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Creative Culture Celebrating The Good Life in Nelson

Aspen Switzer

Genevieve Rainey

Elaine Ryan


Stu nning 3 pa rt ha rmonies fro m a cro ss BC.

E ach perfor mer brings to the st age her own unique st yle and ra nge from rowdy folk to soulful lullabies . Volume 1 - Issue 3 - - May 2011 - Priceless

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Publisher’s Perspective

ife is an experiment. Yes, we have to laugh at how the drama, confusion and chaos want to suck us like a vacuum into the black holes of our worst nightmares. Yikes!

Now every once in a while, our hypotheses are successful in guiding us to our expected conclusions, the acknowledgement of which allows us to derive some semblance of control, if only to keep us believing that we are powerful, when it comes to playing The Game of Life. Yet, I like to see any and all gains as dust in the wind. Two steps forward, one step back.

Opportunities become problems when we resist what is happening. We do this because our expectations, hopes or fantasies are apparently not being met, yet this is not the case.

What is happening right this second is the only thing that is real, and really the only thing worthy of our attention. Now to be fair, it is only our learned inability to deal with what is real that causes us to spend every minute of our day obsessed with past histories and future mysteries (instead of what is staring us right in the face). Constant, unending, omnipresent ebb and flow permeates everything we think, do, say, wish for, and fear. Every delay, loss and roadblock is preceded and followed by forward motion and success in love, life and business.

As nouns in our nocturnal dreams are representations of nouns in our day-to-day lives, I do well to see every person, place or thing in the same way. Doing this would surely shed some light on what is wrong or lacking, so I remember the theory of ‘projection bias’ which states that we project our “undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings onto someone else” which (of course) can only end badly, like everything that is out of harmony (but really in it). My point? The production of this issue has seen me contemplate the dual nature of all things, more than usual. Switching gears, I used to have a T-shirt emblazened with the inspirational message Why On Earth If Not To Grow?

As whitecaps had been rippling the surface of print media in Nelson, we chose to tread lightly and print a mere 1,000 copies our first month on the block. The second issue then saw 2,000 copies showering Nelson like spring rain. Now back by popular demand and overwhelming support, 3,000 copies of this intentionally compact May issue are running rampant in our city... We must be doing something right, because everyone involved is loving it. And without further adue, Happy Birthday to all fellow Taureans, Happy Mother’s Day to all mums, and a warm welcome to the sun. If for some reason (god forbid) you happen to not be a Taurus, a mum, or the sun (!) we of course wish you well in all your endeavours, and thank you for perusing this May issue of Creative Culture Magazine :) Creative Culture Magazine is published 12 times per year in Nelson, British Columbia. The first Thursday of every month, 3,000 copies are distributed throughout the downtown core by The Nelson Cares Society and 3C Staff. We also deliver to Ainsworth Hotsprings, Ymir and Salmo. For information: Issue #3 Published May 5th, 2011. © 2011 by O Publishing : A Division of Creative Culture Canada. No part of this publication may be copied or duplicated without the written permission of the publisher. Editor: Austin Partridge Proofreader: Nyree Marsh Design: Lisette Cook Contributors: Wade Sather, Diana vanEyk, Scott Newland, Simone Bova, Michelle Beneteau, Norm Richard and Carlo Alcos.

Cover: For more information see Friday, May 27 in the Event Calendar, page 15. Publisher’s Perspective...............................................3 West Creek Village : Smart Living...............................4 Happy Mother’s Day..................................................5 Fun In The Sun...........................................................6 The Truth Shall Set You Free.....................................7 Ellison’s Acoustic Unplugged Sessions......................8 Security : Load & Lock..............................................9 Flour Power!.............................................................10 Digestive Cookies.....................................................11 High Fives & Hair Balls............................................12 May Event Calendar.................................................13 May Event Calendar.................................................14 May Event Calendar.................................................15 Creative Culture Magazine reserves editorial rights.


West Creek Village : Smart Living When Nelson City officials, and Pat and Al of West Creek Developments learned that a new approach to housing in Nelson was needed, they not only listened, but also answered the call with a high-quality, new development that offers homes that those with limited incomes can afford. An eight-home, accessible condominium community, West Creek Village delivers two-bedroom designs on their ground level condominiums and flexible threebedroom designs on their upper level condos.

Adjacent to Cottonwood Creek and within walking distance to Baker St., affordable housing in Nelson has arrived. Just think: monthly payments comparable to local rent.

“We have stepped it up with fantastic high-end finishing, 20-inch porcelain tiles and open designs. These condos also feature cork flooring, custom staircases, stainless steel kitchens, soft-close maple cabinetry, electric fireplaces and high-end lighting.”

The upper units feature vaulted ceilings, custom builtin entertainment centers and huge walk-in closets. Throw in a private office/den/nursery space adjacent to the enormous master bedroom, and at 1500 square feet, these units are larger than most homes in Nelson.” As an existing homeowner, you can recycle the rake and sell the snow shovel. As a renter, West Creek Village is your opportunity to own a new home that offers exceptional value.

Nearing completion, the developers of West Creek Village have created excitement and a sense of urgency, by offering $15,000.00 cash back incentives to the first 3 home buyers. You can use the cash as a partial downpayment, to pay off your other obligations, or even lower your mortgage. “I wanted to help people by providing quality new construction with home ownership comparable to local rents,” says Pat Davis. “We designed West Creek Village to provide quality living for many different lifestyles. This is a beautiful place and a much needed addition to our community.”

Located on Perrier Rd, West Creek Village is the perfect balance of high-end living at an affordable price. Show suites open to the public on Saturday, May 14th at 11am. For more information, or to register for a tour and take advantage of this opportunity, visit or call 250.505.4820. ~CC


Happy Mother’s Day H

appy Mother's Day, everyone! If we're not mothers ourselves, we have, or have had mothers, or else we wouldn't be here. So let's also celebrate that mother of us all, our beautiful planet earth. Now Mother's Day wasn't always strictly about motherhood. 

It was started in 1870 in the USA by a woman named Julia Ward Howe, who wanted women to come together across national lines; to recognize what we hold in common above what divides us, and commit to finding peaceful resolutions to conflicts. I much prefer this celebration of the power of women than the more passive tone that the day has been given in more recent years. And there’s nothing passive about being a mother, as all moms know. Let’s not be persuaded to just smile sweetly, as many aspects of our society urge us to do. Being a woman is very powerful and we women need to reclaim that power.

I’ve recently experienced some situations where it was surprisingly simple to use my power as a woman to get highly desirable results.

The best part was that all I had to do was be myself. Here are some of

the things I found helpful that come naturally to most women: Usually in conflicted situations, there are legitimate needs not being met. So when confronted with them, I had respectful, empathetic conversations with everyone involved, so I could get the whole picture.

I then acknowledged everyone’s unmet needs and, based on what I’d learned, stated what seemed to be the best outcomes for all, then helped the groups come to consensus. There was absolutely nothing that took me out of my comfort zone.


I resisted taking sides and being dogmatic, and did what seemed reasonable. I’m learning that power can be gentle, but has to be thoughtful, respectful and often creative.

It can take a bit of courage to speak up, but the results have been worth it and, I believe, appreciated by all involved.

I hope that as women we can reclaim our power by doing what comes naturally to help make the world a better place. ~ Written by Diana van Eyk.






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Fun In The Sun The Kootenay Co-op’s Guide to Natural Sun Protection


Where do suncare products fit into the picture? A suncare product that provides both UVA and UVB protection (broad spectrum) is essential.


hen venturing out into the summer sun it is important to protect your skin from sunburn. Wearing breathable natural fibres or UV protective clothing during the sun’s most intense time (approx 10am-3pm) is a very effective form of natural sun protection.

Although we must take care to avoid skin damage, natural sunlight is a very important component in human metabolism and health. Exposing bare skin to early morning and later afternoon/early evening sun is a great way to soak up essential Vitamin D while lessening the chance of skin damage due to sun burn.

Also consider consuming an antioxidant rich diet of berries and vegetables as antioxidants protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV radiation. Likewise, an antioxidant supplement can provide added protection.

While UVB rays produce the visible sun burn, UVA rays can create more long lasting invisible damage. UVA rays penetrate the skin’s epidermis layer causing damage which has been linked to the development of skin abnormalities later on in life, as well as accelerated signs of aging such as wrinkles. A common mistake is to assume that if your skin doesn’t burn, it means that your skin is fully protected by your chosen suncare product. It is however, essential to ensure that UVA radiation has been effectively blocked.

Chemical vs. Mineral

Chemical and synthetic sunscreen ingredients such as dixoybenzone, oxybenzone and cetyl cinnamates are used in most commercial, as well as some ‘natural’ sun care products. Although they will protect you from a nasty sunburn, these chemicals have been found to perform poorly for UVA protection. These chemicals work by absorbing into the skin and have been shown

Monday - Saturday 8-8, Sunday 10-6 295 Baker St, Nelson • 250-354-4077 Get all the news and none of the paper! Subscribe to eNews on our website.


to lead to oxidative/free radical skin damage, which can contribute to skin abnormalities, premature aging, and wrinkles. Also, scientific studies released by Switzerland’s Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, conducted in 2001, prove a link between synthetic sunscreens and hormonal disturbances in the body.

The chemical compounds in synthetic sunscreens have been found to accumulate in body fats and in breast milk, and, by mimicking the effects of estrogen, can induce undesirable hormonal changes. (Schlumpf , Margaret; Beata Cotton, Marianne Conscience, Vreni Haller, Beate Steinmann, Walter Lichtensteiger. In vitro and in vivo estrogenicity of UV screens. Environmental Health Perspectives Vol. 109 (March 2001) pp 239-244).

The safest and most effective natural products use inert minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide concentrated at 10% or more.

These minerals act as a sun ‘block’ and physically shield the skin from the sun’s rays, and remain stable and effective in the hot sun, and they are not absorbed into the skin. ~ By Michelle Beneteau.

Our Badger brand sunscreens received the highest ratings for safety and effectiveness by the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Safety Database.

The Truth Shall Set You Free I

t’s 6:34 PM. The sun is moving towards New Jersey; soon it will be sinking behind the skyscrapers, casting an orange glow over everything. There’s a 4-piece jazz band playing, comprised of a Spanish pianist, an American stand-up bass player, a local drummer, and a French harmonicist. A steady breeze is blowing from the west, rustling the long, uncut grass that is providing a soft cushion for the free concert-goers.

Some are couples resting in each others’ laps; others lie down, heads propped on their backpacks; a cyclist in spandex shorts catches a nap on one of the long benches, his shiny red shoes hanging off his handlebars. Airplanes and helicopters fly overhead, adding to the city din of the nearby boats and car traffic in the distance. The Statue of Liberty is in clear sight. It feels quintessentially New York. If there was a postcard that could capture sound and ambiance, this is the one you’d want to send to your grandmother.

Yvonne and I are sitting on one of those long benches. The band finishes its set, but are then pressured back on by the crowd’s encouragement for an encore. The drummer switches his kit for the microphone and starts a song. It’s called Solitude, by Ella Fitzgerald. “In my solitude you haunt me, With reveries of days gone by, In my solitude you taunt me, With memories that never die...” I feel tears welling up, hidden behind sunglasses. I look to the sky to keep them from falling out of my eyes. They couldn’t have picked a worse song. Or maybe it was perfect. Too perfect.

Earlier that day we were sitting on a different bench, in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Yvonne had already expressed her wish a few days prior: she wanted us to go our separate ways. After the initial shock, I came

to understand the reasons and I realized that she was right.

“You know, I never wanted to get married,” she tells me. It’s not the first time she’s said that in our three years of marriage, but it’s the first time I see she really means it. We flashback together to different points of our relationship before the wedding. There was that Christmas we spent together holed up in a rustic log cabin in the woods. It was supposed to be romantic: a roaring fire, hot chocolate, big blankets, and isolation. It was the worst four days of our relationship. We fought over nothing. And everything. It was break-up bad, but we pushed forward. We eventually moved in together. We were in love. “We should have ended it right there,” she says. “Probably,” I reply.

Almost two years after the cabin incident, things got rough again. Only this time I did what any other rational person would have done with a relationship in jeopardy: I asked her to marry me. “Yes,” she said, sitting on a bed strewn with red rose petals. ~ Carlo Alcos blogs at


Ellison’s Acoustic Unplugged Sessions


llison’s Market & Cafe Acoustic Unplugged hamlet tucked away in the hills of northern BC has Sessions, 523 Front St. 12:00-3:00 P.M. shown them what a bit of quiet can do. This popular event continues to grow and attract They have 2 studio recordings in their holsters touring musicians, with three special performances and currently the duo are finishing their newest, each and every Saturday in May. One special full-length offering, Our Ghosts Will Fill These Saturday happens to be May 27th. Walls, which is scheduled to be released this year. There are certain performers who shine with a “...warm, shuffling, attractively bruised sound(s), particular and natural beauty when they sing. They located somewhere in the soulful middle ground adopt an intense persona, but the music seems to between Leadbelly and Tom Waits.” - Andrea radiate directly from their souls with seemingly Mcquade, See Magazine. effortless prowess. Scott Cook is an Alberta-based, tirelessly traveling One such performer is Amanda LeBlanc, an actor/ songwriter with heart forever on sleeve. He brings singer/songwriter originally from Nova Scotia who humor, a disarming honesty, years of roads, is primarily based in Toronto. and a deep love of humanity to his songwriting Amanda’s highly anticipated debut album, “Yours, andstorytelling. truly”, recorded and co-produced with Don Kerr at The Rooster, was released to a sold out crowd He is equally at home alone on stage, accompanying at The Bread and Circus in Toronto, December himself with guitar, banjo, ukulele, harmonica, and 5th, 2010. Her influences are Stan Rogers, Joni foot percussion. Cook’s songs are true stories set to music, drawing on influences from folk and oldtime Mitchell, Sarah Harmer. With well over 100 shows per year since 2008, Jesse country to blues and reggae. He has made his living playing music full-time since 2007, touring extensively across Canada, the US, and Taiwan while living out of his van. Scott’s played 156 shows in 2010, including 13 summer The trials of the road have matured their music festivals and he’s now sold over 2000 albums along with their souls, and the small mountain independently. ~ Submitted by Norm Richard. Dee & Jacquie B are decidedly one of Canada’s heaviest touring acts. The former Edmontonians are currently based out of the idyllic gold-mining town of Wells, BC.


Security : Load & Lock T

separate log-in and that they log out when not actively working.

he coming of the internet and the connection it brings to those around the world can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be a breeding ground for unwanted forms of contact.

Although laws exist in most parts of the world to govern this, policing the internet is extremely difficult, if not impossible to do effectively. This where we take the law into our own hands!

Malware, in the form of viruses and worms, can potentially disrupt daily activities and processes on a great scale. The failure by users to run upto-date and adequate security on their computer is capable of not only affecting the individual, but their business, contacts, and other computer users around the world. It could therefore be considered our duty to maintain our systems, not simply for our own sake, but that of the whole.

• Use of a reputable anti-virus software (typically a pay-for one) regularly checked by the user is a must. New threats often require a scan of your system, as they get by

• The use of peer to peer programs to share files between the world’s computers is a welcome mat for viruses, but we see it all the time. Bad pirate….bad!

“This is where we take the law into our own hands.” your “shield” which may not yet be updated by the AV company to block it.

• When software on your computer urges you to allow an update, take the request seriously and click on ‘Yes’. Security updates are often the reason for the request. • Clicking on links within suspect emails, or opening their attachments, is never recommended. • Use anti-spam features of your e-mail program.

• If more than one user is allowed to operate the PC or laptop in question, ensure that each individual has a

Security is also about guarding your data from prying “eyes“. The illegal extraction of credit card information has, over time, affected millions of account holders worldwide. It goes without saying that private online business transactions, such as internet banking or other financial activity is a no-no when you are using a public computer.

A highly rated anti-virus program, and a router (which acts a “hardware firewall”), along with an antispyware product are necessary for maximum protection. Ask your computer professional, or do extensive research online to see which products are performing the best. ~ Scott Newland is the owner of Phoenix Computers on Baker St. in Nelson, open Monday to Friday from 9 to 5:30 and on Saturday from 10 to 5.

FAST FACT: A virus might corrupt or delete data on your computer, use your email program to spread itself to other computers, or even erase everything on your hard disk.


Flour Power! normal digestion. This is removed and sold separately.

Most of the nutrients and oils are in the germ, as this is the living part of the grain that can reproduce itself when the seed is planted. When the germ and oils are left in the flour, the flour does not last as long, and perishable flour that does not last is a bad commercial product, so removing the germ is the next stage of the process.

At this point as much as 85% of the nutritional value of wheat has been removed. The remaining starchy endosperm layer that is processed in a high speed mill running very hot, destroying more nutrients, is called unbleached white flour. Of course, unless the packaging says the flour is unbleached, it has been bleached.


read has been referred to as the ‘staff of life’ and has been a food staple since the beginning of time, but modern bread is another example of processed fast food. It is convenient, but a degraded version of the wholesome bread eaten in the past. Wheat - in its natural unrefined state - features a host of important nutrients, and contains over twenty-six vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Commercial whole-wheat flour is steel ground white flour with part of the bran added back in, and it never contains wheat germ.

These vitamins and minerals are held in the wheat until the outer shell is broken, and the natural nutrition associated with whole grains exists only when these three layers are eaten together.

Since we can now agree that any flour bought sitting on a shelf in a grocery store will be produced in a similar matter to the above, we have two choices. We can buy stone-ground whole-wheat flour from a local health food store, ground at the time of purchase, then refrigerate it and use it as soon as possible.

The typical modern milling operation usually begins with a hot water bath to soften outer shell, or bran. Bran as you know is a rich source of food fiber necessary for

Wade Sather is the owner of the Kootenay Self Reliance Store at 410 Hall Street in Nelson. He can be reached at 250-352-0001. Web:

A wheat grain kernel is composed of three layers: the bran, the germ, and the endosperm layer. Commercial White Flour is made almost entirely on steel roller mills, since traditional stone grinding is not fast enough for mass-production.

Colette Venier RMT,RCST®

250-551-0416 #5-205 Victoria St. Nelson, B.C. 16 years experience


The resulting flour, completely devoid of any natural vitamins of the original grain, is then usually enriched with synthetic vitamins and mineral supplements to replenish some nutritional value.

Yet the preferred solution is to buy wheat in a bag (locally grown is even better) and grind at home when required. It is not as difficult as you think and the health benefits cannot be overlooked.

What is Visceral Manipulation? VM is the gentle mobilization of the soft tissue surrounding the organs of the chest and abdominal in order to release adhesions.

What is Visceral Manipulation good for? • Post-surgical scars • TMJ dysfunction • Seatbelt injuries • Bladder infections

• Dizziness, Falls • Neck and back spasms • Chronic stress and fatigue • Post birth imbalances

Digestive Cookies I

t’s Victoria Day again. Annual holidays are often a time of reflection. I thought it would be interesting to look back on the days when the namesake of this holiday, Queen Victoria, ruled the land. The Victorian Era was a time of incredible growth. Leaps and bounds were made in the fields of science and technology that affected every aspect of life, including how we ate.

For best results, support our local grain economy and find a source of good honest wheat. Your homemade digestives biscuits will taste so much better for it. This recipe was originally published in 1902. Modern versions have evolved to include milk powder, vanilla, oats, and increased amounts of sugar, salt and chemical leaveners.

New understanding of nutritional science recognized that diet and physical health were directly related, and that people needed to make better food choices, including eating more fibre. Because food manufacturers would not benefit from their customers returning to natural sources, they began developing fibre rich products. Breakfast cereal was invented to encourage people to get a sunny start to their day, and whole wheat sprouted up in all sorts of food. The digestive biscuit was one of the new products developed. This plain and simple biscuit was easier to digest than bread, had lots of fibre and was meant to be eaten with cheese and butter.

It also became a symbol of national pride and, to this day, remains an important part of British culture.

enough water to make a slightly sticky dough, it’ll firm up as the water is absorbed. Gently give the dough a quick knead, just to bring it together.

Lightly dust your counter top with flour, and roll dough out to the thickness of a penny. Using a three inch round cookie cutter, or the top of a glass, cut out circles of dough. Place on an ungreased cookie sheet, close together. Prick holes over the surface of the cookies with a fork and bake for 15 to 20 minutes, until golden brown. Remove from oven and transfer to wire rack to cool.

Digestive Cookies          

Yield: about 4 dozen- 3” cookies 1 1/4 lb. whole wheat flour 1 ounce sugar a pinch of baking soda 1/4 lb. salted butter 1 egg, lightly beaten ½ to 3/4 cup cold water Preheat oven to 350F, centering rack in the middle. Sift dry ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly. Crumble butter in until the mixture looks sandy. Stir in the egg and

At Paxx Computer Repair Centre, we pride ourselves on Computer Service, Support and Training, while providing solutions that focus on your real needs. We will also give you an honest diagnosis, making sure you understand your options before proceeding. The Only FUJITSU Warranty Depot in the Kootenays!

This recipe is quite flexible and open to personal interpretation. Baking them a bit darker gives the cookies a toasted flavour. Rolling them out on the thin side makes them crispy.

Try adding some other flour or grain for some of the whole wheat, like buckwheat or quinoa, just to change it up. You could use honey instead of sugar, just be sure to use a little less water. And then there’s the sweet version: dip them in chocolate! Whatever you decide, plate out some cookies, pour yourself a cuppa, and raise a toast to the day. ~ Submitted by Simone Bova, a Pastry Chef living in Nelson.  

614 Front Street, Nelson BC (In the West Arm Plaza) Phone: (250) 505-5220 Email: Hours: Monday - 8:30am - 5pm Tues. to Friday - 8:30am - 6pm Saturday - 10am - 4pm


High Fives & Hair Balls HIGH FIVES to dried bananas. __________________________ HIGH FIVES to my awesome co-workers. ~ Like to work. __________________________ HIGH FIVES to the Carnival. __________________________ HAIR BALLS to the people who don’t read the stickers that say you get 15 minutes for every quarter. ~ Anonymous __________________________ HAIR BALLS to blizzards on my way home. ~ Freezer jam. __________________________ HIGH FIVES to anyone who is incredibly busy, who stops to check in with someone to see how they are doing. ~ Keep Nelson awesome. __________________________ HAIR BALLS to people with coughs,colds and or some kind of infection that cough in your face,witjout covering their mouths. Don’t you know you will pass it on?  Have some decency and stay home!                ~ Don’t want your germs __________________________ HIGH FIVES to people who look you in the eye. ~ Fashionista __________________________ HAIR BALLS to Steven Harper. Get the hell out. ~ Hater of Darth Harper. __________________________ HAIR BALLS to all those jerks

who waste their time coming up with hairballs. ~ Hairball __________________________ HIGH FIVES to scantily-clad people. They make me feel warm. ~ Underclad Chad. __________________________ HIGH FIVES to springtime. ~ The birds and the bees. __________________________ HAIR BALLS to John. ~ You know who. __________________________ HIGH FIVES to people who suppurt buskers, the most honest form of entertainment. You see the product first and pay what you think it’s worth afterwards. ~ Bradley __________________________ HIGH FIVES to cotton candy. ~ Anna Lynn __________________________ HIGH FIVES to single moms that try their best. __________________________ HIGH FIVES to all the workers getting the work done. ~ A worker. __________________________ HAIR BALLS to X-es who don’t give a crap about their kids. ~ The better half. __________________________ HAIR BALLS to ‘No dogs on Baker St.’ ~ Dogs should be allowed everywhere. __________________________

HIGH FIVES to Ryan Martin. ~ Sassy Biatch. __________________________ HAIR BALLS to big cherry flavour. ~ Phillip __________________________ HIGH FIVES to people who actually obey the walk signal at a light. __________________________ HAIR BALLS to people who poo poo their computers. ~ Pacman __________________________ HIGH FIVES to the best friend ever. ~ Long pants _________________________ HAIR BALLS to owners who don’t clean up after their dogs who crap on my lawn. ~ Poop on my party __________________________ HIGH FIVES to my two cats. ~ Sit on my book and tell me you love me. __________________________ HAIR BALLS to people who aren’t informed about their own government... and parking meters. ~ A penny for your thoughts, a quarter for parking. __________________________ HAIR BALLS to people who make their bad day other people’s bad business. ~ Trying not to be grumpy myself.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT. YOUR DONATION AND PURCHASE OF CLOTHING & HOUSEHOLD ITEMS ALLOW US TO PROVIDE: • A nutritional breakfast • Occassional hot lunch on cold days • Coffee & Conversation • A warm place for those living outside • Shower facilities • Laundry facilities • Job Search • Counselling & Referral services • Food Bank


• Free Clothing (seasonally appropriate) • Christmas & Winter relief (toy and food hampers) • Employment & Volunteer opportunities (Thrift Store and Drop-In) • Student Practicum Site (ie: Nursing program, Social Work program, High school leadership classes) • A sense of dignity and hope

601 Vernon St. (250)352-9819

May Event Calendar Friday, May 6 “Bliss in the Blossoms” May through August. Opening Reception - Friday, May 6 from 6:00 to 9:00. Our gardens and patios have become a place of refuge, a place to dream dreams and a place to think of future possibilities. Garden Art adds an air of mystique and provides the “bones” for that empty space until your garden is at its best. You’ll find something to bring quiet into your life, send you into dreamland or spark your imagination. Don’t miss this opportunity to see new work from: Corre Alice, Nathan Smith, James Karthein, Ryan McMillan, Courtney Andersen, Andrew Raney, James Harris, Mirja Vahala, Ric Gerzey, Barb Kingsland, Patrick McIvor, Lance Hall, Maureen McEwen, Keith Rice-Jones, Keith Berens, Katja Oljuscha Grunther, Glenys Takala, Anne Gillender, Sarah Lawless, Gavin Holland and Celeste Rode. Beyond The Want Ads FREE workshop @ Kootenay Career Development Society Training Centre, 86 Baker Street, Nelson Contact: (250) 352-6200 or 1-877-952-6200. Please call for further information and to register for this workshop. Support the Canadian Boat to Gaza - Spirit Bar (250) 352-3609. Rock the boat! The Canadian Boat to Gaza will join with countries from around the world this spring, launching Freedom Flotilla - Stay Human, challenging the Israeli blockade of Gaza. NEON (Nelson End the Occupation Now) is committed to raising funds for the Canadian Boat to Gaza by sponsoring an evening of great sounds. On Friday May 6th, Adham Shaikh is leading an all star cast of Nelson’s talent, including Lucas Myers, Lazy Poker Blues

Band, Bessie Wapp, and Joel West at the Spirit Bar. Doors open at 8:00. Suggested Donation $10. Proceeds go directly to Canadian Boat to Gaza. _____________________________ Saturday, May 7 Ellison’s Market & Cafe Acoustic Unplugged Sessions, 523 Front St. 12:00-3:00 P.M. pages/Ellisons-Cafe-Acoustic-UnpluggedSessions Giant Garage Sale at the Nelson Waldorf School. 3648 Silver King Ski Hill Rd (off of Hyw 6 towards Ymir) 8:00am - 1:00 pm Housewares, Clothes, Toys, Furniture, Office Equipment and much more. Come find your treasures. 250.352.6919 Learn to Cook Russian Borscht Taghum Hall 5915 Taghum Hall Road, Nelson, B.C. by the old Taghum Bridge 250-505-9637 or email taghumhall@shaw. ca Anyone interested in learning how to make Borscht? Cooking Class with Nellie Popoff. Learn, Cook & Eat $20. 9:30 am ending with delicious Borscht Lunch. Limited enrollment. Reserve your spot! Mtn Montessori Preschool Open House Room 306, 310 Nelson Ave. (Hume School) Offers a 4 hour morning program, Monday to Thursday, from 8:30 to 12:30, for children 2-1/2 to 5 years of age. Complete Montessori environment, fully licenced, qualified Montessori/ECE teachers. Sheer Delight, Multi-day Event. Oxygen Art Centre #3-320 Vernon St. Alley Entrance. 250-352-2821 MIX, BLEND, HIGHLIGHT & SHADE using only layers of sheer fabrics to create abstract compositions and landscapes reminiscent of delicate watercolours. Watch the application of semi-translucent materials subtly

soften edges, transform hues and alter perspectives. $120 +HST. Kate Bridger 2 classes: May 7-8, Sat. & Sun. 10 am-4 pm 10th Annual Nelson Garden Festival, 200 block Baker Street 10am-3pm, 250 354 1909 Celebrate Mother’s Day weekend at 10th Annual Nelson Garden Festival. A showcase for regional garden vendors. Annuals, perennials, early vegetable & flower starts, herbs, trees, shrubs, furniture & all kinds of gardening accessories will line the 200 block of Baker Street. Music & fun for the whole family. Live 18 piece Big Band Dance @ Junction Church - 15minutes from Nelson and Castelgar. Dance to the live big band sound of Playmor Junction ! A delight for all music and dance lovers! Doors: 7:30pm, Live Music 8-10:30pm. $15 at the door / $12.50 advance /2 for $24 advance. All welcome -no alcohol event. Chocolate Fountain Dessert Table and Soft Drinks available. Tickets from Peter at the Royal every Friday from 6-8pm during Swing Dancing. or email: or from Mountain Baby on Baker St. Nelson. Fun for all! Presented by ________________________________ Tuesday, May 10 Artist Abundance - Grant Writing Hjeron O’Sidhe of MythMaker Productions ( will be teaching a class on Grant writing in Canada. After writing over 30 Grants to various grant sources. Hjeron was asked to be on the board at the Canada Council of the arts. Hjeron was part of a team giving away close to 1 million dollars to succesful grant writers. Having read hundreds of grants and seeing what it takes to get the

Quality, Individualized Rehabilitation in a Relaxed Environment We Provide Services for: • Custom Knee Bracing

• Postural Dysfunction

• Incontinence Management (Pelvic Floor Retraining)

• Orthotics

• Acupuncture • Back & Neck Pain

• Recurrent Injury Management

• Craniosacral Therapy


• Vestibular Rehabilitation

• Post Surgical Treatment

• Sports Injuries & Training Programs

801B Front St.

(parking lot entrance)

• TMJ Dysfunction


250-352-7030 • •


May Event Calendar funding, Hjeron has decided to share these behind the scene secrets, of what its actually like, and what the council is looking for. Hjeron will be going over what it takes to get a grant in Canada He will also offer to personally look over and help you with your grant. This workshop will be one evening and a grant review. $45 Intro to your DSLR, 535 Baker St 6-7:30pm. Contact: 250-352-7799 Overview on camera basics - white balance, iso, auto and manual settings, shooting in raw modes and different exposure modes. _____________________________ Wednesday, May 11 Resumes That Work FREE workshop @ Kootenay Career Development Society Training Centre, 86 Baker Street, Nelson Contact: (250) 352-6200 1-877-952-6200. Please contact us for further information and to register for this workshop. Photo Basics Part 2 of 3, 535 Baker St 6-7:30pm. Contact: 250-352-7799 How to get proper exposure using different tools (histogram, light meter, sunny f-16 rule) $60 + hst for 3 part series _____________________________ Thursday, May 12 Yes! You Need a Cover Letter Event Date: May 12 Location: Kootenay Career Development Society Training Centre, 86 Baker Street, Nelson Contact: (250) 352-6200 or 1-877-952-6200. This is a free workshop. Please contact us for further information or to register. _____________________________ Friday, May 13

It’s Spring Time! No need for your feet or knees to hurt.

Come in for a Pedorthic Assessment and get busy walking and running. Kootenay Pedorthic Clinic 415 Hall Street (250) 352-6261


Canadian Boat to Gaza - Fundraiser Nelson United Church (250) 352-3609 Help float the boat! The Canadian Boat to Gaza will join with countries from around the world this spring, launching Freedom Flotilla - Stay Human, which will challenge the Israeli blockade of Gaza. BC resident, Kevin Neish, was aboard the Mavi Marmara last May when it was intercepted, resulting in the death of nine passengers. Kevin will be in Nelson to discuss his experience and why this humanitarian and political mission is important to Canadians. 602 Silica St. Doors open at 7:00. Admission is $15 ($10 Seniors/Students). Sponsored by NEON. ______________________________

Saturday, May 14 Ellison’s Market & Cafe Acoustic Unplugged Sessions, 523 Front St. 12:00-3:00 P.M. pages/Ellisons-Cafe-Acoustic-UnpluggedSessions _____________________________ Sunday, May 15 Spring Family Fair @ Touchstones Nelson: Museum of Art and History, 502 Vernon St. Nelson. Touchstone Nelson’s first ever spring family fair will be held on Sunday, May 15 in conjuction with Nelson’s Chinatown week. There will be crafts, refreshments and entertainment for the whole family. By donation. Vespers Service 7pm @ St. Saviour\’s Anglican Church. Join us for our monthly Vespers Service with Gregorian chant and Tibetan singing bowls. This will be the last Vespers of the season. _____________________________ Tuesday, May 17 Free Seminar at Community Futures 250-352-1933 ext 100 May 17 - Payroll Information Session For more information go to www.futures. - select business development services/workshop schedule. Careers In Tourism Free workshop @ Kootenay Career Development Society Training Centre, 86 Baker Street, Nelson (250) 352-6200 or 1-877952-6200. Please contact us for further information or to register for this free workshop. _____________________________ Wednesday, May 18 Free Seminar at Community Futures 250-352-1933 ext 100 Small Business Taxes & HST for Sole Proprietors/Partners Work By Design Career Planning workshop. Multi-day Event - May 20 Kootenay Career Development Society Training Centre, 86 Baker Street, Nelson. (250) 352-6200 or 1-877952-6200. Please contact us for further information or to register for this free workshop. Photo Basics Part 3 of 3, 6-7:30pm 535 Baker St. 250-352-7799. How to manipulate your photos using exposure (depth of field, focusing, focal length, etc) $60 + hst for 3 part series _____________________________

May Event Calendar Friday, May 20 Skampida with Brave New Waves @ The Royal on Baker The Royal are pleased to announce a great double header in conjunction with the 12th annual Victoria Skafest. SKAMPIDA are one of Colombia’s hottest live acts, and while they are up here performing at Victoria Skafest, we’ll get a special visit here in Nelson! Opening the show will the BC’s own Brave New Waves who have been building a strong name for themselves as a premier reggae/ska/party band. This will be a smoking double... header. Don’t miss it! Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door, and are available at Royal Espresso, Eddy Music & _____________________________ Saturday, May 21 Ellison’s Market & Cafe Acoustic Unplugged Sessions, 523 Front St. 12:00-3:00 P.M. The popular event continues to grow and attract touring musicians with three seperate special performances: Amanda Leblanc, Jesse Dee & Jacquie B, and Scott Cook. The Twisters @ The Royal on Baker, Tickets are $15 and available April 8 at, Royal Espresso and Eddy Music. Showtime 9pm. _____________________________ Tuesday, May 24 In Praise of Pews Art Auction, Multi-day Event - May 28 @ The old Presbyterian Church, Kootenay and Victoria Sts. 7 castoff peews are being transformed by local artists while 5 well used chairs are being reinvented by talented teens at the Nelson Youth Centre. The public is invited to come an see the artwork, vote on the People’s Choice Award for the best pew; dream of a unique, creative piece of furniture adorning their home or patio; plan to attend Grans to Grans Gala evening and auction with the opportunity to bid on a favourite item. All proceeds will go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation Grandmothers Campaign which supports community level initiatives in Africa that provide care and support for women, orphans and people living with HIV/AIDS. Viewing and voting daily May 24-28, 12-6. Gala Sat. May 28, 6pm Auction starts 8pm Digital Music Production Course. Multi-day Event - June 30, Music Wing, Selkirk College 10th Street Campus, 12 Classes, Tuesday & Thursday evenings, May 24 to June 30, 6 - 9 pm. Develop and strengthen core recording, editing & mixing skills on Pro Tools LE 8.0.3 with instructor John Tucker. Learn correct & efficient approaches to digital music production. Increase confidence levels & self-sufficiency. Get a solid handle on MIDIcontrollable Virtual Instruments. The course will accommodate Beginner & Intermediate users. It is ideal for those who have recently purchased, or are considering the purchase of digital recording software. One-on-one production guidance will be available throughout the course. Cost is $400 + HST. Register with Continuing Education at 352-6601. For more info, email: jtucker@ _____________________________ Wednesday, May 25 Leo Kottke @ The Capitol Theatre. The Royal presents a very special performance by guitar legend Leo

Kottke at the Capitol Theatre. Tickets are $25 and are on sale now through, the Capitol Theatre Box Office or by calling (250) 352-6363. _____________________________ Friday, May 27 Randy and Lahey @ The Royal on Baker, Trailer Park Boys duo, Randy and Mr. Lahey bring their stand-up to the Royal! We’re all excited for this’s going to be an awesome night of comedy with two Canadian trailer park icons! You’re gonna laugh your ass off...don’t miss it! Tickets available online at, Royal Espresso and Eddy Music for $15 or $20 at the door. Show starts at 9:30pm. Saturday, May 28 Ellison’s Market & Cafe Acoustic Unplugged Sessions, 523 Front St. 12:00-3:00 P.M. For the Birds is a musical collective comprised of three seasoned female singer-songwriters. Presenting their songs in an ‘in the round’ format, these talented musicians blend their voices to create soulful harmonies and back each other up on guitar and percussion. The young women met through an online competition to play on Sarah McLachlan’s Lilith tour. All of them ranked in the top six of the Vancouver contest and each performer brings to the stage her own unique style and range. This year’s tour presents Aspen Switzer, Elaine Ryan and Genevieve Rainey. Kim McMechan (, a founding collective member, will be joining them for several shows. All three are ecstatic to be joining forces for their upcoming May/June tour! We hope you’ll join us! o Shop for Mo ther lace t s D a y! un P F A

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Mon-Sat 11-6

308 Victoria St Nelson, V1L4K3 250 352 0871


7536 Popou Road ~ $399,900

504 Seventh Street ~ $324,900

26, 2905 L. Six Mile ~ $42,000

1024 Carbonate St. ~ $579,000

Cleverly Tucked Away Large newer 3 bdrm home on private 4.96 acres in Lemon Creek. Open floor plan. Large rooms. Ground floor workshop. Included is a 12x 68 two bdrm Manufactured home. Priced below assessed value. Call Burke.

Country Kitchen Another great Fairview Home. Immaculate 4 bdrm, 2 bath. Wood stove & natural gas fireplace. Enjoy summer – private back yard patio w/ NG hook up for BBQ. Carport & garage. Work shop area. Call Burke.

Affordable Housing Well kept 14x70 with an addition, large enclosed porch & deck. 3 bdrm, 2 bath with updated laminate floors & gas fireplace. Good Park location close to bus route, store & public Beaches. Call Burke.

Classic Character Exquisite family home. Commanding views. Double corner lot. 5 bdrms plus a level walk-out 1 bdrm suite for mortgage helper or visiting family. 2nd storey offers a spacious master suite, 2 bdrms. Call John.

6624 Highway 3A ~ $649,000

816 Carbonate St. ~ $329,000

415 West Innes ~ $189,900

4898 Highway 3A ~ $699,900

Best Buy Waterfront 125’ of sandy beach with a new dock. .80 acres. Separate “wing” with indoor pool & hot tub. View deck with new stairs. Panoramic Sunshine Bay views. Recent upgrades. Rare lake front. Call John.

Cute as a Button Charming 3 bedroom home on 50x120 level lot just steps from downtown, schools and hospital. Lots of off street parking, paved drive & carport. Landscaped & gardens. Nice mountain view. Call John.

Affordable Starter Home Affordable 3 bdrm 1.5 bath 1/2 duplex. Elevated on an easy care corner lot. Lovely lake & mountain views. Cozy deck & good sun exposure. Close to schools & bus route. A great alternative to paying rent. Call Trevor.

Log Home ~ Beasley Wooded 15 acre paradise overlooking Kootenay River. Beautiful 3 bdrm log home, loft, 3 balconies, solarium, wrap veranda, hot tub deck & BBQ deck. 77 x 26 2-storey shop w/double garage & loft. Detached triple garage. Call Trevor.

1518 McQuarrie ~ $219,900

5805 Longbeach ~ $389,900

901 Gilker Street ~ $399,500

223 Belmond Road ~ $162,500

Great Accommodation 3 bdrm 1.5 bath 1/2 duplex in Rosemont. Updated laminate flooring & opened living areas. Easy care lot. Back deck. Off Street parking. Close to schools & bus route. An alternative to paying rent. Call Trevor.

Country Haven Nestled in the trees, this family-perfect 4-level split offers great spaces. 3-4 bdrms, efficient fireplace & wood stove, family room, private deck. Private 0.57 acres. Seasonal brook. Mature gardens. Call David.

Sunset Views First time offered in 30 years. Solid home located minutes from Granite Pointe Golf course. 3 bdrms up & 2 down. Large family room. Suite potential. Big 66x137 lot offers great green space. Bring your decorating ideas. Call David.

Summer Retreat 3.57 level acres adjacent to the banks of the Salmo River. Private treed setting includes a serviced RV site with 5th wheel. Central to the Tri-cities. A “must see” quiet haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Call David.


Property Management

David Gentles 250.354.8225

Burke Jones


John Knox


Trevor Jenkinson 250.354.8409

Take the stress out of renting your property! A professional property manager can take care of everything for you and maximize your investment. Call Trevor today to get him working for you.

433 Josephine St. • Nelson, BC • 250.352.2100 •

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