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We had another Launch orientation and training for our missionary candidates in July. I love capturing their journey on the low ropes course through photography.

August 2011 Vol. VII Issue XII

Going to Thailand! August 9-23 God has overwhelmed me this month. I had been praying and waiting on the Lord about a decision of whether or not to go to Thailand with our future full-time photographer, Billy Heath. This last month he made it clear. I’d emailed First Christian Church in New Philadelphia, of which I know the missions minister, and Southeast Christian Church about a one time gift for the trip. They both responded with an enthusiastic, “Yes!” So the trip is completely covered financially!

Before that happened my oldest brother scheduled his wedding that would take place during the original scheduled trip. But a missionary’s plans are always flexible and we were able to find reasonable tickets easily for the two weeks prior to the wedding. Another bridge to cross was finding a dog sitter. I asked a new friend of mine and she immediately replied, “Yes! Please let me do it!” She’s not only dog/house sitting during my trip, but also while I’m in Nashville for the wedding right afterwards. Everything has fallen into place perfectly. Thailand is another place I’ve never had a desire to go, but apparently God wants me to experience it. Billy and I will capture Bangkok through photography and he will write a feature in this Fall’s tell magazine. I will fly to Chiang Mai by myself to visit another ministry up there. I’m attaching a prayer calendar which I hope you use to cover our trip with prayer along the way.

Freelance Design and Photo Editing Don’t forget about my freelance offer. If you or your church or business would like to hire me, let me know. I have a portfolio on my website so you can see some of my work: Spread the word! 4112 Old Routt Road Louisville, KY 40299

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Bangkok กรุงเทพฯ Population: 9.8 Million Religions: 94% Buddhist, 5% Islam, 0.7% Christian Lonnie and Courtney Holbrook started their ministry in 2005. They have two children and one more due in October.

Unreached People Group

Chiang Mai เชียงใหม่ Population: 1.65 Million Religions: 85% Buddhist, 7% Tribal, 3% Christian Dwain and Becky Anderson began their ministry in Bangkok in 2005 and moved to Chiang Mai in 2009.

I want to say a BIG “thank you” to FCC of New Philadelphia (OH) and Southeast Christian Church (KY) for funding this trip to Thailand!

Thai, Southern of Thailand • Population: 5,105,000 Thai • Language: Buddhism • Religion: • Evangelical: 1.2% Go to to learn more about unreached people groups and how to pray for them and for more harvest workers to go share the love of Jesus with them.

JULY Financial Report

Prayer Requests ✤

Praise God! The trip to Thailand is completely paid for by special gifts from two churches. Thank God for bringing a woman from church into my life who is willing to dog sit for practically three weeks! Pray for more monthly support. Ask God to raise up churches and/or individuals who will partner with me by giving $950 a month. Ask God to help Billy and me be attentive, observant, and helpful throughout our time in Thailand.

Message from the President Yesterday, I made my annual pilgrimage back to the Jackson County 4H Fair in southern Indiana. Each year on Wednesday of "Fair Week," my mother and I meet for the 1:00 p.m. "Cooking Demonstration." This year, we never even connected by phone to confirm things. I'll admit: As I walked past seemingly endless cow barns and exhibit buildings, I felt just a tad of anticipation. But, as I rounded the corner by "St. Peter's Taco House," I spied her sitting there in the exact same seats where we always meet.And the same could be said for the faithful supporters of the work of Team Expansion. For example, in my case, when I see an envelope from Andover, Burlington, or Shively, my mind goes back to all the times those churches (and others too) have faithfully "shown up," even though times have sometimes been tough. Yesterday, I hugged my mom and said, "Thanks for coming." Today, I'm thankful for you, for the faithful prayers and support you send to all of Team Expansion, to your favorite Team Expansion missionary, and to unreached people around the globe. May God bless you, now and in the weeks to come.

Doug Lucas

If you wish to make a contribution or become a monthly supporter, you may give online on my website: or you may send a check. Please make checks payable to Team Expansion. Your support is tax deductible as long as my name does not appear on the check itself. Send checks to: Team Expansion ATTN: Shauna Peterson Account 4112 Old Routt Road Louisville, KY 40299 Beginning Balance Support IN: Monthly Gifts (Churches) Monthly Gifts (Individuals) Special Gifts Payments OUT Salary (Food, Gas, etc) Rent Life Insurance Health Insurance Rental Insurance Dental Insurance Car Insurance Utilities Postage Ministry (NACC & Thailand Airfare) Internet/Phone Team Share Tax/Social Security Total

$466.56 $966.78 $380.00 $1,100.00 -$400.00 -$725.00 -$15.31 -$113.28 -$13.81 -$32.84 -$86.76 -$58.73 -$26.40 -$1,476.00 -$110.94 -$100.00 -$300.00 ($3,459.07) ($545.73)

Ending Balance Current supporting churches: FCC of Lake Butler (FL), Southeast CC (KY)



Billy Heath SHAUNA PETERSON Twitter: shaunaruth77

Thailand Trip Prayer Calendar 8






Pray for final preparations and packing.

Pray Billy and I make our connections and for opportunities to be light to those around us as we travel.

Pray we are able to find a reliable taxi to the Holbrooks upon our late arrival and are able to get situated easily.

Pray for energy on our first day in Bangkok. Ask God to use us as we seek ways to promote and help the ministry here.

Pray for Billy, that he will be able to capture the need, ministry, and heart of the Thai people through his photography.

Pray that I will find ways to help Courtney H. with the kids and around the house, that I would be a blessing.








Ask God to give us opportunities to be light and love among the university students.

Pray that Billy and I would know what questions to ask in order to write the story that God is preparing for us to tell.

Pray for Thailand’s government and political unrest. Pray the leaders would come to know Christ and seek His wisdom.

Pray for the Thai believers that as they live among the shadow of Buddhism, the Holy Spirit gives them the power to stand firm.

I travel alone to Chiangmai today. Pray for courage and for the Andersons and that we find each other easily at the airport.

Ask God to bless my time with the Andersons and that I will be a help to them and their new ministry here.

I will see the work in Mae Faek and Khao Tan Noi. Pray God will give me the ability to capture this land through my camera lens.




I fly back to Bangkok today. Pray I will find my way back “home” easily and be able to rest.

Ask God to help us complete projects here and finish strong.

Pray Billy and I will put together the right photos and words to strengthen and inspire people to pray for and work among these people.



August 9

Louisville (10:35 a.m.)to Chicago (11:13 a.m.)

August 9 - 10

Chicago (12:37 p.m.) to Tokyo (3:30 p.m.)

August 10

Tokyo (6:35 p.m.) to Bangkok (11:05 p.m.)

August 18

Bangkok (6:15 p.m.) to Chiang Mai (7:55 p.m.)

August 21

Chiang Mai (7:25 p.m.) to Bangkok (9:05 p.m.)

August 23

Bangkok (6:05 a.m.) to Tokyo (2:10 p.m.)

August 23

Tokyo (3:55 p.m.) to Houston (1:50 p.m.)

August 23

Houston (4:30 p.m.) to Louisville (7:47 p.m.) *NOTE: Flight times are local time zones


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