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Designer at heart …with a special love for everything that has to do with “eye and hand” - seeing and shaping. After studying for example art history and architecture, the majority of my career has been focused on graphic design. I have over the years managed to gather a lot of experience and both depth and breadth as a designer. Naturally I have designed for both print and screen - think “the Adobe package”, with Indesign , Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. and I’m also not afraid of moving images and graphics or photo and photo editing ( adjusting, retouching and montage making.). From my architectural studies I have the ability to think in all dimensions and I have also, among other ‘bonus abilities’, done a fair bit of video editing (Mostly in Premiere). In addition to a very strong foundation in graphic design in general, for example as the Creative Design Manager of Ericsson Multimedia, I have also done layout for the newspaper/magazine Sportfack and for that I refer to the editor in chief Martin Willners.

Layout and Design sportfack, egmont

Temporary position as layout artist for an established and successful magazine aimed at sports retailers. Tasks like illustration and photo editing was also part of the job.

Creative Design Manager ericsson ab, multimedia

Graphic designer and creative director at Ericsson’s new Multimedia dpt. Print design, presentation material, sales support, illustration, photo retouch, photo editing and compositing, interface design, web design and banners etc, exhibition mtrl, photo acquisition, image bank, film editing, animation, ... Contact point for the central function for company profile etc and control function/interpreter of its directives.

Software knowledge Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Bridge Adobe Camera Raw Adobe Acrobat Pro Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Flash Adobe After Effects Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Word CMS (eg EPiServer) … and more

Courses taken, in selection Web design Production/design of and communication through web at Batteri Kommunikation Adobe Digital Publish Suite Layout for tablets and iPhone at Batteri Kommunikation Adobe Premiere Video editing in Adobe Premiere, Roda Utbildningar Adobe InDesign, advanced Advanced InDesign to keep up to date, Roda Utb. Adobe Illustrator, advanced Advanced Illustrator to keep up to date, Roda Utb. Adobe Photoshop, advanced Adv Photoshop to keep up to date, Roda utbildningar Macromedia/Adobe Flash Design and animation in Flash at Roda Utbildningar Advanced AutoCAD-training AutoCAD for architects at Rigel Consulting

Outside of the job A normal week there is a lot of motion, so to speak. It’s fun on wheels! Four of those on the skateboard that I’m letting roll once or a twice a week together with the other “old man skaters”, at Fryshuset indoor skatepark or outdoor concrete pools and bowls. Board sports in general are very close to my heart. Snowboarding and surfing from time to time is necessary to stay happy and feel good. Every now and then you find me on a bike of some kind, sometimes in the woods on my trail mtb, sometimes downhill on a bike with a bit more suspension travel. Recently I got myself a cyclocross/racing bicycle as well and will do a couple of recreational races this year, just for fun and exercise. Another activity that would leave a big dark hole if it was taken out of the activity list is rock/sports climbing! An additional dimension that make these sports even more fun is how photogenic and cinematic they are. Should it be that I am at one moment not exercising

the sport in question, I am probably shooting stills of or filming the action, or maybe you find me in front of my computer editing the video material. Nowadays I am also a happy partner, father and homeowner - spending quality time with my girlfriend and little soon-to-be two-year-old Max, in and out of home.

Creative Guy - Appelberg