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A family who serves in the Middle East was in the office this past month. Our Missionary Kid Ministry needed extra hands taking care of the kids one day while their parents were in meetings and asked me to help. Love kids? You could help too! Ask me how.

March 2011 Vol. VII Issue VII

Facebook Connects Single Missionaries! Being single has its challenges. Being a single missionary has even more, especially if you work in another country. There is a lot out there for couples and families, but the singles are left to figure out things on our own. Last month I decided to start a Facebook group called the Single “M” Network.

people meet, fall in love, and marry because of this site, praise God! That isn’t its purpose though. The Network is a place for singles to connect and encourage each other. I’m excited to see what God is going to do through this group of single servants.

I contacted the other mission organizations such as CMF, PBT, and NMSI (notice Team Expansion is the only one that’s not abbreviated.) So far the group has about 50 singles from these and other organizations who work all over the world. And I know what you’re probably thinking, “This is a for single missionaries!” No. It isn’t. Given, if 4112 Old Routt Road Louisville, KY 40299

Office: (800) 447-0800 Cell: (502) 468-8693 Fax: (502) 719-0008

A few print projects I designed this month...

Unreached People Group Tibetan, Central of China • Population: 865,000 Tibetan, Central • Language: Buddhism • Religion: • Evangelical: 0.01% Go to to learn more about unreached people groups and how to pray for them and for more harvest workers to go share the love of Jesus with them.

FEBRUARY Financial Report

Prayer Requests ✤

Pray for more monthly financial support. Pray that the Single “M” Network will be a positive and effective resource to the many single workers serving all over the world. Ask Him to give me wisdom in ways to engage and encourage everyone in the group. Ask God to keep helping me grow in my knowledge of creating useful and effective projects for missionaries and their ministries. I was rear-ended a couple weeks ago. Praise God everyone was okay and the driver’s insurance is paying for my repairs.

Message from the President Dear “Fellow-worker,” That phrase, "fellow-worker" is a special phrase in the New Testament. It is used in several passages and it always speaks toward the concept that those who support a missionary are equally involved in the mission. Take III John for instance. The word translated "fellow-worker" (one who "shows hospitality", III John 8) there in several translations is a term that can mean give food, offer housing, give money, and even "accompany" (as in, accompany the person to the next town). By becoming involved in this way with the traveler, John says we "work together for the truth" (also verse 8). So when you help your favorite Team Expansion missionary "on a journey for His name's sake," you're doing a lot more than a "good turn." You're actually participating in the work -- in a very real way. For that, we are all very grateful -the organization, the worker, and the people being reached! Thank you!

Doug Lucas

If you wish to make a contribution or become a monthly supporter, you may give online on my website: or you may send a check. Please make checks payable to Team Expansion. Your support is tax deductible as long as my name does not appear on the check itself. Send checks to: Team Expansion ATTN: Shauna Peterson Account 4112 Old Routt Road Louisville, KY 40299 Beginning Balance Support IN: Monthly Gifts (Churches) Monthly Gifts (Individuals) Special Gifts Payments OUT Salary Rent Life Insurance Health Insurance Rental Insurance Dental Insurance Utilities Postage Ministry (printing for more support) Internet/Phone Team Share Tax/Social Security Total

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