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Now Scheduling 2012 Speaking Engagements Angel Worth drives results for some of the leading Information Technology companies in the world including; Google, Dell, Compuware, Cisco, Tech Data, VMware, Microsoft and many others. Contact Angel for your event as she is currently applying that same drive, passion and leadership to convey the meaning and importance of conferences, seminars and various functions across the United States.

“An entertaining, sure fit and reliable motivational speaker who will deliver a powerful leadership and goal setting message to your audience!”

"Angel has touched the lives of thousands of students across the US. Her message edifies, encourages, and equips students to succeed in school, and in life."

Helping Students Succeed in School and in Life Through speaking and singing, Angel leads the audience on a motivational journey of entertainment and empowerment to help you find your inner confidence. Her performance speaks about leadership, setting SMART goals, developing a positive self-identity, building character, and reaching your full potential: she empowers you with the tools to overcome any obstacle. Angel has touched the lives of thousands of students across the U.S. Her message edifies, encourages, and equips students to succeed in school, and in life. From struggling with a learning disability in grade school, to graduating with honors from University of Michigan (Master's Degree in Business Education) and now a Channel Partnerships Executive at one of the fastest growing companies in the world, Angel Worth understands what it takes to accomplish your goals.

Angel’s new book is scheduled to be released in 2012 watch for updates…

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Worth Talking About, INC. Finding Your Self-Worth

Unleash the Leader Within In this powerful workshop, Angel speaks words of life, empowerment, encouragement and direction into the lives of young girls and women of all ages. From self esteem, goal setting and leadership, to relationships - Angel will empower your group to value themselves and their lives. Angel uses personal stories and real life experiences to inspire the audience to find their innerconfidence and rise to the call of leadership. Book Angel for your next workshop!

"Angel has touched the lives of thousands of students across the US. Her message edifies, encourages, and equips students to succeed in school, and in life."

by Zoe Young and Adam Benedetto

When you look at the very core of who you are and ask yourself why you believe you are worth less, what do you hear? What put this in your thoughts originally, and why is it there? For the doubt stems from somewhere, you didn't always believe less of yourself. At one point you created this perception of yourself. Others may have factored into this decision, usually this is how it works, for when others judge us, treat us a certain way, we tend to assume it is valid. This creates an emptiness where our self-worth used to be. We are not lacking in confidence, nor do we lack the ability to believe in who we are. We just, at one point, changed our minds about ourselves and diminished our self-worth accordingly. To better understand this, go back in time to when you felt okay, acceptable, enough, when you felt you were everything you needed to be. Now go forward from there, when did it start to change, when did you change your perception of yourself? When or who made you feel differently? If we can imagine that our lack of self-confidence comes from only one moment in our lives, it is easier to undo. For at one point in time you saw yourself as enough, but then changed how you saw yourself. To reengage that feeling of self-worth, you must decide that you will not let that moment in time rule how you feel about yourself today. You will not enable some small moment in your past to create the person you are now. You must take back your self-worth by denying those old beliefs of who you were, for you have all the self-confidence you need; it is still there. Like a light switch, you can turn it back on; believe you can; believe in yourself. Let go of the belief created by what someone said or did. Release what happened in your past that holds no meaning over the real you. Let go of what you think you are, and instead, let yourself be the real you. Let go of the belief that you are not enough, for that was tied to your past and you can be different now. Who we are today does not need to be a reflection of what we once were, but should instead be who we really are. The real us, our true self, never doubts who we are, our abilities, or ourselves. The doubt comes from an old moment that triggered a change in how we saw ourselves and that is all. See that moment for what it was, not the building blocks of who you are, but a singular moment in time. Do not identify yourself any longer by an old, misinformed personal decision. Change your mind about who you are; be the real you, confident, worthy, and accepting of who you are. The only thing you will lose is the emptiness because it will be filled once again with your self-worth. Open up to the peace you will find when you finally see yourself, your true self, and learn how to truly be in the moment at Adam Benedetto and Zoe Young are both dedicated to enabling others to reach their full potential in life, to help others release what is holding them back, and to find their true selves. Through years of experience and development, both have sought out the answers we all need to find peace, understand ourselves, and reach enlightenment.

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Worth Talking About, INC. Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend Words To Make Her Fall Madly In Love With You By Michael Lee

The usual sweet things to say to your girlfriend just don't have that oomph anymore. Nowadays, the simple "I love you" is not enough to show how much you really care for the person you love. These are already mere words that are continuously abused by so many.

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Guys can be quite good at sweet talk, but the typical sweet things to say to your girlfriend would result in more "successes" if they come with some embellishment (and sincerity, of course). On the other hand, girls are quite reserved when talking about the likes of "I love you." For most, "I love you" are sacred words that are only meant to be uttered to the person who really deserve them. This is quite a challenge for men. You need to think of new things or new words to say that would make the women fall madly, deeply in love with you. But you need not spend much just to make the woman of your interest notice you. Below are some sweet things to say to your girlfriend that might come in handy. They might sound a little old hat; but why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose, anyway. "You look really beautiful" Try to appreciate your girlfriend's appearance. Women really love it when they are being praised by their boyfriends. They do a lot of things to make themselves attractive to their man. Unfortunately, some men disregard this effort made by women. "You are my life. Losing you would mean the end of me" This shows that she's the most important person in your life and losing her would mean losing everything. Women like to know how important she is in your life than football and your friends. This is probably one of the strongest in the list of sweet things to say to your girlfriend. "You are my answered prayer" It's always nice to know that someone has been longing and praying for you. Girls like to hear that you included prayers and God in your words.

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Worth Talking About, INC. In other words…


This shows that you are serious with her because you are already putting God as your witness. And if you don't really mean it, it would be just blasphemous of you to do so. "I would rather be the one hurt than you" This is certainly one of the nicest things to say to anyone. You must show to her that you are willing to give up anything and everything, even carry the burden just to ease her pain. This is quite heroic; but it actually works!

"The Law of Attraction" is responding to your thought, not to your current reality. When you change the thought, your reality must follow suit. If things are going well for you, then focusing upon what is happening now will cause the well-being to continue, but if there are things happening now that are not pleasing, you must find a way of taking your attention away from those unwanted things.

These are just some of the sweet things to say to your girlfriend and touch her heart even deeper. Think about them and see when and where you can apply them to your relationship. These would definitely help keep the fire burning between you and your girlfriend. You may be surprised to know that even though women tend to be more sophisticated these days, simplicity is still the key to making her happy. You have to learn how to listen and respond by saying the right sweet things to say to your girlfriend. Some of the most common lines that will work for several years include "You look beautiful", "Thank you" and "I care".

BOOK REVIEW Mindy Kaling's new book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), can be read in one day. I honestly can't remember the last time a book made me feel so good about life. Mindy's book is a memoir arranged into hilarious essays, ranging from her childhood experiences and breaking into a comedy career, to dating tips and her thoughts on relationships.

You have the ability to quickly change your patterns of thought, and eventually… your life experience. Take 15 minutes daily, thinking of pleasant scenarios regarding your body, with the sole intent of enjoying your body and appreciating its strength and stamina and flexibility and beauty. When you visualize for the joy of visualizing rather than with the intention of correcting some deficiency, your thoughts are more pure and, therefore, more powerful. When you visualize overcoming something that is wrong, your thoughts are diluted with the "lackful" side of the equation. In time, things will change; you will realize your power and obtain your victory. Your situation will acquiesce to your dominant thoughts.

Most people know Mindy Kaling as the character Kelly Kapoor on The Office, but many don't r realize that she's actually a writer and producer for the show as well. I'm pretty positive that every person who reads this book will automatically want Mindy to be their best friend! This book would probably be most appealing to an audience of women in their 20's and 30's, but I think men that are willing to open their minds could actually learn a ton by reading Mindy's advice- so I would recommend this book to anyone!

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