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Colouring Book

Read the story and colour in the pictures as you go!

Basto the orangutan was having fun playing in his tree, when suddenly it began to wiggle and wobble

He looked around for his parents but could not find them anywhere, he was alone.

All of a sudden, all the trees started wiggling and wobbling. Basto was scared. He swung as fast as he could through the trees, he looked back at his home but there was nothing left, it was all gone.

Soon all the trees in the rainforest came crashing down and poor Basto fell to the ground his friends appeared:

Peanut the elephant,

Stripes the tiger and

Alero the rhino came to his rescue.

All of a sudden it got really hot and this strange orange heat came towards them. Peanut told Basto that the humans were destroying their forest and they have to find safety.

After running from the flames for hours the flames finally started to die down. Stripes spotted a group of animals in the distance.

The four friends ran, sprinted and stomped their way towards the group. As they got closer they could make out the animals it was THEIR PARENTS!! “We thought we lost you, we couldn’t find you when the humans attacked our home” cried Aleros mum.

“why are they doing this” asked Peanut. “They are destroying our forest so they can plant oil palm trees to make palm oil” replied Stripes Dad.

If you want to help Basto and his friends so they don’t become extinct, lose their parents or their homes. Make the right choice and say no to palm oil. Chose products that use sustainable palm oil.

Say no to palm oil colouring  

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