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Materials: - between 3 and 4 pairs depending on how big they are. I find men’s jeans the best – they are bigger and straight legged so you can cut more squares from them. Using different colours is good – I love to alternate dark and pale denim. Avoid stretch denim – old jeans work best especially traditional brands such as Wrangler, Lee or Levi (if you can bear to cut them up) – they are less stiff than modern brands. – I used material from vintage and reclaimed sarongs - but you could use any cotton fabric including shirts, dresses or skirts (but not t-shirts – too stretchy) as well as cotton fat quarters or yardage. You’ll need between 1.5m and 2m. – go for a “low loft” wadding which is fairly flat. You could use bamboo or cotton wadding instead of recycled. A standard crib sized piece of wadding (60 by 46 inches) will be more than enough. Instructions Step 1 – Picture 1 · Cut off the legs of the jeans and cut out 6-inch squares – try and stay square to the grain. You will need 36 squares for the checked centre plus 56 squares for the plain denim border. · Cut out 36 6-inch squares from the cotton fabric. · Cut out 40 5-inch squares from the wadding (1 inch smaller). · Keep additional wadding for step 7 and additional cotton fabric for step 10.

Step 2 – Picture 2 ·

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Sandwich wadding between a denim and cotton square – making sure it is central with equal distance from edges. (Fabrics are right side out.) Pin and mark diagonal lines with self erasing pencil or chalk. Machine along diagonal lines to form quilted cross. Press. Repeat for all 36 central squares. 15

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