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Fall 2013

Life is beautiful. share it.

dreamers & doers. For friends & family. For

Ahni & Zoe is the only social selling company that lets you easily celebrate your

beautiful life through pictures.

From snap to print to display, we’ve got you covered. Come take a look at ahni & zoe.


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About Ahni & Zoe

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ah n ia n d zo e .co m (.ca )


Our photos make us smile. From the tender moments to the hilarious to the ones that make us say, “I can’t believe I was there.” They define us and they unite us. For over 25 years, my work with Creative Memories has been about creating connections,

sharing smiles and telling stories. Now, I’m thrilled to share with you the next chapter: Ahni & Zoe, which literally translates to “Beautiful Life.” And it’s that very translation that defines our mission: We exist to inspire people to pull photos off their devices and into their lives . . . with products that help connect families and friends to unforgettable moments, letting them know they’re loved. We take great joy in providing a fun and rewarding opportunity that encourages all to seize the moments that make up their beautiful lives. At Ahni & Zoe, we picture a world in which you can be the author of your own life story,

adding meaning and joy to your life and the lives around you. We’ll help make this a reality through our award-winning products and the exciting opportunities they make possible. You’re already taking amazing photos. Isn’t it time you did something amazing with them? We’ll show you how to start. There’s no limit to where you finish. Welcome to Ahni & Zoe.

CO-FOUNDER, Creative Memories


ah ni a nd z oe .c om (.c a)

We believe in women. Building a community of fabulous friends and strong families. Connecting in new ways and inspiring each other every day.

We believe in opportunity. Erasing boundaries. Instilling confidence. Achieving success – however you define it.

We believe in giving. Offering smiles and the chance to make a difference. Sharing the joy of photos with family and friends.

We believe in our future. Knowing there’s limited time, but unlimited potential. Let’s be brilliant and brave.

ah n ia n d zo e .co m (.ca )


As easy as 6

ah ni a nd z oe .c om (.c a)


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Watch inawink™ become your new do-everything photo app. Use it to snap, edit, tag and enhance your pics.

Add a print plan to your inawink™ app and, as soon as you mark your photos as “print-worthy,” they are automatically placed in your print queue.

Put your fabulous life on display. Share memories with your friends and family that you can go back to again and again.

Quickly organize your photos into albums Easily add comments & notes Get reminders to take pics on special occasions Keep your photos safe with secure cloud storage

Get prints shipped to you

Show off and share prints with Albums, Displays and Accessories

Choose from Gloss or lustre finish options

Save time with easy-to-complete, pre-designed products

Printed on premium Fuji Crystal Archive Photo Paper

Premium quality. made in the U.S.A.


ah n ia n d zo e .co m (.ca )


Our new app!

Shoot. Edit. Organize. Print. And that’s just


for starters. Inawink™ is designed to add a little sanity to your photo-filled life. Many of the features included in this powerhouse are served up automatically so you can spend your time simply living and capturing your memories each day. And by the way, it’s free!

Capture your story Shoot and edit your pictures within the app Easily crop, rotate, enhance and stylize

Add fun notes to your images

tell the whole story by entering titles & journal information.

Get reminders to snap pics on important milestones

Tag the pics you feel are print-worthy and they’ll arrive on your doorstep automatically when you’re signed up for a print plan.

“ L O V E ”

Instead of one app to shoot, one to edit and one to print, inawink does everything. I love it! — A m a n d a S .


ah ni a nd z oe .c om (.c a)

Click store pics Safe & Sound

Safe, secure cloud storage 1 GB of free storage


Additional storage available



10 GB


$25 US $26.50 can

$75 US $79.50 can

1 yr

1 yr

*Earn 0.25 GB free storage space with each print plan purchase/renewal (up to 4GB max free storage).

Coming Soon! on the Web


The inawink companion web site will offer many of the same tools and tricks of the smart phone app, with the ability to access them from any web browser. Import, organize, store, share and print all your photos from this convenient, easy-to-use web application.

Easy In. Easy out. Import photos from any device – Smart phone, camera, laptop and tablet Organize by event or milestone Secure cloud storage

ah n ia n d zo e .co m (.ca )


2. print

No ordering. No fuss. Prints arrive


From pixels to paper. Automatically. No more uploading to a special print site. No more driving to the store or standing in line. You and your photos just got an upgrade! Your flagged images print & ship automatically Choose between Gloss or LUSTRE finish Shoot, edit & organize your prints – all inawink! Whatever you have flagged as print-worthy will automatically ship to your home on beautiful archival-quality photo paper. It’s super convenient and super fun.

Premium quality Fuji Crystal Archive Paper Brilliant colors, exceptional detail and no fading

You choose the plan:*

25 Prints 50 prints 75 prints 150 prints

$8 us | $8.50 can $15 us | $16.00 can $21 us | $22.00 can $40 us | $42.50 can

includes shipping!

*Choose print size 4x6 or 4XD *Easily purchase your print plans in the app with a single step. No need to ever re-enter your info. Print plans will refill automatically until you choose to change your plan.

“ S U R P R I S E ”

There’s nothing better than being surprised with your own amazing photos in the mail. I get to relive these incredible moments in a whole new way. — J e n n i f e r H .


ah ni a nd z oe .c om (.c a)

The new ahni & zoe line

3. SHare

Get to know the entire lineup of

fast, simple solutions that get your favorite pics off your

phone and into your life. Share with your family. Share with friends. The Ahni & Zoe line is about to add a little sanity to your photo-filled life. From albums to displays and accessories. They all come with a Happiness Guarantee. Learn more at (.ca).

ah n ia n d zo e .co m (.ca )



ah ni a nd z oe .c om (.c a)


FAST2FAB ALBUMS Each of these albums showcases your prints alongside pretty design accents, borders and inspiring quotes. Put your next album together in minutes!


Psst... You can also mix and match! All pages fit in all albums.

Have an extra space? Pick a cute paper filler.

SLIDE-IN albums & SLIDE-IN packs All your prints. All in one place. There’s no easier way to organize, store and share your prints. Each album comes ready to hold 144 photos from your latest trip, reunion or holiday celebration.

Slide in your photo. Simple as that. ah n ia n d zo e .co m (.ca )


fast2fab albums These albums are cleverly designed from cover to cover and ready to give your photos the home they deserve.


$49.50 US $52.50 can

White out #654198

16 double-sided pages with page protectors Room for 70-75 photos – or more with refills features fun quotes and cute designs Photo safe & made in the U.S.A. Lifetime Guarantee

refill pages (16pk)

$29.50 US $31 can refill pages with page protectors (16pk) #654231

strut your stuff #654334

Cute designs enhance your story! 14

ah ni a nd z oe .c om (.c a)

refill pages with page protectors (16pk) #654201

Annie get your gumball

Good vibrations #654183

refill pages with page protectors (16pk) #654270


refill pages with page protectors (16pk) #654206

see more album pages online.

tangerine, plum & then some #654120

refill pages with page protectors (16pk) #654200

nobody puts navy in the corner #654111

refill pages with page protectors (16pk) #654202

ah n ia n d zo e .co m (.ca )




$49.50 US $52.50 can


refill pages (16pk)

$29.50 US $31 can mint to be #654092

you better beleaf it #654082

refill pages with page protectors (16pk) #654203

isn't she lovely

refill pages with page protectors (16pk) #654199

boy, oh boy!



Includes adoption page

Includes adoption page

refill pages with page protectors* (16pk) #654210

refill pages with page protectors* (16pk) #654214 *adoption page not included


ah ni a nd z oe .c om (.c a)

eat, drink & be married #654131

see more page designs online! earn some extra cash $$. see pg. 30

refill pages with page protectors (16pk) #654204

remember ...

It’s your business. Hire yourself. Looking for a dream job? Join our team of A&Z Consultants and share the magic of photos and the connections they create.

Set the schedule that works for you Make money while you make new friends Start a part-time biz that may become a full-time passion Get the tools you need to succeed Learn more on pg. 30.

You can also mix and match! All pages fit in all albums. start with a fast2fab and add Slide-in pages or vice versa.

ah n ia n d zo e .co m (.ca )


slide-in albums When it comes to quick and easy, this pre-assembled album reigns supreme.

Includes 12 clear pocket-style pages comes ready to Hold up to 144 of your photos

$39.50 US $42 can expandable BLACK album horizontal #654326 vertical #654325

Easily expandable – add more pages Vertical, horizontal and large single-pocket pages Photo safe with Lifetime Guarantee

expandable greige album horizontal #654373 vertical #654372

multi-pocket pages $19.50 us | $20.50 can horizontal (12pk) #654312 vertical (12pk) #654311

large single-pocket pages choose horizontal, vertical or large singlepocket pages.


ah ni a nd z oe .c om (.c a)


$19.50 us | $20.50 can #654313

ADD a little color or a fun memory.

White out horizontal #654228 vertical #654223

$9.50 US $10 can mint to be horizontal #654165 vertical #654249

slide-in packs When you have something special to say or you’re one photo short of a dozen, these decorative placeholders are the perfect solution.

24 double-sided 4x6 fillers Exclusive artwork Inspirational quotes Photo safe & made in the U.S.A.

you better beleaf it horizontal #654147 vertical #654236

ah n ia n d zo e .co m (.ca )


slide-in packs continued


$9.50 US $10 can

good vibrations

boy, oh boy!

horizontal #654190 vertical #654255

horizontal #654178 vertical #654261

strut your stuff

isn’t she lovely

Eat, Drink & be married

horizontal #654156 vertical #654243

horizontal #654169 vertical #654252

horizontal #654174 vertical #654258

ah ni a nd z oe .c om (.c a)

tangerine, plum & then some horizontal #654151 vertical #654239

Host an Ahni & Zoe Party If you’ve got photos and you’ve got friends, you’ve got what it takes to host an A&Z Party. Get rewarded for having a blast with friends.

Help your friends with their photos – A&Z makes it easy Your part is simple – your A&Z Consultant does the rest EARN FREE & HALF-PRICE PRODUCTS Contact your Consultant to take the next step!

Annie get your gumball horizontal #654182 vertical #654264


nobody puts navy in the corner horizontal #654160 vertical #654246

ah n ia n d zo e .co m (.ca )



$3.50 US $4 can

Perfect for adding captions in your Fast2Fab Albums or on fillers for your Slide-In Albums. Make a bold statement with gold or silver metallic. Or choose the dual-tip pens in brown and black, featuring a round tip on one end and a fine tip on the other. Keep your options open by getting all four of these photo-safe pens.

brown Dual-tip Pen

silver metallic Pen



Black Dual-tip Pen

gold metallic Pen



ah ni a nd z oe .c om (.c a)


TAPE tape runner

$9.50 US $10 can


tape runner refill $8.50 us | $9 can


The simplest way to stick your prints in your Fast2Fab album and ensure they stay put. The ergonomic design is comfortable and makes for smooth application. Includes one cartridge.

“ N o

Actual tab size shown.

f u s s ”

I never imagined it could be this easy to show off my kids’ photos in beautiful albums. It all happens instantly. No fuss. No problem. — B e t s y H .

ah n ia n d zo e .co m (.ca )


wall gallery 24

ah ni a nd z oe .c om (.c a)

magnetic displays Show the Love

Your entire family will feel the love. More than a frame, these sleek & versatile displays let you change it up to keep things fresh. Showing off new photos will be a reminder to you and your family about the good times you share, and inspire the next.

16x16-inch frame (13.5x13.5 interior) Includes four magnets

Sawtooth hanger for easy mounting Quality wood construction, made in the U.S.A

Display your faves, every day.





Extra magnets - black

Extra magnets - BROWN

$9.50 us | $10 can


$9.50 us | $10 can

$59.50 US $63 can


ah n ia n d zo e .co m (.ca )


$9.50 US $10 can

photo box The new Ahni & Zoe Photo Box is the perfect way to keep all your photos organized and at hand, ready to share with the world.

Stylish, contemporary box sorts and stores up to 150 photos Holds both 5x7 and 4x6 prints Archival-quality construction keeps prints safe Compact size means easy storage and portability

“ F E E L S


Berry On Top Photo Box #654491

think inside the box.

G O O D ”

When these beautiful prints arrive at my door, it feels so good to have the perfect place for them. — K r y s t y n a


ah ni a nd z oe .c om (.c a)




ah n ia n d zo e .co m (.ca )


If you’ve got a love for photos, friends and fun, you’ve got what it takes to host an Ahni & Zoe Party. Share some laughs, a few appetizers and some insight on how photos can help bring families closer together. Teach your friends how easy it is to get photos off their phones and into their lives. Relive stories and create new ones in the process. These are no-fuss, casual get-togethers – a little A&Z with your BFFs. So what are you waiting for? Let’s send out the invites!

EARN FREE PRODUCTS when your guests purchase.


ah ni a nd z oe .c om (.c a)

Guilt-Free Girls Night Out There’s no question you deserve a night out. But it’s always easier to break free when there’s a little purpose along with the play. With an A&Z Party, you’ll have a great time, while making a difference in your life and in the lives of your friends. You’ll be sharing products that spread joy. It’s as simple as that.


Get rewarded with up to 20% of your total party sales to use as Ahni & Zoe credit. You can earn even greater rewards when your guests schedule their own parties. And don’t forget,

outside orders count toward your credit. So even if you have friends that can’t make it to the party, you’ll be rewarded for their orders.


did you see this?

Just for hosting, you get any item at 1/2 price as our thank-you!

example PARTY OF $1,000


$250 party +

when your party is $250 or more...


1 new party booked 15%

$250 party +

2 new parties booked 20%

get of party sales IN FREE PRODUCT

get of party sales IN FREE PRODUCT

get of party sales IN FREE PRODUCT

$100 in free product

$150 in free product

$200 in free product ah n ia n d zo e .co m (.ca )


join our team

Interested in a part-time gig that’s non-stop fun? A&Z is looking for people like you to join our community of fabulous Consultants, sharing the magic of photos and the connections they create. Get inspired and rewarded in the process – with new ways to enjoy and share your photos and make connections with others.

A&Z gives you the flexibility to raise your income while you raise your family. It’s a fun, fulfilling opportunity that fits your schedule and lifestyle. So go ahead and share some photo love with Ahni & Zoe. Talk to your Consultant today.


ah ni a nd z oe .c om (.c a)

Become a Consultant. Make money. Make friends. Make a difference. Earn extra income in your extra time. You set the schedule, based on your goals and lifestyle. Now, there are no limits to what you can do. Whether it’s extra money for a fun vacation or enough income to replace a 9-5 job,

give it a try FOR ONLY $139* Includes everything you need to launch your new business:

we have an opportunity that covers A-Z and everything in between. Start

Product Samples

your own A&Z business today!

Marketing Materials Training & support

Earning Opportunity: Two Ways

#1 #2

Earn 30–40% on your personal sales Each time someone purchases product, you earn cash. The more products sold through A&Z Parties or via your personal web site, the more you earn.

A&Z connection (business hub) personal website (trial) *plus tax and shipping

Earn commissions as you build your own A&Z Team Expand your network and you’ll quickly expand your earning potential. As you invite others to join you in the A&Z lifestyle, you’ll earn additional commissions! You’ll also be eligible for Personal & Team Development Bonuses.

To get started, visit: (.ca)

A&Z by Creative Memories subscribes to the Direct Selling Association's Code of Ethics and honors the 90% buy-back requirement.

ah n ia n d zo e .co m (.ca )


It’s products & parties. It’s photos & friends. It’s Ahni & Zoe, your destination for capturing, organizing and enjoying your beautiful life through photos. Fun, easy products let you share memories and create new ones along the way. Make new friends while you earn product and extra income, by hosting a party or by becoming an A&Z Consultant.

Contact your local Consultant: See the products and learn about the opportunities at (.ca) Or share with your friends here:

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Welcome to Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories. Ahni & Zoe is the only social selling company that helps you easily capture life as it happens,...

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