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Amber is tree resin that has gradually mineralised. It was the first precious stone in human history and has been used as a healing stone and amulet for at least 7000 years. ● Mentally - Flexibility, creativity, self-confidence. Self-belief, success. ● Physically - works with: Stomach, spleen and kidney complaints, also liver, gallbladder and joints. ● Chakra -Throat, cleanses and purifies Amber Bangle Very pretty amber cut in an oval cabochon shape. This has then been mounted in both sterling silver & 14k gold fill as a bangle

$24 Amber Butterfly Pendant Sterling Silver Butterfly with Cognac Baltic Amber Wings.


Baltic Amber Lariat Necklace Beautiful necklace of Amber, Moonstone, Mother of Pearl and a Sterling Silver Moonstone Pendant. $59.95

$30 Baltic Amber Earrings Hand-carved Baltic amber rose stud earrings with Sterling Silver Posts.


c i g a M l Crysta Ammonite Fossil, Ocean Jasper, Baltic Amber, Tiger Eye Pendant Celebrate the wonder of life with this colorful tribute to nature's ingenious designs.

If you would like more information about Crystal Healing Jewellery, you can contact The Crystal Lady at: or visit 9

Creative Crafting February 2012  

Welcome to the Creative Crafting Valentine Issue 2012. This is the first issue of the year and we have some wonderful articles and features...

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