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Sally Lloyd-Jones was the keynote speaker at Hutchmoot this year. She’s an amazingly talented children’s author. Read “The Jesus Storybook Bible” if you haven’t already.

Vol. VIII Issue II October 2011

Community in Chaos During the busiest time of the year in my ministry I left it all behind me, went to Nashville, and attended The Hutchmoot. For three days people from all over the country came to commune with one another about art and faith. It was the second annual gathering by The Rabbit Room contributors. Maybe you’re asking yourself what The Rabbit Room is in the first place. Many years ago in a pub at Oxford a group of men met to share their stories, encourage, and challenge each other. Two of these men were J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. My brother Andrew decided to create a virtual Rabbit Room - a place people can share their stories, art, and faith. Go check out You will be glad you did. The conference was just what I needed. The days were filled with genuine conversation, amazing concerts, sessions on writing, art, and community, small groups, and lots of good, good food. I am not a writer. I am not a musician. And to call myself an artist seems off-target somehow. This I do know. I love books, music, and art. Though many of the Hutchmoot attendees 4112 Old Routt Road Louisville, KY 40299

were aspiring artists of all kinds, there was a common ground of just appreciating good art and seeing the handiwork of God in His creation’s creations. My to-do list was, and still is, large and intimidating with the tell magazine deadline looming, another two-week Launch in progress, and the National Missionary Convention weeks away. Yet I have no regrets in spending three glorious (and exhausting) days in Nashville with my family, who actually put it all together, and meeting dozens of new friends. They challenged me, inspired me, encouraged, and loved me. Maybe calling myself an artist is missing the mark, but after the Hutchmoot, I’m a little bit closer.

Photos by Eric Aceae and S.D. Smith.

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Message from the President My son has recently started a Ph.D. degree. He called the other night, burdened by the sheer number of deadlines he was facing. He asked for tips. The suggestion I gave bordered on the obvious: "Make a list." Write it all down, prioritize and organize by date and strategic priority. He called me back a couple of days later to say he had followed my advice and it had really helped. He was already feeling like he had a better handle on what was coming next - and he was at least sleeping five hours/night now. :-) Some time ago, researchers took a similar route with the world's unreached peoples. They made a list, which has been steadily improved and corrected with each passing month ever since. (See as a prime example.) All Team Expansion missionaries are dedicated to telling the tribes, castes and kindreds on that list. When you support his or her work, you're helping check off a global to do list -one that has needed attention for centuries. So thank you for your help with the Task Remaining. God bless! For the sake of unreached peoples,

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