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It isn’t very often people take pictures of me. Thank you, Tim Stapleton, for taking this one of me talking with folks at The Wall at the North American Christian Convention!

Vol. VIII Issue XII August 2012

The Wall of Unreached People Groups If you’ve  ever  had  the  privilege  to  visit  the   Vietnam  Memorial  in  Washington  D.C.  I’m   sure  you  would  have  been  in  awe  and   humbled  to  the  core  like  I  was.  The  names   listed  one  by  one  on  that  Vietnam  wall  made   them  more  than  a  number.  It  reminded  us  

they were  people  with  families,  dreams,   hope  and  life  -­‐‑  all  gone  too  soon.  I’ve  always   had  a  great  respect  for  our  war  veterans.  The   great  men  and  women  who  served  in  the   World  Wars,  Korea,  Vietnam,  and  now  Iraq   and  Afghanistan.

It was so great being able to take The Wall exhibit to my home church in Lake Butler, Florida!

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The Wall  of  Unreached  People  Groups   had  a  greater  impact  on  me.  I  know   there  are  an  estimated  two  and  a  half   billion  people  who  have  never  heard   the  Gospel.  Over  7,000  people  groups   are  listed  on  that  wall.  Thousands  of   people  are  dying  every  day  with  ever   hearing  of  the  One  who  saves.  It  would   be  impossible  to  list  the  names  of  all   those  people  or  the  people  still  alive   who  have  the  chance,  but  may  never   hear  because  there  aren’t  enough   people  who  are  going  to  tell  them!  Jesus  

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himself said  that  there  aren’t  enough   workers  so  pray  for  more!  Maybe  YOU  are   the  answer  to  that  prayer. I  hope  to  live  long  enough  to  see  this  wall   shrink  into  nothingness,  for  all  nations  to   hear  the  Good  News. You  can  rent  The  Wall  for  your  church  or   campus!  Open  the  eyes  of  the  Church.  Find   out  more  at @teamexpansion @shaunaruth77

P ARTNERSHIP U PDATE                                          As  you  can  see  the  tree  is  turning  color!  Only                                              $650  more  in  monthly  commitments  needed                                                    for  my  budget  to  be  fully  supported!                                                    Do  you  know  a  church,  class,  family,  or                                                  individual  who  would  consider  partnering                                              with  my  ministry  through  monthly  financial                                        support?  If  only  13  more  gave  $50  a  month  that                                  would  cover  the  remaining  amount  needed.                          I  would  be  happy  to  call,  email,  visit  anyone,  any   class,  any  church.  Cold  calls  are  often  ineffective  and  most   of  my  contacts  are  exhausted.  As  a  partner  in  this  ministry   would  you  contact  your  mission  commihee,  class  leaders,   husband,  grandmother,  roommate’s  best  friend  and  ask  if   they  would  partner  with  me? My  partnership  brochure  is  online  and  I  can  also  send  a   paper  copy.  Just  let  me  know  where  to  send  it  and  who  to   contact!  Thanks  for  helping  me  continue  doing  what  I   love  -­‐‑  using  media  to  communicate,  promote  and  assist   global  ministries  reach  the  unreached.

Prayer Requests ✤

Our Creative  Arts  intern,  Lydia  Archibald,  had  a  great  summer  learning  and   growing  in  her  knowledge  of  media  and  how  it  relates  to  and  benefits  global   ministries.  Pray  for  her  now  as  she  begins  her  first  year  at  Cincinnati  Christian   University.  Ask  God  to  continue  giving  her  direction  and  a  missional  focus. The  Wall  of  Unreached  People  Groups  is  making  such  an  impact  that  we’re   printing  another  one!  Pray  it  continues  to  be  successful  in  educating  and   motivating  the  Church  to  pray  for  and  get  involved  in  reaching  the  unreached. The  designing  of  our  new  convention  display  is  a  top  priority  this  month.  Please   ask  the  Holy  Spirit  to  help  me  create  something  amazing,  impactful,  and   motivational! Designing  the  tell  magazine  2012  is  underway!  Pray  for  me  to  have  the  wisdom   and  inspiration  needed.

Message from the President Each spring  I'ʹm  honored  to  gather  together  with  the  heads  of   seven  other  organizations.  I  generally  feel  like  a  lion  in  a  "ʺden   of  Daniels."ʺ  We  don'ʹt  have  a  Development  Department,  nor  do   we  pay  consultants  to  do  mass  mail  campaigns.  (We  don'ʹt  even   do  mass  mail  campaigns.)  But  there  is  a  bit  of  a  silver  lining  to   this  dark  cloud,  depending  on  how  you  look  at  it.  For  34  years,   for  better  or  worse,  we  have  operated  on  a  very  simple   paradigm:  for  every  dollar  given  by  every  donor,  we  send  100%  of  it  to  the  field  for  which  it   was  given.  No  smoke  and  mirrors.  No  bait-­‐‑and-­‐‑switch.  100%.  Then  we  ask  each  worker  or   family  to  make  an  offering  of  $100  per  month  for  everything  we  do  internationally.  So  when   you  donate  funds  toward  the  work  of  your  favorite  Team  Expansion  missionary,  literally  all   of  it  goes  toward  that  missionary'ʹs  work.  Then,  a  small  gift  of  $100  goes  back  to  the  Home   Office  to  cover  all  the  services  offered  on  behalf  of  the  organization  as  a  whole.  (Likewise,   each  worker  at  the  Home  Office,  save  one  receptionist,  raises  support  just  like  field-­‐‑based   missionaries.  God  be  praised  for  those  who  make  their  work  possible,  by  the  way,  because   they  are,  in  turn,  making  possible  a  global  work  force.)  I'ʹll  admit:  It'ʹs  not  as  much  fun  to   operate  this  way.  But  we  hope  it  pleases  donors.  We  hope  it  brings  a  focus  on  our  fields  of   service.  And  most  of  all,  we  hope  it  helps  get  the  job  done  for  God'ʹs  glory.  Thank  you  for   your  support  of  Team  Expansion!      -­‐‑  Doug  Lucas

PRAY Unreached People Group

Chrame, of China • Population: 46,000 Pumi, Northern • Language: Religion: Buddhism • • Evangelical: 0.00%

Go to to learn more about unreached people groups and how to pray for them and for more harvest workers to go share the love of Jesus with them.


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