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April 2011 Vol. VII Issue VIII

We were blessed to get a visit from April Houk (center). After working for years in Haiti and the past two in Verona, sheʼs moved back to the U.S. to get married. Carla (right) and I visited her in Italy in 2009. Though her time with Team Expansion is over she will no doubt continue to advocate for missions.

“What has been your journey to becoming a missionary?” A college student (who I used to teach when she was in middle school), asked to interview me for her missions class. Here’s my answer to “What has been your journey to becoming a missionary? Were you interested in mission work as a young person or did this desire come to you later as an adult?” Read the whole interview on my blog at Missions has always intrigued me. Having grown up a preacher's kid, four years at a Bible college, Christian camps, VBS, and three years as a church secretary, my life has been surrounded by mission work. I loved to travel. I loved Jesus. Those obviously go together in mission work. Later I learned that missions is much more than just a love for adventure and Jesus. And when I considered a career in missions, the prospect of leaving my family and friends seemed too hard. So, for many years I pushed it aside. But God kept bringing it back. I knew I was living in a bubble and had to break it somehow. I was young and single and knew I didn't want to be a church secretary for the rest of my life. Why not give it a try? So I resigned. I moved in with my sister and her family in order to raise enough money to go on a summer internship with 4112 Old Routt Road Louisville, KY 40299

Team Expansion to Ireland. After a few months though, they called and said they wanted me to join the Japan team instead. What?! I told them I would pray about it as I got off the phone. And then I started to cry. My sister started to laugh. She told me to notice what I had sat down to watch with my nephews VeggieTale's Jonah! As he cried about not wanting to go to Ninevah, I was crying about not wanting to go to Japan. Needless to say, I went to Japan. I guess God wanted me to be challenged in every possible way that summer. And I was. He knew it was what I needed to see the big picture. And what I needed to begin a "career" in mission work. I learned something else that summer and the two consecutive summers overseas (Colombia, Kosova). My gifts are not for field service. God gave me gifts and a personality to serve behind the scenes. I learned that we all have different gifts as the Body of Christ. I'm not a great evangelist, but I am great at giving great evangelists tools and resources to be more effective. I love what I do and know that what I do is a huge help and blessing to missionaries who are raising support, being trained, on furlough, and working on the field.

Office: (800) 447-0800 Cell: (502) 468-8693 Fax: (502) 719-0008

World Events These past couple of months I feel like I’ve watched more news than the entire last two years put together. Our teams in North Africa and the Middle East are safe and God is moving in mighty ways during the crises there. Across the world in Japan, our teams are also okay and busy helping with the relief efforts. God is giving them many opportunities to share His love with a hurting people. Please continue to pray for each of these regions and continued open doors.

Design Books! Hooray for used books! A few weeks ago I was at one of my favorite places, Barnes and Noble, and discovered a whole section I never knew they had: Graphic Design! I found several books that will help me learn things I only guessed at. Unfortunately they were all out of my price range, which was zero. I checked them out on Amazon and found them available for a fraction of the cost! In this ministry I’ve not been able to take classes in graphic art and design, but these books will help a great deal.

Prayer Requests ✤

Pray for more monthly financial support. (I recently had to get $1050 of work done on my car. The Lord blessed me through my church family in Lake Butler with $500 to help pay for the repairs! God is so good.) Pray for more workers to reach the 6,700+ unreached people groups. Each month I focus on a different group to the left. It’s easy to skim over it and forget that they have names, personalities, souls. Pray for the 5.8 million Vakkaligas today. Ask God to keep helping me grow in my knowledge of creating useful and effective projects for missionaries and their ministries.

Message from the President Dear Friend of the Great Commission, When friends ask my wife if she worries when I travel overseas, she explains, "Not really. When Doug's traveling, more people are praying for him than at any other time, so I figure he's safer than ever." Likewise, when you lift up the needs of your favorite Team Expansion missionary, you not only put at ease that worker's family members and friends, but you also speed along the progress of the gospel. Paul wrote to the Colossians (from prison, interestingly enough), "Pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should." These words are engraved on the chimney of a unique double-sided fireplace in the Fern Creek Christian Church Prayer Pavilion here at Emerald Hills. We thank you for bringing them to life for your favorite worker. And thank you for your support of Team Expansion's global vision of transforming communities among the unreached by planting churches.

Doug Lucas

Unreached People Group Vakkaliga, of India • Population: 5,873,000 Kannada • Language: Hinduism • Religion: • Evangelical: 0.00% Go to to learn more about unreached people groups and how to pray for them and for more harvest workers to go share the love of Jesus with them.

MARCH Financial Report If you wish to make a contribution or become a monthly supporter, you may give online on my website: or you may send a check. Please make checks payable to Team Expansion. Your support is tax deductible as long as my name does not appear on the check itself. Send checks to: Team Expansion ATTN: Shauna Peterson Account 4112 Old Routt Road Louisville, KY 40299 Beginning Balance


Support IN: Monthly Gifts (Churches) Monthly Gifts (Individuals) Special Gifts

$866.09 $665.00 $580.00

Payments OUT Salary Rent Life Insurance Health Insurance Rental Insurance Dental Insurance Utilities Postage Ministry Internet/Phone Team Share Tax/Social Security Total

Ending Balance Current supporting churches: FCC of Lake Butler (FL) Southeast CC (Louisville, KY)

-$550.00 -$725.00 -$15.31 -$112.56 -$13.81 -$30.98 -$146.23 -$35.20 $0.00 -$68.70 -$100.00 -$300.00 ($2,097.79) $384.41

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