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timothy leete S EN IOR g r aph ic desig ner A N D A RT DI R ECTOR

Branding & Logos Portfolio SINCE.1997

Excellent communication skills Originality and accuracy from initial concepts to final artwork Able to work across digital and print environments Confident, proactive and enthusiastic Established and experienced “Inventive, thorough and precise. I love having Tim in with our team because he’s fast and reliable with great creative ideas and executions” Dean Harmer Creative Director at Aitch Creative

“Tim has been a creative inspiration at Bowles. He has consistently delighted us and exceeded my expectations throughout several projects” Richard Hardwick Director of Bowles Rocks Trust

Logos and Marks Client: Unusuality Productions Project/brief: One of a series of logos to promote an independent film festival in London Personal involvement: • Original concepts • Artwork Undertaken for: Unusuality Productions

Logos and Marks Client: Southern Space Project: Logo origination Personal involvement: • Original concepts • Artwork Undertaken for: Rosemary Creative Limited

Logos and Marks Client: Leisuregrow Products Ltd Project: Logo origination for recycled packaging Personal involvement: • Original concepts • Original vector files • Oversee rendering Undertaken for: Rosemary Creative Limited

Logos and Marks Client: Menu Guru Project/brief: Originate a logo for a bespoke baker and high end caterer Personal involvement: • Original concepts • Artwork Undertaken for: Sweetapple

Logos and Marks Client: Francisca Derzsi Project/brief: Originate a quirky and unique logo to reflect the owners bohemian character Personal involvement: • Concepts • Artwork Undertaken for: Francisca Derzsi

Logos and Marks Client: Maison Du Golfeur Project/brief: Logo origination for upmarket accommodation in an exclusive golf resort Personal involvement: • Concepts • Artwork Undertaken for: Aitch Creative Limited

Logos and Marks Client: WK360 Project/brief: Logo origination for a combined design and print company Personal involvement: • Concepts Undertaken for: WK360

Logos and Marks Client: Foffa Bikes Project/brief: Logo origination for an independent bike manufacturer Personal involvement: • Concepts • Artwork Undertaken for: Foffa Bikes

Logos and Marks Client: Creative Meld Limited Project/brief: Theatrical release poster designed to raise awareness of movie poster origination. Aimed mainly at the independent film industry, this poster was created using less than £25 of stock photography, highlighting what could be achieved on a modest budget Personal involvement: • Original concept • Titling • Retouching and manipulation • Artwork Undertaken for: Self promotional

Logos and Marks Client: KWS Limited Project/brief: Originate a quarterly magazine for the seed specialists KWS that sits outside the usual size, layout and content for existing publications in this business sector Personal involvement: • Masthead design • Visuals • Page layout • Publication guidelines Undertaken for: MJL Advertising Limited

Logos and Marks


the art and science of communication

Catalogues by WK360

Photography by WK360

Client: WK360 Project/brief: Originate logo for an umbrella brand and the satellite brands associated with it Personal involvement: • Original concepts Undertaken for: WK360

PreMedia by WK360

Campaigns by WK360

Logos and Marks Client: Babacool Limited Project: Logo origination for an exclusive spa. Personal involvement: • Original concepts • Artwork Undertaken for: Babacool Limited

Logos and Marks Client: Oil & Gas Advisors Limited Project/brief: Brand ID and stationery Personal involvement: • Original concepts Undertaken for: Phillips Energy Consultants

Logos and Marks Client: Boehringer Ingelheim Project: Logo origination concepts Personal involvement: • Original concepts Undertaken for: Laetus Creative Limited


Highly experienced graphic designer with a passion for original design and superbly executed artwork. Capable of managing projects through from conception to finished artwork, using a strong design and artworking skill set. An accomplished and proficient all-rounder with proven creative skills, adapting to both lead and team roles. Strong conceptual thinking, exceptional typographic, layout and retouching skills, with ongoing experience of working alongside both artworkers and digital developers. Previous experience of working with extremely successful brands within film & home entertainment, charitable trusts, cycle/bikesports industry, pharmaceutical & medical sector, adventure travel, housing development and retail.

Aitch Creative Limited* (Theatrical Release & Home Ents)

Orange Mountain Bikes Limited* (Bicycle Manufacturer)

A&D Creative Limited* (Design and Marketing)

Outcrop Films* (Documentary Film)

Babacool* (Health & Wellbeing)

Planet X Bikes* (Bicycle Manufacturer)

BCG Communications (Design and Marketing)

Rosemary Creative* (Design & Advertising)

British Trimmings (Home Decoration)

Shaun Power Design* (Design and Marketing)

Camelot (The National Lottery)

Southern Housing (Residential Housing Development)

Campaign Works (Design and Marketing)

Sweetapple* (Music & Marketing)

EDSA* (Performing Arts School)

Tangent Expeditions (Adventure Travel)

Foffa Bikes* (Bicycle Manufacturer)

Theatre Royal - Haymarket (Performing Arts)

Studio Manager/Creative

Halfords/Bikehut* (Cycle Retailer)

The Bowles Rocks Trust* (Charity, Experiential Learning)

•R  unning busy independent studio with

Hasbro (Toys & Games)

The Explore Foundation (International Adventure Events)

Inuksuk Expeditions* (Exploration and Environment)

The Teds Agency* (Design & Advertising)

Maverick Slacklines* (Urban Sports)

The World Explorers Bureau (World Class Inspirational Speakers)

Mission 3D* (Illustration)

Unusuality Productions* (Independent Film)

MJL Advertising Limited* (Pharmaceutical, Medical)

WK360* (Design & Print)

New Look, Style & Simplicity (Fashion)

Ziggurat Brands (Packaging)

*I have a current and/or ongoing relationship with these companies

Freelance Graphic Designer Trading as Creative Meld Limited (January 2012-Present)

• Provision of original creative for

both print and online projects. Able to progress projects through from concept to finished artwork

• E xtensive use of InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

Freelance Graphic Designer Self employed (1993-2011)

•W  orking in-house and remotely • F reelance creative, artworking

and visualising • T eaching introduction & advance use of Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress • V  isiting lecturer at Bedford College • P rovision of creative support for client and agency contracts

DPS Limited (1988-1993) responsibility for small in house team of designers and artworkers • G  rowing existing skill set and expansive knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and QuarkXPress

Junior Graphic Designer Harmony Associates (1987-1988)

•D  eveloping existing skills • C reative artworking, visualising, prep for print

Apprentice & Journeyman Advance Offset Limited (1981-1987)

• Indentured apprenticeship in Design for print

• C ity & Guilds Qualification (Credit x3)

Logos Marks Branding Portfolio