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Emerald Hills is always teeming with wildlife: deer, turkeys, rabbits, foxes, otters, countless varieties of birds, turtles and on this particular morning a praying mantis joined in the fun.

Vol. X Issue II October 2013

Um, It’s still tell Time I am writing this during crunch time. Most of the layouts are designed, but I have several advertisements to finish, then comes fine tuning the details, and double and triple checking everything. Carla edits it over and over and over again during this process too. My goal is to have it to the printers by the time you read this.

year. This year is even more special because my entire family will be attending. Since all of my work this past month has pretty much been the tell magazine, I don’t have much news to share, but here are a few sneak peeks:

Next week I’m headed to Nashville for the annual Hutchmoot conference that my brothers host for artists and lovers of art of all sorts to come together to be inspired, encouraged, and meet kindred spirits. I get to help with various preparations and co-run the merchandise extravaganza with a friend of the family. We have a blast reuniting with “past-comers” and getting to know new folks who come from all over the US. My hope is that the tell will be off to the printers so that I can enjoy one of my favorite events of the

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Office: (800) 447-0800 Cell: (502) 468-8693 @teamexpansion @shaunaruth77

Pray for Partnerships Join me in prayer and ask God to raise up more financial partners to help me continue my ministry of using media to communicate, assist, and equip Team Expansion and its ministries to reach the unreached.

PRAY Unreached People Group

Sutradhar, Hindu of India

It’s Not About Me by Carla Williams (The-Best-Creative Arts-Writer-Ever) When I first took on the role as the wording editor for Team Expansion's magazine, the tell, four years ago, I was a bit of a control freak. I reworded stories ruthlessly, assuming that I knew better than anyone else how to write an effective story that would connect with an audience.

• • • •

Population: Language: Religion: Evangelical:

403,000 Bengali Hinduism 1.1%

I felt like it had to be perfect, because the magazine and its stories were a reflection of me. But they're not. I'm just the one lucky enough to see these amazing stories before everyone else gets the chance.

Go to to learn more about unreached people groups and how to pray for them and for more harvest workers to go share the love of Jesus with them.

This year, I've found tremendous freedom in realizing that it's not about me. It's not about me as a writer or an editor, though I still love both of those roles. It's not even about the stories themselves or those who contribute them, though both are truly inspirational.


The tell is about what God is doing. It's about how He's transforming the world using these broken, selfish people who cling to grace. I'm just one of those people. So this year, I still poured myself into the tell, but I realized that these are God's stories, and He's just letting me tell them.

Prayer Requests & Praises ✤

The tell magazine will be off to the printers any day now. ‣

Please pray that all will go smoothly at the printers as they assemble and mail it out. Pray that lots and lots of people will read it and be inspired, motivated, and encouraged.

Several events are taking place over the next several weeks. Please keep those facilitating, traveling, and participating in your prayers. (Launch - missionary candidate orientation and training, our Team Leader Summit, and ICOM - International Conference on Missions in KS)

Financial Report GIVE ONLINE: Enter my name on the “Missionary/Project Name” line or set up payments through your bank. SEND A CHECK: Please make checks payable to “Team Expansion,” do not put my name on the memo line (just make sure my name is on the envelope) and send it to: Team Expansion ATTN: Shauna Peterson Account 4112 Old Routt Road Louisville, KY 40299 BEGINNING BALANCE Monthly Gifts (Churches) Monthly Gifts (Individuals) Special Gifts


I was recently scanning a web page with translations of the phrase, "thank you," into some 465 languages. I recognized several versions and smiled as I remembered them. I guess it turns out that, regardless of where one originates, there's always a way to show gratitude for "mercy" shown from one partner to another. If we had space this month, we'd list all 465 words, but maybe you'd start to get the idea after the first few lines - that we're EXTREMELY grateful for your partnership in our shared global purpose. We want to share with others what God has shared with us: mercy, which is, in fact, very close to the French word for Thanks, which is also a great way to end this note to you! We appreciate you and your partnership! Doug Lucas

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Monthly Expenses: Salary (Food, Gas, etc)

Message from the President


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Current supporting churches: FCC of Lake Butler (FL), Discovery CC (FL), Southeast CC (KY), Union Chapel CC (IN)

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