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January 2009 Vol. V Issue V

Shauna’s News 3700 Hopewell Road, Louisville, KY 40299 Office: (800) 447-0800 Cell: (904) 891-3241

Prayer Requests Financial and Prayer Support needed Diligence in learning Joomla (website tool) ! Funds for the building of Emerald Hills ! Move in to Emerald Hills by March 1st hopefully! ! Having oral surgery on Jan. 22 to take my wisdom teeth out - I’m nervous, but my mom is coming! ! Carla and Nathan to raise their support to get here soon. ! Coworker, Martin Brooks, has cancer ! !

Unreached People Group: Pasemah, Muslims of Indonesia •Population: ! 518,000 •Language: ! Malay, Central •Religion: ! Islam •Evangelical: " 0.01% Go to to learn more about unreached people groups and how to pray for them and for more harvest workers to go share the love of Jesus with them.

Creative Arts Team - Update

The first week of January was another Launch. Six missionary candidates came to Louisville for a week of training and support raising preparation. One couple and a single lady are headed to two countries in Southeast Asia. One lady will be working with our team who works in the inner-city of Cincinnati, Ohio, and two others are coming in to work here at International Services. One of the ladies coming in to the office, Carla Cassel, I am happy to report, will be working with me on the Creative Arts Team. She will be our writer - writing material for our missionaries, publications, web content, and much more. At Launch she began her support raising journey. Our hope is that she’ll be able to start working here this summer. During Launch, Carla stayed in my home. I was anxious to get to know the new member of my team since I virtually knew nothing about her until I picked her up from the airport. We stayed up talking for quite a while and I knew immediately we would get along great! The rest of the week was a breeze. She is a joy to be

January Launch Candidates

around. I know God is going to use her in amazing ways. Please keep Carla in your prayers as she works to raise her prayer and financial support in the coming months so that she’ll be able to move here and begin work come July. Nathan Holt, the future Creative Arts Director, is still raising support as well. He and his wife are expecting a baby girl in the next few months. They’d really like to move here by February to get settled and find a doctor for the pregnancy and delivery. If they can’t get their support by then they will wait until this summer after the delivery. Please pray that the funds will come in so they will be able to move in February. We REALLY need them. No matter when Carla and Nathan get here, I know a lot of great things are going to happen this year with the Creative Arts Team. God is moving and I’m really looking forward to seeing what He’s going to do through us!





It’s cold up here, but as of January 7, we have electricity and heat in the new building out at Emerald Hills! This is wonderful news we’ve been waiting on this for a long time. Due to the lack of electricity and the weather we haven’t been able to work on certain things in the building to complete it for us to move in. During the next few weeks now we’ll be staining, painting, carpeting, and other final touches. We’re hoping to be able to move in on March 1st. THANK GOD FOR MY LIFE

On my way back to Kentucky after the Christmas holiday, I had a very close call that could have ended badly. I was driving through downtown Atlanta and had to slam on my brakes after rounding a curve and seeing a recent accident for which emergency vehicles were stopping traffic. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem for me, but this particular morning it was wet after raining through the night. I spun out and my car turned two (or more) 360 degree spins. It was just me and my dog, Kira, and I didn’t see my life flash before my eyes, but I think hers did. My car finally stopped between the left merging lane, after the guard rail, away from the divider wall, and next to the stopped traffic. And, no, I didn’t hit a thing! God guided and stopped my car - there are no other explanations. For those of you who My family during Thanksgiving prayed for my safe return, this is proof that God hears us and prayer works! Thank you!

Message from the President THE POWER OF TOGETHER -- Have you ever felt alone in a crowd'? I remember once, as a kid attending the Indy 500 qualifications, a cloud-bursting thunderstorm caused a mob reaction that ended up separating me from the family hosting me at the event. I was alone in a crowd of some 400,000 people. Yikes. Nightmarish. Missions used to be kind of like that. Some folks went to the field with their clothing packed up in their coffins. Thankfully, times have changed. Better communication, better training, and most of all, better camaraderie. Many Team Expansion workers say that their #1 reason for joining up is community. In short, they don't have to go it alone. When you support the work of your favorite Team Expansion missionary, the cool part is, you're supporting the work of a team operation. After all, Jesus prayed (in John 17) that we would all be "one" so that the world would be "won." I'm excited to tell you that, these days, I feel we're a lot closer to that prayer's fulfillment than ever before. Thank you for your support... and may God bless your 2009. !



- Doug Lucas, President of Team Expansion


If you have an regarding this y questions about anything contact me. If report, please feel free to contribution you wish to make a supporter, yoor become a monthly website listed u may give online on my check. Please below or you may send a Team Expansi make checks payable to deductible as on. Your support will be tax appear on the long as my name does not check itself. Beginning B alance Support IN: $439.80

Monthly Gifts (Churches) Monthly Gifts (Individuals) Special/One Ti me Gifts Payments OU T

$938.99 $1,710.00 $125.00 -$2,533.17 $680.62

Ending Balan ce Send checks to: Team Exp si on ATTN: Shaan una Peterson 3700 Hopew Account Louisville, KYell Road 40299 Current suppor tin FCC of Lake B g churches: utler, Albany, & Macclenny

Thank yo u for your

Hard Times


We all are quite aware of the economy’s problems right now. I don’t know the effects it has or will have on your household, but I wanted to thank those of you who support me financially each month for continuing your support. You know I cannot do this without the financial donations that you so generously give. What I do here at Team Expansion’s International Services is just one part in fulfilling the Great Commission. I picture myself as the wrist helping to move the hand and fingers, but the people who pray and give financially to mission work are the veins and tendons. I recently was bitten on my wrist by my sister’s dog. The bite wasn’t too bad, but it ached for days. The insides were bruised. The wrist doesn’t work properly without the insides and as a result the hand certainly isn’t able to function well either. Thank you for making it possible for me to do my part in the Kingdom of God. It is something I love to do. I can see every day the difference we are making together. That being said, I know times are hard for all of us. If you are not able to support me in the future, please let me know. I am always grateful for any and every size gift. God bless you all!

01-09 Newsletter  

January 2009 Newsletter