. Hosted by CityNews' Francis D'Souza, the all-ages event incorporated multidisciplinary, multicultural and collaborative stage presentations from some of the most talented artists in the city. "Having so many wonderful and talented artists come together is a true depiction of how far the Mississauga Arts Council has come over the past 30 years. And I've been able to witness the growth of the artistic community in the past decade" states Linda Thomas, current Executive Director of the Mississauga Arts Council. 

ease and organ donation while raising funds for The Kidney Foundation of Canada. For more information visit www. Moslem -Jewish Dialogue - Lawrence Heights Commu- or call Elisa Hope 1-800-387-4474 ext.4949 nity Centre - Sept 9 - 12.30 pm Reserve in advance. No Fee. Preference given to new attendees. Vegetarian snacks / drink available. Moslems can Guruvanand Swami (Guruji) Discourse - Vishnu Manregister by contacting Tariq Khan - tariqkhanteekay@hot- dir, Richmond Hill - Sunday September 23 - 10.30 am Jews can register by contacting David Nitkin - to 12 noon Venue: Lawrence Community Centre, 5 Replin Road, Toronto This is a free spiritual event. Prasad will be served. For more information visit Remembering Partition 1947: A Dialogue - Peace Lounge OISE - Sunday 3 September - 2 pm to 5 pm Literary Awards & Grand Mushaira - Double Tree by HilOrganised by InterChange GTA, to commemorate the 65th ton - Sunday - September 30 anniversary of the partition of India and Pakistan and to celebrate International Day of Peace 2012, this dialogue Free Admission and refreshments. Venue: 655 Dixon for healing and change, is conceptualized to address the Road, (Hwy 27 & Dixon, Toronto). For more informaviolence, displacement, pain and suffering of the partition. tion contact: Masood Khan 416 568 2624 Venue: Peace Lounge, 7th Floor South, OISE, 252 Bloor St W (at St. George). For more information write to commu- Contemporary Art from India - Art Toronto 2012 - cus Asia - October 26-29 Bangalore-based Gallery Sumukha is the only art gallery Indo-Israeli Musical / Cultural Evening - Tryst Night- to participate from India at the Art Toronto 2012. For more club - 6 September - 7.30 pm details visit or write to gallery@suOrganized by RANA and others, this professional net- working evening features food, music, dance and art with Shye Ben Tzur and the Rajasthan Express. Tickets: $15 on- Durga Puja - Northstar Montessori Private School - Ocline/$20 door For tickets and more information visit size- tober 27, 28 Organised by Amar Pujo Toronto in partnership with Ronal McDonald House, Toronto for food and fund-raising drive. Gift Of Life Walk - Erindale Park - Picnic Area E - Sun- Venue: Northstar Montessori Private School, 4900 Tomken day September 23 - 10 am onwards Road, Mississauga. For more details visit www.amarpujoThis walk is organized to raise awareness of kidney dis-

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Saturday, September 1, 2012 | 15

Indian Air Force Loses Nine Men As Choppers Collide

Ahmedabad/New Delhi: Nine defence personnel, including five officers, were killed Thursday when two Indian Air Force (IAF) helicopters collided mid-air near Jamnagar in Gujarat, in one of the worst such accidents in recent years, an official said.
The collision at the Sarmat range near Jamnagar, about 275 km from Ahmedabad, took place at 12.05 p.m. while two Russian-origin Mi-17 cargo choppers of the air force were on a training mission. All those killed belonged to the air force.
The crash occurred shortly after the choppers took off from the Jamnagar airbase.
“Two Mi17 IAF helicopters crashed near Sarmat range in Gujarat Aug 30 at about 12.05 p.m. The helicopters had taken off from Jamnagar airbase and were on a routine flying training mission. There were nine personnel on board and all succumbed to injuries,” IAF spokesperson Wing Commander Gerard Galway said in a statement in

New Delhi, adding, “An inquiry has been ordered to investigate the cause of the accident.”
On board the ill-fated choppers were five officers and four men of other ranks, defence sources said. Among them were three wing commanders, a squadron leader, a flying officer, a junior commissioned officer and three sergeants.
However, names of the deceased are being withheld till the next of kin are informed.
In fact, the tragedy was compounded

by the fact that three of the officers were among the best IAF chopper pilots, with nearly 15 years of flying experience each.
Also, they belonged to a key IAF formation called the Tactical and Air Combat Development Establishment (TACDE), an institution like the US Navy’s ‘Top Gun’ school. TACDE develops the IAF’s combat flying and concepts and only the best of pilots with advanced flying skills are sent there for

The choppers, according to information reaching New Delhi, were flying close to each other when their rotor blades came in contact, causing the accident.
The two helicopters, sources said, were flying in a formation when the overhead rotor blades of one chopper hit the tail rotor blades of the other, which was flying ahead of it.
The rotors of the Mi-17IV choppers are usually about 22 metres in diameter and for that reason, two choppers flying in formation maintain a proximity of about 50 metres between them, IAF officers said.
The training mission involved flying at such proximity, they said. “We cannot remember any such accident in recent years and the loss of nine personnel, that too some top notch pilots, in one go, is a big loss,” an officer added.
Defence Minister A.K. Antony expressed deep sorrow at the accident and in a statement conveyed condolences to the bereaved families.

Kasab Unaware Of Supreme Court Verdict

Mumbai: Even though a day has passed since the Supreme Court upheld Ajmal Kasab's death sentence, the jailed Pakistani terrorist remains unaware of his fate, a prison official said Thursday. "We think it is not advisable to communicate the Supreme Court verdict to Kasab yet. We have not received the hard copy of the judgment papers and hence the decision," A.C. Rane, superin-

tendent of high-security Arthur Road Jail here said.
Rane said it was important that the verdict was served to Kasab in an appropriate manner by the jail authorities. "As jail officials, it is our responsibility to serve him the verdict and tell him about his fate. What is the point in telling him now when we don't even have the copy of the verdict?" he said.
Rane said once he received the copy of the

verdict, he would hand it over to Kasab and also take his signature on the receipt. "However, I cannot be sure when the copy will arrive," he said.
The Supreme Court Wednesday upheld the death sentence of Kasab, the only Pakistani terrorist caught alive after the 26/11 Mumbai strike that claimed 166 lives, saying he never showed any remorse.
Kasab, one of the 10 Pakistanis who sneaked into

Parliament Adjourned For 7th Day Over ‘Quit PM’ Demand

New Delhi: Both houses of parliament were adjourned amid uproar for the seventh successive day Thursday as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) persisted with its demand for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's resignation over coal block allocations.
When the two houses met at noon after an earlier adjournment, the Lok Sabha was adjourned for the day after transacting some business amid the din. The Rajya Sabha also conducted some business before it was first adjourned till 2 p.m. and then for the day.
The Lok Sabha passed the Chemical Weapons Convention (Amendment) Bill, 2012 and AIIMS (Amendment) Bill 2012 before adjourning for the day.
BJP members were on their feet in both houses demanding the prime minister's resignation over the Comptroller and Auditor General's (CAG) report on coal block allocation.
The BJP has been forcing adjournments of the house since last week over this demand. It has also sought cancellation of the coal block allotments on the basis of the CAG report and an inquiry by a special investigation team into the allocations.
The BJP and Congress have been going hammer and tongs at each other during this stalemate. The efforts of presiding officers to break the logjam have not yielded results. 
The Samajwadi Party, the Communist Party of India, the Communist Party of India-Marxist and the Telugu Desam Party Thursday came together to press for normal functioning of the two houses as also a probe by a sitting Supreme Court judge into the coal block allocations.
Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav, CPI-M leader Basudeb Acharia, CPI's Gurudas Dasgupta and TDP's Nama Nageswara Rao told mediapersons that they would stage a demonstration in parliament house complex Friday to press their demands.

Mumbai on the night of Nov 26, 2008, for a terror strike in the city that ended on Nov 29 afternoon, had moved the apex court challenging the death sentence awarded to him by a trial court, which was later confirmed by the Bombay High Court.
The apex court rejected Kasab's contention that the terror attack was a war against the government of India and not against people.

Rs.70 Crore Liquor Sold On Onam Days

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala saw Rs.70 crore worth of liquor sales during the two Onam days Tuesday and Wednesday.
An official from the excise department said sales on the first day of Onam totalled Rs.34 crore and Rs.24 crore the next day. "The figures are still coming in. It could be certainly close to Rs.70 crore during the two days," said the official.
While the entire state has a holiday on these two Onam days, the only establishments open are the sales outlets of the Kerala State Beverages Corp, the sole wholesalers of liquor in the state.
Liquor in Kerala is sold through 708 bar hotels and 383 state-owned retail outlets.
Rum remains the most preferred drink, accounting for more than 55 percent followed by brandy (close to 40 percent) and Vodka (four percent). Gin, whisky and wine account for the rest.
Sales of liquor in the last fiscal crossed a record Rs.7,000 crore and the revenue to the state government by way of taxes crossed Rs.6,000 crore.
This fiscal the sales are expected to cross Rs.8,000 crore and the state exchequer will get more than Rs.7,000 crore.

16 | Saturday, September 1, 2012



SC Lauds Exposure Of Falsehood In Mumbai Attacks

New Delhi: Referring to the "deception" and "falsehood" that the terrorists involved in Mumbai attacks were Indian Muslims from Hyderabad, the Supreme Court Wednesday said that had Kasab not been caught alive, terrorists might have passed as Indians and that would have led to devastating short-term and long-term consequences.
"The deception, the falsehood that the terrorists were Indian Muslims coming from Hyderabad and were connected with some fictitious organisations called Mujaheddin and Hyderabad Deccan, is one of the most ominous and distressing parts of the conspiracy", said the apex court bench of Justice Aftab Alam and Justice C.K. Prasad, which upheld Ajmal Kasab's death sentence.
"If the appellant (Kasab) had not been caught alive and the investigating agencies had not been able to unravel the conspiracy fully and in all its devious ways, the terrorists might have passed as Indian Muslims and that would have led to devastating shortterm and equally debilitating long-

term consequences." 
"It would have caused a cleavage of distrust and suspicion between communities and disturbed the communal peace and harmony of the country. It is not impossible that conflagrations would have erupted in different parts of the country which the governments would have found difficult to contain," said Justice Alam, who authored the judgment.
The court said that in this regard, "the selection of

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) as one of the targets for carnage assumes great importance". Trains, the judgment said, leave for many parts of the country from the CST.
Thus, as news of the carnage spread across the country through the media, travellers would start arriving in different parts of the country, some having lost their near and dear ones at the CST, some with a wounded companion and others shell-shocked by

Shiv Sena Demands Public Hanging For Kasab

Saturday, September 1, 2012 | 17

the experience of the terrorist attack, the judgment observed.
"Their first-hand, eye-witness accounts of the carnage added to reports in the print media and visuals in the electronic media could be highly inflammable and could easily evoke communal violence that would be difficult to contain," the judgment said.
The court said that the "deception was ominous because it aimed at destabilising Indian society and its governments. But it was equally distressing for being so deeply untruthful."
 "Indian Muslims", the judgment said "may have a long list of grievances against the establishment. Some of the grievances may be fanciful, some may be of their own making and some may be substantive". 
"Nevertheless, no Indian Muslim would even think of venting his grievance like an animal, killing, maiming and wounding innocent people; his own countrymen."
"This is because he is not only loyal to his faith and community but equally loves his country and fellow countrymen," the judgment underlined.

‘I Will Die But Won’t Grab Land’

Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Thursday said she would rather die than grab land forcibly for projects.
Addressing a meeting at Itahar of North Dinajpur district, about 400 km from here, she said the Trinamool Congress' stand on the issue was decided in 2006 when she undertook a 26-day fast demanding the return of 400 acres to the farmers.
"I almost died when I undertook that hunger strike. But I did not give in. So our policy on land acquisition was decided at that time," Banerjee said, adding, "We will not acquire land at gunpoint. I will prefer death to taking land forcibly from farmers."
The trigger for Banerjee's comments was the repeated criticism by Congress MP Deepa Dasmunshi that the government was against acquiring land for setting up a hospital in Raiganj of North Dinajpur. 
Banerjee said: "I don't have any problem in setting up a hospital at Raiganj. But first those who are criticising me should arrange for 100 acres. We are not going to take the land by using force."

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Mumbai: Shiv Sena executive president Uddhav Thackeray Wednesday demanded public hanging for Ajmal Kasab, the only Pakistani terrorist caught alive after the 26/11 Mumbai strike that claimed 166 lives.
He also wanted to know why Afzal Guru, a 2001 parliament attack convict on death row, should not be hanged immediately. "Why should enemies of the state be shown any mercy or leniency?," Thackeray demanded after the Supreme Court upheld the death sentence awarded to Kasab.
Maharashtra Home Minister R.R. Patil hoped that the Supreme Court verdict would be "implemented as early as possible" and lauded the role played by Indian Police Service officer Rakesh Maria, the anti-terrorism squad and other state and central agencies which helped investigate the case.
Joint Police Commissioner Himanshu Roy termed the apex court verdict as "an important milestone in the fight against terrorism" and vowed that the Mumbai police's war against terror would continue as ever.
He also remembered the martyrs of the 26/11 terror attacks and said that the day's development would not have been possible if Kasab had not been nabbed alive by the officers who sacrificed their lives in the process.
Yasmin, the wife of co-accused Faheem Ansari whose acquittal was upheld by the apex court, expressed happiness over the development. "The terror tag on him has been erased," Yasmin, with tears of joy trickling, told reporters.
Ansari, along with Sabauddin Ahmed, who were alleged to be the conspirators in the 26/11 attack, were earlier acquitted by the special trial court and the Bombay High Court.

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18 | Saturday, September 1, 2012

How Much Of Global Obesity Can Be Blamed On Edison?

London: The light bulb may have been a boon bestowed by Thomas Edison, but he would never have imagined its contribution to the global obesity epidemic. By allowing us to work, rest and play round-the-clock, the bulb has also caused disruption of circadian rhythms and caused obesity.
Circadian rhythms include the sleep-wake cycle. Rhythms in hormone release are controlled by a molecular clock present in every cell of the body, which has its own inbuilt, default rhythm of almost exactly 24 hours that allows it to stay finely tuned to the daily cycle generated by the rotation of Earth.
This beautiful symmetry between the human clock and the daily cycle of Earth's rotation is disrupted by exposure to artificial light cycles, by irregular meals and work and sleep times. This mismatch is called "circadian desynchrony", the journal "Bioessays" reports.
Cathy Wyse, author of the research paper and chronobiologist at the University of Aberdeen, focuses on how the human clock struggles to stay in tune with the irregular meal, sleep and work schedules of the developed world, and how this might influence health and even cause obesity. "Electric light allowed humans to override an ancient synchronization between the rhythm of the human clock and the environment, and over the last century, daily rhythms in meal, sleep and working times

have gradually disappeared from our lives," said Wyse, adding, "The human clock struggles to remain tuned to our highly irregular lifestyles, and I believe that this causes metabolic and other health problems, and makes us more likely to become obese. Studies in microbes, plants and animals have shown that synchronization of the internal clock with environmental rhythms is important for health and survival, and it is highly likely that this is true in humans as well." 

‘Crater Wall On Lunar Surface Holds Ice’

Powerful Earthquake Rocks Eastern Greenland

believes that circadian desynchrony affects human health by disrupting the systems in the brain that regulate metabolism, leading to an increased likelihood of developing obesity and diabetes. "The reason for the relatively sudden increase in global obesity in the developed world seems to be more complicated than simply just diet and physical activity. There are other factors involved, and circadian desynchrony is one that deserves further attention," Wyse concluded.

What is your

Copenhagen: An earthquake measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale rocked the sea area off the eastern coast of Greenland Thursday, said the US Geological Survey, reported Xinhua.
The epicentre, with a depth of 8.6 km, was 428 km off the north-eastern coast of Greenland. The quake occurred at 1.43 p.m. GMT. The earthquake was initially measured at 7.0 on the Richter scale, said Danish broadcaster TV2 citing the US Geological Survey.
Greenland is a selfgoverning territory of Denmark located within the Arctic Circle.

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Business loan up to $500K for startup or expansion Real Estate loan for upto 90% of the value Short term loan or line of credit for growing your business Leases for the machinery and equipment London: Small patches of ice make up five to 10 percent of material in walls of the permanently shadowed Shackleton crater, located near the lunar south pole, as due to a small tilt in the lunar spin its interior is permanently dark and very cold, a study says.
Scientists using the Mini-RF radar on NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) have estimated the ice percentage by weight, according to the team led by Bradley Thomson at Boston University's Centre for Remote Sensing.
The small tilt of the lunar spin axis means Shackleton's interior is permanently dark and very cold. Researchers have long thought that ice might collect there. "These terrific results from the Mini-RF team contribute to the evolving story of water on the moon," says LRO's deputy project scientist, John Keller of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre, the Geophysical Research Letters report.
"Several of the instruments on LRO have made unique contributions to this story, but only the radar penetrates beneath the surface to look for signatures of blocky ice deposits," adds Keller.
These are the first orbital radar measurements of Shackleton crater. The observations are consistent with the presence of small amounts of ice in the rough inner wall slopes of the crater, says Thomson and colleagues, according to a Boston statement. "The interior of this crater lies in permanent shadow and is a 'cold trap' -- a place cold enough to permit ice to accumulate," Mini-RF's principal investigator, Ben Bussey of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab says, adding, "The radar results are consistent with the interior of Shackleton containing a few percent ice mixed into the dry lunar soil."

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Saturday, September 1, 2012 | 19

Not Hankering After n-Weapons, Says Iran

Tehran: Holding that Iran was not hankering after nuclear weapons, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Thursday condemned the efforts of a few world powers - the very ones who had used such weapons - to monopolise civilian nuclear technology.
He also warned that the sanctions against the country to curb its nuclear programme would backfire against those that had imposed them.
Inaugurating the 16th summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) here, the Ayatollah also launched a blistering attack on the US for misusing the UN to bully the world, even as he called for reforming the movement itself to make it more relevant to the current global economic and strategic scenario. "The Islamic Republic of Iran condemns use of nuclear and chemical weapons and the like as an unforgiveable sin, and we have raised the slogan of a Middle East Free from Nuclear Weapons and we are committed to it," Khamenei maintained.
This did not mean Iran would ignore the right to the use of peaceful nuclear energy, he said. "According to the international rules, use of the civilian nuclear technology is the right of all the world countries. Every-

one should be entitled to make use of this safe energy for various vital purposes for their country and nation and should not depend on others for putting this right into effect," he contended.
In this context, he blasted "a few Western countries which possess nuclear weapons" for seeking to monopolise the ability (of others) to produce nuclear fuel.
"A stealthy move has started to bring production and sales of nuclear fuel to centres under international titles, but actually under the claws of a few Western countries to keep it there forever," he said, warning, "The bitter sarcasm of our time is that the US administration, which has the most and most lethal nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction and is the only one which has committed utilising them, wants today to raise and bear the flag of opposition to nuclear proliferation." 
The Ayatollah also shrugged off the sanctions imposed on Iran by western nations in a bid to curb its nuclear programme. "The sanctions, which were regarded as paralysing by nonsensical commentators, not only did not and will not paralyse us, but have made our steps steadier, elevated our resolve and strengthened our confidence in

Republicans Declare India Geopolitical Ally

Washington: As Mitt Romney officially clinched the Republican presidential nomination, the party declared India a "geopolitical ally and a strategic trading partner", much like the current occupant of the White House, Democrat Barack Obama.
Indicating the bipartisan support that US-India relationship enjoys, the party platform released Tuesday at its national convention in Tampa, Florida, said: "We welcome a stronger relationship with the world's largest democracy, India, both economic and cultural, as well as in terms of national security."
As it affirmed and declared "that India is our geopolitical ally and a strategic trading partner", it also encouraged "India to permit greater foreign investment and trade" and urged "protection for adherents of all India's religions".
Recognising the growing political clout of the three million strong Indian-American community, the platform took note with pride "both as Republicans and as Americans, the contributions to this country that are being made by our fellow citizens of Indian ancestry".
Turning to other nations in South Asia, the Republican platform noted "the aftermath of the last decade's conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan has put enormous pressure on the political and military infrastructure of Pakistan, which faces both internal terrorism and external dangers".
Seeking to repair the often tense ties with the key ally, it said: "The working relationship between our two countries is a necessary, though sometimes difficult, benefit to both, and we look toward the renewal of historic ties that have frayed under the weight of international conflict."
At the same time, the platform said, "The US should expect the Pakistan government to sever any connection between its security and intelligence forces and the insurgents. No Pakistani citizen should be punished for helping the United States against the terrorists," in reference to a Pakistani doctor, who helped the US track down slain Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to his Abbottabad hideout.
Criticising Obama's decision to withdraw 30,000 "surge" troops from Afghanistan, it said: "Future decisions by a Republican president will never subordinate military necessity to domestic politics or an artificial timetable."
Under a Republican presidency the US will welcome "the emergence of a peaceful and prosperous China", and "even more the development of a democratic China", it said suggesting China's "rulers have discovered that economic freedom leads to national wealth".

the correctness of our analyses and the inborn capacities of our nation. We have with our own eyes repeatedly witnessed divine assistance in these challenges," he said.
He also accused the US of twisting the UN to its own ends. "The UN Security Council has an illogical, unjust and completely undemocratic structure and mechanism. This is a flagrant form of dictatorship, which is antiquated and obsolete and whose expiry date has passed. 
"It is through abusing this improper mechanism that America and its accomplices have managed to disguise their bullying as noble concepts and impose it on the world," Khamenei

The US and its allies, he said, protect the interests of the West in the name of "human rights"; they interfere militarily in other countries in the name of "democracy"; they target defenceless people in villages and cities with their bombs and weapons in the name of combating terrorism. "From their perspective, humanity is divided into first, second and third-class citizens. Human life is considered cheap in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and expensive in America and Western Europe. 
"The security of America and Europe is considered important, while the security of the rest of humanity is considered unimport-

ant. Torture and assassination are permissible and completely ignored if they are carried out by America, the Zionists and their puppets," the Ayatollah said.
"They and their western partners have equipped the usurper Zionist regime with nuclear weapons and posed a big threat to this sensitive region, while this very deceitful collection (of countries) do not stand the peaceful use of the nuclear energy for independent nations and use all their possibilities to clash with the production of nuclear fuel for radiomedicines and other peaceful humanitarian uses," he said.
Where then, did the solution lie? In strengthening NAM, Khamenei said. "We can help improve the 'political productivity' of the Non-Aligned Movement in global governance. We can prepare a historic document aimed to bring about a change in this governance and to provide for its administrative tools," he said.
"We can plan for effective economic cooperation and define paradigms for cultural relationships among ourselves. Undoubtedly, establishing an active and motivated secretariat for this organization will be a great and significant help in achieving these goals," Khamenei added.

20 | Saturday, September 1, 2012

bus i n e ss

‘With Power Losses Of $40 Bn, India Needs Periodic Tariff Hikes’

New Delhi: India's power distribution firms have accumulated losses worth a whopping $40 billion, which requires staggered hikes in tariff to ensure their sustainability, a top expert in the field said here Thursday. "India needs graded doses of power tariff increase to ensure distribution companies do not fail," former power secretary Anil Razdan said while addressing a conference on "Ensuring India's Power Future".
According to him, such large losses arose from aggregate technical and commercial losses (AT and C) and low power tariffs. "Currently cumulative distribution losses amount to Rs.200,000 crore. Only last year's losses came to Rs.39,000Rs.40,000 crore."
 These losses, which are the sum of technical and commercial losses, and the shortage due to non-realisation of total billed amount, currently amount to 26 percent, and according to Razdan, these are urgently required to be cut to 15 percent.
Certain states have up to 50 percent power loss on account of AT and C losses, he said and suggested a specific increase

of power tariff to Rs.7 per unit from the prevailing around Rs.3 per unit.
The former bureaucrat's comments come against the backdrop of a massive power outage in India end-July for hours on end,

India’s Domestic Aviation Sector Worst Performer Globally

that halted train and metro services and disrupted life across 20 states. As many as many 600 million people were affected. 
 Warning about a future scenario if there are no reforms, Razdan said that "nopower" was more expensive than "priced" power.
Speaking earlier, Leena Srivastava, executive director for operations, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), which had organised the two-day power conference, said that there was very little choice for the country other than increasing energy efficiency. "Besides energy efficiency, the renewable energy mix in power generation will need to go up to 30-40 percent by 2030", Srivastava said. 
Meanwhile, India's Attorney General G.E. Vahanvati has opined that the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has the authority to revise or regulate tariffs adopted, based on competitive bidding.
Many private power producers are keen to renegotiate the tariffs following the sudden hike in coal prices in major producing countries such as Australia, South Africa and Indonesia.



ifi ert



99 O2

New Delhi: India's civil aviation sector was the worst performer globally in July as the domestic passenger traffic contracted 1.1 percent year-on-year, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said Thursday. "After expanding at 20 percent plus rates through 2010 and early 2011, the Indian market stopped growing at the end of 2011," IATA said, adding that the contraction was due to a combination of many factors, including a slowdown in the economy. 
"The uncertain economic outlook is having a negative impact on demand for air transport," Tony Tyler, director general and chief executive of IATA, said in a statement.
The demand-supply gap too widened in the month under review as 2.1 percent more capacity was added which reduced the average load factors of the domestic carriers to 69.6 percent from 71.8 percent in the corresponding period of last year.
According to the country's aviation regulator, the domestic air passenger traffic fell 9.93 percent for the third straight month in July, which stood at 45.37 lakh from 50.37 lakh travellers in the corresponding month of last year. 
The passenger traffic on the month-on-month basis fell 11.17 percent in July at 45.37 lakh from 51.08 lakh travellers in June 2012.
However, international passenger demand in July increased by 3.5 percent compared to the year-ago period. International load factors remained healthy at 83.3 percent.

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‘India, Iran Should Address Trade Imbalance’

need for Iran to import more, and particularly “resume imports of Indian wheat,” an Indian government source said.
At $15 billion, two-way trade between the two countries is heavily tilted in favour of Iran, which exports goods, mainly oil, worth $12.5 billion and imports goods worth only $2.5 billion.
During their hour-long talks, the two leaders reviewed their bilateral ties and emphasised on increasing their economic and trade relations.
They also welcomed the decision to hold the next meeting of the India-Iran Joint Commission at the foreign ministers’ level in November in Tehran, the sources said.
On the question of India’s nuclear programme, Manmohan Singh expressed hope that Iran would work within the parameters of the P5+1 dialogue and “hoped the recent negotiations would yield positive results in the interest of peace and security in the region”, the source said.
The two leaders also discussed the recent developments in the region and beyond, with particular emphasis on the situation in Afghanistan, Syria and Middle East.
Much the same views were expressed during Manmohan Singh’s 40-minute meeting with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, with both leaders underlinSingh, who is here for the Non-Aligned Movement ing the close, vibrant and cultural links between the Green&Spiegel:Layout 1 10-07-15 9:06 PM Page 1 Summit, referred to trade imbalance and spoke of the two countries.

Saturday, September 1, 2012 | 21

India’s Gold Imports Drop By 18.4% April-June

Tehran: India and Iran should address their trade imbalance, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said here Wednesday even as the two sides stressed increasing bilateral and trilateral cooperation to develop the Chahbahar port as the gateway to Afghanistan and Central Asia.
During his talks with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Manmohan

Ansuman Das Takes Over As NALCO Chairman

New Delhi: Gold imports in India fell by 18.4 percent to Rs.71,912 crore in the first quarter of the current financial year, largely due to a sharp increase in prices, the government data showed Thursday.
The value of import of gold during April-June 2012 is Rs.71,912 crore, which is 18.4 percent lower than the imports recorded during the corresponding period of last year, Minister of State for Commerce and Industry Jyotiraditya Scindia said in written reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha.
Scindia said imports of the yellow metal might have declined due to a combination of factors. “Volume of import of any commodity, including gold, depends on many factors which include domestic demand, international and domestic prices, exchange rate, duty rates etc.,” he said. 
Asked whether the government was taking any steps to increase gold imports, Scindia said, “Import of gold, except for monetary purposes, is free. However, it is subject to RBI regulations. There is no proposal to change this policy.”

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Das has graduated in mechanical engineering from Rourkela engineering college (now National Institute of Technology) in Odisha and has done his master in business administration (MBA) from University of Hull, Britain.
He started his career with the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and joined Nalco in 1982. He was instrumental in formation of various marketing policies and strategies both for domestic and overseas sales and launching almost all the value added products of Nalco.

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22 | Saturday, September 1, 2012

s p o rt s

Khel Ratna For Vijay, Yogeshwar

New Delhi: Olympic medallists Vijay Kumar and Yogeshwar Dutt were conferred with the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award by President Pranab Mukherjee while a record 25 athletes were honoured with the Arjuna Award.
Pistol shooter Vijay, who won the silver medal, and wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt, a bronze medallist, were awarded the country's highest sporting honour for their sterling performance in the London Olympic Games. The award carries a statuette, citation and cash prize of Rs.7.5 lakh each.
For the first time, an unprecedented 25 athletes were given the Arjuna Award since this was the Olympic year. The award carries a statuette, citation and enhanced cash prize of Rs.5 lakh each.
The sportspersons are as follows:
Cricketer Yuvraj Singh, who has recovered from cancer, and para athlete Deepa Malik were among those who were awarded with the Arjuna Award. But the loudest applause was reserved for Deepa and another paralympics athlete, Ramkaran Singh. "I am deeply honoured by this award. Paralympics is a very underrated event and

I hope now that people will take more interest," said Deepa.
The president also gave away Dronacharya Awards to eight coaches in recognition of their meritorious achievements in the field of coaching. The award carries a statuette, citation and enhanced cash prize of Rs.5 lakh each.
Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna: Vijay Kumar (shooting),

No Indian In ICC Test Team

Colombo: No Indian cricketer found a place in the International Cricket Council's (ICC) Test Team of the Year announced Thursday.
The team announcement was made by ICC Chief Executive David Richardson at the media conference for the short-lists for the ICC Awards here Sep 15.
Six countries are represented in the 12-man line-up and South Africa's Dale Steyn earned a place in the side for the fifth successive year. The team was chosen by a specially-appointed selection panel chaired by West Indian batting legend Clive Lloyd.
It is the third year in a row that South Africa's Hashim Amla and Jacques Kallis and Sri Lanka's Kumar Sangakkara feature in the side, while England's Alastair Cook and Stuart Broad appear for the second year in a row.
Australia's current captain, Michael Clarke, is named as captain of the team.
Clive Lloyd said: "It is always tough to decide on the Test team with so many worthy candidates to consider based on performances between Aug 4, 2011 to Aug 6, 2012. The team once again has a strong batting line-up, while the bowlers are a tough combination of pace and spin who could dismiss any line-up on any surface."
Lloyd was joined on the panel by former Sri Lanka batsman Marvan Attapatu, former England women's captain Clare Connor, former West Indies all-rounder Carl Hooper and Australia's World Cup winner Tom Moody. The ICC Test Team of the Year is (in batting order):

Alastair Cook (Eng)
Hashim Amla (SA)
Kumar Sangakkara (SL)
Jacques Kallis (SA)
Michael Clarke (Aus, captain)
Shivnarine Chanderpaul (WI)
Matt Prior (Eng - wicketkeeper)
Stuart Broad (Eng)
Saeed Ajmal (Pak)
Vernon Philander (SA)
Dale Steyn (SA)
12th Man - AB de Villiers (SA)

Yogeshwar Dutt (wrestler).
Dronacharya: Virender Poonia (athletics), Sunil Dabas (kabaddi women), Yashvir Singh (wrestling), Harendra Singh (hockey), Satyapal Singh (para sports ahletics), J.S. Bhatia (athletics), Bhawani Mukherjee (table tennis), and B.I. Fernandez (boxing).
Arjuna Award: Deepika Kumari (archery), Laish-



ram Bombayla Devi (archery), Sudha Singh (athletics), Kavita Ramdas Raut (athletics), Ashwani Ponnappa (badminton), Parupalli Kashyap (badminton), Aditya Mehta (billiards and snooker), Vikas Krishan (boxing), Yuvraj Singh (cricket), Sardar Singh (hockey), Yashpal Solanki (judo), Anup Kumar (kabaddi), Samir Suhag (polo), Annu Raj Singh (shooting), Omkar Singh (shooting), Joydeep Karmakar (shooting), Deepika Pallikal (squash), Sandeep Sejwal (swimming), Sonia Chanu (weightlifting), Narsingh Yadav (wrestling), Rajinder Kumar (wrestling), Geeta Phogat (wrestling), Bimoljit Singh (wushu), Deepa Malik (athletics paralympics), and Ramkaran Singh (athletics paralympics).
 Dhyanchand Award: Jagraj Singh Mann (athletics), Gundeep Kumar (hockey), Vinod Kumar (wrestling), and Sukhbir Singh Tokas (para-sports).
Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar: Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL), Railway Sports Promotion Board (RSPB), and Services Sports Control Board (SSCB).





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Kiwi Captain Taylor Aims To Forget Defeat, Move On

Bangalore: New Zealand captain Ross Taylor said that his boys have to forget their huge defeat in the first Test as they brace up to take on India in the second Test starting here Friday.
The Kiwis had suffered a shocking defeat in the first Test by an innings and 115 runs at Hyderabad August 26. "We have to forget the defeat quickly and move on to the next game. At the team meeting, we have decided to fight back and are working hard to play against spin this time. It is never easy losing a Test match by an innings. We will attack the spinners as we have nothing to lose," Ross Taylor told reporters Thursday at a pre-match press conference here.
Admitting that it was tough playing against a strong team like India in India as the conditions were favourable to the home team, Taylor said the team had devised a strategy to tackle the Indian spin duo Ravichandran Ashwin and Pragyan Ojha to stay in the contest and try to level the two-Test series. "We have to be brave and courageous to launch an attack and put pressure on them (spinners). Then the other batsmen can bat confidentially," Taylor asserted.
Ashwin and Ojha took 18 wickets between them in the Hyderabad Test, with the Tamil Nadu offie picking up dozen in both innings.
Hinting that there would be no change in the batting order so as to give another chance for those who played in the first Test, Taylor said they would get another

opportunity to perform and fight back.
Echoing Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Taylor said the first session would be important for both teams as it would test the ability and strength of the players with bat or ball. "We have experienced in the last three-four Tests that it takes one bad session to ruin a match. We don't want to look too far ahead. We want to take Test by Test and session by session," Taylor observed.
Noting that it was too early to gauge the pitch and how it would behave as the game progressed, Taylor said the wicket condition would depend on the weather as it had been raining in Bangalore

over the days with an overcast sky most of the time. "We have to see how much sun the pitch gets as it has been mostly cloudy since we landed here Tuesday and started practicing Wednesday. Though it (pitch) looks hard at top, it could be soft beneath. It is bound to change depending on the weather we get during the match," Taylor pointed out.
On his batting form as he scored only two hundreds in the last 30 Test innings, Taylor said though it was not great, he felt he was not far away from making big runs as he was working hard to bat well and stay at the pitch for longer.
Asked for his comments on the criticism

Saturday, September 1, 2012 | 23

of former New Zealand coach Mark Greatbatch that the Kiwis failed to play spinners in the sub-continent despite specialised training on how to play them back home, Taylor said there were no two opinions on the need to tackle spinners if they had to win in the sub-continent. "We are great critics of ourselves. I am also too critical about myself. I am disappointed over how I have played and I would like to improve in the next innings," he quipped.
The Kiwis are hoping to level the series by taking advantage of the damp pitch and its green tinge if the weather continues to remain inclement and the sky overcast.

‘I Have Opened Doors For Other Women Wrestlers’ New Delhi: Geeta Phogat, the first female wrestler from India to qualify for the Olympics, Wednesday felt that she had opened doors for women wrestlers of the country to excel in the sport.
Geeta participated in the London Olympics in the 55kg freestyle category but was unable to win a medal. "When Sushil (Kumar) won a bronze in Beijing, people took notice and their interest grew in the sport. I feel my participation has opened doors for other women to ome into the sport," said a delighted Geeta after receiving the Arjuna Award at Rashtrapathi Bhavan.
 Geeta, who also became India's first ever gold medallist in women's wrestling at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, said that receiving the award from President Pranab Mukherjee has inspired her to achieve greater things in life. "I am in the presence of such great people. This has given me the motivation to do better things and I will strive to get a medal at the next Olympics," she said.
The wrestler praised the sports ministry for the support. "We were given a lot of support and I want to thank the sports ministry. They sent us abroad to train with the top level athletes and I feel this is the way forward. Wrestling is a sport that is growing by the day. We have great infrastructure setup for budding wrestlers to thrive in. The facility in Patiala is worldclass and these sort of things will go a long way into popularising the sport."

south asia

24 | Saturday, September 1, 2012

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voice automobile Saturday, September 1, 2012

Section B

Lexus GS450h

page 4

2013 Ram 1500 V6 Most Fuel Efficient In Its segment?

page 6

-By Nauman Farooq Japanese luxury car firm Lexus, which is the premium brand for Toyota, has had a few ups and downs in recent years. However, the brand is putting all the downs behind them as they look towards the future with newer models. One of their latest offerings is the GS-line for 2013. This is an all-new model and takes over from one of the best models it had ever produced. But the question is, is it better than the model it replaces (which I happened to like a lot)? I got the chance to find out at an event held by Lexus in Scarborough, ON. While they had most of their new models on hand at this event (more about which you'll read next week), the one I wanted to try out the most was the GS450h. Why this model? Because the last GS450h was one of my favorite Lexus models, and I wanted to see if they managed to improve on it.

From the styling point of view, I'm not so sure. I find the new face of Lexus cars, with their spindle grille a bit too dramatic, and then the rest of the body looks very tame and featureless in comparison. I think the older car had a more el-

egant look. However if you wish to be noticed, the new car (which has a face that resembles the alien creature from the 'Predator' movies) will get you plenty of attention. Open the door, and instantly the new interior gets an edge over

the older model. The design is much more luxurious and packs even more technology. The main highlight inside is the 12.3-inch LCD display which houses most of the vehicle's functions. Thanks to Continued on page 2...

Porche Unveils New 911 Carrera 4 and 4S

B-2 | Saturday, September 1, 2012

Continued from page 1... the clarity of this screen, everything is easy to read. However, the computer mouse-style knob that allows you to go through this car's many menu functions, takes some getting used to. It is not as intuitive as some rival systems. Another detail I liked inside the GS450h is the way they have designed the wood and placed a very high-end clock on the dashboard. It seems Lexus got their inspiration from luxury yachts, which is always a good thing. So be in no doubt, you will feel rich just being in this car, as long as you're in the front seats. Jump in the back, and I was disappointed that there was no space for my feet to go. Well-thought-out interiors have space for your feet to go under the front seats, which makes riding in the back much more comfortable. This sadly didn't have that, so if you have adults to carry around on a regular basis, this is not an ideal car for the job. As for carrying items, the trunk in the new GS450h is somewhat larger than the model it replaces, so you can carry more groceries home. Getting home means you have to drive, so how does it drive?

a u to n e w s

Lexus GS450h

Well my drive at this event was far too short to get a proper feel of the car, but it displayed that it is very smooth, very quick, and handles quite well. Power is fed to the rear-wheels via a CVT automatic gearbox. The engine itself hasn't changed much. It is still a 3.5-liter,

V6 engine, plus an electric motor which still runs on a nickel-metal hydride battery pack (unfortunately not a lithium-ion battery pack). Net output is 338-hp; down 1-hp from the previous model, but fuel economy is said to have improved. The new model is said to average 6.5-liters/100km in the city,

and 6.2-liters/100km on the highway (a 30% improvement in economy according to Lexus over the model it replaces). Since I haven't spent a week in one yet, I'm not sure what the actual numbers will be like at this moment. Part of the reason for the fuel economy improvements according to Lexus is their Atkinson cycle combustion system, which allows for better breathing for the internalcombustion engine, making it more frugal. Just because it's frugal doesn't mean it's not fast, this hybrid luxury sedan can sprint from 0-100km/h in just 5.7 seconds, that would be respectable for many sports cars. Given its fully independent suspension geometry and a modern chassis set-up, it handles as well as you would expect from a luxury car of this caliber. I just wish the steering had a bit more feel. However, if all this sounds tempting to you, you can head over to your local Lexus dealer now and buy one. Prices for the GS450h start from $64,650. That is also a lot less than the previous model. Is it the best car in its class? Can't say based on a short drive, but it does seem to be a good contender. Plus, if you're a fan of Lexus products, you'll surely like this one.

Lexus Makes Minor Upgrades To 2013 CT 200H Premium Compact The Lexus CT 200h premium compact model has only been in the market in the U.S. since March of 2011, so the Japanese automaker has applied minimal changes to the hybrid hatchback for the new model year. These include the addition of two new exterior colors, Silver Lining Metallic and the Ultra White that is available in combination with the F SPORT package. Lexus has also introduced an updated Navigation system with next generation Lexus Enform featuring Safety Connect and App Suite, and HD Radio with iTunes tagging, the screen of which, can be kept closed at start up. Other changes include a padded driver’s armrest, the addition of Park Assist available as a standalone option, and a new Seat Comfort Package that comes with heated front seats and four-way power passenger seat (required with the Premium Package). The CT 200h continues with the same hybrid powertrain as before that includes a 94HP 1.8-litre VVT-i petrol engine connected to an electric motor producing a combined system output of 134HP and allowing the car to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 9.8 seconds. The hatchback model returns a combined EPA-estimated fuel economy rating of 42 mpg, 43 mpg city and 40 mpg on the highway using regular 87-octane gasoline. Lexus has not yet released pricing for the 2013 model.





Extra $22 bi-weekly for AWC/Automatic/ rear spoiler

2012 LANCER SE THE PERFORMANCE SEDAN 2.0L L4 engine,148 hp • 5-speed manual transmission • Air conditioning • Power window • remote keyless entry • Heated front seats.


$ Lancer SE AWC model shown ‡















months term

2012 RVR ES THE FUEL _EFFICIENT CROSSOVER 2.0L DOHC 16V MIVEC I4-148HP • 5-speed manual transmission • Air conditioning • Power windows with driver’s auto down/up • Heated power side mirrors • Keyless entry • Cruise control • 140-watt CD/MP3 audio system with 4 speakers













months term

2012 OUTLANDER ES THE BOLD AND SPIRITED SUV 2.4L DOHC 16V MIVEC I4-168HP • Sportronic® CVT • Air conditioning • Power windows with driver’s auto down/up • Heated power side mirrors • Bluetooth® 2.0 hands-free cellular phone interface with streaming audio and USB input with voice control • Cruise control







11 AutoMall Drive, Scarborough M1B-5N5 • 416-287-2886 •


∆ ALL IN PRICE INCLUDES DESTINATION, DELIVERY AIR TAXES, PPSA AND DEALER/ADMIN FEES, HST ARE EXCLUDED. CAN NOT COMBINE WITH 0% AND 1.9% FINANCING OFFERS. Offer(s) available on new 2012 models purchased through participating dealers to qualified retail customers who purchase a new vehicle by AUG 31, 2012. Dealers may sell for less, some conditions apply. Offers are subject to change without notice, see dealer for complete details. ‡2012 Outlander XLS/2012 RVR GT/2012 Lancer SE AWC models shown have an MSRP $35,198/$28,998/$23,098 and selling price of $36,998/$30,788/$24,798 included destination, delivery and air tax. §S-AWC standard on Outlander XLS and Lancer Evolution. AWC standard on Lancer SE AWC. ◊0% purchase financing available through Bank of Montreal for up to 72 months on select 2012 Outlander models and select 2012 RVR models. 3.5% variable rate purchase financing available through Bank of Nova Scotia for up to 84 months on all new 2012 Lancers (terms vary by model, see dealer for details). Representative examples: 2012 Outlander ES 2WD (CO45-A)/2012 RVR ES 2WD (CS45-A)/2012 Lancer SE (CL41-C) with an all-in price of $25,495/$19,995/$19,495 financed at 3.5%/3.5%/3.5% over 84/84/84 months equals 182/182/182 bi-weekly payments of $159/$123/$123 for a total obligation of $32,699.94/$25,296/$25,296 and a cost of borrowing of $3,734.91/$2,889.26/$2,889.26. : Excludes taxes, insurance, licensing, Includes up to $1,450 in freight, $250 in PDI, $100 in air tax, PPSA, registration. Other conditions apply. See dealer for details. *Best backed claim does not cover Lancer Evolution, Lancer Ralliart or i-MiEV. ®MITSUBISHI MOTORS, BEST BACKED CARS IN THE WORLD are trade-marks of Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. and are used under license. **Whichever comes first. Regular maintenance not included. See dealer or for warranty terms, restrictions and details. Not all customers will qualify.


$159 bi-weekly






months term

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Saturday, September 1, 2012 | B-3

Audi Q5 Gifted To India’s Olympic Medallists

The Indian state of Haryana has just honored four of the countries Olympic medalists from this year's London games each with the gift of a brand new Audi Q5 SUV. DLF, the country’s largest realty firm and sponsor of a number of countrywide sporting events ranging from the Indian Premier League to golf, worked in collaboration with the government of Haryana to celebrate the achievement of the Indian Olympic medalists. Wrestlers Sushil Kumar and Yogeshwar Dutt, Saina Nehwal of badminton and shooter Gagan Narang were all honored with their new rides for bringing home silver and bronze medals in the world's largest sporting event. In total, India took home two silver and four bronze at this year's Olympic games. The Indian government and DLF also wanted to honor the Haryana born athletes who competed in the games, but were unable to get a medal with the not so luxurious Special Edition Suzuki SX4 sedans, but still, a notable gift. The keys were presented earlier this week by Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda at a ceremony in Gohana, Sonipat.

2013 Buick Encore Small Crossover Consumer Reports Stands By Rant Against To Hit US Early Next Year MyFord Touch System

General Motors announced Wednesday that its new 2013 Buick Encore small crossover is rated at an EPA-estimated 25 mpg (9.4lt/100km) city, 33 mpg (7.2lt/100km) highway and a combined 28 mpg (8.4lt/100km) fuel economy with a standard six-speed automatic transmission and frontwheel drive (FWD). Fuel economy numbers for the all-wheel drive (AWD) variants will be announced at a later date. Both AWD and FWD versions of the Encore are powered by the same 1.4-liter turbocharged inline-four petrol that generates 138 horsepower (140PS) and 148 lb.-ft. of torque (200Nm).

According to the Detroit carmaker, the Encore’s combined fuel economy "is the best for any crossover offered by a U.S.-based automaker" As an example, GM says that the Ford's most fuel efficient crossover, the 2013 Ford Escape, returns 23 city, 33 highway and 26 mpg combined, while the Jeep Compass with an automatic transmission is EPA estimated at 23 city, 28 highway and 25 mpg combined. The automaker continues with the examples by saying that the Mini Countryman S gets 25/32 mpg with an automatic transmission, and the Volkswagen Tiguan, 21/26 mpg. What GM doesn't mention in

its press blurb is that the similarly sized but much more powerful 2012 Nissan Juke that's equipped with a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-banger delivering 188hp is EPA-rated (FWD, Auto) at 27mpg city, 32mpg highway and 29mpg combined (+2mpg, -1mpg and +1mpg respectively over the Encore). Buick has said that whereas the Juke requires premium fuel, the Encore uses regular gas and as a result, it has a lower EPA-estimated annual fuel cost than the Nissan model. The new Encore, which is a sister model to the European market Opel / Vauxhall Mokka, will go on sale in the States in the first quarter of 2013.

The saga with Consumer Reports’ ongoing hatred with the MyFord touch control system present in most new Fords continues. Beginning back in 2011 with the Ford Edge, Consumer Reports (CR) decided against their “recommended buy” status claiming responsibility to the then all-new MyFord Touch system. Now, in a latest article entitled “Why the MyFord touch control system stinks,” CR author Eric Evarts describes the less than simple to use touch screen control systems now present in most 2013 Ford and Lincoln models. The interior of the Ford and Lincoln models in question comes with a nearly full touch screen system that replaces conventional knobs and buttons. MyFord and MyLincoln initiate a system of voice controls, steering wheel controls and nearly full touch screen entertainment and navigation controls, which Evarts describes as “maddeningly fussy and can be hard to distinguish.” Overall, Consumer Reports was less than pleased with the newest MyFord system and gave a brutally honest opinion to top it off. “Our frustration with MyFord touch has hammered many Ford models’ test scores to a level below our threshold to recommend a model. In any case, we wouldn’t recommend dealing with the frustrations of MyFord Touch on a daily basis even to an adversary.”

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B-4 | Saturday, September 1, 2012

2013 Ram 1500 V6 Most Fuel-efficient In Its Segment?

The redesigned for the 2013 model year Ram 1500 pickup truck now claims to be the most fuel-efficient model in the full-size segment when fitted with the base 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine coupled to a new (and standard) 8-speed automatic transmission. With this setup, the lighter and more aerodynamic 2013 Ram 1500 is said to return 18mpg (13.1 lt/100km) in the city and 25mpg (9.4lt/100km) in highway driving. According to the automaker, the new 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine features 42 percent more horsepower at 305HP, 13 percent more torque at 269 lb.-ft. and at least 20 percent better fuel economy when compared to the previous 3.7-liter V6 engine paired to a four-speed auto. The 2013 Ram 1500 with the Pentastar V6 not only beats the most fuel efficient versions of its main rivals, the Ford F-150 with a 302hp 3.7-liter V6 (17mpg city / 23mpg hwy) and the Chevy Silverado with the 195hp 4.3-liter V6 (15mpg City / 20 mpg hwy), but it also matches the fuel economy of the smaller Chevy Colorado mid-size pickup truck with a 185hp 2.9L inlinefour (18mpg city / 25mpg hwy). The new 1500 is slated to go on sale in the States later in the fall with prices to be announced.

Ford 2013 Explorer Sport’s V6 Turbo Rated At 365 HP

It's been a while since Ford debuted the new 2013 Explorer Sport at this year's New York Auto Show, and even though the company released pricing in June, it wasn't known how strong the SUV's 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine was with the Blue Oval simply stating that "it makes at least 350hp". However, on Friday last, Ford announced that the performance version of its new Explorer series is certified at 365-horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, the same as the Taurus SHO, which is motivated by the same 3.5-liter turbocharged V6. In addition to the performance numbers, Ford said that the 2013 Explorer Sport has re-

ceived an official EPA-rated fuel economy of 16mpg city (14.7lt/100km) and 22mpg highway (10.7lt/100km). According to the Blue Oval's press blurb, "this is 3 mpg better in the city and 2 mpg better on the highway than the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango R/T with 5.7-liter Hemi engines", and "3 mpg higher in the city and 4 mpg higher on the highway than the supercharged Land Rover Range Rover Sport". The new 2013 Explorer Sport will soon go on sale in the States with a starting price of $40,720, not including an $825 destination fee that puts the total to $41,545.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012 | B-5

Cadillac’s 110-Year History In Limited Edition Book

Assouline, a New York City book publisher that focuses primarily on luxury editions and illustrated books for photography, fashion, art and design, will soon release its first title dedicated to a single automotive brand in celebration of Cadillac's 110th birthday. "Cadillac is indelibly woven into culture, in America and around the world," said Don Butler, Cadillac vice president of marketing. "Today, with Cadillac once again moving forward as a design and technology leader, we’re proud that our brand has inspired the artists at Assouline." Assouline will offer two versions of the book, a collector's edition that's limited to 500 examples and housed in a black slipcase with metallic Cadillac plaque, which will arrive this fall priced at $395, and a conventional hardcover version with a dust jacket that will retail for $75. The publication will chronicle Cadillac's 110 years starting from 1902, when engineer and entrepreneur Henry Leland founded the wreath and crest brand. "As Henry Ford’s first attempt to establish an automobile company faltered, Ford’s investors asked for Leland’s appraisal of the assets of the failed Henry Ford Company," says GM.

"Leland instead convinced the investors to let him make a new company with cars powered by the single-cylinder engine he invented." While historians debate the actual "birthdate" of Cadillac with some placing it at Leland’s original meeting with the Henry Ford Company’s investors on August 22, 1902, GM itself says that the founding of the Cadillac Automobile Company, in records filed in Detroit, is August 27, 1902. Cadillac began production and sales in earnest in March of 1903.

Stuck Kia Sorento Gas Pedal Spells Horror For US Woman

Given the sticky situation she was in, Lauri Ulvestad of Ames, Iowa, should consider herself extremely lucky for making it out alive when the accelerator pedal of her 2011 Kia Sorento crossover got jammed as she was driving up Interstate 35 in Missouri last week. The 47-year old woman told KCCI-TV in Des Moines that she tried everything from turning off the key, to shifting out of drive and slamming on the brakes, but nothing worked. "I knew I was going to die," said Ulvestad. "I didn't have any doubt about. I really thought I was going to die ... and no matter what I did, I couldn't slow it down." Her only option was to call 911 and ask for help. The sheriff's deputies and state troopers responded immediately attempted to shift traffic in her path as the woman tried to avoid other vehicles in front of her while reaching speeds of up 120mph (193 km/h). "It was accelerating faster and faster. And I was looking at my GPS, and the number was going up and up and up," she said. "My foot isn't even on the accelerator. The emergency

brake is on all the way. I'm trying to move the brake, but it's not working." After a terrifying 59 miles (94 kilometers) and 35 minutes, the woman managed to release the accelerator and hit the brake and finally come to a stop ending the wild ride. Patrol spokesperson Sheldon Lyon gave praise to the woman for the way she handled the situation. "Not only to drive fast, but to go into the median, pull back up into the passing lane and hit that asphalt lip — and not overcorrect — it was really amazing to see her do that repeatedly," Lyon told CBS News. However, Lyon pointed out that he was also disappointed at some drivers who stayed on the left lane of the interstate and didn't move over immediately even when approached by the police cars. "Every close call was caused by people who wouldn't get out of the way for the lights and sirens," said Lyons. "They ended up with near misses several times." Kia said that it is looking into the incident and plans to release a statement.


NAYI 7-PASSENGER INFINITI JX IS HERE. Ab saat logon ke saath bhi araamdey safar, apnay apnay style mein. Introducing the all-new, 7-passenger Infiniti JX. Sirf ek hi luxury crossover hai with an ingenious second row that slides and tilts even with a child seat installed. Ab third row bhi araam se access karein. Aur bhi khaas features available hain Bose® 13-speaker Premium Audio system, Streaming audio via Bluetooth® wireless technology, AroundView® Monitor and dual 7-inch colour monitors for multimedia video playback. The Infiniti JX. Choose to be inspired. Learn more at or find yours at an Infiniti showroom today.

All-new 2013 InfInItI JX

Now in showrooms

Inspiration begins from just




Join Infiniti Canada on

G Sedan/Coupe/Convertible






luxury, shandaar performance aur innovative technology, ek saath.

Markham Infiniti Markham (905) 752-0881

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woodchester Infiniti Mississauga (905) 820-4545

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Infiniti Downtown Toronto (416) 975-2623

Alta Infiniti Woodbridge (905) 856-8800

401-Dixie Infiniti Mississauga (905) 238-5500

*Selling price for a new 2013 JX (J6TG13 AA00) is $47,030. Selling price for Deluxe Touring (J6TG13 CD00) model shown is $57,030. Freight and PDE charges of $1,995, $5 OMVIC fee, $30 tire stewardship fee, $100 air conditioning surcharge and all applicable levies and charges are included. License, registration, insurance and all applicable taxes are extra. Retailer may sell for less. Retailer order/trade may be necessary. Offers are available for a limited time, may change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offers. Certain conditions may apply. Vehicle and wheels may not be exactly as shown. See your nearest Infiniti retailer or for complete details.

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B-6 | Saturday, September 1, 2012

Porsche Unveils New 911 Carrera 4 And 4S

The all-wheel drive versions of Porsche’s new 911 series, codenamed 991 will be available in both coupe and cabriolet flavors in 345HP (350PS) Carrera 4 and 394HP (400PS) Carrera 4S guises, which brings the total number of all-wheel drive 911 variants to four. Although the Carrera 4 looks identical to its two-wheel drive sibling, its rear wheel arches are wider by 22 mm (0.87 inches) on each side and just in case you miss that, there’s also a red strip between the taillights to tell the two models apart.

Despite being bigger than its predecessor, the new Carrera 4 is up to 65 kg (143 pounds) lighter than the all-wheel drive 997. Likewise, the hike in performance is accompanied by a drop in fuel consumption that has improved by as much as 16 percent. As with the previous model, which accounted for 34 percent of total 997 facelift sales, the new Carrera 4 employs the electronically controlled Porsche Traction Management (PTM) all-wheel drive system. The driver can monitor its operation via a new menu in the instrument binnacle.

Buyers of the 911 Carrera 4 can choose between two seven-speed transmissions, the standard manual or the optional PDK double-clutch gearboxes. As far as performance is concerned, the Carrera 4 Coupe, depending on equipment levels, accelerates from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in as little as 4.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of up to 285 km/h (177 mph). The Cabriolet is marginally slower, with 4.7 seconds and 282 km/h (175 mph) respectively. Fuel consumption with the PDK gearbox is 8.6 lt/100 km (27.3 mpg) for the Coupe and 8.7 lt/100

km (27.0 mpg) for the Cabriolet, while CO2 emissions are 203 and 205 g/km for the fixed- and opentop versions respectively. The Carrera 4S Coupe posts a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) time of 4.1 seconds and maxes out at 299 km/h (185 mph), while the Cabriolet trails it by 0.2 seconds and 3 km/h (1.8 mph). Porsche’s official figures suggest an average consumption of just 9.1 lt/100 km (25.8 mpg) and CO2 emissions of 215 g/km for the Coupe and 9.2 lt/100 (25.5 mpg) / 217 g/km for the Cabriolet. Coupe models can be option-

ally equipped with a new, sliding glass roof, which reminds us of the 993 Targa. Moreover, the Sport Chrono pack that is available for all versions is even sportier in the manual transmission models, as when the Sport Plus mode is selected, it automatically double-declutches during downshifts. In the U.S., the all-wheel drive models will reach dealers in the first quarter of 2013 with prices to start from $91,980 for the Carrera 4 Coupe and $103,880 for the Carrera 4 Convertible, including destination charges.

Will New Santa Fe SUV Boost Hyundai’s Family Sales In US?

With more than a million vehicles (1,072,679 to be exact) delivered in the first quarter of 2012, which account for a 16.7 percent increase compared to the same period last year, Hyundai’s global sales are booming. Yet John Krafcik, CEO of Hyundai Motor America, believes that despite its ever-increasing range, there is a segment in which the carmaker is weak: car buyers with families. He is counting on the 2013 Santa Fe to change that. "We do really well in the pre-family life stage with our lineup, and we do well in the post-family stage", Krafcik told Automotive News. "The interesting thing is that the people with families who have kids in the house right now, they want to buy Hyundais more than any other group, and we just haven't had very many cars to offer them. And now we do", he added. Kraficks expects to eventually shift

more than 100,000 units annually. Given that its six-year old predecessor is Hyundai’s third best-selling model in the US, his optimism is well based. That’s because the 2013 Santa Fe is based on an all-new platform, sports the company’s modern “fluidic sculpture” design and comes with front- or all-wheel drive in five-and seven-seats configurations. The former is labeled the Sport and is on sale now while the seven-seater, which will hit US showrooms in late December or early January, is 9.0 inches longer and has a wheelbase stretched by 3.9 inches. Hyundai made a big effort in keeping overall weight down, with 38 percent of the body-in-white constructed of high-strength steel compared to less than eight percent in the previous Santa Fe. Thus, the Sport is 266 pounds lighter that the outgoing model and the seven-seat version weighs 397 pounds less than the Veracruz it replaces.













122 1.9









0 % 72 GET









% $ †
















†Finance offers available O.A.C. from Hyundai Financial Services based on a new 2013 Accent 4DR GL 6-Speed Manual/2013 Elantra GT GL 6-Speed Manual2013 Sonata GL Automatic/2012 Santa Fe AWD Premium Pkg. with an annual finance rate of 0%/1.9%/0%/0% for 72/84/48/48 months Bi-weekly payment is $108/$122/$222/$261. No down payment is required. Cost of Borrowing is $0/$1,420/$0/$0. Finance offers include Delivery and Destination of $1,495/$1,495/$1,565/$1,760 fees, levies, and all applicable charges (excluding HST). Registration, insurance, PPSA and license fees are excluded. Delivery and destination charge includes freight, P.D.E., dealer admin fees and a full tank of gas. Financing example: 2013 Accent 4DR GL 6-Speed Manual for $16,830 at 0% per annum equals $108 bi-weekly for 72 months for a total obligation of $16,830. Cash price is $16,830. Cost of Borrowing is $0. Example price includes Delivery and Destination of $1,495, fees, levies, and all applicable charges (excluding HST). Registration, insurance, PPSA and license fees are excluded. †♦Prices for models shown (after deducting price adjustment on applicable vehicles): 2013 Accent 4DR GLS Automatic/2013 Elantra GT SE with Tech./2013 Sonata Limited/2012 Santa Fe 3.5 Limited AWD is $19,880/27,980$28,200/$32,195. All prices include delivery and Destination charges of $1,495/$1,495/$1,565/$1,760, fees, levies, and all applicable charges (excluding HST). Registration, insurance, PPSA and license fees are excluded. ‡Price adjustments are calculated against the vehicle’s starting price. Price adjustments of up to $2,705/$5,500 available on 2013 Sonata/2012 Santa Fe AWD Premium Pkg. Price adjustments applied before taxes. Offer cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other available offers. Offer is non-transferable and cannot be assigned. No vehicle trade-in required. †♦‡Offers available for a limited time, and subject to change or cancellation without notice. See dealer for complete details. Inventory is limited, dealer order may be required.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012 | B-7

Renault Makes Over Nissan Sunny As New Scala For India

In exactly the same way that the Renault Pulse supermini is a rebadged version of the Nissan Micra, the new Renault Scala is a Renaultfaced iteration of the Nissan Sunny, which is sold in North America as the Nissan Versa sedan. The cosmetic makeover is limited to the Scala's new fascia that is borrowed from the Pulse, with which it shares its underpinnings, but enhanced with bespoke headlamp graphics and a chrome trimmed grille for a more upscale look, plus the new wheel designs and the different tail lamp fixtures that are connected with a chrome strip. The new Scala is slated to go on sale in India next month with a choice of two locally built engines, a 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol delivering 98hp (99PS) and a diesel unit with the same displacement and an output of 85hp (86PS). Both powerplants are coupled to a fivespeed manual gearbox.

GM To Retool Ohio Plants For Next-gen Cruze Sedan

Technically, the current generation of the Chevrolet Cruze went on sale in the United States and Canada in the fall of 2010 as a 2011 model, but the compact sedan model was first introduced as the Daewoo Lacetti in South Korea in 2008 before GM discarded the Daewoo nameplate and replaced it worldwide with the bow-tie brand.

Therefore, for General Motors, the Cruze has essentially entered its fourth year in production, which means the company has already started work on its replacement. On Thursday, GM confirmed the news that it is developing a new generation of the Cruze adding that it will invest $220 million (€175 million) for tooling and equipment

to build the compact model in two northeast Ohio plants. GM said that the move will help retain more than 5,000 jobs at facilities in Lordstown and Parma. Since production of the current Cruze began in September of 2010, the Lordstown Complex, with support from the metal center in the Cleveland suburb of Parma, has built more than 500,000 exam-

Maranello BMW BMW of Mississauga

The Ultimate Driving Experience.

2012 BMW X1 xDrive28i shown.


For a limited time, enjoy the BMW X1 with no-charge Premium Package, including Heated Steering Wheel, Panorama Sunroof, Satin Aluminum Roof Rails, Auto-Dimming Interior Mirror, and the trademark X Line. Visit Maranello BMW or BMW of Mississauga for full details and to book a test drive.

The 2012 BMW X1 xDrive28i All-Wheel Drive FIRST MONTH



$6,898 DOWN















Maranello BMW 55 Auto Park Circle Vaughan ON (416) 213-5699

BMW of Mississauga 4505 Dixie Road, Mississauga just south of Eglinton Ave. (905) 625-7533

Features and equipment may vary in Canada. Selling price for the 2012 BMW X1 xDrive28i with Premium Package starts at $39,990. Lease offers available only through BMW Financial Services on approved credit (OAC). *Lease rate of 1.9% available for up to 48 months. Lease offers based on a new BMW X1 xDrive28i available only through BMW Financial Services on approved credit (OAC). APR of 1.9% applies. Lease example based on $298 a month for 48 months. Down payment or trade equivalent of $6,898, plus security deposit of approximately one month’s payment, and applicable taxes due at lease inception. **First month payment waived up to a value of $500. Total obligation for the BMW X1 xDrive28i is $24,088. The residual value of the vehicle at the end of the term for the BMW X1 xDrive28i is $19,195. Additional options and taxes are extra. Annual kilometres limited to 16,000; $0.15 per excess kilometre. Excess wear-and-tear charges may apply. Freight and PDI of up to $2,095, licence, insurance, registration, taxes, EHF tire, filter, and battery fees and similar taxes levied on the manufacturer (if charged by the Retailer), and PPSA are extra. Additional province-specific fees, taxes, and charges may be extra. Retailers are free to set individual prices and charge administration fees, which may change the APR or the price of the vehicle. Offer expires September 3, 2012. Delivery must be taken by September 3, 2012. Offer is subject to availability and may be cancelled or changed without notice. Certain conditions apply. See your local BMW Retailer or for full details. †Certain limitations apply; see Retailer for details. ©2012 BMW Canada Inc. “BMW”, the BMW logo, BMW model designations and all other BMW related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and/or trademarks of BMW AG, used under licence.


The Remo Ferri Group of Automobiles

ples of Chevy's top-selling compact model. Overall, GM has manufactured more than 1.6 million Cruzes worldwide. "Thanks to northeast Ohio's supportive business climate, we're able to build on a great foundation and steer the Chevrolet Cruze into the next generation," said GM Manufacturing Manager Arvin Jones.

The Detroit carmaker said that the production timing of the nextgeneration Cruze will be announced later. However, Jones noted that the new model "will offer new exterior and interior styling, improved fuel economy and an improved interior compartment and more storage space".

B-8 | Saturday, September 1, 2012

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voice entertainment Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mr. Right Just Around The Corner For Neha As she enters her 33rd year, a numerologist predicts Neha Dhupia may bump in to her Mr. Right and may settle down before August next year. Astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts what the future holds for Neha Dhupia on the eve of her 32nd birthday. “Born on 27th August 1980, Neha is a Number 9 (Mars) person in numerology ruled by Number 5 (Virgo - ruling planet Mercury) and her ‘destiny’ number adds up to Number 8 (Saturn)”. “Neha will now be entering her 33rd year which will bring ‘good news’ for her when it comes to her personal life. Yes, she may finally bump in to her Mr.Right and may settle down before August next year,” predicts Bhavikk. “I would advise her to spell her name as ‘NEHAA DHUPIA’ and wear a Blue Sapphire (after testing) on her middle finger to see some magical or miraculous results - be it in her personal or professional life”, signs off Bhavikk.

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C-2 | Saturday, September 1, 2012


‘No Anger, We’re Still Friends With Gandhis’ Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, whose relationship with the Gandhi family have been strained over the years, says in his mind there is no change in feelings about them and that there is "no anger, no angst" from his side. "It's not a question of reaching out. So long you understand, I don't have to necessarily meet you every day to tell you I am your friend. We have spent time together. In a relationship these things don't matter," he said. When asked if he was still friends with the Gandhi family, Bachchan said, "Of course, In my mind there is no change. I will always respect them. We meet them sometimes at public functions. There is no anger, no angst. We're still pretty normal." The 69-year-old actor entered politics in support of long-time family friend Rajiv Gandhi in 1984 and successfully contested from Allahabad Lok Sabha seat, only to resign three years later after his family was dragged into the Bofors scam. Bachchan, however, denies that the fallout between the two families can be blamed on the scam. Recalling the days following the Bofors controversy, Bachchan said it was difficult to walk on the streets without being called names. "I would be walking on the street or shooting and people would abuse me. They would call me a traitor. We have been through all that. I could take it because I had a family that stood strong by my side. We could finally overcome the allegations when the Royal Court of London ruled in our favour. And many of those who made some of the sharpest accusations met us outside the court. They said this a closed chapter and let's settle outside and so we settled outside of court." Bachchan, however, wants to put the bitter incident behind and is not keen to know the name of the person who dragged his name in the scam. "Other than changing a few lines in the history books, it is not going to change anything. What can you do even if you came to know? You can't do anything. It didn't take a toll on just my life. I am an ordinary human being. It changed the political scenario of the entire country."

‘Directing A Film Is Easier’

Apart from the unconventional pairing and storyline of Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi, what has created a lot of buzz is ace

choreographer and director Farah Khan’s debut as an actress. 
But Farah, who was in Vadodara to promote the film, feels that it is easier to direct a project than being in front of the camera. She says, “There was a point I got tired of all the make-up and all that stuff. Making a film is my cup of tea but acting is a difficult job. Besides, I hate waiting on the sets and every time a co-actor would get late, I would get very impatient.” However, she adds, “This particular film offered me a fantastic role and there was no way that I wouldn’t take it up. Besides, Boman Irani is one of the finest actors that the country has today and I felt really honored to be paired alongside him. I share a great comfort level with him and that really helped.” Asked about the extensive promotions, Farah said, “A good film will always work, regardless of how much it is promoted. But then, in today’s times, certain people start thinking that something is wrong with a film if it isn’t promoted extensively.”

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Saturday, September 1, 2012 | C-3

Poonam Topples Paris, Kardashian?

Do you know what Paris Hilton, Poonam Pandey and Kim Kardashian have in common? Socialite Paris Hilton makes a wish everyday at 11:11. Kim Kardashian shows off her legs everyday, and actor Poonam Pandey trends on Twitter everyday. The Indian strip sensation has taken the social networking site by storm, and in a short span of time has crossed 3 lakh followers, at an astonishing rate. No other celebrity has managed to snap up that many followers in a year. Poonam has nearly 3 lakh followers since she went live last year. However, what really makes the Mumbai gal stand out is her magical ability to come up with attractive hashtags that almost instantly climb on the trend charts across the world. Poonam Pandey Without Bikini went on to make Poonam a name to reckon with, and was alive on the trend list for an entire week. During the FIFA world cup, Poonam had managed to replace Octopus Paul as the girl with the midas touch. Poonam Pandey is Paul The Octopus got every match result accurately, making Poonam the most sought after celebrity during the World Cup. AkonFollowsPoonamPandey, Poonam Pandey Bedroom Secrets, Poonam Pandey Bathroom Secrets, Bath like Poonam Pandey, Poonam Pandey Hates Bra and Crazy for Poonam Pandey were the other tags that attracted attention across the globe thus establishing Poonam as a global celebrity. While many have pointed fingers at her sensual pictures and hot bathroom videos, the fact remains that Poonam Pandey has now become a global brand.

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C-4 | Saturday, September 1, 2012


Rozlyn Khan’s Secret Birthday

The controversial model Rozlyn Khan, who is known to grab headlines, had a secret birthday date. The model chose to celebrate her 23rd birthday with her 57 year old mother, who has been admitted at a private hospital for a prolonged illness. Rozlyn's mother who has been hospitalized since a week

ago got the sex siren to cancel all her party plans. Also adding to the stress the actress has been having tedious questioning sessions with the crime branch regards to the sensational Karan murder case. Rozlyn has no regrets about her silent birthday and about the same, she said, "In fact, I had the

best birthday ever with my family especially with my mom. We celebrated the birthday at the hospital and I got opportunity to spend quality time." When asked about her mother's health the model added, "She is recuperating and will be discharged soon."

Emraan Caught In Rare Dilemma

Actor Emraan Hashmi is in a dilemma over his appearance as two of his upcoming films 'Ghanchakkar' and Karan Johar's 'Ungli' demand two completely different looks altogether. While one requires him to be muscular and beefed-up, in the other one he has to be lean. Presently Emraan is shooting for Rajkumar Gupta's 'Ghanchakkar', where Emraan plays the role of a conman, who is an expert at breaking locks. He will be seen opposite Vidya Balan in the film. "I have two very distinct looks for 'Ghanchakkar' and 'Ungli'. Simultaneously I am in the middle of promoting 'Raaz 3', so it's quite a challenging task to juggle between the looks without affecting either of the schedules," Emraan said. Earlier the actor had build up his muscles but now the director

wants him to lose some of it for the next crucial schedule. Once Emraan is done with shooting for 'Ghanchakkar', he will have to start gaining muscles again for Johar's film, tentatively titled 'Ungli', where he has to sport a bulky frame.


Saturday, September 1, 2012 | C-5

Their Stardom Fizzled Out Too Soon

They came into the industry with a bang and the entire industry vouched for their talent. However, their stardom fizzed out just like a bottle of coke right after a film or two. Here's a look at some of the Bollywood beauties who seemed as the most promising actresses of B- Town but could not sustain their position in the industry for too long.

ies like Muskaan and Shart. Although Munnabhai MBBS was a hit but her role as 'Chinky' was unmatchable to 'Gauri'. Her reluctance towards glamorous roles and more prominence towards regional movies gradually led her way out of Bollywood.

acting abilities and intense intimate scenes made her one of the most promising actresses in the industry. Named as one of the 'Most Beautiful Women of the Millennium', Lisa continued to be in news but not for her movies. Her personal life took a front seat among the audience. Although she received accolades for her critically acclaimed role in Deepa Mehta's Water; yet she couldn't create the magic of Kasoor again.

Ameesha Patel - Ameesha Patel made huge waves with her cute looks and bubbly character in Kaho

and she even bagged many awards for the role. Later, she continued acting with big banners in the films 'Dil Kya Kare', 'Daag: The Fire', 'Ye Tera Ghar Ye Mera Ghar' etc but none of her movies could cast a spell on the audience.

Sandali Sinha - Those tears you wanted to stop and the smile you wished to see again and again,

Lisa Ray - The green eyed corporate lawyer, 'Simran' in Kasoor was capable enough to stop all hearts with just one look. Her sensuous Gracy Singh - The TV starlet created a rage among audience with her dynamic performance as 'Gauri' in Lagaan. She portrayed the epitome of confidence and pure love for 'Bhuvan', the protagonist. No one had thought that the TV girl would soon make her debut opposite a bigwig like Aamir Khan and the movie would be nominated to the Oscars! At the time when she was considered among the top actresses of the B-town, her next movie Armaan as the lead, bumped badly at the box office. Soon she turned towards insignificant mov-

Na Pyar Hai. Later, audience were shocked and pleased to see her portraying strikingly different character of 'Sakina' in Gadar: Ek Prem Katha. The movie gave her an edge over all other actresses of the year. However, her choice of scripts like Kya Yahi Pyar Hai, Ye Zindagi Ka Safar etc faded her stardom.

Sandali Sinha's portrayal of 'Pia' in Tum Bin was remarkable. This style diva had all the ingredients of making it big in B-Town. After her superhit debut, it was expected that movie offers would pour in. However, it never happened. She signed Pinjar after a huge gap and portrayed the character of 'Lajjo'. The movie received positive response from the audience but it had become impossible for Sandali to leap ahead of the milestone she created for herself in Tum Bin.

Mahima Chaudhary - Mahima made a promising debut with Subhash Ghai's Pardes where she played the role of a village belle, 'Ganga'. Her simplicity and innocence in the film won many hearts

Ranbir Kapoor Fined Rs 200 For Smoking In Public

Munni Is Nostalgic Malaika’s Personal Favourite

Model-actress Malaika Arora, who made a mark in Bollywood with her hit item number Chhaiya Chhaiya in the 1998 film Dil Se, gets nostalgic at the mere mention of the song. "Nostalgic! I still remember that shoot, I still remember every step, every moment and it just makes me smile," the 39-year-old said Monday at a dance academy in Mumbai. She has done quite a few item numbers so far. When asked about her personal favourite, she said: "I would definitely say Munni (from Dabangg) because it was our film." Her current favourite is Kareena Kapoor's item song in Heroine. "Something that I like, recently, Halkat Jawani, Bebo song, I really like it," Malaika said.



Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor has been fined Rs 200 for smoking in public by the district court. The 29-year-old actor was accused of violating the Rajasthan Prevention of Smoking Act after a local daily published images of Ranbir smoking on May 28, while shooting for 'Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani' with Deepika Padukone. Harish Vaishnav had lodged a complaint at a local court in Udaipur, following which Ranbir was summoned on June 26. Since the summon could not be delivered to him by the date, the court fixed July 26 for his appearance, on which day his lawyer KK Purohit appeared and said that Ranbir did smoke in public but it was part of the film. He also said that the act will not be repeated. According to the Rajasthan Prevention of Smoking Act, a person found guilty of smoking in public can be sentenced to a maximum imprisonment of six months or a fine of Rs 200. On Monday the court ordered Ranbir to pay the fine. Purohit paid the fine amount in the absence of Voice-10x7-Aug11.pdf 1 2012-08-14 3:07 PM the actor.


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C-6 | Saturday, September 1, 2012


‘After 86 Films, Who Cares About Critics’

There are two kinds of films, one for critics and the other for audiences, believes National Award winner Priyadarshan, who has successfully straddled two worlds and says candidly that his next Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal is strictly masala. Priyadarshan, whose 86-film oeuvre has been an eclectic mix of masala and serious cinema, says he will continue making both kinds of movies, regardless of whether they make it to the Rs.100 crore club. Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal is set to release September-end and he says it it not meant for critics. "After 86 films, who cares about critics? If I want the critics to like my film, I make films like Kanchivaram (Tamil film), which got me the National Award. That film is for critics, this is not for critics. Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal is for people to enjoy," Priyadarshan said, adding,"After 86 films in different languages, you do what you think is right. Some films flop, some succeed. (But) if you flop continuously, you are out." The 55-year-old is as well-known for helming Hindi comedies like Hera Pheri, Hungama and Bhool Bhulaiyaa

as for his critically acclaimed southern films like Chithram and Kanchivaram. Priyadarshan's last two Hindi outings - the issue-based Aakrosh and action thriller Tezz - didn't manage the expected response. But the director appears quite unfazed and says people want him to make comedies only, and

so he is back to the genre with Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal. "My last two films Aakrosh and Tezz didn't do well. I guess people are expecting only humour from me; so I have decided to change my attitude this time," he said. And he promises the same flavour as in his previous directorials. "I don't want it to be different. I

want it to look like my earlier comedies which people have enjoyed. There is more suspense than humour in this film. The film shows a stranger coming to town and there is suspicion about who he is," he said, talking about the movie, which stars Nana Patekar, Shreyas Talpade and Paresh Rawal.

The Hindi film industry has lately seen a string of comedy films like Housefull 2 and Bol Bachchan, which have struck gold at the box office, and even crossed the golden Rs.100crore mark. But that's not the measure of success for Priyadarshan. "Those films had huge stars. We have small stars. I don't want it to cross Rs.100 crore because the film is not made in a huge budget. As long as it makes the people happy, we are happy," he said. But what works, he believes, is clean comedy. "I started comedy with Hera Pheri. I believe that my films are clean. There is no vulgarity or double meaning. This is how they are different," he said. When Priyadarshan set out to experiment with comedy with Hera Pheri back in 2000, he was warned that the genre wouldn't work at a time when the formula of romance was at its peak. But he was willing to take the risk, and says he wants to continue doing so. "It all started with Hera Pheri. When I made it, people said Hindi cinema will never accept comedies. I have tried every kind of cinema; I still want to try serious cinema, otherwise I will get bored," he said.


Saturday, September 1, 2012 | C-7

Ramesh Sippy Returns To Direction After 17 Years

Finally after years of abstinence from what he was born to do, Ramesh Sippy is all set to return to direction. For fans of Sippy's timeless cinema—and we refer not just to the pioneering Sholay but also to the equally powerful Shakti, Saagar, Seeta Aur Geeta and Andaz— the return of the maestro to moviemaking is a significant sign of the changing time in Bollywood where the giants had lost the will and the way to create landmarks. Says Sippy, "I am aware I haven't directed a film for many years. But I saw no reason to jump into it just because of a time lapse. I've made films out of very powerful scripts in the past. Then I directed Zamana Deewana in 1995 which was not that strong in content. Then I decided if I found no script worth shooting, I won't direct another film."

Fortunately for Ramesh Sippy and for his fans, the right script has showed up. And Sippy saab is all set to explore a genre that he has never attempted before. "It's thriller. An out-and-out thriller written for me by Sridhar Raghvan. Sridhar has worked extensively for our production company. He has written the script for my son's Bluff Master and Dum Maro Dum. When I read Sridhar's script I instantly felt I was ready for direction again," admits the director who made the singlemost influential film in Hindi commercial cinema. There were a couple of false starts recently. It was reported that Ramesh Sippy was directing a romantic film but as he says he has already attempted the most romantic film he could think of, namely Saagar. "The challenge for me is to venture into the unknown ev-

No Competition Between Cousins Sonakshi And Bhavna Sonakshi Sinha's Joker is coming out Friday and a week later her cousin Bhavna Ruparel's debut project Chal Pichchur Banate Hain will hit the screens. The latter asserts they might be in the same profession but there is no competition between them. Said Bhavna, "Wherever she (Sonakshi) goes I will follow her (laughs). Sonakshi is too busy with her film Joker. She has no time to breathe. Last time I met her was during Raksha Bandhan when I went to her place to tie rakhi to Luv and Kush." She further added: "She is in her own league. There is no competition as such. There is work for many of us in the industry to survive and that's how I look at it." When it comes to family connection, Bhavna's maternal grandmother and Sonakshi's maternal grandma are sisters. Bhavna is not the first one from her family to step under the arc-lights. Her sister Pooja Ruparel essayed the role of Chutki in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Before doing Chal Pichchur Banate Hain, the 23-yearold did a video with Ken Ghosh at the age of eight. She also featured as a child artist in Na Tum Jaano Na Hum (2002) and Joggers' Park (2003). Chal Pichchur Banate Hain is writer-director Pritish Chakraborty's debut film. Bhavna is excited about it. "For me, script and storyline are important. I am extremely happy that I got an opportunity to make a debut with this film. No regrets at all. It was a learning experience but the best part is I am not self conscious in front of the camera. It was great working with the team." Produced by Twilight Entertainment, Chal Pichchur Banate Hain will release Sep 7.

ery time I direct a film. When I directed my first film Andaz, it was considered risky to do a love story between a widow and a widower. The thrill in doing a thriller is that I have never attempted this genre before." The details are now being worked out and Sippy Saab hopes to start his thriller by year-end. Sighs Sippy, "It's a different world since I last directed a film. Now everything during the process of filmmaking is more corporatised. So I'm tying up with a corporate house." Though Sippy senior says it's too early to talk of casting, a little bird tells us that he would be working again with the Big B in the thriller. Now if the teaming up of the Sholay, Shakti and Shaan combo of Sippy and Bachchan is not thrilling then what is?


C-8 | Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ready, Set, Back To School

Don’t forget to complete basic tasks—checking to see if your child needs a physical exam, evaluating extra-curricular activities, and more—before school starts. You’ve stocked up on crayons and No. 2 pencils, but are you really ready for the new school year? Between trips to the mall and baseball practice, have you forgotten anything? Use these guidelines to make sure you’ve covered all the bases.

Get Organized Visit the paediatrician. Find out whether your child needs immunizations or a physical exam to participate in school activities. Make an appointment with a paediatrician, if necessary. Plan transportation and child care. Arrange a carpool and/or after-school care for your child. Even if you don’t plan to carpool, gather contact information for neighbors and other parents who may be able to help when needed. Mark school events on the calendar. Create a master family schedule and add each person’s appointments and activities. If you have children at more than one school, plan ahead to make sure a parent is available to attend each open house and family night. Stock up on school supplies. Besides buying the supplies on the list provided by your child’s teacher, get extras of items your child is likely to misplace, such as glue sticks or scissors. Think about the items your child may need while doing homework and keep them in a central location. Talk It Over Review the rules. Get a copy of the school’s guidelines and go over them with your child. Make sure he understands all the rules he’ll be expected to follow.

Weekend Lunch Buffet

Check in regularly. Ask your child how she feels about starting school. If she’s nervous about making new friends, consider arranging a play date with classmates. Talk over any issues she’s concerned about, such as bullies or cliques. Evaluate extracurricular activities. Talk with your child about extracurricular activities. Select fun activities that teach new skills, but avoid overscheduling your family or your child. Taking on too many activities can cause anxiety and distract children from schoolwork. Meet Teachers and Staff Visit the school before classes start. Call the school to arrange a time for you and your child to meet his new teacher.


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Take your child on a tour of the school so he knows how to find his classrooms, his locker, and the cafeteria.

The PTO or PTA will have lots of information about the school, including nuances and tips that aren’t written down anywhere else.

Talk with the teacher. Find out whether the teacher prefers to communicate by phone, e-mail, or written notes. Let the teacher know about things in your child’s life that may affect her performance, such as health problems, a recent move, or family changes. You might also mention your child’s hobbies or special interests.

Review the Routine Discuss safe travel routes. Make sure your child knows how to get to and from school safely. If your child walks or rides a bike to school, review the route with her until you’re sure she knows it. If she rides a bus, remind her where the bus stops and where to get on the bus after school. No matter how your child gets to school, remind her of safety issues she is likely to face, such as how to cross the street.

Learn about school resources. Find out which professionals the school has on staff and what services they provide. Ask about the best way to get in touch with the principal, school counselor, or other staff members you may need to contact. Make contact with the parent group.

Go over after-school plans. Remind your child where he will go after school, whether it’s home, to an extracurricular activity, or to an after-school program.


Saturday, September 1, 2012 | C-9

Aries (Mar. 20--Apr. 19): Personal financial gain is indicated. Try not to buy expensive things. Life partner will be happy with your carrier successes. Saturn movement will bring happiness among family member. Remember to take advice from elderly person in family. Taurus (Apr. 20--May 19): This week will be proven to be very lucky for student. Great opportunity for business so work hard. Take care of your health you might have cough and cold may bother you. Gemini (May 20 -- June 20):
 Keep focusing to you target; some hurdle may come so be active. Rahu positioning this week will disturb you mentally so be careful. Female partner will be helpful to make business decision. Cancer (June 21--Jul y 21): This week will be good for person in food related business. Take care of your health. Long travel may help you to develop your business. Always be careful while driving. Kids in family will bring happiness.

By:- Shubha Rangaswamy

Leo (July 22 --Aug. 21): This week will be proven good for your Family so spend more time with them. Short travel is indicated. You will meet some new friends. Someone will help you to progress in your carrier. Life will make your dreams true during this time. Virgo (Aug 22--Sep. 22):
 This time you might have to take spontaneous decision for your job prospects so be prepare. Personal life is good since Venus moving from you sign. Get professional guideline related to financial investment, that may help you for long run. Libra (Sep. 23--Oct. 22):
 Always be happy that may resolve your problem, long term work related issue with colleague. This time is good to buy new

business and that will help you to progress fast. Help someone who needs that will be success key for your life. Scorpio (Oct. 23--Nov. 21): This will be challenging in terms of education, so work hard if you need any help ask your elder. Some social event will bring business opportunities so grab it. Love life is good try to make your partner happy. Sagittarius (Nov. 22 --Dec. 20): 
 This week you will buy new property and that will be proven to be lucky for your family. For education student have to move away from their home. Sometime you feel lonely in life but this week you will meet someone special. Capricorn (Dec 21 -- Jan 19): This phase for work environ-

ment is little hard but try to kill this time and you will succeed in your target. Long travels are not advised. Someone in family may win lottery. Try to visit spiritual place.

Colour of the Week: White Number of Week: 1, 4 & 9

Aquarius (Jan. 20--Feb. 17): This week you will get good news at work place, so enjoy. This is time to prove yourself carrier wise. Partnership in new business is advised. If you are thinking to buy vehicle then just go for it.

Udita Goswami - Sep 3

Pisces (Feb. 18--Mar. 19): Jupiter movement will bring good news for buying new house, so be ready. Get some leave from work and enjoy time with family. Sometime your friends will help you in education so be good to them. Life partner will give you surprise gift.

Vivek Oberoi - Sep 3 Get Free Horoscope Chart on

Astrology And Marriage Issues

This article will give a bird’s eye view of various aspects of marriage that Astrology can cover to ensure harmony and happiness in marriage. Certain simple combinations that cover eight aspects of marriage issues are indicated below. 1. Timing of marriage 1. Saturn, during transit, should create a relation with 7th house or 7th lord from Lagna, Moon or ‘kalatra’ significator Venus (for men) and Jupiter (for women). 2. Examine whether Jupiter also creates a relation by way of conjunction or aspect. Check also, if Jupiter during transit creates relation with 7th house or 7th lord from Moon or significator Venus (and Jupiter) or lords of their stars 2. Delay in marriage 1. When Sun, Rahu and Saturn aspect the 7th lord or occupy the 7th house from Ascendant/Moon it indicates considerable delay. 2. When Venus, Moon and Saturn are in 7th house marriage can be delayed upto the age of 30 to 35 years 3. Spouse 1. Marriage to a person in far off place is indicated when Moon is in 7th house and malefics occupy 5th and 9th houses from Moon marriage. 2. Early marriage to a partner living nearby can be predicted when Venus occupies 7th house and aspects its own dispositor. 3. If the Sun and Venus are in 5th, 7th or 9th house, there can be weakness to the limbs of the spouse.

4. Matching of horoscopes 1. Matching of Guna/Kuta can be done considering the birth star of boy and girl. 1. If the maximum number of gunas is 36 and a minimum 18, the match is approved as Guna/Kuta compatible.

boy. 4. The running Dasa of the boy and the girl should be mutually friendly 5. There should be no Dasa Sandhi at the time of marriage.

2. A happy married life is indicated if 1. The Sun of the girl’s chart and the Moon of the boy’s chart are 120 deg apart 2. The Sun of the girl and Moon of the boy interchange their houses and 3. The Sun of the girl and Moon of the male aspect each other.

1. Successful, 1. If the 5th house and 5th lord , 7th lord , Venus and Jupiter in both the charts are strong. 2. If 7th lord , 5th lord and Venus are strong with benefic aspect/s and related to each other

3. The match is approved if Samasaptama is present 1. Ascendant/Moon/Navamsa of the girl is 7th to the Ascendant of the


Love Marriage

2. Unsuccessful 1. If Venus is in 7th in the natal chart and Navamsa. 2. If Venus , Mars and Saturn in 7th or Saturn in 2nd house.

6. Marital Separation/Discord/Divorce 1. Separation is indicated if Mars and Saturn relate to the 7th lord or Venus. 2. Discord is indicated 1. if Mars, Saturn and Venus are together in 8th house. 2. If Mars and Saturn are in ascendant 3. If Venus is in an angle opposite Mars and Jupiter, divorce is indicated 7. Second Marriage if 1. Moon and Venus join together and are strong. 2. 7th lord’s Navamsa is debilitated, combust or in enemy’s house. 3. Venus in 2,5,8,11 sign with Ketu or aspect of Ketu


Moon and Saturn in 7th house.

8. No Marriage if 1. Ascendant lord and 7th lord are in 2/12 position. 2. Ascendant lord and 7th lord in 6/8 position. 3. 7th lord and Sun in 1, 4 ,7 and 10 signs Marriage is a sacred institution that imposes equal moral, social and spiritual responsibility to husband and wife. The institution of a hindu marriage includes the Saptapadi or the taking of seven steps by the bridegroom and the bride jointly before the sacred fire. The marriage becomes complete and binding when the seventh step is taken. The bride and the groom vow that they would be true and loyal to each other and would remain companions and friends for a lifetime.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012 | C-11

2985 Drew Road, Unit 206, Mississauga, Ontario L4T 0A4 = Tel: 905-795-8282

MALE Parents looking match for their 30 year old handsome hindu boy, 5’10”. Presently doing law practice in India. Girl must be Canadian citizen or permanent immigrant. Boy's sister & brother-in-law are settled in Canada. Caste no bar. For more information contact: 1-647-853-0259, 1-647-855-0259 s901 ------------------------------------Suitable match for 36 yrs looks younger non smoker ,non drinker, handsome, Fair complexioned, Sikh Khatri turbaned (trims beard), slim built, 5’6”, Unmarried, Canadian citizen, working full time and have own condo. Religion and cast no bar email duttajazzz@gmail. com cell 416-893-6941 825 ------------------------------------Looking suitable match for Chandigarh born Hindu Mair Rajput handsome boy 28/6'-0. Well educated professional engineer employed in Mississauga. Canadian Citizen. Please respond with recent picture and profile at bbverma55@yahoo. ca or call 905-846-3835 825 ------------------------------------Suitable match required for 28 yrs old 5'8" handsome vegetarian,

JOB OPPORTUNITIES ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER - Required Administrative Officer for Discount Pages Ltd Sal: 16/hr: Duties: Review, evaluate & oversee office administrative procedures; establish work priorities; collect data; prepare reports. English reqd. Contact: Ishwaran at email info@ Fax: 905-458922 4868 Loc. Brampton, ON ------------------------------------TANDOOR COOK REQUIRED Indian restaurant in Mississauga requires full time Tandoor cook for 6 days a week. Must have minimum 3 years experience with Tandoor and making Roti / Naans and Kebabs. Salary to be discussed in person. Please call 416-822-8288 908 for more details. ------------------------------------COOKS REQUIRED - Wanted F/t exp. (2) Indian cooks to prepare Indian dishes, oversee kitchen operations, Knowledge of Indian Spices and Punjabi a must. Salary $ 36,000/- e-mail resume at 908 ------------------------------------COOKS WANTED - Curry cook, Tandoori cook and kitchen help wanted immediately for an Indian restaurant in Oakville. At least 2 years of Canadian experience required. Good wages and benefits. 908 Please call 416-877-7403 ------------------------------------F/T EXP. ARTISAN (SHILPI) Should have knowledge of Shilpi shastra. Capable of making Murtis and sculpted temple ornamentation according to strictsacred directives. Knowledge of Hindi or Punjabi required. Salary $16/- per hr. Email 825 ------------------------------------F/T EXP. BRICKLAYER Should have experience in Building Hindu Temple and residential altars. Practical experience in building Jagati, Antrala, Mandapa, Sikhara, Gopurams. Knowledge of Hindi or Punjabi required. Salary $25/- per hr. Email - macks.contracting@ 825 -------------------------------------


clean shaven, Canadian citizen, well employed Programmer, from mix family of Sikh (Khatri) Hindu (Matharoo). Please mail bio-data with recent photographs at or call 416-230-8852 901 ------------------------------------NI Aggarwal Jain 38, 5’7” vegetarian Canadian citizen, successful IT professional, well established, Divorced, brief marriage, no issue, very respectable family. Please email to 825 ------------------------------------Hindu Khatri family seeking a suitable match for their 25 yr old son, height 5’7”, pharmacy technician and involved in a family business. The girl should be beautiful and educated very well versed in both cultures and cultured family. Please respond with photograph and other details. Recent immigrant families are welcome. No demands. Email address Cell 416-558-8845 s728 ------------------------------------Ramgarhia Sikh (Kenya) parents seek a suitable match for their Canadian immigrant son, 30/5-11, I.T from UK University, handsome,

SALES EXECUTIVES - Full or Part Time Sales Executives Required in Mississauga. Applicant Must Have Strong Phone & English Communication Skills, Excellent Salary plus Commission, Email resume to: admin@, Phone 905-6967434 Fax: 905-696-7436 901 ------------------------------------RESTAURANT COORDINATOR required for an Indian restaurant in Toronto. Salary $12/hr. 40-45 hrs week. Must be available on weekends. Must speak English and Punjabi. Students with open work permit with prior experience preferred. Email resume at: 825 ------------------------------------EARTH INDIAN RESTAURANT in Toronto is looking for experienced (2) F/T Indian cooks, Proficient in making Indian dishes, Maintain kitchen cleanliness and stockroom orders. Punjabi/Hindi an asset. 15.25/Hr. Please contact Gagan Gill @ 416-590-9339 or email your resume to: restaurantearthindian 915 ------------------------------------REQUIRED CURRY AND TANDOOR COOKS for Oh Bombay Indian restaurant in Mississauga. This is a full-time permanent position. Salary - $16 per hour. Please email application to: or call: 647901 785-2365 ------------------------------------JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! are ready at The Best Service Centre Inc. Please call 416-916-6908 Email: Address: 2400 Midland Ave. Unit 202, Toronto M1S 5C1 Sheppard Ave E. / Midland Ave. You work 915 right away. ------------------------------------Are you tired of odd and low paying jobs. Have a great and highly rewarding business opportunity in the Financial Services industry on full time /part time basis. Excellent training and compensation package. Please call Ashwani Goel at 416-525-3500 for scheduling an inS626 terview. -------------------------------------

athletic built and outgoing. Girl should be beautiful, tall, slim, well educated and family send the complete bio and recent picture to jheetagurpreet@ or 905-457-7899, 647923-8259 s714 -------------------------------------


Seeking match for Hindu Punjabi female, 5'7, 29 Years old, Fair, never married, Masters of Science in occupational therapy, well employed, Looking for Hindu male, tall, at least has a University degree, well employed, Canadian citizen. Contact Sham 416-722-7763, 901 ------------------------------------Well established Hindu Punjabi parents seeking match for their Canadian born daughter, 33 years, 5'4"', slim, beautiful, Pharmacist/ owner. Looking for professional boy, Hindu, Canadian citizen from a good family. Please respond with photo and biodata to 901 ------------------------------------Hindu Saini Parents looking for a suitable match for their slim, beautiful daughter (Looks younger than JOBS! JOBS! JOBS - General Labour (weekdays & weekend), shipper/ receivers, assembler, carpenters, AZ drivers (city & long haul), DZ drivers, Forklift operators. Contact A2Z Staffing Solutions Inc. at 1300 Steeles Ave. E. Suite # 202, Brampton. Tel: 905-459-0235, Fax 905-459-7159 email: -------------------------------------


MONA'S SHOPPING TRIPS August 31 - 3 Sept. - New York Sept. 15 - 16 - Grove City, PA Sept. 29 - Buffalo Oct. 6 - Erie, PA Oct. 27 - Buffalo Call Mona at 416-828-8464 or e-mail -------------------------------------


LIVE IN/ LIVE OUT NANNY - Looking for a live in/ live out nanny for a 2 year old boy in Woodbridge area (Weston Rd and Major Mackenzie Dr). Vegetarian family, required to help with household work. Salary depending on experience. Please contact Ila 416-881-5398 901 -------------------------------------


MATRIVISION.COM - Registered for free to get best choice of life partner through globle. Call for marriage & family Counseling. Visit or Call 647998-6107, Email 505

her age) Canadian citizen, 32 yrs, 5'4", working in accounting firm. Boy should be clean shaven. Please respond with photo and biodata to or call at 647-847-8319 s107 ------------------------------------Well established and respectable Jat Sikh family seeks a suitable match for their 31 years old daughter. She is 5'7" tall, holds an honours degree as well as a Masters

(M.Sc.) in Finance. She is working with an International Investment Bank. She is well versed in both cultures with strong family values. The suitable partner needs to have similar values with appropriate academic and professional qualifications (Doctor, Lawyer or MBA). For additional information contact or call 905783-5560 s428 -------------------------------------

4 BED ROOM HOUSE FOR RENT; Creditview & Bovaird, Brampton, With Finished Basement; Well Maintained House in Desirable Location; Bright & Spacious; Separate Entrance to Basement Through Garage; Walking Distance To Mt Pleasant Go Station; Park; Schools And Shopping; Charming Front Porch With Pattern Concrete; Sparkling Hardwood Floors; Upgraded Light Fixtures Thru-Out; Cac And Cvac Systems; Convenient Main Floor Laundry; Asking $2,100, Available from June 15, for s602 Info call 416-677-1555 ------------------------------------OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE/ SUB-LEASE - Over 1500 sqft. of beautiful Office space in a professional building in Mississauga, close to Tomken and Derry. Huge windows in all cabins, Lots of day light. Kitchenette, Hydro, Water, and Janitorial services all inclusive $2850. Short and long term leases possible. To get more details call: Jeet Arora, Broker, Century 21 Leaders Realty ltd. Phone: 905s512 405-8484 Dir: 416-532-3737 -------------------------------------

5 QUESTIONS FOR $20 - Fortune teller, Tarot Card and Palm Reader psychic Consultant Lisa Moore with her powerful knowledge of negative reversal and years of experience, can help you in all areas of your life. Don't stay stressed when help is just a phone call away. Call today 416-972-5000 ------------------------------------ASTROLOGY - FREE ONE ANSWER : By world class naturally gifted Psychic & Astrologer. Over 30 years of experience, offers advice and remedies. Call Yogi Baba 416-409-7300, -------------------------------------



TOWNHOUSE FOR RENT Upper portion of Townhouse condo, complete with 3 bedrooms, one parking space available for rent in corner lot at Tenth Line / Derry in Mississauga for $1350 with shared utilities. Close to




malls, library, GO Transit, Meadowvale Town Centre. Interested parties call Pradeep Dheendsa 647-225-7653



ASTROLOGY - Get your reading done by renowned Youngest Astrologer for Love, Marriage, Profession & Family. Call Kalpesh 647-998-6107. For free horoscope s918 visit -------------------------------------


FOR SALE/RENT OR LEASE OFFICE FOR RENT 600 Sq. ft. finished 3 rooms size 10x12, 9x12, 9x9.imm. very busy location. Subzi Mandi Plaza McLaughlin /Ray Lawson contact Rocky 647-718-1616 or 647-407-8995. Address: 519 RayLawson Blvd. unit #1 & 2, s514 Brampton On L6Y 0N5 -------------------------------------

r y fo get Pa s & E E k ee FR 4 w week 1

Find Your Perfect Match!

Matrimonial Ads only for $20 + Tax / week and you get 3 Newspaper prints & ad on our Website Call Simrat at 905-795-8282

Classifieds* only $20 + Tax / week (3 Newspaper prints + website) For more details, call 905-795-8282 ext 221

* 30 words Maximum

C-12 | Saturday, September 1, 2012


Sleep Your Way To Better Heart Health

-By Yana Svetlichnaya A new study suggests too much or too little sleep can hurt your heart. People who sleep less than six hours a night are twice as likely to have a stroke or heart attack and one-and-a-half times more likely to have congestive heart failure, while people who sleep more than eight hours a night are more likely to have chest pain and coronary artery disease — a narrowing of the blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the heart. The findings are part of a study presented today at the 61st Annual conference of the American College of Cardiology in Chicago. “Based on these findings, it seems getting six to eight hours of sleep everyday probably confers the least risk of cardiovascular disease over the long term,” said study author Dr. Rohit Arora, chair

of cardiology at Chicago Medical School. Not sleeping enough activates the part of your nervous system responsible for the”fight-or-flight” response releasing high levels of stress hormones that raise your blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar, all of which are inherently bad for your heart. Teasing out the harmful effects of too much sleep is more complicated. But some studies suggest people who oversleep may be more likely to have depression and less likely to exercise, which could up the risk of heart disease. Although Arora’s study is not the first study to show that sleep is beneficial, it is one of the largest. The findings support a compilation of studies on sleep between 1980 and 2009 recently published in the European Heart Journal that also concluded sleeping too little or

too much raises your risk of dying from coronary artery disease and stroke. “Sleep has a large impact on health over long periods of time,” said Dr. C. Noel Bairey-Merz, director of women’s health center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Six percent of US adults report sleeping six hours or less, according to National Health Interview Survey between 1984 and 2000. Experts say the study should serve as a wake-up call for doctors to start asking patients about their sleep habits and for patients to bring up sleep quality with their doctors. The importance of sleep to patients “is no longer worth ignoring,” said Dr. Robert Eckel, professor of medicine and Charles A Boettcher II Chair of Atherosclerosis at the University of Colorado.

70*$&3&"-&45"5& Saturday, September 01, 2012

Section D

Digital Design For The Home

• Real Estate • Family Law • Business/Corporate • Wills/POA/Affidavit

Anita Taneja

Sandeep Taneja

Tel: 905-796-9900

Fax: 905-796-9906



1 Bartley Bull Parkway, 2nd Floor, Suite 19A, (Corner of Hwy 10 & Steeles) Brampton, ON, L6W 3T7

(NC) - From sleek high-definition televisions to the newest smartphone-enhanced kitchen appliances, technology is rapidly transforming the way Canadians live. Even home decoration is going high-tech: an exciting range of digital design tools has hit the market, allowing computer-savvy creative types to take a hands-on approach to adorning their living spaces. With the click of a mouse, consumers can create customized home accents that bring their personal design vision to life. According to Shelli Gardner, CEO and cofounder of crafting and design company Stampin' Up!, digital home décor is an exciting new way to decorate. “Thanks to advances in

technology, home décor is entering a new era,” she said. “The pleasure designers enjoy with their hands can now be enjoyed when creating on a computer. Web-based resources such as step-by-step tutorials, designer templates and easily accessible advice from design experts make it easy for everyone—even those who aren't tech-savvy—to create beautiful customized home décor.” Noteworthy software-based design programs include My Digital Studio, which features exclusive artwork, colours, and designer templates. Originally conceived as an online scrapbooking tool, the program is growing in popularity for its home décor possibilities, with

Don't Let Bugs Ruin Your Summer Fun

options for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and playroom. In addition to the design software, the My Digital Studio Web site ( also includes a number of resources that facilitate the user experience, including images of sample projects, videos featuring beginner and intermediate techniques, blogs from design experts and more. Beginners can take advantage of a no-commitment free trial by visiting Getting started When using a tech-based design program for the first time, Gardner suggests starting with a beginner-level project, which can still pack a (NC) - It's that time of year when families plan fun-filled outdoor adventures like going to the cottage, camping, hiking, picnicking, canoeing, or horseback riding through the woods. These activities are great for families to bond and create long-lasting memories. Unfortunately, these special moments can be spoiled when pesky mosquitoes and deer ticks invade your fun-filled outdoor activities. Fortunately, it's never been easier to enjoy an outdoor family adventure and still have dependable protection from mosquitoes and deer ticks. Avon, the creators of the iconic Skin So Soft product line, has launched a new bug repellent in Canada – Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Icaridin Insect Repellent Spray II. Avon first created Skin So Soft in 1961 as a bath oil for women, and its fragrance and moisturizing properties have appealed to consumers ever since. Although it was originally created for women, Skin So Soft has been used by women, men and children for decades. Now Avon has taken expanded its Skin So Soft products line and formulated a product

stylish punch. Popular project ideas for first-timers include personalized family photos. Start by scanning a favourite family photo onto your computer. Then, using design software, try layering the scanned photo onto a colourful or patterned background, creating the look of a triple-matted picture without going to the trouble of finding and cutting the mats. Photos in black and white can look especially elegant. For a finishing touch, add a caption accent to the top or bottom corner of the photo, such as the last name of a family. For a baby photo, choose a patterned pink or blue background, and add a corner caption with the child's name. Another easy project idea involves creating and framing a phrase using a design program's library of fonts and symbols. Plan the colours and patterns according to the colour scheme of the room being decorated. For example, try creating a unique statement piece by printing and framing a brightly-coloured ampersand. Display the framed ampersand surrounded family photos for a unique, modern look. Whatever the project, when it comes to digital design, the possibilities are endless. that provides strong and dependable repellency against mosquitoes for up to five hours and deer ticks for up to seven hours. Avon's repellent spray uses Icaridin as its repelling agent, which is an effective alternative ingredient to DEET. Some consumers don't like DEET repellents because they have a greasy feel and an odour. Additionally, DEET can damage plastics and some fabrics, while Avon's product will not harm plastics or synthetic fabrics. The new Avon Insect repellent has a pleasant scent, is non-greasy, has a light, clean feel when applied and also contains ingredients like vitamin E and aloe. Icaridin has been used worldwide since 1998, and is one of the best selling active ingredients contained in insect repellent products in Europe. The Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Icaridin Insect Repellent Spray II is ideal protection when you want to enjoy outdoor activities like walks, evening barbeques and campfires without the nuisance and concern of mosquitoes and deer ticks. It is available through Avon Independent Sales Representatives and more information can be found on

Remax Real Estate Centre Inc. B r o k e r a g e




# ' -. .# ,*&#,

Toll Free: 1-866-251-3232 Website: I CAN GET IT SOLD!


Your home is guranteed to sell in 60 days or less for 100% Asking price or I will pay the difference!

Attention Sellers/Buyers List & Buy your property with Rav & get Free Home closing protection against Delays or Aborted Transactions. Home systems & Appliance Warranty up to 6 Months during the Listing period Plus 12 Months coverage for Buyers from day of Closing.

(Some Conditions Apply)

Call to arrange a Confidential Appointment.


$63, &5,-9 "6>-9 !.

!=-9 +9- 6; e r e $)3!=-9 $8 ; 64w l )9, )9)/)9 o a ")9215/ 151:0-, :4; P S )9/- #664: of $389,000


e m o r ty c I n o pe pr

*:63<;-3@ $;<5515/ *-,94 >1;0 6.; ():094 :7)+16<: ;6>506<:- -);<9-: )9,>66, :;)15-, 9)51;6<5;-9;67 )+2 :73):0 &7/9),-: +)*15-;: 0)5,3-: #)1315/ "96.-::165 )33@ .151:0 :4; >1;0 3-+;91+)3 7-941; 15+3<,- $7-)2-9 64;0-);-9 :-;<7 #)=15--9: +64- )96<5, ):@ +644<;-

$7)+16<: #-56=);-, -,9664 <5/)36> -5;9)33@ 6+);-, -);<9-: -> #66. -> <95)+- )+ -> 7 731)5+-: -> 1;+0-5 ():09664 -> 3669 1/ )3+65@ -+2 <33@ -5+-, 9--5 )+2@)9, (1;0 )9,-5 $0-, $-7 ():0-9 9@-9 )15 -=-3 6>-9 -=-3

For more Info Call Rav & ave ! $1,280,000

d l So $589,990


nk a B ale S

Parveen Arora

Five Locations Across the G.T.A.

:;);- <:;64 <13; 64+9"967-9;@ (1;0 19+<3)9 91=->)@ )4-9): ; -1315/ 96>5 6<3,15/ 9)51;6<5;-9;67 <;64);1+ "-914-;-9 1/0;: "6>-9 )+2 &7 $@:;-4 47: 19+<1; 9-)2-9 ();-9 $6.;5-9 $@:;-4 5;-9+64 $@: ;-4 )+ =)+ %1-9 -+2 #)9- 15, ->-9 1=- (692 #-: 644 $7)+16<: &51; &518<- 65 +-7; #-: $8.; 644 $8.; -);<9-: ,94: 1/ )3 +65@ ():09664: 1=15/ )413@ 1515/ .):; 5,9@ 9-) :;69)/5+3 (-33 $;)/-, -+69 #-: &51; 644 &51; -);<9-: :;69- #-;)13 ?76:<9- %6;)33@ &7,);-, 15 ( "+ ():09664 33 >692 )7 796=-, @ 1;@ !. 9)47;65

<?<9@ %91,-3 <13; 65,6 6=-3@ '1->: !. 65:-9=);165 9-) 6+);-, (1;015 ):@ 644<;- %6 <4*-9 633-/(-33 77615;-, 4-51;1-: 5+3<,- $;);- !. %09; 1;5-:: 69/-6<: "663 $)<5) 6; %<* %-551: 1=- 5 #-:69; (-33 )15;)15-, -,9664 "3<: -5 $7)+16<: -:1/5 91/0; $<55@




for help in buying Bank Sale. *. %).#)"#" .* -*'%!%. +,*+#,.%#- !/,,#).'0 '%-.#" $*, - '#

www.par Email: We speak English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu & Sindhi

! #$

## $ ' #


Main St.S/Harold


Steeles/James Potter


*(# !*)"%.%*)- ++'0



Dir: 416-910-8923






1#%+053 '&200. '.+ / '3+2#$-' '+)*$052*00& '7 -#.+/#4'& -0023 4*205)* 054 *' 053' 053' "+4* 0/3 ( #452#+)*4 1)2#&'& +4%*'/ #$+/'429 "+4* 2+&)' #%,31-#3* 406' +3*7#3*'2 #, 34#+2 %#3' #34'2 '&200. "+4* " -03'4 '.+ /35+4' &2. (+/+3*'& $#3'.'/4 "+4* '1#2#4' /42#/%' 2'.+5. 02/'2 04 2'3*-9 #+/4'& (#/4#34+% '&200. *0.' -0%#4 '& '#2 *' 2#.140/ +33+33#5)# 02&'2 *+3 0.' '#452'3 4 '+-+/)3 #2&700& 4*205)*054 4*' 053' #, 34#+2%#3' 1)2#&'& +4%*'/ #$+/'429 34#+/ -'33 4''- #11-+#/%'3 #%,31-#3* #34'2 '&200. "+4* %3 /35+4' /& " -03'4 #5/&29 / /& -002 8'%54+6' 0.' / *' 2'34+)+053 +/#/%+#2'#3 "*+%* 3 534 0 !+'7 *+3 053' #3 '&200.3 #4* 200.3 "+4* '/ / *' #+/ -002 #2& 700& / *' #+/ -002 #3 +2'1-#%' #, 34#+2 %#3' #-+(02/+# 3*544'23 -6'2 *' 053' #34'2 &2 "+4* %3 /35+4' " -03'4 1)2#&'& +4%*'/ #$+/'429 #/429










"% 4 $30-54'-9 02)'053 #2' '&200.3 2''*0-& 07/*053' *+3 2+)*4 1#%+053 /& /+4 3 / *' '.#/&+/) /'+)*$052 *00& "+4* 0 0.'3 '*+/& ''-3 +,' '.+ 05$-' 002 /42#/%' "+4* #2&700& / *' #+/ -002 -03' 0 .'/+4+'3 *011+/) %*0079 4% 0/ 4 +33 *' 110245/+49 2'.+5. 02/'2 04 2'3*-9 #+/4'& 02)'053 '&200. 053' "+4* #2&700& -002 -6'2 *+3 053' #3 '1#2#4' +6+/) #.+-9 +/+/) 00. #, 4#+2%#3' 1)2#&'& +4%*'/ "+4* 2'#,(#34 #2 '7 05/4'2 01 #%,31-#3* #2)' "'-%0.+/) 09'2 +2'1-#%' / *' #.+-9 00. 2#/& '7 2'.+5. #6+/' 04 8'%54+6' 0.' / 2'34+)+053 34#4' ( 2'&+4 +&)' "+4* '&200. 5-"#3*200.3 ''4 '+-+/) 207/ 05-&+/) 04 +)*43 / *' #+/ -002 #2)' "'-%0.+/) 09'2 '1#2#4' +6+/) #.+-9 '/ +/+/) 00. / *' #+/ -002 #.+-9 00. "+4* #3 +2'1-#%'


D-02 | Voice Real Estate, Saturday, September 01, 2012

Black is “in” for up-to-date interiors

on sale now


(NC) - Do you love the way you feel after slipping into your little black dress (LBD)? Black is not only a great shade on you—it's also a great shade for your home, say specialists in this field. The stylish finish is especially perfect in the kitchen—and can be seen in everything from kitchen appliances, to hardware… and now even the faucet. Make your kitchen feel just as good as you do in your favourite LBD with the magic of black. Appliance Accents - Stainless steel appliances exude the aura of a high-end, professional kitchen. But the modern stainless appliance wouldn't be complete without rich, black accents. From iron-work grates and griddles on stainless stoves, to refrigerators with black ice makers and handles, the combination of black and stainless conveys professionalism and power. A Dramatic Finish - The sink is, without a doubt, the most used area in the kitchen. From filling cups to washing dishes, rinsing fruits and vegetables to replenishing Fido's bowl, the sink is used dozens of times per day. That said, it should be the first place we consider when it comes to décor… not just an afterthought. Since it's such a central area, why not give your sink a bit of character by adding a dramatic black faucet? Very popular is the Arbor kitchen faucet in a Matte Black finish from Moen. It provides a streamlined appearance that coordinates perfectly with black or stainless/black kitchen appliances and accessories. The collection also features the Moen Reflex system on pullout and pulldown kitchen faucets. Reflex allows for unmatched performance that offers smooth operation, easy movement and secure retraction. Sophisticated Surfaces - Countertops play a large role in the function of a kitchen, setting the stage for food preparation, the use and display of everything from toasters to tea pots, and activities from surfing the internet to entertaining guests. Black granite countertops can be a great addition to an already sophisticated kitchen. And, the options are far more extensive than basic black, ranging from midnight black to a more mixed shade, with secondary colours of grey, white, or even bolder hues, like sapphire. Dramatic Radiance - Light fixtures can often set the tone for the entire room, both by the light they give off and the look of the fixture. Create a new appearance for your kitchen and dining area by adding a bold choice in lighting. Chandeliers with vintagestyle ironwork, strings of black glass or crystal beads, or even dramatic black prints, can be a beautiful accent to an elegant kitchen—the pièce de résistance to tie the whole room together. With just a few stylish, dark-hued accents, you can create a kitchen that stands out, instead of simply blending in. More information is available online at

residences from the mid $200’s Gaze into our crystal… The future is arriving faster than you think. With the inaugural groundbreaking for Crystal 1 and 2, it’s time to envision October 2014 when the many benefits and pleasures of living in the heart of Mississauga’s live-work-play Pinnacle Uptown community becomes all yours.

construction has started

PinnacleUptown.Com presentation centre located at 5044 hurontario street & eglinton, mississauga (905) 568.9000 monday – friday: 1-7pm weekends & holidays: 12-6pm

"#$ $

Harinder Malhans %

%) "#

$ %! $

$ %! $

$ ( " $ # ) %" !" ! "$) %#$ )# " ) # "& # " ) % " #%" " ( " %!! " " ! "$ # # ' # $ " " $ ) " ! $ !% '$ $ !$ $ # ! " ! $

Residential t en m t es v n I $


Commercial '$ $($,# ,'0$-# .($-, , * (-+ ( -# %$- # (, * +%$(", +$ " -)/ ,# + +1 +

t en m t es v n I $



t sm B is h Fin $

#$ % !& & '


,-)+ 1 0 ,#+))', ! '$&1 +))' * ( )( *$- # ( ,- + +))' (,.$- 0 &% ( &), +$ " ,-)/ ,# + +1 + $,#0 ,# +


* (%"!




ce n a ntr E p Se #$ ! )+ $


+ ,# +$ ( )&& " !.&&1 + () / ,-)+ 1 - # ! '$&1 +))' !$( $,# ,''(-# + (- & $( )' '$ %$- # (, 0 ,# +))', ! '$&1 +))' * +%$(" $($,# , ' (- $-# * + (-+ ( +$ " , -)/ , ,# + +1 + $,# 0 ,# +


ng s i t s k Li e 3 c e Ch ag p n o


Voice Real Estate, Saturday, September 01, 2012 | D-03



Queen & Bramlea


Queen St E/Dixie Rd


Bramalea/Central Park

/)+ 3* 4>= #;4 +*6442 58 6+'8 46 /678 #/2+ 9=+67 "9 5+6( 4)'8/43 +'6 11 2+3/8/+7 ;=7 6'2'1+' /8= +386+ / (6'6= ").4417 #6'37/8 =2 ./3 '60 -9')497= 911= $5*'8+* 3* !+34:'8+* /)8.+3 6/*-+ "84:+ &'7.+6 6=+6


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Sunny Meadow Blvd/Mint Leaf

Chinguacousy/ Bovaird

46-+497 "5481+77 42+ 3 6+'8 +/-.(496.44* +*6442 +8').+* 42+ &/8. #;4 '2 /1= !4427 '67 '6'-+ 64,+77/43 '11= /3/7.+* '72+38 &/8. "+5 386'3)+ + !+38+* 8 )'3 2 <)+1 4)' 8/43 9(1/) #6'37/8 8 446 "8+5 147+ #4 ").4417 *6+3 '60 '30 ".455/3- 47 5/8'1 6/-.8 1+'3 5+3 43)+58 +* 6442 42+ "/*+ 3 86'3)+ #4 '7+2+38 '6'-+ 147+ #4 4 "8'8/43 6'25 843 #6'37/8 1'>' 9(1/) 3* '8.'1/) ").4417 %+6= 6/+3*1= +7/6+* +/-.(46.44* '6* *;44* 14467 + 6'2/)7 1446/3- 3 #.+ '/3 16 '6-+ 5+3 /8).+3 '/3 16 '93*6=

Miracle Realty Ltd. Brokerage Independently Owned & Operated

PLAZAS &A<?3F @> 4A <44713 ?3A/79 @=/13 =3?431A 4<? B@3? 7;C3@A<? D7A6 :/7; 49<<? C/1/;A /?<B;2 *79@<; /?3/ B99F ?3;<C/A32 0B7927;5 D7A6 @A339 ?<<4 /;2 /==?<C32 4<? @<9/? 3;3?5F 3>B7=:3;A !<?A6 :3?71/@ 7?@A B99F 757A/9 <@=7A/9 <:7;5 ; '63 !37560<?6<<2 @87;5 <;9F == /;A@

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(=@1/93 3@A63A71 @/9<; 7; *<<20?7253 D399 3@A/097@632 4<? F3/?@ <; 0B@F @A?33A ;3/? 6756 @16<<9 7; / 23;@39F =<=B9/A32 ?3@723;A7/9 ;37560<?6<<2 ;23?:<9<573 /@3? &=/ '<B16 &=317/9A73@ 71?< 3?:/0?/@7<; #3?:/;3;A /83B= #3?:/;3;A /7? %3:<C/9 3A1 @87;5 ";9F



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Steeles Ave W., Suite 11A, Rexdale, Ontario, M9V 5C6 Tel: 416-747-9777, Fax: 416-747-7135



*<<20?7253 -"BA@723 )/B56/; 799@ I DF *7A6 " ;<A ?B;;7;5 1B??3;A9F I DF /?F1?<4A A/97/; I 7@@7@@/B5/ /? ?799 7E73 &6/D@<; I ?/:=A<; - DF &A3393@ I 7?=<?A ;A3?:<2/9 I $B33; &A '<?0?/: A/97/; . "% "% ' &

/@A3@A 5?<D7;5 *7;5@ 4?/;167@3 3@A/097@632 4<? <C3? F3/?@ D7A6 67183; *7;5 49/C<?@ 9< 1/A32 7; %7< /; =9/G/ <4 ?/C3;6B?@A A<B?7@A 17AF B@8<8/ @B??<B;232 D7A6 /;/27/; '7?3 &B0D/F 3A1 #/A7< /11<::<2/A7;5 @3/A@ &75 ;/AB?3 9<1/A7<;@ /C/79/093 7; *<<20?7253 /9@< @87;5 ";9F


CAR WASH /F <7; /? */@6 ;19B27;5 ";3 '?B18 %) /F E13993;A #?7:3 <1/A7<; "; )3?F B@F 756 '?/4471 &A?33A ; <;2<; @87;5 ";9F

/@ &A/A7<; &7AB/A32 "; /94 1?3 <A ; ?/;A4<?2 9<@3 '< /@7;< B??3;A9F !<A "=3?/A7;5 703? 9/@@ </A32 &A339 '/;8@ ,<;7;5 99<D7;5 <A6 <::3? 17/9 ;2 %3@723;A7/9 *7A6 ==?<C32 #9/;@ <;JA 7@@ A63 "==<?AB;7AF I /;2 )/9B3 ";9F @87;5 ";9F



32?<<: 3A/1632 /18@=97A <:3 0@<9BA39F ::/1B9/A3 &=<A93@@ 3A/1632 #?<=3?AF "44 &=31A/1B9/? 7?=<?A %</2 <1/A32 ; B9 3 &/1 32?<<:@ *7A6 9<@3 '< < &A/A7<; ; ?/:=A<; &<972 /=93 /?2 *<<2 #/?>B3A 3?/:71@ 9<<?@ ; *6<93 <B@3 ?3@6 D<<2 9<<?@ ?/;7A3 <B;A3? '<=@ &A<;3 /@17/ #/7;A %313;A9F (=5?/232 7A163; 7;7@632 /@3:3;A EA3?7<? /;2@1/=7;5 <:3 &33 '63 (=5?/23@ *7A6 32?<<: /;2 */@6?<<: %/?39F C/79/093 @87;5 ";9F @87;5 ";9F

The Mortgage Centre I direct Mortgage Inc.

A Foundation Built on Trust

21 Roysun Road, Unit 6, Woodbridge, ON L4L 8R3 HO: 905-652-3000 ext. 467, ext. 468

No Money Down

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ow & N t s Li

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Hot Line: 416-857-3250 CONDO APARTMENT


<<86.:02? *6@5 *.>>.:@E .>/82 '682? ": :@>.:02 64 #.>76:4 &<.02 !2C 645@6:4 6D@A>2? A88E %2:;B.@21 82.: ;:1;96:6A9 A?@ &22 .B6:4 -E9 #;;8 &20A >6@E &E?@29 88 <<86.:02? 86:1? 645@ 6D@A>2? : 08A121 *.87 "A@ '; '@0 A? &@;< .:7 *.87 : 86:60 #.>7 ADA>E (<?0.82 ;:1; ;9<82D : '52 2.>@ "3 6? ?6??.A4. >2.@ ;0.@6;: *.87 '; &=A.> ":2 :@2> @.6:92:@ '>.:?6@ 8;?2 '; E $2C 6><;>@ >? &20A>6@E ? ? ;D : &@.6>C288 ;> FE &5;C6:4 8;?2?@ '; '52 (:6@





BRAMPTON '56? 2.A@63A8 ;>:2> (:6@ *6@5 .>42 21>;;9? *.?5>;;9? (:6@ A68@ E .?@82 >;A< ? &5;C #6202 'A?0.:E .@2 ADA>E ;:1; *6@5 &;A@5 *2?@ D<;?A>2 @ .? (:;/?@>A0@21 )62C "3 '52 6@E ":2 "3 '52 6442?@ (:6@ : '52 A6816:4 *6@5 &= @ "3 '2>>.FF;



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D-04 | Voice Real Estate, Saturday, September 01, 2012

Savvy Bathroom Storage Solutions provides an extra bar for bath essentials when the two curtains are hung together on the interior bar. Plus, the curved design provides an extra five inches of elbow room for a more enjoyable shower experience. Get the 'Hang' of It To accompany your new curved shower rod, incorporate shower rod

(NC) - While the bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in the home—it is also the area where we store a multitude of items, from cosmetics to cleaners and from laundry to linens. With this in mind, it's easy for the bathroom to feel more like crowded, cluttered chaos than the spa sanctuary we long it to be. Luckily, with a few conscious attempts to control the clutter, bathroom storage woes will cease and you can create a bathing haven to put you at ease. Stylish Shower Storage According to an online consumer survey conducted by leading faucet manufacturer, Moen, 19 percent of men and 22 percent of women state that leaving items on the bathroom floor is a top annoyance in the bath. Luckily, freeing the floor can be simple, by using your shower for storage. No, we don't mean hiding items behind the shower curtain, but by adding a double curved shower rod from Moen, which offers an excellent place to hang towels, robes and other items. The design double-bar

hooks to fully utilize the storage space…with style. These S-shaped hooks are easy to install—simply snap them right onto your shower rod—to offer convenient access for a variety of items. Available in the most popular fin-

Committed to EXCELLENT SERVICE Everytime Residential Mortgage Mortgage Renewal Past Credit Problems #


key is to view the shelves as 'decor' not 'storage'. First, choose a stylish design in a finish that coordinates with the rest of your bath hardware. Then, add decorative baskets or jars to place on the shelves to hold your items. Soon you'll have storage space disguised as decoration. With these simple storage solutions, your bath will be an oasis of organization for you to wake up and enjoy each morning. More information is available on line at

Looking Out For Your Best Interest

First Time Buyers Personal Line of Credit Commercial Projects $

ishes to coordinate with other bathroom accessories, your bath will look great and keep items such as pajamas, loofahs or shaving kits off the floor and within arms' reach. Disguised Décor To accomplish an organized bath you need to have a designated place for everything. But if your floor or vanity space is limited, where else can you look? Wall shelves can be the perfect solution for storage—and create a beautiful look in your bath. The

Equity Take-out Credit Rehabilitation Parvinder (Timi) Khindria AMP M11000714


Dir: 647-828-6598 905-361-4646 $!

w w w. t i m i k h i n d r i a . c o m

Pro-Link Mortgages Ltd.

Suite # 15, 145 Traders Blvd. E. Mississauga, ON L4Z 3L3

Independently Owned & Operated

8// )59-') !:2 3)1 286) )9)5< :)). 817-// ,286) -6 62/( ):63%3)5 %(-2 %1( !# (9)57-6)0)176

Raman Dua MBA Broker of Record

905-216-7800 8))1 5)(-79-):


6017 :7, )3 17

Executive Home In Prestigious Estate Of Credit Ridge. 5 Bedroom 3 Full Washrooms With W/O Bsmt On A Premium Ravine Lot. 9' Ceiling.Impressive Double Door Entry. Large Welcoming Foyer. Main Floor Features Combined Living & Dining, Sep Office, Spacious Family Room With Gasf/P. Tons Of Builder Upgrade. Oak S/ Case. Upgraded Kitchen With Extended Cabinets.

%1(%/:22( ,-1+8%'286<


4 7

Detached All Brick 4 Bdrm, 3 Baths, 2200 Sq Ft, Great Gulf Home, Desirable Location, Close To All Amenities, Open Concept, Formal Liv/Din Rm, Huge Fam Rm W/9' Ceiling, Double Car Garage, Main Floor Laundry, Seperate Entrance To Bsmt From Garage Stainless Steel Fridge, Stainless Steel Stove, Stainless Steel Dishwasher, Washer & Dryer, Rough In Washroom In Bsmt.

-1+ 75))7 )11)(<

$-//-%06 .:< %0)6 277)5

8675%/-% 5 !25&5%0 (

6017 37 :-7, )3 17

$/. 72 2 71

6017 37 :7, )3 17

Excellent Opportunity To Own A Well Kept,Bright,Upgraded On App 1/2 Acre. 4 Large Bedrms, Open concept, Kitchen With Oak Cabinets/Custom Pantry. All Season Sunroom. Rec Rm With Wet Bar.Lower Level With Sep Ent & Patio. Dont Miss Peaceful Country Living. Priced To Sell. Close To Schools, Hwy 10, 410, Hospital, Shopping Includes All Elfs, D/D Fridge, Gas Stove, Dishwasher, Washer.

%1(%/:22( ()1&522.


4 7

Absolutely Stunning Home. Detach Double Car Garage. Double Door Entrance Opens P A Spacious Foyer, Good Size Living Room. All Hardwood Floor On Main Floor. Family Sized Kitchen(Fridge/Stove/B/I Dishwasher)With W/O To Beautiful Backyard. 2nd Flr Family Rm W/Gas Fireplace. Master Bed Room With Ensuite & W/I Closet. All Rooms Good Size. Bigger Lot,Main Floor Laundry,

A True Gem, Just Like Model Home. House With A Wow Factor. Fully Detach Brick/Stone Elevation, 4 Bedroom House At A Walking Distance To Go Station. Impressive Double Door Entry. Large Foyer. Main Floor Sep Living, Dining & Family Room With Upgraded Hardwood Floors,Crown Moulding. Chef's Delight Kitchen With Granite Counter & S/S Appliances,Backsplash.

$ ,85',-// 5-1 )1

5)),2/( ;)'87-9) !:1,6) Excellent Opportunity To Own Green Park's Freehold Executive Town House In The Most Desirable Location In Mississauga. Attached By Garage Only On One Side Feels Like Semi. Solid Oak Staircase, Entrance To Garage. Master With Ensuite. Door To Backyard Fm Garage. Close To All Amenities Schools/ Trans/ Hwys/ Hospital/Go/Shopping. Includes Fridge, Stove, Washer & Dryer

True Value For Money. 5 Bedroom 3 Full Washrooms, Fully Detach All Brick House On A Premium Corner Lot. Basement Apartment With Sep Entrance Can Pay Half Of The Mortgage. Main Floor Sep Living,Dining & Family Room With Gleaming Hardwood Floors. Recently Renovated Kitchen W/upgraded cabinets, Granite Countertop. Large Master W/Full Ensuite. 2 Bedrooms w/Jack & Jill Washroom.


6,&< -)/(


!216 2* "3+5%()6


This One Is A True Show Piece.One Of Its Kind With Tons Of Upgrades (More Than 60 K Upgrades As Per Seller). All Upgrades Done By Builder. Impressive Double Door Entry. Large Welcoming Foyer. Main Floor Marble Floor And Hardwood In Living & Dining Area.9' Ceiling.Fully Loaded Kitchen With Top Of The Line S/S Appliances, Granite Counter And Marble Floor. Upgraded Kitchen

5)(-7 #-):

4 7

Gorgeous & Clean; 4 Bedrooms + Office/ Ent/Media + 3 Washrooms With Double Door Entry; Oak Stair Case; Engineered Hardwood/Laminate Floor In Dining, Living, Family, Office & 2nd Floor Hallway; Master Bedroom Has 5 Pc Ensuite (Sep Shwr & Oval-Tub) & W/I Closet, Upgraded Kitchen With Backsplash, Center Island & Stainless Steel Appliances, Break fast Area; Laundry On 2nd Floor

$-//-%06 .:< ,-1+8%'28<

8))1 '/%8+,/-1

'/%8+,/-1 ,%52/2-6

%1(%/:22( ,-1+8%'286<

6017 37 :7, )3 17

6017 37 :7, )3 17

This Beautifully Presented 4 + 1 Br Detached Home Located In High Demand Area. Accomodation Of Good Size Sq Ft Comprising Hallway, Living + Dining Room, 2 Kitchens, 4Bdrms And Finished Basement With Sep Entrance, Kitchen,Bdrm And 4 Pc Bath. Laundry Room In Lower Level And There Is Option For On 2nd Flr. Walking Distance To Shoppers World, Parks, Shops, Transit And Park

$%/. 72 2 71

True Gem In Brampton. Walk To Go Station. Fully Detach All Brick Double Car Garage House Loaded With Upgrades,Impressive Double Door Entry, Main Floor Upgraded Wooden Floor, Large Eat-In Kitchen & Top Of The Line S/S Appliances, Backsplash, Oak Staircase, Granite Countertop, Undermount Sink. Separate Entrance To The Bsmt And Upgraded Bsmt Windows. Master With Full Ensuite.

6017 37 :7, )3 17

All Brick, Fully Detached In A Childsafe Street. Double Car Garage.No Carpet On Main Or Upper Floor. Dark Stained Stairs/ Floor In Family/Upper Hallway. Gas Fireplace In Family. French Door In Dining.New Counters In Kitchen, Extended Pantry In Kitchen. Stainless Steel Backsplash. 2 Level Deck In Backyard. Includes Fridge, Glass Top Stove,B/I Dishwasher,Washer & Dryer,Fridge

%0)6 257)5 $-//-%0 %5.:%<

Fully Upgraded From Top To Bottom, Main Floor Living, Dining & Family Room. Gleaming Hardwood Floors, Crown moulding. Completely Renovated With Deep Cabinets, Soft Close Door And Drawers, Granite Counter Top With Under Mount Sink And Beautifull Back Splash,S/S Appliances. Master With Full Ensuite. Wooden Deck In Backyard. Potlights In Finished Bsmt & Sep Entrance.


5)0-80 -=) 27 Magnificent & Elegant, Tastefully Decorated, Aprox 1900 Sqft Semi-Detached Home In High Demand Area, Premium Size Lot And Is Pie Shaped, Walking Distance To All Amenities, Upgraded Dbl Dr (MetalCrafted) Entry, High End hardwood Floor, Levolor Wood Blinds, Bright Open Concept Fridge, Stove, Built In Dishwasher, Washer And Dryer, Close To School, Parks, Transit


25) 2%(

16,( $ :7, )3 17 A Rare Combination Of Premium Ravine Lot With Finished W/O Bsmt & Sep Entrance.Well Kept 3 Bedroom House With Computer Loft At One Of The Best Location In Brampton. Main Floor Combined Living & Dining Area.Eat In Kitchen. Sep Family Room.Hardwood On Main Floor,Upper Hallway & Computer Loft. Oak S/Case. large Master With Full Ensuite And W/I Closet.

5)%7 %.)


8//< 16,( 6017 This Beautiful Semi Detach 3 Bdrm Home With Fully Finished Bsmt With Modern Decorated Bar And Execise Room. Renovated From Top To Bottom, Freshly Painted In Neutral Colours. Brand New Blinds In Kitchen & Family Room. Nice Deck In Backyard, No Neighbours Behind.Family Friendly And Good Location Trinity Common Mall Area, Close To All Amenities, Schools, Church.

$-//-%06 .:< ,-1+8%'286<

5)0-80 251)5 27 Gorgeous 4 Bedroom All Brick Detached Home With A Premium Corner Lot (Aprox 50' Wide) On A Quiet Street. Mattamy Built 5 Years New,Beautiful Double Door Entry, Landscaped professionally Front Yard And Backyard With Extensive Stone Work, Fully Fenced Backyard, Gazebo, Main Floor Living And Family Room, Upgraded Kitchen With Breakfast Area And Walk Out To Patio

7))/)6 '/%8+,/-1

5*61/< 16,( 6017 37 Spacious 4 Br Home Located In Great Mature Area Walking Distance To Schools/Parks. 40' Lot, 2Car Garage, Main Floor Laundry. Large Living/Dining Rm With Hardwood. Upgraded Kitchen With Granite Counter Top. Upper Floor-4 Good Size Laminated Br.Master Br With 4 Pc Ensuite & Walk-In Closet. Newly Professionally Built Bsmt -1 Rm, Kitchen, Rec Rm & 3 Pc Washroom. Roof (2010)

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Fully Detach All briock 4 Bedroom house, Main floor Dining & family room with Gas Fireplace, Upstairs Living room. Oak Staircase. Master with Full Ensuite, Entrance from Garge to House. Laminate Floor on Main & Second Floor, No Carpet in the whole house. large Eat In Kitchen, Bsmt Has Full washroom.

This Spacious Semi Has Great Curb Appeal.Located Within Walking Distance To Schools, Shopping, Parks + Go Station. Very Well Kept House. Good Size Living Room With Laminate Floor. Nice Deck At The Back. Three Good Size Rooms With Closets. Fresh Neutral Paint. Brand New Professionally Done Basement With A Washroom. All Elf's, All Window Covering, Washer & Dryer.

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Voice Real Estate, Saturday, September 01, 2012 | D-05


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Voice Real Estate, Saturday, September 01, 2012 | D-07


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Pradeep Kumar 416-879-6733



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GTM Pro Realty Ltd. Brokerage 7050 A Bramalea Road, Unit 10, Mississauga, ON, L5S 1T1

Tel: 905-671-3636

Manjit S. Dhindsa Broker of Record



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Steeles Ave /Torbram Rd

Best Rates For All Residential & Commercial Mortgages 7 0 5 0 A B r a m a l e a R d . Un i t # 1 1 , M i s s i s s a u g a

Te l : 9 0 5 - 4 0 5 - 1 6 6 6


Fa x : 9 0 5 - 4 0 5 - 1 6 0 6

gs n i t s k Li e 3 c e Ch ag p n o


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C Co oming So oon Coming Soon Reegisteer No ow! Register Now!

Specctacular Commun Spectacular Community nity of Bungalows Bungalo g low ws and Two T wo Storey S Storey Homes (1,800 (1 1 800 - 4,200 1,800 42 200 sq.ft.) q ft ) on q.ft.) Mount 33’, 40’, 50’ & 65’ Lots Lots in an Incredible I edible Moun Incr nt Albert Setting g From Fr om the Lo Low w

400’s 40 00’s 00

$ victori m Register Reg gister Today! Today! 416-746-1234 416-74 46-1234 Prices and sspecifications pecifications ar aree subject to change nge without notice. E. & O O.E. .E. Rendering dering iiss artist’s artist’s concept.


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