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Charlotte Ann Langston-Lewis (Poetryizme) is the wife of Troy Poet Lewis, mother of Haillee Langston-Nolze and step mother of Ania Lewis. Charlotte, a native of Seattle, Washington, earned her Bachelor‘s in Business Administration at American InterContinental University and her Bachelors in Journalism at University of Phoenix. Poetry was introduced to Charlotte in the 6th. Almost daily, she found herself creating a poetic work for one of her friends to pass along to their boyfriend or girlfriend. By her junior year in high school, she was writing on a regular basis and participating in numerous poetry contests. Her work has been recognized by the Famous Poets Society and; both of which have awarded her certificates of achievements. Charlotte‘s first passion is dance and she loves the poetic story told through the movement of the art.


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Blessings from Charlotte Lewis

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January-Health Awareness Month

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Our Youth and Peer Pressure

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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Nonprofit

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Recipe of the Month

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Rosemarie Wilson

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Poet of the Month: Aileen Price

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Seattle‘s Spotlight: P.O.E.T. the Next Revolution

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Writing Tips

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Washington‘s Treasure

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Business Connections

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I Shall Dream You (Poetryizme)

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Senior Editor

Highlights of March/April Issue of CreativeFlow:

Rosemarie Wilson

Cover Article: Inside the Mind of Mrs. Charlotte Lewis Our Youth and Peer Pressure: What Can We Do? Poet of the Month: Miss Remy


Blessings from Creative Impowerment Artist Media and 103.3 CIMA Radio. I am excited to bring to you the January inaugural issue of CreativeFlow and seek to be an uplifting tool and great resource for artists and small businesses to connect. I love the ―POWER OF CREATIVITY� and showcasing artists and small businesses which creatively uplift and educate the community is the mission of CreativeFlow. With each issue of CreativeFlow a brick is being added to the foundation which is being built for all artists and small business owners to grow upon. I look forward to sharing CreativeFlow with you. Poetically Yours and Loving the Power of Creativity,

Charlotte Lewis, CEO/Publisher


Health Awareness should ask ourselves. ―What am I doing daily to nurture my mind?‖ We should daily take heed to our health and the warnings which occur long before complications set in. Just as cars have warning signs before they completely break down, likewise does our bodies. Do we not take our cars to the mechanic or examine the cars ourselves when they begin to run poorly? We should enlist the same mindset to our bodies, have regular checkups and be seen when we feel that some changes have occurred that cause us to feel run down. We have the tendency to treat our bodies as though they are infallible. Miraculously our bodies keep going for sometime despite our ignoring the warning signals. We pain our bodies consciously and unconsciously day in and day out. This is often done by over indulgence of meat, starchy foods, sweets, alcohol, lack of water and exercise. What areas in life do we need to focus on to create a better lifestyle with healthy eating and exercise? The answer is mind and spirit. Mind Just as our bodies desire and thrive upon healthy food, so does our mind. Positive ‗input‘ from our environment, other people, self-talk and inner words we live is the healthy food our minds need. If we are staying focused on the things that improve, inspire, motivate and enable our minds we are doing our part. On the other hand if we are focused on the negative we deprive our minds of its great potential. We

Spirit The most important part of one‘s daily mission is to nurture ones spirit. Our spirit is what drives our mental force, aspiration and desires to achieve and grow. Here are a few ways to nurture our spirit: 1. Taking care of spiritual health 2. Indulge in motivational and inspirational reading 3. Allow music and art to be a motivation/inspiration 4. Help others 5. Regular exercise (help sharpen the mind‘s focus) 6. Dancing can uplift ones spirit 7. Enjoying nature Warning signals would be next to nothing if we were more focused on all aspects of nature that we came into this world with: bodies, mind and spirit. Emotional, spiritual and physical illness can creep up when we are not giving ourselves daily TLC. This is the key that opens all doors…the key of the spirit that lives within. January is National Health Awareness month and by taking great care of our minds and spirits we can take care of our physical health. See Creative Impowerment‘s website for daily health tips through the month of January


Our Youth and Peer Pressure It is said that ―birds of a feather flock together‖, meaning that those of the same mindset, behaviors and morals tend to occupy the same circle. That may seem innocent enough but not always is that an innocent statement or an easy one to live with. It is natural to want to fit in and belong, but at what expense should one want to be a part of something or some group or individual? Should it cost you your identity or reputation or even or spiritual welfare? Peer pressure is not just a childhood issue, even adults battle pressures amongst their peers at work, home and other social connections. Why is this? For the most part we fear the unknown and what is different from us. We want conformity and we want everyone to conform to our own ways, thinking and standards. For some it gives them a feeling of importance and for others feel accepted in their own lifestyles and or habits that they set for themselves.

others before trusting in their ability to make wise decisions.

Secondly, peer pressure affects the relationships between parents and children, spouses. Another area it can affect that we may not even think about is how on-lookers my see someone is guided by peer pressure... Some may take advantage and pile more pressure upon; others may have no respect for you. One‘s name and reputation is on the line when allowing self to be guided by peer pressure. Wouldn‘t you rather be judged for your own decisions based upon your own standards and morals and not someone else‘s?

Who does peer pressure affect? Initially peer pressure really affects the individual that chooses to following pressure laid before them. I say this is because they give up their own identity, ability to reason and make decision and entrusting that into someone else‘s hands and hope that they are gently and not to crush their spirit. An individual crushes their own self esteem by depending on the thoughts and concern of



8 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Nonprofit

1. Don‘t do it alone. 2. Don‘t start before you know what the process entails 3. Don‘t use an ―incorporation‖ or ―paralegal form‖ service. 4. Begin with a vision, clear purpose, and strategy for success 5. Avoid selecting your family or business associates to serve on your board. 6. Don‘t start without a plan. 7. Don‘t operate as a nonprofit without the proper legal paperwork and recognition from the state and federal government.  Incorporating  Bylaws –  Employer Identification Number (EIN) and Opening a Bank Account  Applying for tax exempt status 8. Don‘t start without being organized and fully aware of legal requirements.

See detailed article at


Recipe of the Month:

Turkey Burgers 30 minutes or less prepare ahead 1 pound ground turkey 2 tablespoon of minced fresh parsley 2 tablespoons fat-free plain yogurt 2 teaspoons soy sauce 4 hamburger rolls Whole grain mustard 1 large tomato, sliced 1 cup alfalfa sprouts 1. In a large bowl mix the turkey, parsley, yogurt and soy sauce. Season with salt n pepper. Shape into 4 patties. Cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. 2. Cook burger until thoroughly cooked through. 3. Serve on the rolls with mustard, tomato and alfalfa sprouts. Makes 4 servings. Per serving: 7 grams fat and 281 calories per serving.

Submitted by Franklin Earnest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The National Poetry Awards (NPA‘s) is the poetry event of the year. To learn more about the NPA‘s and /or how to be a part of the event, check out the official website at or email


ROSEMARIE With today‘s rising breakdown in family ties and values, self esteem and relationships of all kinds we often seek that personal touch of encouragement that all is not lost. We turn on the news and see nothing but hatred and warfare. There are mothers losing their love of their children and fathers erasing whole families. We are pleased to showcase the inspirational spirit of Rosemarie Wilson in our inaugural issue as she tackles issues one poem at a time. Known for uplifting and education through her poetic flow, Rosemarie Wilson entered the literary world with her words of wisdom in 2005 as editor of ―Saved , Single and Satisfied‖ and has been on the rise ever since. Rosemarie Wilson is an award winning poet, writer, advice columnist, singer, actress and a staunch advocate of integrity and fidelity. Her insistence that every day presents opportunities to live, learn and love positivity allows her to motivate others when living throws curves at our existence. Since March of 2009, the official release of her first self-published collection of poetry entitled ―One Single Rose…Poetry Blossomed from a Rose Core‖, she also has been dubbed an inspirational poet. Rosemarie‘s journey as a poet has led many individuals to healing and enlightenment. She has pride and is dedicated to the city of Detroit, where she grew up. She puts home first and foremost in her heart, mind and soul and the love has been reciprocated many times over by her by her supporters in Detroit and throughout the nation. For more information on One Single Rose, please visit or to view complete bio, please visit Creative Impowerment‘s website 12

Courageous Goodbye

Can‘t view you as a man to be held in high esteem You are vulgar, immoral, selfish and mean The kind words I formerly heard you say Very seldom now, if ever, come my way Fingers with which I locked when we recited our vows Are connected to the hands I presently disavow The hands I held while walking through the streets Became weapons of destruction knocking me off my feet The charming voice I heard conveying the words ―I love you‖ Relays profanity while my skin is beat black and blue You repeatedly apologized saying you‘d never strike me again Those words promptly changed after you drank Five O‘clock gin When I‘d ask you why you treat me the way that you do You reply, ―Baby, it‘s me and has nothing to do with you.‖ I worked, raised our children, I cooked and I cleaned Made sure your needs were fulfilled and our home stayed serene The special things I‘d do for you were never quite enough I loved you as your woman; you made being your wife tough I was here with you when we had no wealth Stood by your side in sickness and in good health I did what I could, and endured all that I can Before reality set in and I realized you‘re not a real man My mind, heart and eyes no longer saw the man I once knew For you were just a shell of a man who had not one clue What an example you‘ve set for the children we‘re raising I‘m being sarcastic, darling, not singing your praises A real man would never hit a woman, that‘s a cowardly affair I‘ve felt enough toxic taps and suffered more than I can bear We‘ve gone through counseling and even met with our priest Neither session worked, so I must find my own relief I love you darling, with my entire mind, heart and soul I need to live a good life before my body goes cold I‘m a fool to leave you and a bigger fool if I stay 13

I‘m a blessed fool as some can‘t or just won‘t walk away Living life itself can be a difficult task Without the added stress of a man who wears a mask A man whose love song is sung via his fists The same man who‘s unafraid of compelling jail risks I rid myself of your wicked ways And pray that the future brings our kids and I better days Copyright ©2009 Rosemarie Wilson

In December 2011 Rosemarie Wilson released her first erotic chapbook entitled ―Pearl‘s Plays‖ and she is currently putting together her birthday present—a second collection of poetry ―One Single Rose…Out of Darkness into Light‖, and music /spoken word C.D./DVD which will be released March 16, 2012 at Manila Bay Café in Detroit, Michigan. One section of the collection will focus solely on requests from her readers.


Poet of the Month: Aileen Price

ANGRY OR SAD AFTER WALKING A MILE I MANAGE TO KEEP MY HEAD UP AS I SMILE HONESTLY I COULD CARE LESS IF I'M HATED NO ONE ON THIS EARTH CAN MAKE ME FEEL INTIMIDATED I LET LITTLE REMARKS ROLL OFF MY BACK MY PATH IS UNBLOCKABLE THEREFORE, I STAY ON TRACK I SMILE NOT BECAUSE I'M A HYPOCRITE WHY GET AGGRAVATED OVER OTHER PEOPLES BULLSHIT LOST IN DEEP THOUGHT I BLOCK... Aileen Price has found poetry to be a world full of blessings for herself as she allows her artistic flow to be an advocate for those that are or have been abused, living without and or dealing with other life‘s woes. Poetry is an important lifestyle to Aileen because it is freeing to her. After going down life‘s path of struggling in college and not having childcare for her children, being homeless and suffering from postpartum depression which led to her having to give one of her children up, delivering a dead baby, in and out of jail and heartache she still stands strong today. She is a survivor of domestic violence and uses her energy which she maintains well to be an advocate against the abuse of women. She has worked hard to build a foundation that her and her family could grow upon. Learn more about Aileen Price at and at


Seattle Spotlight: P.O.E.T THE NEXT




Writing Tips We've assembled a collection of 11 tips to help you succeed with your written correspondence. Print this section and keep it handy for future use. Be Persuasive Develop compelling arguments for your position and conclusions to influence your readers. Emphasize advantages and benefits of your recommendations. Strive for objectivity and avoid manipulation and threats (or else statements). Be Polite Be courteous and remember to use the you attitude to express friendliness. Use please and thank you to establish a good tone and build positive human relations. Regardless of how upset or annoyed you may be with a recipient of your written communication, always be polite. Be Positive Use optimistic language and offer solutions to problems. Write positively and point out what you can do for your reader. Let your reader know that you desire a successful business relationship. Be Clear Avoid ambiguity by writing what you mean. Use words that are easily understood by both you and your reader. Be Specific Stay away from generalizations. Select precise words that represent your intent. Use facts and figures to support your position, not vague statements or opinions. Be Logical Support your conclusions and recommendations with details in your document. Leave no uncertainty how one part of your correspondence relates to another part.

Be Complete Include all relevant elements in your correspondence. Write so your document stands alone to avoid follow-up contact from your reader. If you are writing in response to request for information, make sure all questions are thoroughly answered. Avoid Repetition Keep in mind that a business reader is usually pressed for time. Make your point clearly and only once. Relate New Ideas to Old Communicate logic used for new ideas. Whenever possible, use an existing idea as a foundation for a new idea. Identify a common thread that connects your new and old idea. For example, if you wish to recommend adoption of a new process, discuss similarities to existing processes. Reply Promptly Strive to respond promptly. Acknowledge receipt of a communication, and if you cannot respond immediately, indicate when you will respond. Increase Your Vocabulary We're not advocating increasing your vocabulary by using elaborate words found in a dictionary. Use a thesaurus and increase your reading activities to increase your vocabulary.


Washington‘s Treasures Seattle In 1954 Milton Walker took his family on a car trip to Wenatchee to visit Ohme Gardens, a nine-acre park filled with trees, plants, rocks and man-made lakes arranged in landscape depicting everything from a rainforest to an alpine meadow. The little lakes made of cement and painted blue grabbed Milton Walker‘s imagination, so he tried to make one in the backyard of his home. The cement lake didn‘t work out, but it gave Walker an idea that would eventually become an obsession. Using rocks he collected around the neighborhood and on trips to the beach, he built a little airport, a couple of small mountains, landing strip, miniature control tower, and eventually lakes.

Entrance to the rock landscape built by Milton Walker.

Unfortunately, Milton and his wife have since passed, but their family continues to maintain the garden and has it open for public tours.


S.T.A.P.ORG National Poetry Awards Youthful Expressions 103.3 C.I.M.A Radio Artful Living, LLC Flava News Golden Motif Creations Freedom‘s Ink Tshombe Sekou Sapphire Entertainment KY the Poetic Queen Poetess Connie AAMBC Book Club Elphonso Photography Freedom‘s Ink Michael Guinn Freedom Verse Café Emeralds Magazine Spoken Vizions Magazine Ghana Based Radio 1LOVE One Single Rose If you would like to be listed in the Business Connections Section please email inquiry to


103.3 C.I.M.A RADIO IS CREATIVE IMPOWERMENT‘S HOME FOR INDIE ARTIST AND SPOKEN WORD. To be considered for an artist feature or have your music added to play list email 103.3 CIMA Radio at


Youthful Expressions seeks youth ages 10-18 to be young writers for their website. Send inquiries to

‘Writing from the Depths of Ones Soul’ showcases an author each month on Creative Impowermenet’s website each Month. Send email of interest to

Silent Myndz Entertainment Group has the strongest spoken word artist and soul provoking musicians National Wide. Contact Silent Myndz Entertainment Group @ to discuss booking an artist today. Please check out their website entmyndzgroup


I Shall Dream You I dream of u so I can hold u in my reality For if I were to awake I would be embraced by the cold chill of loneliness Kissed by heartache Silence would wipe my tears I dream of u so I can hear u in my orchestra One that plays just for me and u Our souls dancing in the shadows of our love Yes I shall dream u Upon awakening My reality brings me to the harsh acceptance that well The presence of you does not sing in the halls Trumpets do not play as your voice plays its melodies in my ears I caused this rude awakening into this mind numbing Soul stealing reality Engaging into the musical sounds of Leaving your orchestra untuned Feeling unappreciated Unloved After realizing the musical sounds had a familiarity of old bones breaking That its melodies just did not seek my soul Piracy of the soul was its thrill Seeking for self gain Expecting no complaint I scratch the records letting it feel that I am not in love with its sounds Not amused by its musical notes of non rhythm But it appears that my orchestra shall play no more Trumpets will not accompany your soothing voice I dream of u so I can hold u in my reality For if I were to awake I would be embraced by the cold chill of loneliness Kissed by heartache Silence would wipe my tears


Charlotte Lewis aka Poetryizme

For more information about Poetryizme please visit Creative Impowerment website



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