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Sept/Oct 2013 the enthusiastic creative journal

Giulio Iurissevich

explores the beauty behind confusion

Tips on portrait photography

Stepwise tutorial of the


by Vikas Sharma

Develop a character from expression with Manav Sachdev


Shri-Sh r akti by

Ankur S in Patar gh

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08____TrendFeed Inspiring design with potential to be influential.

50____Portrait Precision/ Aakash Ramesh The expert in pencil portrait shares tips on creating a realistic rendition.

12____TechFeed First look at recently launched tech products.

54____Character Clicks/ Vikas Sharma The photographer shares some tips and tricks on portraiture.

16____SpendThrift Thoughtfully designed stuff that you can acquire.

60____Design Duality/ Ankur Singh Patar The digital artist captures the two faces of woman in one abstract art.

18____NewsFeed Just concluded creative events.


22____Subtle Sentiments/ Ujjawal Dubey The designer questions the established notions of patriotism in an outburst. 23____Seat Start/ The Sink Collection Lekha Washington explains the thought and process behind creating an innovative range of furniture. FIGURES 26____Idea Interpreted/ Nitasha Sarangi The graphic designer believes no idea is a bad idea, but the handling of the idea is what matters. 30____Minimal Metaphors/ Avinash Jai Singh The designer-illustratorphotographer draws analogies through his works to evoke emotions. 34____Compulsive Chaos/ Giulio Iurissevich The Italian designer explores the beauty behind confusion through unrestrained visuals. 40____Flexible Figures/ Hemali Vadalia Out of a knack of capturing the dreams of motley characters, the paper artist took up the medium.


66____Human Design/ Abhishek Bairwan The designer-illustrator attempts to give a human angle to every visual. 67____Colour Inspirations/ Niketan Dewoolkar The digital artist gets hooked to attractive colours and faces around him and feels the urge to recreate them. 68____Custom Colours/ Ninad Aundhkar Not conforming to any style, the graphic designer chooses his illustration and colour as per the subject. DESIGN PLEASURE 70____Folk Foremost/ Baaya Design The design house retains the essence of traditional folk arts and crafts, while contemporising them. 72____Paper Passion/ Teekhi Chhurii Sheer love for the medium and the craft changed a management professional into a paper artist.


74____Open Imagination/ Fan Club Selected picks for the latest issue from our Fan Club submissions.

44____Expression Evolution/ Manav Sachdev The expression of a character is the core point from where the whole figure emerges.







A graduate in textile design from NIFT, Kolkata, Ujjawal Dubey works as a design executive at a reputed design firm.

Subtle Sentiments On a typical day, when everything goes just as it always does and we wake up to a newspaper filled with news of crime, corruption and corrosion of human values, don’t we feel doubt before uttering the words ‘proud Indian’? Fashion designer Ujjawal Dubey reacts to this dilemma with a spontaneous design through which he displayed his anger, deep frustration and helplessness. 22

The doubt. In the present day scenario, every Indian has questions about the country and its values that can make one feel the pride of belonging. Of course, the love is still there. But covered with a deep layer of lack of faith. This dilemma had to be expressed in something tangible, with a long lasting effect. The project. The objective was to make the symbol of the nation, the Indian flag wearable, coupled with the phrase, “Indian, but not so proud” that captured the state of mind. Playing with the dark tint of the tricolor on a darker base colour separating it from the usual scheme of bright saffron, bright green and white, the tee was made to connect with the Indian ethos. The plan. Nothing was decided until January 24, when the idea hit the mind. The design, manufacturing and distribution were done within one and half days to coincide the launch with January 26, the Indian Republic Day <

SeatStart Lekha Washington graduated from NID, Ahmedabad with dual degrees in lifestyle product design and film direction. She founded Ajji the odd product company in 2013 created to constantly support innovation and original design.

The act of seating should evoke a sense of sinking into a cloud, a visual mirage, trepidation and payoff that’s well worth it. The Sink Collection, the maiden furniture collection from Ajji captures that and more. The designer, Lekha Washington, details out each product in the collection to make her point. The Pink Sink. The chair looks like there’s no way you can sit on it, until you realise it’s very comfortable. It’s available in colours other than pink, has removable covers, can be folded for transportation and storage, and is very attractive to the eyes.

The Squair. It’s solid and grounded, yet it doesn’t lose the inherent play of the Sink collection. It has extra plush cushioning on the inside, allowing it to be very comfortable, while at the same time having its tongue firmly in its cheek.

The Drop. It uses patented Sink mechanics to create a chair that looks absolutely not like a chair one has seen before. The drop is foldable, very lightweight and all it needs is a regular fan-hook to latch on to. The cover is removable, washable and can be replaced with a new one too. It has a slight swing and is custom built to create a dramatic and futuristic effect in your space.

The Dot. It’s an exercise in drama and simplicity, subtlety and precision. Originally designed in a vivid crimson hue, it transforms a space completely. It easily hinges on the wall, much like a flat- screen television and is very comfortable to sit on. The Dot is a visual mirage, channelising several references, from the bindi to the circle of the sun <





readers trust products more when they are advertised in magazine.

62 50

(% trustworthy and reliable)

Above information is based on two researches commissioned by AIM - a qualitative study by Quantum, and a quantitative study with 3600 people across 10 cities, conducted by IMRB. To read more about the research findings, please visit www.aim.org.in






readers find magazines trustworthy and reliable (higher than any medium)

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Sept/Oct 2013



Figures 34

Meet the icons of the Indian design industry. Take a peek into their minds and discover the insights that lie at the core of everything they do. Learn from their story as they bring out their take on design. 26____Idea Interpreted/ Nitasha Sarangi

Find out how interpreting an idea through design determines the worth of it.

30____Minimal Metaphors/ Avinash Jai Singh

Discover how symbolism can become a strong tool to make people move.


34____Compulsive Chaos/ Giulio Iurissevich Spot harmony in the chaos of visuals.

41____Flexible Figures/ Hemali Vadalia

Listen to the stories of myriad characters narrated in paper.

44____Expression Evolution/ Manav Sachdev

Watch how a whole new form is created around an expression.






Metaphors Symbols and metaphors offer an interesting layer to play around with and discover what lies beneath. It can lead to fun stories, taking a cranky bit on everyday life. Designer-illustrator Avinash Jai Singh attempts to evoke emotions through a simplistic approach to metaphors. Everything stands for something. On a design, every line and curve is a storehouse of emotions. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s amazing how simple forms and shapes, when given the right twist and tweak can mean episodes of a story. As opposed to imitating reality, a basic shape with enhanced or exaggerated features can keep you engaged and involved. Geometry with the right gestures, can bring up emotions. Characters, visual elements and environment are just steps in the process >



Sept/Oct 2013

Inspired and guided by his father, Avinash Jai Singh took up design as a career of choice. After graduating from Apeejay Institute of Design, New Delhi he started his career at O&M. Currently he works as a designer at MTV. 01 MTV Breakfast-Beat. A breakfast table is much more than we see, it’s a planet in itself. A still from the show with the same name. 02 The Conversation. One-off from the series of portraits from Capes’on. A visual treatment on ‘a sharp mouth v/s the clever act.’ 03 Nibmaniac. A scribbler is born, every time you sit in a time bound lecture, filling up all the blank spaces on the paper and around.



Giulio Iurissevich studied economics and law and dabbled with many jobs finally settling as a graphic artist and illustrator. He has worked for many reputed international brands, held multiple exhibitions and has been featured on many international publications.

Compulsive Chaos


We are all perfect behind the confusion we create. From this realisation comes out images from the colourful and quaint world of graphic artist Giulio Iurissevich. In an informal chitchat, he guides us through the avenues of his mind to a reality that is full of the unknown.

01 Mural. Created as a large print mural. Adapted to an I phone cover.


10 Rajasthani Nomad. Personal project. Showing the dark side of a nomad.

11 Rules But No Rules. A scene from everyday life. The expression and body language of each character holds the chaos.

around which helps one to visualize and create characters. Realism plays an important role in character design. It’s not about copying a character but observing it and then executing it in one’s own way. Exaggeration is the next step. It depends on me how much one wants to imagine and also what the script demands. Across the process, one needs to have a strong visual sense to create an authentic yet imaginative character. The subject chooses the artist. Everything around an artist is a source of inspiration. It is the hunger of learning something new every day, to observe something new and to execute something new that keeps an artist going. It’s a big world out there and we have a lot to learn. Let yourself loose in these inspirations. And before you realize, these inspirations will automatically push you into imagining and creating < 10



Sept/Oct 2013




Get your hands on new software skills and creative techniques with a host of inspirational design guides. Industryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading professionals share tips and tricks to create better designs. 50____Portrait Precision/ Aakash Ramesh

Learn how to draw a realistic portrait with pencil.


54____Character Clicks/ Vikas Sharma

Things you should keep in mind before clicking portraits.

60____Design Duality/ Ankur Singh Patar

Compare the dual characters of the Indian female in an artwork.




Portraiture, as an art form, is much older than photography. Great masters have spent their lives learning this art. Vikas Sharma, a self taught photographer, finds himself in the same pursuit. He shares some of the rules of portrait photography, with the hope that one breaks them.

Vikas Sharma is a self taught photographer and digital retouching artist based in New York. He has worked with and for major Indian and American advertising companies for over ten years.


Ankur Singh Patar tried his hands with graphic design after quitting being a web developer. Currently he is freelancing. He is most happy doing what he does, using the digital medium to create works that inspire.


Tools used â&#x20AC;˘ Adobe Illustrator CS6 â&#x20AC;˘ Adobe Photoshop CS6

Brief To capture two contradicting characters of woman in a single face.

Sept/Oct 2013

DesignDuality Women, the kind around us, represent two faces of existence. One, which is treated like a commodity, shackled in the age old misdoings of the tradition. And the other which is breaking all boundaries to follow the dreams of freedom. Digital artist Ankur Singh Patar chronicles this duality in his artwork and explains the process of creation.

01 Opened a light blue coloured A4 size document on Photoshop. Picked pressure brush size 9 or 13 and painted the canvas light blue to give it a gradient feel. This would help in sketching in the middle.

02 Added a background colour to decide on the skin tone of the woman. This would act as a base colour for the whole illustration. Also added more details in the face with a soft brush, taking care of the highlights and shadows.

03 With the help of a pen tool, created the lines and gave them little bit of shadow. With the help of big soft round brush added some softness and some more highlights and shadows to give depth to the portrait.


Sept/Oct 2013


Design Pleasure Living a designerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life is not confined to creating solutions for clients or even creating a masterpiece. It transcends to redefine the ways we live our lives. Catch the featured creative minds who like it the unconventional way of living the times when they are off their daily routine.


70____Folk Foremost/ Baaya Design

Watch how age old folk artifacts get a design edge to become relevant with the times.

72____Paper Passion/ Teekhi Chhurii

Find out what wonders the urge to create and communicate can do.

74____Open Imagination/ Fan Club

Selected picks for the latest issue from our Fan Club submissions.



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Creative Gaga - Sept/Oct 2013 (Preview)  

We have tried to capture the time of chaos and confusion we all are in and how it inspires and influences creative thoughts. Starting with t...

Creative Gaga - Sept/Oct 2013 (Preview)  

We have tried to capture the time of chaos and confusion we all are in and how it inspires and influences creative thoughts. Starting with t...


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