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March 2009 Vol. V Issue VII

Shauna’s News 4112 Old Routt Road, Louisville, KY 40299 Office: (800) 447-0800 Cell: (904) 891-3241

Prayer Requests !

Financial and Prayer Support needed

Diligence in learning Joomla & Adobe CS3 Creativity and wisdom in completing projects effectively and on time. ! Funding for Emerald Hills ! Emerald Hills ! Smooth transition - Moving in March 10 ! Dedication - March 28 ! Funding for Phase I and future Phases ! Carla and Nathan to raise their financial support to get here soon. ! !

Unreached People Group: Arab, Sudanese of Egypt •Population: ! •Language: ! •Religion: ! •Evangelical: "

Go to to learn more about unreached people groups and how to pray for them and for more harvest workers to go share the love of Jesus with them.

An Afternoon with Southeast

Several months ago an idea came to me. I’ve always loved the materials and graphics Southeast Christian Church here in Louisville produces. Ever since I began working on the Creative Arts Team I wanted to visit their offices, meet the Creative Arts Team at Southeast, and just maybe learn from and be inspired by them. After going online and sending a well thought out email to the general inbox at SECC requesting a time I could visit, I was disappointed when I didn’t hear anything back. After beginning to think I should try another tactic, God placed the opportunity in my lap. It shouldn’t have surprised me when after my brother’s Christmas concert in Lexington, I bumped into an old aquaintance and with him were two of his friends - one of whom works in none other than the Creative Arts Department or as they call it, the Communications Department. I literally jumped up and down with excitement. Renee was very nice and quickly understood my enthusiasm as she, herself, had been in a very similar situation. Before working with SECC she was the only graphic designer for the organization where she had been employed. I gave her my card and asked her to email me and let me know when a good time would be to get together. Within a week I heard back from her. Since December and January were so busy we scheduled our meeting for the beginning of February. Renee and I met for lunch and spent some time getting to know each other and what led us to work in graphic design. Unlike

4,135,000 Arabic, Sudanese Spoken Islam 0.20%

myself, Renee has a degree in this area. After seeing some of her work I was left with my mouth hanging open. She is very much involved in designing their Sunday bulletins. These have often found their way to a stack in my house, not because I’ve necessarily written notes on them, but because they are too beautiful to throw away! She led me over to the main office building and gave me the grand tour where we ended up in her cubical. Here I was able to ask my “20 Questions”, even though I’d already bombarded her with tons along the way. Renee was very generous in her answers, suggestions, and encouragement. She even offered to critique some of my designs since I currently don’t have anyone to do this in our office. The afternoon I spent with Renee was truly a blessing and I hope and pray that one day I'll be able to help produce such great and beautiful projects for Team Expansion. SECC have been blessed and have in turn blessed me. I pray this new connection with SECC will grow and blossom into something greater than I can imagine.





This past month I have seen the Prayer Center and Atrium transform from a shell of a building to the first stages of our new home. We now have carpet, paint on the walls, phone and electric wires laid, and more. Many of us have spent office hours, after hours, and weekends painting, cleaning, grouting, etc. to get the building ready to move in by March 10. Each month we all get together for a morning of prayer and fasting. We pray for unreached nations, new workers, our current workers, the future of Emerald Hills, and each other. We usually do this under the Prayer Pavilion, but since the building now has heat, lights, and carpet we decided to have our very first gathering in the new building! As we sat around in our circle, breaking up into smaller groups from time to time, I couldn’t help but be awed by all that God has done to get us Note the here. A dream is now a reality. new address! ENLARGING THE HARVEST

I’ll have more on this new opportunity in the future, but as we are still figuring it all out, I just wanted to give you a “heads up”. As you probably already know, Team Expansion does not take a percentage from their missionaries to cover overhead cost for the home office expenses, travel expenses for Field Coordinators or Member Care personnel, or department budgets like Creative Arts projects, etc. Enlarging the Harvest will, Lord willing, provide funds for these and many more projects. We are asking 1,500 people to give $100 twice a year to go towards (1) Prayer Center & Atrium debt (2) Construction for next phase (3) funding for overseas and home projects for our missionaries.

Message from the President "Dear fellow-worker in world evangelism,

Thanks again for the support you give to make possible Team Expansion's work around the world. Through God's power and your support, we're now at work in nearly 50 nations around the globe for His glory. Meanwhile, back at our sending base in Louisville, Kentucky, the organization is poised to move onto a new 61-acre campus (on March 10th). (If you'd like to attend the dedication on March 28th, stop by for the latest info, or drop us an email at or call 800-447-0800. We'd love to welcome you! Or alternatively, participate real-time over the web! Just drop us your email address and we'll send you the instructions.) It's fitting that the first building we built is a Prayer Center. Join us in lifting it up and dedicating it to God as a new fulcrum to recruit, send, and prepare workers for the world! And thanks again for making possible the work of your favorite Team Expansion worker! - Doug Lucas, President of Team Expansion


If you have an regarding this y questions about anything contact me. If report, please feel free to contribution you wish to make a supporter, yoor become a monthly website listed u may give online on my check. Please below or you may send a Team Expansi make checks payable to deductible as on. Your support will be tax appear on the long as my name does not check itself. Beginning B alance Support IN: (-$170.13)

Monthly Gifts (Churches) Monthly Gifts (Individuals) Special/One Ti me Gifts Payments OU T

$1,026.77 $1,435.00 $130.00 (-$2,464.71) (-$43.07)

Ending Balan ce Send checks to: Team Exp si on ATTN: Shaan a Peterson Acc 4112 Old Run ount Louisville, KoYutt Road 40299 Current suppor tin FCC of Lake B g churches: utler, Albany, & Macclenny

Thank yo u for your


From Carla

Carla Cassel is currently raising support to join me on the Creative Arts Team our writer. I love reading her newsletters and this month was no exception. Here is a little of what she wrote. “I sat in a library in Joplin, Missouri, absently staring at my computer screen while my mind occupied itself with its greatest pastime: worry. My trip to Joplin was supposed to last me only four days, and I was pushing 10. There to help my sister through the delivery of her first child, my kind intentions and dedication to my family were being sorely tested by the niggling doubts of a life left behind. I can’t do a single thing for Team Expansion while I’m here. This is going to put me so behind. My boss is being understanding – so far – but how long can her graciousness hold out? I have a thousand things to do at home, but here I am, stuck waiting for a stubborn baby to decide she’s good and ready. And in that moment, it hit me: None of this was a surprise to God. He knew my sister would need me, knew she’d be facing weeks of waiting and frustration and would need my presence, my humor, my encouragement. And God wasn’t the least bit concerned about all the things I needed to get done. He wasn’t sitting up in heaven, biting His nails and trying to think up a good Plan B. This was His Plan A, and I was sitting right in the middle of it. And just like He did for Martha, who was letting the concerns of her ministry trump the people she was serving, Jesus gently whispered, ‘Carla, Carla. You are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed.’ And in that moment, I let my worries fall away, and I thanked God, once again, for knowing exactly what to say.”

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March 2009 Newsletter

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