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Are you a Professional Crafter? What is a Professional Crafter?

We may all have different ideas of what the word professional means and what a professional might look like. Have a think about it; does this create a barrier for you? Does it mean you run your business in a specific manner? Are there things you would expect from a "professional" in terms of experience, engagement, presentation, services and /or products? WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS? Read more about my thoughts and the views of some amazing women in other industries over on my BLOG. I would love to hear your views around this. I'd like to thank the following ladies for taking the time to discuss their thoughts and giving me their time: Louise at Thistle Dubh Ewe, Claire at Wirelife - Art by Cerysanne, Alyssa at Clarise Crafts, Elizabeth at Elibar Handknits & Baby Wear, Imogen at Umbrella Digital Media, Fiona at Sweetie Pie Gifts & Treats and Jane at Jared Designs Please note that regardless of whether you consider yourself a "professional crafter" an amateur, crafter or hobbyist; if you are advertising and selling goods or services you need to register with HMRC and comply with Consumer Contract Regulations. Please look into any other regulations / legislation that you may need to adhere to in terms of your craft and selling. We can look at this in another article if you're interested in knowing more. Please feel free to send me your thoughts / ideas / questions by emailing the Guild HERE and mark it FAO Kerry. Find Kerry on Facebook


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