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April 2010 Vol. VI Issue VIII

One day this month one of our missionary kids, who lives in Louisville, traveled to Robards, Kentucky to meet two of the three horses being donated to Team Expansion.

Heading South! Georgia and Florida, here I come! It has been quite a while since I’ve been down south and even longer since I’ve reported to my supporters! I’ll be down south for two weeks beginning April 16 to May 1. Just like an overseas missionary goes on furlough or home service, I try to visit my supporters every year or two. This way I get to share with them face to face about the great things God is doing with the help of their prayers and financial giving. I would love to see as many of you as I can during these two weeks. Email me and let me know when a good time would be and I’ll try to work it in. We can go out for coffee or walk in a park - hey, it’s springtime! 4112 Old Routt Road Louisville, KY 40299

Office: (800) 447-0800 Cell: (904) 891-3241 Fax: (502) 719-0008

My schedule thus far: April 18 - Open (AM & PM) April 20-21 - Lakeport, FL April 25 - Lake Butler, FL (AM) Open (PM) April 26 - Jacksonville, FL April 28-29 - Albany, GA As you can see there are a few slots to fill. If you know of a church or Sunday school class I could visit on one of the “open” time slots let me know. I would love to share with them what Team Expansion and my Creative Arts team does.

The E.H. Corral If you are on Facebook you have most certainly noticed my posts about the recent donations of three horses being given to Team Expansion’s missionary kids (MKs). There are nearly 200 MKs all over the world within our organization. The kids and families will be able to follow news of the horses online, one of which is a rare breed (just born on March 19). When they visit Emerald Hills on their furloughs they’ll be able to hang out with these beautiful creatures! The word is beginning to spread and they are excited! This blessing does come with a price though. We are needing to raise funds for preparations and up keep. Visit the website I created: You can also join the group E.H. Corral on Facebook! Questions? Just ask.

Creative Arts Team is Growing! Matt Crosser has joined the Creative Arts Team with bittersweet emotions. He, with his wife Angie, has had to step down as the Verona (Italy) team leader in order to remain in the U.S. to care for his brother and his brother’s kids. Kevin, Matt’s brother, was in an accident last year and is recovering very slowly. By joining the CA Team, Matt will be able to work from Tulsa while taking care of his brother.

Prayer Requests ✤

Wisdom for the Creative Arts Team; that God would grant us the creativity we need to help and advise missionaries to communicate well

Emerald Hills ✤ Pray that someone will buy our old building soon 270 friends or groups to participate in Multiply the Momentum Additional support needed due to recent loss due to the economy ✤

✤ ✤

Safe travels and good visits/presentations in GA & FL later this month

Funds needed for the E.H. Corral

Message from the President Perhaps you've seen these notes in multiple Team Expansioners' newsletters. You might have wondered why we include it each month. The truth is -- we're a team! A global team. This enables us to reduce duplication, avoid "reinventing the wheel," and share common resources and tools. In turn, this enables us to save valuable time, resources, and money -which, for you and your local church, means better stewardship and more effective Kingdom outreach. At the same time, our workers around the world have a ton of flexibility. Nobody micro-manages; nobody hands out arbitrary orders from some armchair in a faraway land. Teams function according to timetested principles of strategy, accountability, and teamwork, but on a day-to-day basis, God is the one honored as Chief Executive. It's a great system and it's all possible because of you and others like you who empower Team Expansion with your prayers, gifts, and encouragement. So thank you for being a "force multiplier" for Team Expansion and thank you for helping your favorite Team Expansion missionary change the world! Doug Lucas

Unreached People Group Arab, Yemeni of Yemen • • • •

Population: Language: Religion: Evangelical:

9,698,000 Arabic Islam 0.00%

Go to to learn more about unreached people groups and how to pray for them and for more harvest workers to go share the love of Jesus with them.


Financial Report If you wish to make a contribution or become a monthly supporter, you may give online on my website: or you may send a check. Please make checks payable to Team Expansion. Your support is tax deductible as long as my name does not appear on the check itself. Send checks to: Team Expansion ATTN: Shauna Peterson Account 4112 Old Routt Road Louisville, KY 40299 Beginning Balance Support IN: Monthly Gifts (Churches) Monthly Gifts (Individuals) Special/One Time Gifts Payments OUT Salary Rent Life Insurance Health Insurance (bi-monthly) Rental Insurance Dental Insurance Utilities Postage Ministry Cell/Internet Team Share Tax/Social Security Total

$247.87 $1,084.32 $1,015.00 $20.00 -$729.00 -$725.00 -$15.31 -$366.00 -$11.90 -$29.23 -$62.89 -$26.40 -$30.74 -$86.37 -$100.00 -$286.00 ($2,468.84) -$101.65

Ending Balance Current supporting churches: FCC of Lake Butler (FL), Albany CC (GA), Southeast CC (Louisville, KY), and Macclenny CC (FL)

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