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I spent several hours this past month taking photos of our outdoor team building course, DSOTO. People have to get close, support each other and work together to finish the course.

Vol. IX Issue X June 2013

Camp Shiloh! Every summer my parents host a “Grandma & Grandpa Camp” they call Camp Shiloh. My four nephews and my niece spend a week with my parents and me. We fish, swim, go to the beach, sing, play a mean (and long) monopoly game, and laugh and laugh and laugh.

What’s in a Creative Arts Presentation? Every time we hold orientation and training for our missionary candidates, interns, or apprentices, Carla and I are given about an hour to turn them into professional artists. Not really. We do however fill their heads with who we are, what services and materials are available to them, support raising information, newsletter do’s and don’ts, and then answer a caboodle of questions. One of the things I tell them is that we are here for them. We want to help them communicate professionally and effectively. While working on a tight or non-existent budget it’s hard, but there are ways to be cost effective and still maintain a quality. We talk about what goes in a newsletter: content and design. The most important thing to include in a newsletter is to talk about what God is doing (I know I certainly fall short on that sometimes). I also teach them design

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elements like white space, keeping proportions locked, not to use word art or clip art, etc. Carla talks about using clear sections in a newsletter, making it scannable, to including their name (believe it or not some people forget), and other basic information and ideas. I end the presentation with a crash course on photography. A few simple design and composition examples are included as well as some more do’s and don’ts with types of pictures and camera usage. Begging for them to share their future photos, videos and stories is also included at the end. One of the many things I love about my job is getting to help folks communicate more effectively, whether it’s to someone they’re ministering to on the field or those back home that are praying for them to be successful and encouraging them to persevere. @teamexpansion @shaunaruth77

And They’re Off! The Pathways  summer  interns  have  sca\ered  the  globe  and  arrived  safely.  Three  to   Japan,  four  to  the  Middle  East,  two  to  Peru,  two  to  Spain,  and  one  each  to  East  Asia,   Taiwan,  and  Mongolia.  Each  time  the  college  students  arrive  at  Emerald  Hills  for  their   week  of  training  before  they  head  out  it  always  takes  me  back  to  my  three  Pathways   summers  to  Japan,  Colombia  and  Kosova.  This  summer  will  change  them  forever.   Pray  they  will  be  open  to  the  Spirit’s  leading,  that  they’ll  lean  on  Him  when  times  get   tough  and  they’re  faced  with  challenges  they’ve  never  faced  before.  Ask  God  to  open   doors,  break  down  walls,  and  use  them  encourage  the  missionaries,  love  the  broken,   and  bring  people  closer  to  the  God  of  Wonders.

PRAY Unreached People Group

Tigre of Eritrea • Population: • Language: • Religion: • Evangelical:

1,322,000 Tigre Islam 1.2%

Go to to learn more about unreached people groups and how to pray for them and for more harvest workers to go share the love of Jesus with them.


Prayer Requests & Praises ✤

Ask God  to  bless  the  NACC  (North  American  Christian  Convention)  and  all   those  who  will  be  a\ending!  It’s  just  around  the  corner  and  it’s  here  in  Louisville!   If  you’re  coming,  be  sure  to  stop  by  The  Wall  and  the  Team  Expansion  booth. Thank  God  for  a  great  week  off  in  Florida  with  my  parents,  nephews  and  niece! The  Hopewell  House  (our  old  home  office  building)  finally  sold  (after  4  years)!   Praise  God.   Pray  for  my  teammate  Carla  Williams  (and  husband  JC)  as  they  head  to  Taiwan   next  month  to  help  with  our  Taiwan  Team’s  Sports  and  English  Camp.  They  need   $500  more  to  cover  the  cost. Two  students  were  baptized  in  Ukraine!  Watch  the  video  on  Team  Expansion’s   Facebook  page  and  celebrate  with  us.  Pray  they  will  remain  faithful.

Message from the President Team Expansion  people  are  passionate.  In  fact,  we'ʹve   identified  7  Great  Passions  that  we  all  hold  dear: 1)  God  -­‐‑  He'ʹs  our  reason.   2)  Prayer  -­‐‑  In  fact,  our  org  started  in  a  prayer  meeting  in  1978. 3)  People  -­‐‑  God  loved  people  enough  to  send  his  Son  for  them. 4)Effective  Communication  -­‐‑  We'ʹre  all  about  heart  language,   relationships,  and  truth. 5) Making  Disciples  -­‐‑  This  is  the  focus  of  the  Great  Commission. 6) Creative,  strategic  perseverance  until  the  results  are  achieved  -­‐‑  Taking  the  Good  News   globally  is  hard  work.  But  we  don'ʹt  quit. 7) Growth  -­‐‑  God  seems  so  set  on  redeeming  people  from  every  tribe,  caste  and  kindred.   And  he  doesn'ʹt  want  just  a  few.  Read  Revelation.  He  wants  thousands.   These  7  passions  ignite  our  hearts  and  our  service.  Thank  you  for  undergirding  the   global  work  of  Team  Expansion. Doug  Lucas

Financial Report GIVE ONLINE: Enter my name on the “Missionary/Project Name” line. SEND A CHECK: Please make checks payable to “Team Expansion,” do not put my name on the memo line (just make sure my name is on the envelope) and send it to: Team Expansion ATTN: Shauna Peterson Account 4112 Old Routt Road Louisville, KY 40299 Beginning Balance Support IN: Monthly Gifts (Churches) Monthly Gifts (Individuals) Special Gifts Payments OUT Salary (Food, Gas, etc) Housing Life Insurance Health Insurance Dental Insurance Car Insurance Utilities (water/electric/gas) Postage Ministry (printing + Adobe CS6) Internet/Phone Team Share Tax/Social Security Total

$5,013.24 $1,532.15 $1,085.00 $225.00 -$650.00 -$679.60 -$15.31 -$156.37 -$36.65 -$378.50 -$92.52 -$17.00 -$41.79 -$133.30 -$100.00 -$300.00 ($2,601.04) $5,254.35

Ending Balance Current supporting churches: FCC of Lake Butler (FL), Discovery CC (FL), Southeast CC (KY), Union Chapel CC (IN)

Newsletter 06 2013  

Shauna Peterson's monthly newsletter

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