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THE CAUSE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE Redesigned course addresses issues of today


or more than a decade, the Leadership for Social Justice course has been foundational for introducing first-year students to the concepts of social justice, the principles of the School Sisters of Notre Dame and the mission of the University. Through a partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership, this course has been realigned to apply creative thinking concepts and give students a project-based opportunity to work directly with community organizations. The course introduces students to the 4Cs — community, compassion, competence and commitment — and explores Catholic teachings of social justice. The new updates retain those keys areas of content, but introduce new techniques from the Center for Creative Leadership, such as Design Thinking. Students apply creative thinking to concentrate deeply on a social justice issue (such as youth violence, human trafficking or homelessness) through a collaborative group project. The group identifies an organization in the community and helps them identify and solve one of their key problems. “We are keeping the best, richest parts of the leadership and social justice aspects of the course and infusing the course with some new approaches to get at the same leadership goals we’ve had,” says Wendy Weaver, dean for Academic Affairs.


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