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leave wichita 2:00pm

christmas lunch at holly’s house

shop downtown forever 21 h&m zara american apparel market mall

shop japantown daiso sanrio ichibankan bubble tea noodles sushi

breakfast ferry building 8:00am

pick up rental car 12:00pm

back in sf 12:00pm

leave sf 2:15pm

izaak’s bday he’s going to the casino

drive across golden gate bridge

eat lunch downtown

arrive denver 6:17pm depart denver 7:15pm

eat vietnamese food

golden gate park nature photography

we do lunch & shop fillmore

beach camping steep ravine hiking campfire cookout long-exposure photography

24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 arrive denver 2:27pm depart denver 4:35pm arrive sf 6:18pm get bags take airtrain take bart to powell station meet holly walk to holly’s house

walk & bus sf to see the holiday lights chinatown walk at night

bus home

dinner meet izaak for burritos hayes valley walk home

❤MOM &DAD2010

cheesecake & coffee union square ice skating union square 10:00pm

arrive wichita 9:23pm

Cortney's Christmas in SF  

Good times.