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BRANDED GLASSWARE Never before in history has the brand played a more important part in the day-to-day decisions we make. Whether it be your next car, running shoes, perfume or even the beer you choose to drink - some form of communication is going to suggest values about that item that hopefully will attract you and justify your purchase decision. As traditional advertising becomes overworked, brand owners are looking for more diverse methods to promote their products and ultimately add value. This trend continues into the beverage market with many marketers of wine, beer and even mineral water opting for a proprietary glass to extend the “experience” of the contents to the end user. The shape is carefully selected to enhance and complement their product as is the finish. For example, the Luna tumbler from Italian glass manufacturer Bormioli Rocco, with the distinctive bubble in the reassuringly heavy base is a popular water glass with more contemporary bars. It responds well to screening printing particularly the white etch print that creates a subtle frosted look.


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n Fully toughened

McPherson’s can work with you and your customer to create a print design and select an appropriate finish from the following techniques: • silk screening ( up to 8 colours) • hand decoration • transfer application • acid etching • nucleation In some instances your customer may wish to package the finished product in a branded box and as long as minimums are reached, McPherson’s can also help with this part of the process. Please feel free to view a selection of branded glasses at McPherson’s showroom at 30 Highbrook Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland.

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G Crystal glass (Lead-free)

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Glassware & Kitchen Catalogue 2017 web