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Strategy MaEers…  

Prepared for  Stuart  Li)le  »  MD   Bri,sh  Thornton    

THE BIG  BANG  PROJECT  |  Copyright  2013  

SeGng the  scene...   Dear  Stuart,       Thank  you  again  for  the,  now  tradi,onal,  hospitality  that  I’ve  become  accustomed  to.    Pleased  that  the  Fat  Rascals  were  well  received!       I  appreciated  the  open  and  honest  insight  into  the  business  and  in  par,cular,  the  recent  restructure,  how  this  is  currently  performing  and   affec,ng  the  previous  and  conven,onal  dynamic  between  yourself  and  Gary's’  rela,onship  with  the  wider  business.       Naturally,  at  this  stage;  I’m  only  part  qualified  to  share  my  observa,ons,  thoughts  and  ideas.  No  doubt,  should  we  decide  to  work  together  –   the  detail  will  emerge  over  ,me.     That  said;  I  am  hopeful  that  you  will  find  enough  in  this  document  to  provoke  your  interest  in  further  exploring  poten,al  opportuni,es  for  us   to  work  together  to  help  deliver  some  important  goals  for  the  management  team  and  the  wider  business.     There  are  essen3ally  three  elements  to  what  I  do:     I.  Side  by  Side  and  ‘inside’  collabora,on  with  you  and  your  team  –  specifically,  to  bolster  or  beef  up  aspects  of  the  business  where  you   wish  to  see  addi,onal  energy,  capability,  skills,  experience  and  know-­‐how  to  help  deliver  some  important  wins  for  the  business.  EG:   Fine  tuning  what  is  a  perfectly  reasonable  aspira3on  to  have  your  directors  opera3ng  in  such  away  that  they  complement  your  and   Gary’s  involvement  and  skills  and  make  a  posi3ve  ‘over  and  above’  contribu3on  to  culture,  thinking,  strategy  and  performance.   II. 

‘The Academy’.  A  bespoke  and  ac,on  based  Con,nuous  Development  Programme  (CPD)  the  scope  of  which  is  designed  to  extend   across  the  whole  of  the  business.  The  leadership,  management  fundamentals  and  strategy  components  look  to  me  to  address  some   of  what  we  discussed    

III.  Bring what  I  am  and  can  do  to  the  table  as  a  Strategic  Partner  by  taking  on  or  suppor,ng  special  projects  and,  where  appropriate,   introducing  other,  hand  picked  and  trusted  leaders  in  a  given  field  –  supply  chain,  crea,ve/brand  development  and  manufacturing   excellence/automa,on  robo,cs  are  very  strong  areas  of  my  network.    

SeGng the  scene...Virtuous  Circle     Vision  ,  values  &   culture     Succession,  low   maintenance/high   producing  teams  

Again, without  knowing  the  deep  down   detail,  I  took  the  away  some  of  the   themes  set  out  in  the  Virtuous  Circle  as   being  poten,al  hotspots  for  the  business…     …I  have  ventured  a  few  more  areas  where   you  may  well  turn  your  aEen,on  to  over   ,me.  

Developing strategic     and  tac,cal  thinking.  

Value enhancing   Marke,ng  and  PR  

The insulate/escalate   model      

Account development   strategies    

Business structure,   ownership  and   accountability      

Results, agility  and  =   sustainability  

Labour plan,  talent   management  &   people  development    

Poten,al cornerstones…   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

•  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Behaviours for  successful  leadership     The  Vitality  Curve  -­‐  the  A’s,  B’s  and  C’s  in   business  and  what  to  do  about  it.     Managing  up  performance  of  all,  becoming   an  employer  of  choice.   Posi,ve  change  management     Prac,cal  mo,va,onal  theory     People  and  culture  strategies     ‘We  are  one’  –  ownership,  alignment  and   individual  contribu,ons  to  the  Vision   Planning  for  THE  Goal.   Developing  guiding  principles,  mission,   values  and  vision.  

Iden,fying and  unlocking  the  real  value   within  the  Bri,sh  Thornton  brand.   The  best  of  the  best  –  what’s  different?   Measuring  and  benchmarking  ‘the   difference’.   Building  brand  value  through  CSR  and   wider  engagement.   Iden,fying,  profiling  and  approaching   fer,le  markets   Opera,onal,  tac,cal  and  strategic   marke,ng.   Further  evolving  the  Bri,sh  Thornton   profile  through  high  impact  PR  strategic   marke,ng  plan  marke,ng.    

•  •  • 

Leadership, talent   management,   culture,  CI  and   sustainability    

Vision and   strategy  and  a   defini,ve   business  plan  

Brand,   technology,  sales   and  marke,ng   strategy,  digital   roadmap    

People,  teams,   structure    and   con,nuous   professional   development    

•  • 

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

The 1,  3  and  5  year  MUST  achieve     opera,onal,  tac,cal  and  strategic  goals  –  IE:   con,nuing  to  challenge  Havelock  Europa  Plc   Business  re-­‐engineering,  ‘Halos  and  coffins’,   burning  plamorm  and  Bri,sh  Thornton   SWOT   Scaling  up,  organic/M&A,  diversifying  and   innova,ng  to  add  value.   Development  of  the  senior  management/ leadership  team[poten,al  future  junior   board/succession  strategy?]     ‘The  Goal’  –  MBO/MBI/Exit/trade  sale/JV           succession  –  something  else?  

Mentorship for  SMT  and  others  in  exis,ng/ emerging  management/leadership  roles   Dedicated  Bri,sh  Thornton  MPD   (Management  Development  Programme)   Barriers  or  Breakthrough  –  problems  solved!   Evolving  Internal  and  external   communica,ons.   Progression  and  succession  in  the  context   of  MDP.     Low  maintenance,  self  managing,  high   performing  teams.   Individual  and  team  projects.   Teambuilding  –  beEer  together  thinking   and  doing.    

Delivery and  what  involvement  might  look  like…       In  light  of  what  we  discussed  –  the  components  from  the  Leadership  for   Growth  and  Management  Fundamentals  strike  me  as  being  topical  and   poten3al  areas  where  you  might  feel  worthy  of  inves3ng  to  get  the  results   that  the  business  is  working  to  achieve.  

1:1/group coaching  and   mentorship   Special   projects  -­‐   growth/ problem   solving    

Ac,on based   learning  and   development    

Associate/ NED

Company logo  

Side by  Side  in   the  role  and   on  the  job   collabora,on  

Retained as  a   strategic   partner      

Interim and   targeted   interven,ons    

•  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Mastering personal  produc3vity  and  effec3veness   Coaching  for  performance   Situa3onal  leadership   We  are  one  –  building  effec3ve  teams   Finding  and  keeping  the  best  people   Inci3ng  ownership  in  others   Crea3ng  low  maintenance/high  producing  teams    

•  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Behaviours for  successful  management   Posi3ve  change  management   Risk,  crisis  and  reputa3on  management   Crea3ng  a  vision  for  the  business   Prac3cal    mo3va3onal  theory   People  and  culture  strategies   Introduc3on  to  strategic  thinking    

What is  The  Big  Bang  Academy?   For  Execu,ve   and  Owner   Managers  

Reputa,on and   Crisis   Management  

Management Fundamentals  

The Big   Bang   Academy  

Finding and   Keeping  the   Best  People  

Step Change   Sales  and   Marke,ng  

Essen,al Leadership  for   Growth  

Dynamic Account   Management  

The Big  Bang  Academy  creates,  develops  and  delivers  bespoke  and  ac3on  based  learning  programmes  designed  to  quickly   delivering  improvement  to  bo)om  line  performance.  The  Academy  is  all  about  s3mula3ng  more  profitable  thinking,   behaviour  and  ac3vity  whilst  equipping  the  organisa3on  with  the  tools,  aTtude,  confidence  and  mo3va3on  to  independently   sustain  the  gains  achieved.  

Performance is  in  the  DNA   Hopefully  its  reassuring  to  learn  that  what  The  Big  Bang  Academy  offers  formed  part  of  the  DNA   of  a  business  where  the  technique,  resources  and  know-­‐how  delivered,  amongst  others  –  the   following  results:       »

From  30k  seed  capital  grew  a  mul,-­‐million  £,  award  winning  recognised  sector  innovator  


Generated  over  £140  million  revenue  in  one  of  the  most  crowded  sectors  in  our  economy    

» »

Enjoyed  margins  at  +10%  over  the  industry  average      Over  15  years  of  year  on  year  growth  


Featured  in  the  Fastest  50  growing  businesses  in  the  UK  


Developed  self-­‐managing,  low  maintenance/high  produc,vity  management  teams  

» »

Made  the  business  the  preferred  choice  of  some  of  the  worlds  leading  brands  and  Blue  Chips    Achieved  over  95%  reten,on  of  high  value  key  accounts  during  the  life  of  the  business  


Secured  more  than  40%  of  the  average  market  mul,ple  value  for  the  business  on  exit  through  highly  successful  trade  sale  

So, back  to  you  and  your  business  -­‐  there  is  much  at  stake  and  much  to  consider;      


» » »

The  business,  quite  rightly,  needs  to  see  a  return  on  its  investment    Bringing  in  ‘outsiders’  can  be  a  sensi,ve  subject  and  needs  to  be  trusted  by  all  stakeholders    It’s  perfectly  natural  and  right  that  the  business  asks  itself  whether  this  is  the  best  use  of  its  hard-­‐earned  cash  


The Big  Bang  Academy  works  side  by  side  and  inside  your  business  to  design,  create,  and  deliver  ac3on  based  learning  and   development  programmes  that  become  an  integral  part  of  the  business’s  thinking  and  behavior  -­‐  trusted,  natural,  effec3ve,   fun  and  energising.       We  believe  that  it’s  simple  human  nature  to  want  to  share  the  best,  most  effec,ve  and  most  rewarding  aspects  of  what  we  have   discovered  with  others  on  a  similar  journey.  

Step Change  Sales  and  Marke,ng  

•  Developing real  compe33ve  edge   •  Strategic  sales  management   •  Managing  the  sales  process   •  The  psychology  of  selling   •  Campaign  project  management   •  Developing  business  &  social  media   •  GeTng  to  ‘Yes!’  nego3a3on  skills   •  Developing  a  digital  marke3ng  strategy    

Dynamic Account  Management  

•  Understanding the  key  rela3onships   •  Legisla3ng  for  the  unexpected   •  Maximising  value  up  and  downstream     •  Strategy  and  innova3on  in  key  rela3onships   •  Advanced  communica3on  skills   •  Understanding  the  client  agenda   •  A  ring  of  steel  around  your  key  accounts  

Management Fundamentals  

•  Mastering personal  produc3vity  and  effec3veness   •  Coaching  for  performance   •  Situa3onal  leadership   •  We  are  one  –  building  effec3ve  teams   •  Finding  and  keeping  the  best  people   •  Inci3ng  ownership  in  others   •  Crea3ng  low  maintenance/high  producing  teams    

Essen,al Leadership  for  Growth  

•  Behaviours for  successful  management   •  Posi3ve  change  management   •  Risk,  crisis  and  reputa3on  management   •  Crea3ng  a  vision  for  the  business   •  Prac3cal    mo3va3onal  theory   •  People  and  culture  strategies   •  Introduc3on  to  strategic  thinking    

Finding and  Keeping  the  Best  People  

•  Winning the  talent  arms  race   •  Becoming  an  employer  of  choice   •  Grow  your  own  talent   •  What  really  mo3vates  people   •  Being  an  Employer  of  Choice   •  Con3nuous  professional  development   •  Why  culture  and  leadership  ma)ers  

Reputa,on and  Crisis  Management  

•  Recovery and  turnaround   •  Emergency  finance  and  re-­‐capitalisa3on   •  Key  account  rescue   •  Managing    communica3on  in  a  crisis   •  Essen3al  intensive  care  for  your  business   •  Leadership  when  the  pressure’s  on   •  Crea3ve  thinking  and  redirec3on  

The Execu,ves  and  Owner  Managers  Toolbox  

•  Structuring and  re-­‐structuring  your  business   •  Which  way  next  –  essen3al  strategies   •  Succession,  MBO/MBI  and  exit  planning   •  Execu3ve  well  being   •  Crea3ve  thinking  for  the  board   •  Taking  control  of  the  beast   •  Smart  finance  for  business   •  Developing  your  digital  road  map    

Steve Street  »  Quick  profile     Founding  Partner  of  The  Big  Bang  Project  and  successful  hands  on  business  owner/leader,  with  a  proven  track  record  of   delivering  consistently  excellent  results  in  my  own  enterprises  and  in  those  of  my  clients.     Working  with  the  board,  I  led  a  planned  for  and  successful  exit    -­‐  achieved  through  the   outright  commercial  sale  of  RRGL  to  SPL  in  February  2011  and  in  doing  so,  maximised   earnings  &  value  for  the  shareholders.     Retained  by  the  acquiring  business  to  manage  the  people,  cultural  and  commercial   integra,on  of  the  businesses,  and  to  successfully  undertake  the  transfer  of  assets,  including   an  impressive,  high  value  client  base.     Non-­‐execu,ve  director  mentor  and  strategic  partner  to  other  business  principals  and   owners,  helping  them  to  develop  their  business  strategies,    evolve  their  management  &   leadership  teams'  capabili,es,  to  improve  their  performance  and  contribu,on  and  in  doing   so,  help  drive  growth  and  change.     Special3es   Strategic  direc,on,  accelera,ng  top  and  boEom  line  growth,  turnaround  work,   troubleshoo,ng,  improved  efficiencies  and  ROI,  re-­‐modelling,  posi,ve  change,  individual   and  group  mentoring,  business  leadership,  building  progressive/sustainable  businesses   through  a  combina,on  of  above  and  beyond  ownership  of  the  goals,  trust,  empathy  and   'can  do'.     Personal  mission   To  launch  planned  community  enterprise,  suppor,ng  young  people  with  Au,sm,  Aspergers   and  addi,onal  needs  into  work,  work  placements,  internships  and  work  experience.  

Community Fundraiser  for  pupils  from  the   Chellow  Heights  Special  School  in  Heaton.  

Steve Street  »  Academic    and  Voca,onal     » New  start  in  1996  with  seed  capital;  grew  to  £mul3-­‐  million,  award  winning  and   recognised  sector  innovator,  that  delivered  significant  growth  year  on  year  un3l   trade  sale  in  2011.    


The Ins3tute  of  Directors  |  Director  Development    

Featured  in  the  Catalyst  Top  50  Fastest  Growing  Businesses  by  sector  in  2010,  and  

Successful Strategies  for  Sales   Accelera,ng  Company  Growth  and  Harnessing  Tools   for  Expansion   Strategic  Sales  Direc,on   Master  Class  in  Managing  Change   Powerful  Presenta,ons   Understanding  the  board   Keys  to  personal  effec,veness   The  role  of  The  Board    

•  •  •  •  •  • 

At the  vanguard  of  technological  change  -­‐  reposi3oning  and  remodeling  the   business  from  mul3  opera3on  retail  plahorm  to  online/onsite  hybrid  model,  taking   over  £440k  of  cost  out  and  growing  earnings  by  over  35%.      

Led highly  successful  strategic  exit  in  2011  and  in  doing  so,  maximised  value  for   shareholders.  Engineered  and  executed  highly  successful  succession  and   integra3on  plan  to  protect  the  investment  for  the  acquirers.      


•  • 

preferred strategic  partner  to  some  of  the  most  respected  brands  and  Blue  Chips.  


Strategic Thinking   Finance  for  non-­‐financial  directors   Leading  change   Corporate  Governance   Business  Performance  Improvement  


•  •  •  •  • 

Experienced and  trusted  advisor  and  NED  to  tech,  manufacturing,  online  retail,   business  services,  supply  chain  and  crea3ve  and  marke3ng    businesses.    

In a  nutshell  »  Return  on  investment  

More focused,   energised  and   produc,ve  people   and  teams      

Improved competency,   capability  and   enhanced  skills  sets  

Leadership, management  and   communica,on   strategy    

A marke,ng   strategy  designed  to   Iden,fy  and   securing  more  value   opportuni,es    

More ideas,  less   problems  and  self   managing/high   performance   people  

Thanks  for  taking  the  ,me  to  read  Lee;  if  you  need  any  addi,onal  informa,on  at  this  ,me  –  don’t  hesitate  to  call.     I’ll  give  you  call  over  course  of  the  next  few  days  and  agree  how  we  take  things  forward.         Speak  soon.       Regards,    

Clear strategy,   structure,   sustainability  plan   and  Vision  –   succession/exit.  

The best  people,  the  best  performance   and  an  iden,ty  to  be  proud  of…  


Plenty of  businesses  know  ‘what’  they  are  aiming  for  –   some  know  ‘how’  –  the  essen,al  and  final  ingredient  of   course,  is  ‘want’.  The  desire  and  passion  that   dis,nguishes  an  ordinary  business  from  a  great   business,  comes  directly  from  the  people.     The  fact  is  however  you  can’t  simply  ‘do’  mo,va,on  to   someone.  Having  a  driven,  focused  and  energised  team   is  achieved  through  a  combina,on  of;  shared  values,   trust,  culture,  an  ‘in  it  together’  philosophy,  exemplary   communica,ons  and  extraordinary  leadership.     •  Execu3ve  and  Management  Coaching  and   Mentoring   •  High  Impact  Learning  and  Development  Programs   •  Search  and  headhun3ng   •  Peer2Peer  Exper3se   •  Team  Building   •  Keys  to  Personal  Effec3veness   •  Labour  Strategy  and  Labour  Provider  Service   Improvement    


We are  all  about  quickly  delivering  improvement   to  boEom  line  performance,  s,mula,ng  more   profitable  thinking,  behaviour  and  ac,vity.  Our   goal  is  to  equip  organisa,ons  with  the  tools,   aGtude,  confidence  and  mo,va,on  to   independently  sustain  the  gains  achieved.               •  Harnessing  technology  and  innova3on   •  Recovery  and  Turnaround  Interven3on   •  Business  Development  Strategy   •  Remodelling,  Restructuring   •  Posi3ve  Change  Management  


Is  it  not  the  case  that  in  life,  our  most  meaningful   and  longstanding  rela,onships  are  underpinned  and   sustained  by  shared  values,  interests,  trust,  lifestyle   and  even  sense  of  humour?     We  believe  that  a  business  can,  and  should  work  to   connect  with  its  customers  on  an  emo,onal  level,  in   a  way  that  allows  the  customer  to  iden,fy  with  the   business  as  something  more  than  a  corporate  en,ty,   brand  or  provider.  GeGng  up  close  and  personal,   builds  passion  and  profit!     •  Corporate  Iden3ty   •  Culture  and  Mission   •  Sales  and  Marke3ng  Strategies   •  Brand  Development   •  Communica3ons  and  PR   •  Social  Media  and  Web  

British Thornton Response Document  
British Thornton Response Document  

British Thornton Response to initial meeting