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July 2009 Vol. V Issue XI

Shauna’s News 4112 Old Routt Road, Louisville, KY 40299 Office: (800) 447-0800 Cell: (904) 891-3241

Prayer Requests !

Financial and Prayer Support needed

Wisdom in developing our new website Emerald Hills ! For the ‘Enlarge the Harvest’ campaign to be effective and successful ! 1,973 more ETH partners needed ! 247 more captains needed ! We need to sell our old building soon to help with principle - we begin paying the formal mortgage payments this month. ! Carla and Nathan to raise their financial support to get here soon. ! !

Unreached People Group: Dzakhchin, Zahchin of Mongolia •Population: " •Language: " •Religion: " •Evangelical: !

35,000 Mongolian, Halh Non-Religious 0.00%

Go to to learn more about unreached people groups and how to pray for them and for more harvest workers to go share the love of Jesus with them.

North American Christian Convention ! This year the NACC was held right here in Louisville at our convention center downtown. My parents stayed with me for the week to attend the convention and we were able to carpool most of the time. Though I worked at our booth several hours each day I was able to attend the evening sessions. They were amazing! If you’ve never attended the NACC, I strongly encourage you do.

hearing about all the great things God has done and continues to do through them.

! The main speakers are some of the best in the nation and it’s always a blessing to hear them. One of my favorite speakers was Matt Proctor, the current President of Ozark Christian College. He spoke on never giving up, whether it be the Christian faith or working in ministry, or simply evangelizing to your neighbor or coworker. I think it spoke to the hearts of everyone there.

! Throughout the convention I ran into several others from my past. You never know who you’ll run into at these events. Having many missionaries and visitors stop by our Team Expansion booth was and always is a fun and exciting time of laughing and sharing the latest news. One day for lunch several missionaries, ministers, and others gathered for a two hour fast and prayer for the nations. We prayed for an awakening of our nation’s churches and for more harvest workers to be raised up for the international mission field.

" Max Lucado, another of my favorites, was the final speaker for the convention and spoke an amazing sermon on John 3:16. We all know the verse by heart, but he presented the message beautifully. It was refreshing and challenging at the same time. If you can get your hands on either of these messages I encourage you to listen to them. ! My alma mater, Florida Christian College, had a luncheon during the week and I was happy to reunite with old friends I haven’t seen in a decade. It was great catching up with them and

! Next year’s convention will be in Indianapolis, Indiana, a great place for any convention. I encourage you all to make plans now to attend. You will be blessed! ! Also, the National Missionary Convention, is in Peoria, Illinois this year. The NMC is our biggest event of the year. In my opinion, it’s bigger and better than the NACC, but who’s judging? I hope you all will consider attending one or both of these conventions. You won’t regret it.

JUNE Financ ial Repor t

Happenings HOMECOMING I wasn’t able to attend our Team Expansion Homecoming this year due to my previously scheduled family vacation, but I hear it was a great time had by all. About 30 missionaries came from all over the world along with 25 kids! These numbers don’t include those Read the latest TELL of us already here from International Services! Melanie Online! Robinson, our receptionist (and so much more) headed up the event this year and did a superb job.


If you have an regarding this y questions about anything contact me. If report, please feel free to contribution you wish to make a supporter, yoor become a monthly website (www u may give online on my may send a or yo eck. Please m u payable to Team ake checks E xp an sion. Your supp will be tax dedu or does not appe ctible as long as my nam t e ar on the chec k itself. Beginning B alance Support IN: (-$380.19)

This past month our office, and my home, has been visited by many. We hosted a regional Monthly Gifts (Churches) meeting for our partner organization, Frontiers. My old Mob Squad (recruitment team) Monthly Gifts $1,314.36 (In dividuals) teammate and wife, who now work in a secure country in North Africa visited. I hosted several Special/One Ti $1 ,163.00 me Gifts of the wedding party attendants for Emily Ulrey March’s wedding of which I was also a Payments OU $1 ,4 85.00 T bridesmaid. The wedding was held at Emerald Hills and was a blessed day. Another couple (-$2,461.68) Ending Balan ce was in from Bosnia. The summer is a busy time around here. Missionaries often times plan $1,120.49 their furlough during the summer months and it’s always a joy to spend time face to face with Send checks to: Team Expansi them, encouraging, and praying for them, too. ATTN: Sha on a Peterso 4112 Old Run outt Road n Account Lo ui sv ille, KY 40299 FAMILY VACATION Our family had a great time near Big South Fork Current suppor FCC of Lake B ting churches: National Recreation Park for a week. We rented a utler, Albany, & Macclenny lodge for a week and had a glorious time hiking, T h a n k y ou for you playing games, riding a scenic railway, eating great r support ! food, laying around reading books, sitting in the hot tub, laughing, and celebrating Mom and Dad’s 40 years of marriage.

Message from the President Dear Friend of Team Expansion, Sometimes, when I explain how Team Expansion is set up, I have to chuckle. Think about it: We approach the most gifted and skilled people we can find. We ask them to leave their salaried jobs, their parents (and grandparents), their clear & clean drinking water, the amusement parks, the softball league, Christmas with family, and Mexican food. To talk them into this, we dangle in front of them the prospects of having to raise their own salary, work expenses, and travel costs. We challenge them to serve in a place where they can't watch "24" realtime. We have to help them figure out ways to get internet by satellite, postal mail in the town down the road, and the water -- well we point them to a couple of really good quality filters. No wonder you love your favorite Team Expansion missionary. No wonder we do to. Join me tonight in giving thanks to the Father of the one who also left home (in Heaven), traveled to a faraway unfriendly place. Join me in thanking God for your favorite missionary. - Doug Lucas, President of Team Expansion

Field Highlight - Southeast Asia

The following is an excerpt from one of our missionary’s newsletters. They are being forced to leave a secure country in Southeast Asia due to their ministry. Please keep them in your prayers as they seek out what comes next. We have been busy tearing down the factory and moving it across the river and reassembling it, as well as packing and moving our own household. Our February letter concluded that we were submitting a business proposal for a new agribusiness to the government. The government’s answer was “no”, but tempered with a “not now”. This country is undergoing a lot of change. Western influence is diminishing and Chinese influence is growing. The officials are afraid of change. They are afraid of things they cannot control. Christians scare them because they are not as easily controlled...there is a freedom in Christ in every aspect of a person’s life. The officials recognize this. What the officials need to understand is that Christians make great citizens. We really need to be in prayer for the leadership. They are bound by their thoughts and fears and need to be set free by Christ also. During the last decade working in this country, we have lived and worked, made friends and people have said they are our enemies, and our family has grown to 5. We have helped improve the income of hundreds of people and scores of people have come to Christ. We have helped establish three mills. We have spent many nights and days miles from dependable roads talking with rice farmers and sleeping in grass huts and later meeting with high government officials, ambassadors and heads of large corporations and organizations. Depending on how you count, at least four churches have been planted, and we have probably helped to plant four times that. We had our friend abducted and probably killed. We had a church burned not 10 miles from our home and 9 church leaders arrested. Eight were later released, the other was martyred. “S” and “N” have received threats concerning their Christian activity and others believe and their faith increases. Natural Products International is no longer an entity in here. It is a defunct business, but its impact is still being felt. The old workers are scattering. Every one of the core workers are Christian, and some very evangelistic. Those seeds are scattered and there will be other harvests.

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