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ME My name is Courtney and I am a full time second year student at Griffith University Gold Coast. I am currently studying Digital Media majoring in Graphic design. I have been living in Australia for three originally from Christchurch, New Zealand. On my rare spare moment I enjoy jamming on my saxophone and spending time with friends and family. I have a passion for design and enjoy learning and experimenting different styles and ways of creating things. I find inspiration from everday things aaround me. I put everything into my designs and hope to communicate my ideas in interesting and captivating ways.

Brief CoffeeZ Job no: 0113

Due Date: 2nd September

Corporate Profile

CoffeeZ is a coffee van that services local business, sporting events and other various functions around the Molendinar – Arundel areas on a daily and weekly basis. CoffeeZ is owned and operated by John for more than 4 years. With over 100 000 coffees under his belt, he is confident he can make a coffee you will enjoy every time. CoffeeZ uses the freshest of beans, roasted and supplied by Mista Barista on a weekly basis; your coffee is made to your desired specifications in super quick time and all at competitive prices.

CoffeeZ Redesign - Logo:

Based on coffee (colour, graphics) Catch phrase: Fresh espresso wherever you are.

- Vehicle Signage - A frame outdoor sign -Loyalty Cards -Stamp -Cups Hot drinks Cold Drinks

- Menu - Infomation Pack - Website

Homepage CoffeeZ @ work CoffeeZ @ play Menu Contact About

Target Market Working people:

Molindinar - Arundel areas between 8 am - 3pm Monday - Friday Families at sporting events and functions


Research and Thinking Rebranding the logo -

(3 free changes and then $50 an hour.)

Free $200

Menus and Business card design - $250

Packaging Advertising Designs : Printing: Website Hosting and Setup:

$100 $200 $350 $300

Total Amount = $1400.00





Hey Courtney, You have done some really creative work here. From a personal level I like best.... the cup from 2, the tyre from 5 and the CoffeeZ from 3 (Would love to see how they all looked together) Might be too cluttered but would like to try it. I quite like the concept of the beans in 4 but it doesn’t come off quite right. It looks like you’re having fun... :-) John

Hey Courtney, I like it. I trust that you do well in your assignment. John










Brief Design a Drop One campaign that makes the target audience want to drop or swap an everyday item.

Palm Oil is my chosen drop one product because of the process of making palm oil. It has been suggested that up to 300 football fields of forest are cleared every hour. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) acknowledges that in Malaysia and Indonesia the main driver for this rainforest destruction is the development of oil palm plantations. These plantations are destroying the habitat of many animals who are now endangered. Within this campaign I am doing this in conjunction with the Food Standards Amendment (Truth in Labelling - Palm oil) bill. I hope to educate and inform the public on palm oil and for them to chose sustainable palm oil.

“Greater transparency will not only help educate Australian shoppers, but also encourage palm oil producers to move towards creating sustainable products. We look forward to working with growers, producers, buyers and users to make this a reality and conserve precious rainforests.�

Help me, Save me, Protect me is a campaign aimed at children between the ages of 5-8, Educating them about Palm oil and its effect on the environment, effectively influencing their parents food and product choices. I chose Palm oil as my product to focus on because although the effects to animals is well known, most people are unaware of what products contain palm oil and the extent of the damage it has caused. Within this campaign I focused on missing children and parents, this strategy is used to pull on the emotional heart strings of grief and fear.Help me, Save me, Protect me, is the journey of a group of young animals on the quest to find their parents after their home was destroyed to make an oil palm farm.

Logo The logo is simple and easy to read for both kids and adults. It is confined in a square to represent the area of habitat of the animals for whom are losing it to the oil palm farms. The word ME is larger than Protect, save and help, this was done to emphasis that it is ‘Me’ who can make a change.


Campaign Ideas:

1. Colouring in Book

2. Trading/Information Cards

3. Phone Game

4. School holiday Event

5. Signage

6. DL School flyer

Colouring Colouring book book The colouring book is used as an interactive story. It is used to involve children within the story so they can share it and involve there friends in it to spread the word. The story within the book is about a little orangutan who was lost after his forest was destroyed for oil palm trees and his search for his parents. To reinforce the environmental impact within this campaign the colouring books will be printed from recycled paper or a sustainable source. Link:

trading cards trading cards

These cards are trading / information cards they will be a game or a collectable item for kids to learn from. They will have the good and bad things about palm oil. The red cards are the bad effects and facts about palm oil. The green cards are the animals that have been hurt or nearly extinct from the impact of palm oil farms as well as some foods that contain sustainable palm oil and some fun facts. They will teach kids about sustainable palm oil, and how they can help make a difference.

To help spread the word about choosing sustainable palm oil an event will be created. This event is a school holiday activity station within the shopping mall. In the activity station they will recieve colouring in books and trading cards. The station will be used to encourage children to make a difference and educate on palm oil and its effects on the environment as well as what foods contain non-sustainable palm oil. They wllhave fun colouring and playing cards while learning.

By putting the advertisements on trolleys kids will be able to interact with the media by touching it and looking at it while doing the grocery shopping, this will be used to bridge the game between adults and children.

Choose sustainable Palm oil and save our homes and lives from being destroyed by the oil palm farms

This phone app will be a simple educational game about palm oil. Within this game you will be able to chose an animal learn about it and play games like memory were you have to match up the animals and food together.

This flyer is in conjunction with the school holiday event these flyers will be distributed within schools and schools will also be able to hold there own event about palm oil using the colouring books and cards.

My target market was children aged 5 -8. The campaign strategies and ideas were tested on a 5 year old boy. Through this journey he enjoyed colouring in the book and reading the story. He also enjoyed playing with the cards and learning how he could help the poor animals.

Larkin, J 2011, Australia one step closer to sustainable palm oil , viewed 30 September 2013, < australia-one-step-closer-to-sustainable-palm-oil> Palm Oil Fact Sheet 2012, viewed 1 October 2013, <> About Palm Oil 2013, viewed 28 September 2013, <> Say NO to unsustainable Palm Oil 2011, viewed 14 October 2013, <> Oil palm pathways: an analysis of ACIARâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s oil palm projects in Papua New Guinea, viewed 30 September 2013, < node/14754/ias080_oil_palm_pathways_an_analysis_of_aciar__13462.pdf> Hemanath, N & Tisdell, C 2008, The orangutan-oil palm conflict: economic constraints and opportunities for conservation, Economics ecology and the Environment, Queensland. Palm Oil Case Study: How Consumer Activism Led the Push for Sustainable Sourcing 2010, MarketLine a Datamonitor Business, London, UK.

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