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By: D.G. Bahtuoh

Mom and Dad went to wake baby Max from his nap. Mom turned off his fan and humidifier. Dad smiled at his little boy as he pulled the blanket from him. Not a squirm.

Mom had an idea! She quickly drew the curtains open. To their surprise Max rolled over, opened his sleepy eyes, and smiled at his parents.

Mom picked her little pumpkin boy from his crib. “See the snow?” she asked. Dad said “you had such a great nap buddy, I think we should get you outside.” Mom agreed.

Max was dressed in his snowsuit and boots. To the yard they went to play in the bedspread of snow.

Mom took pictures while Dad threw snowballs. Max tasted the snow. He felt it mouth.”

on his mouth. Max pointed and said, “mouth,

Mom and Dad yelled “great job buddy that is your mouth.”

Just then Mom had another great idea. “Let’s go inside and warm up with a warm apple treat.”

Mom went in the kitchen. She peeled apples, and cut each apple into pieces. Next she opened crescent rolls and wrapped an apple in each. Mom melted butter and sugar and poured it over the rolls. She baked them, and fed her Polar family.

Max enjoyed warm apple juice with his treat.

The End

Polar Party Recipe  

Spontaneity at its best. Make the most of your circumstances, and you are guaranteed to smile.

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