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Cirque Infernal’s Cirque Infernal’s theatrical circus tale Mortalès, will show at the Mandela Stage of the Joburg Theatre from 6 to 23 September 2018. The show has shocked and astounded audiences around the world.

Celeste Bliss and François Colarusso


irque Infernal was created by Danny Varanne in

Varanne maintained the daredevil show, realising almost

the mid-1990s. A gothic lover who grew up in

all of his dreams. In 2012, he received two awards at the

the entertainment world, Varanne developed his

prestigious Festival International Du Cirque De Monte-Carlo,

appreciation for visual arts from his favourite

and an official Guinness World Record. After this, it was time

movies, circus stories, and personal experiences. He put

for something new, the development of his oldest and fondest

all of these elements into a blender, and Cirque Infernal

dream: Cirque Infernal. Having spent two years searching

was created.

around the world for the artists to work with on his project,

Born and raised in a traditional family of travelling performers, Varanne started as a showman at a very young age in his parents’ burlesque theatre. Then, with his

Varanne is now ready to present Cirque Infernal to the world. Mortalès is the first production created by Cirque Infernal. The story of a circus performer, Mortalès is set in Europe

brothers, Varanne started a motorcycle daredevil show. They

in the Middle Ages. A troupe of tightrope walkers perform

toured the world and became internationally acclaimed for

in a village on a windy day. The weather is dangerous.

their skills. By the year 2000, the three brothers went their

The daredevil shouldn’t mount the high wire, but it’s the

separate ways, each one following a new path.

only work his family has known for generations. As the

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