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On our way to the village of San Miguel, we stopped outside of a small town and visited with some Huichol believers who, 10 years ago were driven from their homes.

Vol. VIII Issue XI July 2012

A Light in the Mountains - Mexico Report When asked,  “What  did  you  think  about   Mexico?”  I  have  to  say  it  was  in  some  ways   exactly  what  I  pictured  and  expected  and  in   other  ways  I  was  completely  blown  away.  If   you’ve  seen  any  western  movies  you’ve  see   the  Mexicans  sitting  on  their  desert  stoop  

covered by  their  hats  and  whiskers.  There   was  a  lot  of  that,  though  being  in  central   Mexico  it  was  a  bit  more  green  than  further   north.  A  bit. The  mountains  are  what  surprised  me  most.   Imagine  the  Smokies,  Rockies,  and   Grand  Canyon  wrapped  up  into  one  -­‐‑   that  would  give  you  an  idea  of  what  the   Sierra  Madre  mountain  range  is  like.   Breathtaking. And  the  Huichol  people  wake  to  that   view  everyday!

The men talking theology under the shade tree near the village of San Miguel.

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They are  surrounded  by  some  of  God’s   most  beautiful  handiwork,  but  have   never  knowingly  thanked  Him  for  it.  As   we  learn  more  about  their  beliefs,  I   think,  deep  down  they  know  there  is   one  true  God  -­‐‑  the  Creator.  Similar  to  

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the American  Indian  beliefs  there  are   underlying  glimpses  of  Truth.  Skewed  they   certainly  are,  but  it’s  there  somewhere. While  we  were  in  the  village  the  men  I   traveled  with  were  able  to  speak  with  a   Huichol  man  named  Thomas  for  a  few   hours  about  theology.  They  spoke  to  him   Truth  and  he  in  turn  share  details  about   Huichol  beliefs,  customs  and  festivals. After  such  a  meeting  and  through  the  other   experiences  we  had  in  the  village,  it  was   clear  that  the  harvest  is  ripe  here.  The  people   are  opening  up,  walls  are  shattering,  and   shafts  of  Light  are  beginning  to  trickle  in.   There’s  much  more  to  tell  you  about  the  trip,   but  I  need  to  leave  some  for  our  tell  article   coming  out  this  fall!  Stay  tuned. @teamexpansion @shaunaruth77

W E G OT THE C AMERA ! Thank you  to  everyone  who  gave  extra  last  month!   Because  of  your  generosity  there  was  enough  money  in  the   account  to  buy  the  camera  for  Team  Expansion!   Mexico  was  its  first  trip  and  though  I  still  have  a  lot  to   learn  in  terms  of  professional  photography,  it  was  a   pleasure  and  privilege  to  use.  I’m  very  pleased  with  it  and   the  photographs  I  was  able  to  take  on  the  trip.  The  camera   will  be  a  great  asset  for  us  and,  Lord  willing,  enhance  the   quality  of  our  communications  and  creative  arts  projects.   Thank  you,  team!

A N EEDED V ACATION Before I  left  for  Mexico  I  was  able  to  spend  a  week  with  my   parents,  four  nephews,  and  niece  for  our  annual  Camp   Shiloh.  We  had  a  blast,  as  always!  It  was  a  beachin’,  church   goin’,  singin’,  arm  wrestlin’,  canoein’,  swimmin’,  horseback   ridin’,  watermelon  eatin’,  monopoly  playin’  blessin’!

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Thank God  for  the  generous  funds  that  allowed  us  to  purchase  the  DSLR  camera   for  Team  Expansion.  Ask  God  to  bless  us  with  many  opportunities  to  use  it  for   His  glory! The  North  American  Christian  Convention  is  July  10-­‐‑13  in  Orlando.  I  will  be   aZending  and  helping  at  both  the  Team  Expansion  booth  and  the  Unleashed  for   the  Unreached  Wall.  Ask  God  to  use  The  Wall  to  open  people’s  eyes  and  hearts   to  the  task  remaining:  2+  billion  people  who  still  have  never  heard  of  Jesus. Praise  God  for  a  safe  and  successful  visit  among  the  Huichol  people  in  Mexico!   We’re  much  closer  to  having  workers  move  there  to  start  building  relationships,   share  Jesus,  and  plant  a  church  than  ever  before!  Pray  the  project  will  continue  to   move  forward. Designing  the  tell  magazine  2012  is  underway!  Pray  for  wisdom  and  inspiration.

Message from the President I'ʹve just  returned  from  a  trip  to  Japan  to  help  lead  prayer  walks   in  various  locations  around  the  country.  In  addition,  I  was   humbled  by  the  opportunity  to  mentor  some  of  our  newest   workers  while  encouraging  some  of  our  seasoned  veterans   there  in  three  different  locations.   One  team  is  working  hard  in  the  city  of  Ishinomaki,  which  was   heavily  impacted  by  the  tsunami  in  2011.  You  would  have  been   so  proud  of  all  of  them.  While  everyone  else  was  fleeing  the  disaster,  they  were  seeking  it   out,  driving  toward  it.  They  were  among  the  first  to  arrive.  Immediately,  they  developed   innovative  and  effective  methods  of  transporting  life-­‐‑sustaining  supplies  to  those  who   needed  them  most.  As  soon  as  the  situation  allowed,  they  moved  their  families  directly  into   some  of  the  hardest-­‐‑hit  areas  so  they  could  work  shoulder-­‐‑to-­‐‑shoulder  with  local  people  to   rebuild  homes,  lives,  and  futures,  and  just  BE  with  the  people,  life  on  life.  They'ʹre  still  there   today. There'ʹs  something  about  Team  Expansion  culture,  the  world  over.  They  aren'ʹt  afraid  of   work.  They  invest  their  entire  lives  into  the  local  people.  They  stretch  every  dollar  to   maximum  impact  with  maximum  love.  Your  favorite  missionary  is  cut  from  the  same  mold.   Please  join  me  today  in  giving  thanks  for  hard  workers...  and  thank  you  for  helping  make   possible  their  labor!  God  bless  you  this  month!        -­‐‑  Doug  Lucas

PRAY Unreached People Group

Belitung, of Indonesia • Population: 101,000 Malay • Language: Islam • Religion: • Evangelical: 0.03%

Go to to learn more about unreached people groups and how to pray for them and for more harvest workers to go share the love of Jesus with them.


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