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Learning to Deal with Problems in Relationship You are a wise person, an honor student and an efficient worker. You may have a brilliant mind, but you are a fool when it comes to love. When you are in a relationship, you simply cannot control being possessive. You want to know everything about your partner and you would always check on his whereabouts. Most men, no matter how they love you, will eventually get tired of having to explain all their actions to their girlfriends. You have to admit that most of the problems in relationship that you have faced with your ex in the past were due to your lack of trust with the guy. He had tried to explain this to you many times before, but you were too busy listening to your own emotions that you did not pay any attention to his thoughts and feelings. Now that you want him back, you must first make sure that you are really intent in doing everything to make the relationship work if he will agree to give it another try. You know you still want him back. Swallow your pride and know that you can still work things out. Sometimes, love is not enough. Learn to trust and learn to compromise too. You have to open your eyes to the usual problems in relationship that have been experienced by many couples. You should also focus on the problems that you've had before with your guy and think hard about what led to these and why. Before you do steps in order to reconcile with your ex flame, you need to be very certain that you are serious about making the relationship work this time. To get this done, you both need to lay everything out and speak about the emotional baggage that you have dealt with in the past. Consider this as a fresh start that both of you need to work harder on to make sure that it is going to be smooth sailing this time. If you still love each other, it will be easy to get back, but aside from love, you both need to promise that you will change for the best. Together, you have to analyze the problems in relationship that you have dealt with before. Through this, you can make up your mind on what to do if ever you will be in the same situation in the future.

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Learning to deal with problems in a relationship