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We believe... our work in 2012 made a difference to people in need

2011/12 Annual Report


We believe... improve a life improve a community

3 Bethany is a non profit organisation that works with vulnerable people to build better individual and family relationships, supports parents caring for children, assists people who are homeless or at risk and those affected by problem gambling. Our work is frequently provided to vulnerable people living in the most disadvantaged Victorian communities. For more than 144 years Bethany’s Mission has been to support and strengthen communities, to improve lives and improve communities. In 2012, services were provided to a population of more than 350,000 in the Barwon South West region from six sites including Hamlyn Heights, Grovedale and the newly established site in Warrnambool. Bethany has an annual operating budget of $9 million, employs more than 130 staff and is governed by a skills based voluntary Board of Management.

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* Note: all names in this report have been changed for privacy reasons.


“Thank you for helping me when no one else did, you are the only person who listened to me.” Sandy, Homeless Services

The words above are from a client who uses Bethany’s homeless services, and reflects our approach in the past year, as we have endeavoured to “listen” to the people who use our services, to ensure that we plan to deliver improved client outcomes. Listening was crucial to Bethany’s work as we continued our quality journey and this year we commenced four major reviews in five months. In April 2012, Health and Disability Auditing Australia commenced the first review of Bethany’s disability services against the Victorian Disability Standards, and it was a pleasing start as we successfully met all accreditation requirements. Our second and third reviews took place in July 2012, as we were audited by Quality Improvement and Community Services Accreditation (QICSA), against the Quality Improvement Council (QIC) standards. We were also the first organisation to be audited against the new Department of Human Services Victoria (DHS) standards. Bethany was confident that it had planned well for this review but it was encouraging to receive notification that after four days of reviews by a team of five, that we had met all of the QIC standards and new DHS Victoria standards. In the executive summary of the report of this review, Bethany was pleased to see that its planning was identified as a significant reason for its success. We also underwent an audit by KPMG on behalf of the Office of Gaming and Racing of our Gamblers Help Recovery Assistance Program (RAP) funding, as part of an ongoing strengthening of the Gambler’s Help Program compliance framework.

We believe... planning is the path to success

Our work this year has also concentrated on the need to better assist families and individuals living in the south west region of Victoria. In addition to our existing housing


Chair and CEO Report and homelessness services, Bethany was successful with submissions to deliver additional services. These include; problem gambling, financial counselling and family services that are provided as part of an alliance with the City of Warrnambool, Brophy Family and Youth Services and Mpower. Significant work has also commenced to secure new premises in Warrnambool, where Bethany’s entire south west team will be located, and we look forward to seeing staff move into the office late in 2012. At the close of 2011, we reached the end of our three year journey of the Homework Clubs Program. The final evaluation of the program, conducted by Deakin University, highlighted some excellent results. Principals reported that there was an increase in literacy and numeracy skills for students who attended the homework club against those students that did not. Bethany greatly appreciates the significant financial support from the Shell Social Investment Programme, throughout the development of the project. This year was also characterised by a year of increasing demand for services, and we were also seeing clients present with more complex issues. This was reflected in a range of Bethany programs including: Barwon Child FIRST, Family Services Casework, Family Violence After Hours Service, Financial Counselling and the New Parent Infant Network (NEWPIN). In 2012, Bethany’s commitment to innovation continued with the development and delivery of the Bridging the Gap Project. As its name suggests, the project aims to ‘bridge the gap’ to support the transition of clients to vocational training and employment as a pathway out of poverty. Funding for the project is through the partners Bethany, Karingal and Gforce with additional funding from Give Where You Live.

Once again Bethany has produced a strong financial result as the Board has maintained its focus on financial performance and sustainability. Both revenues and equity have increased and we believe the organisation is on a sound financial footing for the future. We would like to thank all our staff, volunteers and Board members for their ongoing commitment to the organisation and its clients. We would like to emphasise the importance of listening and how it is crucial to planning, as it will inform how we move forward over the coming years. Listening may be a small thing to do, but it can create powerful change. In 2012, we established a Community Relations Committee with the aim of listening to our clients and community to inform our work and future strategic directions. The following statement from a mum who uses Bethany’s Homeless Services, with support from staff, sums up the power of listening; “…my daughter can tell me how she feels now…she might be angry or disappointed and instead of telling her to go to her room, I listen to her.” We hope you enjoy reading many other stories in Bethany’s 2012 Annual Report. We look forward to providing services to our clients and communities in 2013.

Fiona Williams Grant Boyd Chairperson Chief Executive Officer


We believe... quality is central


“She (Bethany worker) helped me get my family structure together, get back on track with everything … health, kids, schools. She was there when I needed her.” Kelly, Homeless Services

Quality We believe everyone deserves access to services where quality is central. A great achievement for Bethany in 2012, was the culmination of three years of work focussing on quality. During this period every facet of our service delivery was put under a quality microscope to analyse and identify any areas for improvement. We asked people about what works and what doesn’t, including those who use our services, volunteers and staff, people who we do business with, other welfare organisations and our suppliers. This commitment to quality improvement resulted in Bethany’s Disability Services Program successfully meeting all accreditation standards of an audit, undertaken by Health and Disability Auditing Australia (HDAA). Bethany successfully met the entire nine Disability Industry Standards and achieved all five of the Outcome Standards including: individuality, capacity, participation, citizenship and leadership. We also underwent an audit by KPMG on behalf of the Office of Gaming and Racing of our Gamblers Help Recovery Assistance Program (RAP) funding as part of an ongoing strengthening of the Gamblers Help Program compliance framework. In July 2012, we were audited by Quality Improvement and

Community Services Accreditation (QICSA), against the Quality Improvement Council (QIC) Standards. We were also the first organisation to be audited against the new Department of Human Services Victoria (DHS) Standards. Our efforts were rewarded as Bethany successfully met all of the 18 QIC and four new DHS Victoria Standards. Our areas of strength noted by QICSA included: 

Strong leadership through growth and restructure - well supported by management, staff and policy

Strong Board governance with a clear focus on the governance role

Quality of the workforce and commitment of staff to putting clients first

Capacity to sustain service quality through growth

High commitment to quality improvement

Sound documentation, service innovation, volunteer program

Extensive partnerships

Quality is an ongong journey, and we will continue to work towards achieving greater outcomes for the community.


Child and Family Services The Child and Family Services division provides an earlier intervention focus to support vulnerable families through assertive outreach, in home support, case management, counselling, group work for parents and children, volunteer support and brokerage. We believe that if you support the family, you support the child.

clients. A further significant development has been the colocation of the Families where a Child has a Mental Illness (FAPMI) worker from Barwon Child and Mental Health Service one day per week. This position provides secondary consultation regarding mental health concerns for family members and also develops training opportunities.

Barwon Child FIRST* provides support to vulnerable children and families to refer to appropriate family services to meet those needs. Barwon Child First is an alliance between Glastonbury Community Services, Time for Youth, Wathaurong Aboriginal Cooperative, Diversitat, City of Greater Geelong (Maternal and Child Health), the Department of Human Services Victoria, and Bethany as the lead agency.

Bridging the Gap is a project that commenced in November 2011, offering a new approach designed to increase the support to individuals within Bethany’s Family Services and Homelessness Services Programs. As its name suggests, the project aims to ‘bridge the gap’ to support the transition of clients to vocational training and employment as a bridge out of disadvantage.

This year Child FIRST has continued to experience significant demand with an increase of 23 per cent in substantiative cases to the program. During the year a total of 2,102 referrals were taken and 7,444 hours of support were delivered. This year’s focus has been the Child FIRST Alliance, which has continued to drive the developments of the Barwon Family Services through the Catchment Plan and Strategic Partnership Plan, which has been developed over the past 12 months. The alliance allows us to plan activities with our partner agencies and to work towards better outcomes for

Project partners are Bethany, Karingal and Gforce, who fund the project along with Give Where You Live. An evaluation has been established to operate throughout the term of the project, which has given significant insights into the further development of the second phase of Bridging the Gap. 25 people have been supported in the initial six months, and a significant amount of resources have been used in the development of this demonstration project including program tools that build linkages across the support, training and employment sector. Bethany is highly appreciative of the support from all project partners.


17 year old Cassie is now enrolled to finish her secondary school education and now doesn’t label herself a ‘drop out’. Bridging the Gap


This year the Children’s Contact Service# facilitated 520 supervised contact or facilitated changeovers, operating at 22 per cent above target. Families continue to present with a high level of complexity, including violence 40 per cent, parenting issues 52 per cent and the remaining eight per cent includes amongst others substance and sexual abuse. 92 per cent of referrals were from legal representatives and family courts, 5 per cent through mediation and family dispute services and 3 per cent self refer. The majority of families using the Children’s Contact Service move to self management within an a six month period. The Children’s Contact Service continued this year to implement new practice intervention to provide more goal focussed intervention. The results have been excellent with a high number of families attending contact service for shorter periods and increased cross program intervention. This increased throughput has significantly decreased the waiting list.

The Disability Case Management* team supports children and parents who have one or more members of the family with a disability, who have complex needs. The program assisted 25 families this year to improve their independence, choice and community involvement. Over the past year the program has worked closely with the Department of Human Services Victoria Disability Client Services to refine the intake protocol to improve the targeting of service provision for vulnerable families. The Early Childhood Development Pilot Project (ECD)* aims to improve the wellbeing of vulnerable children by developing and enhancing partnerships between Child FIRST, Family Services and early years services. The project has an established framework for service coordination and integration that can be used in the development of the early intervention framework with other universal and secondary service partners. This framework has guided the implementation of the Barwon ECD project and received additional funding to December 2012.


“I don’t think my girls would be the confident and social kids they are today without supported playgroups”. Cynthia, Supported Playgroups

A focus this year has been in service integrated training for early years, family services and child protection staff to inform on the needs of vulnerable children. In 2012, there has been significant increase in accessing early years services by family services staff across the Child and Family Services Alliance improving the early learning and support for young children. There has also been a greater level of involvement by family services in local early years networks, and this work has been supported by the active reference group, with representation including: state and local governments, Child and Family Services Alliance members and a range of community service organisations. This has ensured the program is complementary to other early years initiatives. The Family Services Casework Team* supports vulnerable families to make the necessary changes to promote child and family safety, health and wellbeing. This year the program experienced significant growth as

it supported 280 families with complex issues identified at referral from Child FIRST, compared to 210 families in 2011. There is a growing intensity of services being offered to support parents and children. Casework is undertaken in collaboration with schools, other professionals and families to achieve the agreed goals of the family. Bethany’s Kinship Care Program* offers advice and support to relatives or friends who have taken on the care of a child who can’t live with their parents. The program works with families involved with DHS Victoria Child Protection and also families with private arrangements. The program has achieved successful results this year including: 12 children’s living arrangements being stabilised through the Children’s Court Permanent Care orders; and, both the monthly Geelong and Colac Nurture Until they Shine groups continue to grow and support an increasing number of carers. In 2012, Bethany’s staff also presented at the National Foster and Kinship Care Conference.

12 In 2012, the New Parent Infant Network (NEWPIN) Early Years Program* provided support to preschool children and their mothers through a centre-based and outreach support at Hamlyn Heights. NEWPIN supported 41 families, compared to 38 in 2011, and 76 children compared to 70 in the previous year. This growth was reflected through the hours of support provided, which increased from 5,128 compared to 4,628 in 2011. NEWPIN group work programs aim to educate and develop parenting skills for mothers, and this year we have provided NEWPIN Way, Reflective Parenting incorporating Circle of Security Parenting and Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS) and a series of first aid workshops through the In Safe Hands Program which was funded by the Shell Employee Community Grants Program. In addition to regular parent child play sessions at NEWPIN, further opportunities were developed to encourage positive interactive experiences including swimming and library visits, Music and Me program, zoo excursion and pram strolls. Brightening up the NEWPIN ‘backyard’ has also been a focus in 2012, to encourage positive outdoor play. Highlights have been the construction of vegetable gardens, a fairy garden nook, large motor play area including swing, slide and trampoline and a popular cubby house. To support our NEWPIN approach to quality service delivery, we are participating in the national research project in conjunction with NEWPIN Australia and Macquarie University to learn more about the experiences and outcomes of parents and children attending NEWPIN programs across Australia. The Northern Suburbs School Hub Pilot Project (NSSHPP)* is designed to improve service coordination and earlier service intervention for vulnerable children. A family services worker works across four Northern Bay College P-12 campuses. This year the project has focused on developing early intervention support for vulnerable children aged six to 10 years, providing consultation and support to school staff where they are concerned for a child’s safety and wellbeing, and improving communication and referral pathways for schools to Child FIRST and Child Protection.

This year 224 families were supported through the NSSHPP through 1,408 hours of support. A positive outcome this year has been the project’s success in developing confidence and competence with the school staff in considering the impact of family issues on the child’s behaviour and introducing strategies to assist in supporting the child at school, support at home and group work within the school setting. The Supported Playgroups Program is designed for parents, their babies and children up to five years of age, from significantly marginalised and socially isolated families, including: culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) families, families with mental health issues and/or high needs (either parent or the child) teenage and young parent families and others who are socially isolated and/or disadvantaged. In 2012, there were seven supported playgroups in the northern suburbs of Geelong, with three operating at the Northern Bay P-12 Colleges campuses, two at Rosewall Neighbourhood Centre, one at Norlane North Shore Kindergarten and one at Bethany. Of these, two are rostered three year-old groups and one is a ‘Time with Dad’ playgroup. In 2012, the supported playgroups saw 89 families with 69 children attend, and a focus of the year was to continue to assist parents to foster positive parent-child interactions, engage families in their community and help in the child’s development towards kindergarten and school. This year’s initiative was the ‘Time with Dad’ playgroup, to further expand and strengthen father’s involvement in the program. The Supported Playgroups Program is funded by the Besen Family Foundation, Dawn Wade Foundation, Give Where You Live, The Flora and Frank Leith Trust and the Sabemo Trust. * These programs were supported by the Victorian Government. # These programs were supported by the Commonwealth Government.


We believe... support the family support the child



“…the other kids tease me, then I talk to my worker and it’s alright, there are no wrong answers.” Tom, Homeless Services

Community Support The Community Support division provides individuals, couples, children and families who are affected by homelessness, problem gambling, family violence or relationship issues with counselling, case management and practical support services. We work to build better relationships.

A significant step for Bethany occurred late last year, as we commenced service delivery of the Gambler’s Help Program in the South West. Clients can also access the service in Portland, Hamilton, Terang and Camperdown. Collaborative work with other agencies is underway to establish the program and build local partnerships.

The Gambler’s Help Program* provides counselling, group work, community education and financial counselling to anyone experiencing or affected by problem gambling. In the last year the program provided 3,163 hours of problem gambling counselling, which is a significant increase compared to 2,524 hours in 2010/11. Counselling was delivered to 282 people compared to 229 the previous year. This increase was predominantly due to Bethany commencing service provision in the South West in the last year.

Financial counselling slightly increased this year as well, with 687 hours compared to 650 hours in 2011.

More than 8,000 community members participated in Gambler’s Help community education and health promotion activities. Participants included teenagers, young men, newly arrived communities, local council, Geelong Football Club, students, families, seniors and many more.

Collaborative clinical partnerships with the mental health, drug and alcohol and family services sector resulted in 37 referrals and 84 secondary consultations between services. The Venue Support Program* has completed a second year of encouraging responsible gambling practices and environments within the gaming industry, consistent with approved industry codes of conduct. The Barwon South West region covers 50 venues, with over 220 venue staff receiving training in identifying and responding to patrons exhibiting signs of distress caused by problem gambling. The strong relationship between venues and Gambler’s Help has led to 7.6 per cent increase in referrals of patrons from venues.


35 year old Jodie is now free from bankruptcy after learning to manage her budget and setting goals for repaying her debt. Lessons for Life

The Lessons for Life Project was funded last year by Foster’s Community Grants program to work with women who have recently left a violent situation to gain confidence in handling their own financial matters. The project partnered with Zena Women’s Service, Kardinia Women’s Service and Bethany’s Family Violence Services to offer support to 18 women over 12 months. The financial counsellor worked closely with women to set achievable goals and build confidence around money management. About 50 per cent of women reported that their debt was due to economic abuse, and on average, each woman had $18,500 debt. Outcomes for women included an increase in skills and confidence to: manage a budget, understand daily expenses, access assistance and concessions through Centrelink, negotiate payment arrangements with utility companies and banks, and to commit to realistic savings goals. The project will continue in 2012, and is partly funded by the Geelong Community Foundation.

The Housing Services Program* provided a continuum of services for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness through the: Homeless Services Team, Social Housing Advocacy and Support Program (SHASP), Intensive Case Management Initiative, Homeless Children’s Specialist Support Service (HCSSS), Support for Families at Risk Program (SFAR) , A Place to Call Home and the Family Violence After Hours and Outreach Services. This year 80 per cent of people accessing the Homeless Services Team# were women and 54 per cent were sole parents. For those accessing SHASP, 70 per cent were women and 80 per cent resided in postcodes 3214, 3219 or 3250. The key issues experienced included: family violence, lack of affordable housing, mental health issues, social isolation and family breakdown. The Family Violence After Hours Service* has seen a increase in referrals in the last year which is highlighted with this region having a increased number of family violence incidents.



We believe... in building good relationships

The Homeless Children’s Specialist Support Service# has provided case assessment for 81 children and case management for 41 children. In addition, almost 71 children participated in our music therapy group work program.

R&FVS also helped 290 women who experienced violence, 30 children exposed to family violence, and 697 male clients who had contact with our service specifically in relation to their use of violence, and of those men 576 were direct referrals from police.

A highlight was a 15 week music therapy group for children aged eight to 12 years. Five children attended the group and decided to work together to create a music video. This involved a process of brainstorming, song choice, singing practice and recording, dancing, filming at two locations, giving feedback, and creating the DVD artwork. In the final week, the families and staff were invited to the music video launch, where the achievements of the children were celebrated. Music video creation highlighted the strengths of the children, fostered resilience and provided an avenue for bringing the children and there families together.

In a first for Bethany, we were sub contracted by Relationships Australia to deliver Men’s Behaviour Change groups to men who are clients of Corrections Victoria.

A significant achievement this year was the HCSSS group work program being Highly Commended in the category Excellence in addressing homelessness in a regional, rural or remote location as part of the 2012 National Homelessness Services Achievement Awards. The Relationship and Family Violence Services (R&FVS) Team encourages respectful, healthy and equal relationships by promoting the safety of women an children, listening to the voices of children and valuing the unique contribution that each individual makes within the relationship and family setting. The R&FVS Team includes: Relationship Counselling#, the Men and Family Relationships Program#, Specialised Family Violence, Men’s Behaviour Change*, Supporting Children After Separation Program (SCASP)#, Men’s Case Management*, Enhanced Intake*, Family Relationships Education and Skills Training*, and the Parents and Kids in Schools (PAKS)# initiative. During the past year R&FVS has responded to a total of 2,401 clients including 287 children for separation issues, 285 parents and carers in relation to their children’s experience of family separation, 570 people through family and relationship counselling and/or parent education group work, and 172 children through the Parents and Kids in Schools Program, with a further 70 parents and family members also connected to school life.

The Strengthening Risk Management Demonstration Project (SRMDP)*, was awarded to Bethany and is one of only two to deliver the project in Victoria. This project commenced mid 2011, with case management and risk assessment, and a management panel established with input from project partners. A Bethany staff member participated in a three week study tour to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales along with colleagues from Berry Street to visit services and learn about the establishment, operation and effectiveness of the Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferencing (MARAC) model to inform the development of the SRMDP. Saver Plus* is a financial literacy and matched saving program developed by the Brotherhood of St Laurence and ANZ, and funded by FaHCSIA. Phase five of the program commenced in September 2011, and to date 125 participants have joined the program. In phase five, participants completing the program have achieved $36,435 in matched savings. A key element of Saver Plus is the financial literacy program, Money Minded. This program, designed by ANZ Bank, consists of four sessions covering financial topics including budgeting, setting financial goals, identifying spending leaks, creating a personal money plan, banking and credit and planning for your financial future. In phase five a total of 105 participants completed the training modules, and 75 have met their total savings goals. Other major highlights for Community Support included a co-presentation of a group facilitation model for Mens Behaviour Change jointly with Swinburne University at the 2011 Family Relationships Australia Conference in Coolangatta. * These programs were supported by the Victorian Government. # These programs were supported by the Commonwealth Government.


18 year old Stephanie tree appeal after rece

Development and Community Relations The Development and Community Relations division is responsible for a broad range of agency services including: community relations, quality, marketing, media, fundraising, events, people and culture and special projects. Quality Improvement continued to be a focus this year and a highlight was successfully meeting all accreditation standards of a disability audit undertaken in early 2012. Bethany’s quality journey continued in July 2012, as we were audited by Quality Improvement and Community Services Accreditation (QICSA) against the Quality Improvement Council (QIC) standards. We were also the first agency in the state to be audited against the Department of Human Services Victoria standards. The result was convincing for Bethany, as we successfully met all of the 18 QIC standards and all of the new DHS standards. This success is underpinned by the dedication of many at Bethany, and our Volunteers Program plays an important role in the support we provide to our clients. Almost 4,000 hours of support were provided by volunteers this year, and we celebrated with one volunteer reaching five years of service. This year 106 volunteers were registered, and most volunteers lived in the 3216 postcode, followed by postcodes 3220, 3221 and 3222. Recognising our staff and their long term contributions to Bethany was again part of our ongoing People and

Culture Strategy. This year we recognised staff for 25, 10 and five years of service. Bethany continued to provide employees with a range of initiatives that assisted in creating a work environment that values, supports and develops its people. This year the agency streamlined the employment process to include online recruitment, implemented a health and wellbeing program known as BWell, which featured an annual calendar of activities to encourage better living. Worker health checks and flu vaccinations were again well received by staff. Financial assistance from the philanthropic sector applied for through Bethany’s Trusts and Grants Program is invaluable, and the benefits are far wider than the financial support it provides. Bethany is especially grateful to all the philanthropic organisations that have supported us this year, which has allowed us to be inovative in our program design. This funding has seen the implementation of several programs including: Supported Playgroups Program, which was funded by the Besen Family Foundation, The Flora and Frank Leith Charitable Trust, Dawn Wade Foundation, Sabemo Trust and Give Where You Live; the Lessons for Life Project was funded by the Foster’s Community Grants Program and this year the Geelong Community Foundation; Bridging the Gap partially funded by Give Where You Live; and In Safe Hands funded by the Shell Employee Community Grants Program.


e now chooses to support the giving eiving a Christmas gift through the program when she was homeless. Giving Tree Appeal

Film buffs were again out in big numbers to support our major fundraiser for the year, the Bethany Arthouse Film Festival. This event continues to grow in popularity with four of the five films selling out prior to screening. We are grateful for the continued support of the Geelong Performing Arts Centre, our major sponsor of the event. The region’s businesses and individuals continued their generosity during the festive season with more than 2,500 gifts donated to children and families during the annual BayFM Bethany Giving Tree Appeal. Without this support many families might otherwise miss out. In 2012, $517,000 was raised from trusts and grants, fundraising and events and through the value of in-kind donations. More than 350 guests attended the annual Geelong Father of the Year Award this year. The Geelong Father of the Year Award is a partnership with Bethany, the Geelong Advertiser, Rotary Club of Geelong and the Bendigo Bank. Bethany’s Homework Clubs Program concluded at the end of last year, and we greatly appreciate the Shell Geelong Refinery’s support to deliver this program for grades five and six primary school children living in the northern suburbs of Geelong. The final evaluation of the program compiled by Deakin University highlighted some of the positive outcomes of the program including the mentoring aspect, and some ideas for further development.

We believe... in a shared journey


Bethany acknowledges the generosity of individuals, businesses, community groups, philanthropic trusts and government departments who support the work of this organisation to support and strengthen the community. Federal Government Attorney General’s Department Department of Families, Housing and Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Department of Health and Ageing Australian Taxation Office Victorian State Government Department of Human Services Department of Justice Department of Planning and Community Development Department of Education Early Childhood Development Victoria Police Local Government City of Greater Geelong Surf Coast Shire Borough of Queenscliffe Colac Otway Shire Warrnambool City Council

Glastonbury Community Services Geelong Adult Raining and Education Gordon Institute of TAFE Hanover Welfare Services Karingal LifeWorks Relationship, Counselling and Education Services Leisure Networks MPower Marngoneet Correctional Services Salvo Connect Salvation Army Kardinia Women’s Service St John of God Hospital Time for Youth Uniting Care Burnside Western Region Alcohol and Drug Centre Wathaurong Aboriginal Cooperative Zena Women’s Services

Trusts, Foundations and Estates Archibald Norman Shannon Trust Bell Charitable Fund Besen Family Foundation Community Program Partners Costa Family Foundation Barwon CASA Dawn Wade Foundation Barwon Health Dimmick Charitable Trust Barwon Youth Emily Shannon Trust Bellarine Community Health Foster’s Community Grants Best Start/LSEY Partnership Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Brotherhood of St Laurence Studies Brophy Family and Youth Services Barwon Domestic Violence Outreach Services Freeman-Dann Trust Centre for Community Child Health, Murdoch Geelong Community Foundation Give Where You Live Institute Royal Children’s Hospital Golf Hill Bequest Colac Area Health Barwon Domestic Violence Outreach Services Sabemo Trust The Flora and Frank Leith Charitable Trust Diversitat Emma House G21 Geelong Family Relationship Centre

Key Business Partners Bay FM Bendigo Bank

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Corporate Supporters 13th Beach Golf Links Action Indoor Sports North Geelong Alcoa World Alumina

Thanks to everyone who also attended the Father of the Year Award breakfast and the Bethany Arthouse Film Festival. We greatly appreciate everyone who gave to the Annual Giving Tree Appeal, those who donated $100 and under, and to the many who donated gifts such as blankets, toys and clothing.


We believe... in continual improvement


5 year old Sam and his mum can now attend parenting programs because the Bethany bus arrives at their home each morning to transport them. New Parents Infant Network (NEWPIN) Early Years

Business Operations The Business Operations division manages Bethany’s finances and infrastructure including reception, information and communication technology, payroll, fleet management, building and facilities. Continual improvement has been a key theme of the work undertaken over the past 12 months in Business Operations. Some of these important changes have seen a review of services provided with an external consultant undertaking this work in November 2011. The outcome of recommendations made as part of this review has seen the appointment of an office manager, based at Hamlyn Heights and a designated information and communication technology position. Riskman, a web based risk and incident management system, has been tested throughout the year, and will be implemented across Bethany by June 2013. Riskman will allow Bethany to use one reporting system for managing incidents, complaints, quality, ISO standards, occupational health and safety, workplace claim and other operational needs. The system will make incident reporting easier internally and to the Department of Human Services Victoria. Bethany is committed to its introduction, to ensure we provide a safe environment for clients and staff. In 2012, a key development for the Business Operations team was the introduction of the Environment Committee.

Staff representatives from all levels of Bethany are included in the committee, which is closely examining a number of operational activities, to focus on reducing Bethany’s impact on the environment. We see this as a priority for Bethany, as it will also see a reduction in our operating costs. Work also began on a feasibility study to undertake a new central Client Information Management System. The benefits for Bethany once operational will include: a central entry point to provide relevant referral information and a greater understanding of presenting issues, trends and themes of referrals. A number of initiatives were also undertaken by the Business Operations in relation to information and communication technology. Business Operations has also worked to smoothly integrate Bethany’s new Warrnambool sites, with vehicle management, information and communication technology and the administrative needs required by new staff. A significant amount of work has been undertaken in the leasing of a new facility in Warrnambool, to allow staff to be located from one site, instead of the two interim offices. This has been the most significant challenge for the year, and Business Operations looks forward to clients and staff utilising this newly fitted out facility in late 2012.


Organisational Structure

Board of Management

We believe... in strengthening our leadership capacity

Chief Executive Officer

Executive Child and Family Services

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We believe... in financial sustainability Treasurer’s Comment Once again the Board has maintained a disciplined focus on financial sustainability with the results this year building on a continuing trend of strong revenue growth and an improving balance sheet as shown in figures C and D (pages 28 and 29). Revenue for the year was $8,622,915, an increase of 8% from the previous financial year. This includes the part year effect of service expansion in the south west.


Total comprehensive income for the year ended June 30 2012 of $313,112 is a pleasing result in what has been a challenging financial climate and represents 3.6% of revenue. However, as in previous years, these funds include income received in advance which will be committed for expenditure in the 2012/13 financial year. Kas Szakiel, Treasurer

3% 2%

3% 12%


Revenue 2012

Expenditure 2012


80% Figure B

Figure A

2012 ‘000

2011 ‘000

2012 ‘000

2011 ‘000




Expenditure $8,310 $7,377


$6,886 $6,197


$ 1,086

$ 1,056

Trusts, grants & fundraising

$ 392

$ 474

Business undertakings $ 259 & other revenue

$ 256

Salaries & service delivery




$ 1,028

$ 1,060


$ 252

$ 232

Client expenses

$ 151

$ 177


Revenue /Change in Total Equity 10,000 9,000 8,000

$ Thousands

7,000 6,000 5,000 4,000

Revenue Change in Equity

3,000 2,000 1,000 -

Figure C: Represents revenue growth and change in equity (total comprehensive income) from 2005/06 to 2011/12.


Total Assets v Total Equity 12,000


$ Thousands



Fixed Assets Cash Assets Equity




Financial Years

Figure D: This graph represents the relationship between total equity (assets less liabilities) and total assets and the breakdown of total assets between fixed assets and cash assets.

The 2012 full audited financial statements can be downloaded at or upon request to Bethany Community Support, 16 Ballarat Rd, Hamlyn Heights 3215, phone 03 5278 8122.


We believe... in remaining viable and vibrant

From left to right John Hansen Retired Appointed 2009 Dr Sandra Lea-Wood PhD, MEd, BEd, Co-Deputy Chair Gifted Education Consultancy Appointed 2006 Joan McGovern GradDip PR, GAICD Communications Manager Appointed 2010

Alicia Carroll BA, LLB Family Lawyer Appointed 2009 Kas Szakiel FCPA Treasurer Financial Controller Corporate Sector Appointed 2002 Grant Boyd BA(Ed), GradDip Special Ed, GradDip Child Adol Psych, GAICD Chief Executive Officer Appointed 2008

Fiona Williams BA, LLB Chair Child protection and International Development Appointed 2006


Absent Alexander (Sandy) Morrison MBus, BHA, CHE Health Services Executive Director Appointed 2009 Geoff Caddy BE Chem(Hons) Co-Deputy Chair Refinery Operations and Risk Management Appointed 2008

Jon Mamonski MCom, BBusMark Communications and Marketing Appointed 2012 Rob Lundie MEd Admin, BEd, DipEd Education Consultancy and Project Management Appointed 2008 Sean Mackay Insurance Broker Appointed 2010

Board of Management Our Board of Management are some of our most ardent volunteers. The board meets regularly and provides strategic guidance and planning for the organisation.


We believe... every little bit helps!

35 year old ‘Lilian’ who is newly arrived to Australia is now studying full time and looking forward to a brighter future with her young child. Bridging the Gap Bethany works with vulnerable people to build better individual and family relationships, supports parents caring for children, assist people who are homeless or at risk and those affected by family violence and problem gambling. A donation of any kind for the valuable work undertaken by Bethany is gratefully accepted and will be used to provide

further services to those most in need. Every dollar you can contribute will support Bethany in its mission to support and strengthen the community. To find out more about how to help Bethany, visit and click on the ‘How can I help?’ tab. Remember, every little bit helps!

Bethany 16 Ballarat Rd, Hamlyn Heights Vic 3215 PO Box 324, North Geelong Vic 3215 (03) 5278 8122

Bethany Annual Report 2011-2012  

Bethany Annual Report 2011-2012

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