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HTML 5: Excellent Web Technology Website development and mobile technology is become hot trend and is one of the crucial needs for a business era. The internet has assumed the place of a very potent tool in the hands of people for any kind of problems. This is for a very simple reason that the World Wide Web has been loaded with so much content from all over the world that it has solutions for each and every bubble that blows up in your minds.

HTML 5: Techniques for Website Development Ever since the dawn of internet civilization there have been several innovations in technology and its application. HTML5 also falls in the line of innovative technologies that have been acquiring newer and better shapes with every passing day. It is the latest standard for HTML with great additions to the previous versions of HTML, HTML 4.01. The introduction of the HTML has significantly changed the internet with its remarkable tools and properties. It was designed to replace HTML 4, XHTML and HTML DOM Level 2 and clubbed up with the properties of all in one, for the convenience of the internet users. The purpose behind doing this was to deliver rich content to the readers without the use of any additional plug-ins. In the previous versions the user had to install many other software tools in order to have complete access to all the contents of the website, so the HTML5 development was introduced as inbuilt with the properties of the additional plug-ins and it became easier for the viewer to have complete access to the website without having to install specific software tools.

HTML 5: Some Amazing Functionality

Storage Facility Data can be stored on a user’s computer or on mobile device, so web apps can work without an internet connection as well.

Audio Audio in HTML5 is embedded within page easily through a single code. Not required any other additional plug-ins.

Video HTML5 allows developers to embed videos in web pages just like they embed images. Not required any other additional plug-ins.

Game - Interactive games can run with just a Web browser without installing other software or plug-ins.

HTML5: Interesting Facts HTML5 is available to more than 1.8 Billion devices around the world. This figure is more than the population of America, Europe and Russia combined.

By 2013 more than 1 Billion mobile phones build with HTML5 enabled.

By 2015 80% of all mobile apps will utilize HTML5

Over 60% and more developers have converted to HTML5 and hybrid development of their important projects

About 74% of the browser market currently provides HTML5 support

More than 70% of HTML5/Hybrid developers are using HTML5 more this year than last year and 75% plan to use it more in 2015

19% and above of native developers look ahead to use native technologies less in the future.

HTML5: What Famous Person Says:

HTML5 lets web developers create advanced graphics, typography, animations and transitions without relying on third party browser plug-ins (like Flash) -Steve Jobs, Former CEO of Apple

The Ajax revolution was a hack, and with modern HTML5 browsers we finally have a fantastic runtime -Dion Almaer, Founder of Ajaxian

HTML5: Responsive Web Designing The current generation of technology is witnessing a boom in the smart devices. Every individual is equipped with a different kind of device that is used to access internet. In order to fill the gap created due to use of different devices the concept of responsive web designing was launched so that the websites are adaptable and easily accessible to each and every user irrespective of the platform and size of the screen of the device on which it is being accessed.

This technology made internet as mobile as the smart mobile phones with the mobile HTML5 development. It is a cross-platform that is designed to work on all the devices. So, you can access internet and reach for the desired website even when you are using a PC, a tablet, a smart-phone, or even a smart TV.

While HTML5 is complete in terms of features and as a specification, the standards are not ready yet. Another thing remaining is its implementation by the browsers. While many browsers are already compatible to it in some or the other way, many are still waiting to become HTML5 friendly. W3C will publish the final recommendations and standards once it achieves interoperability of HTML5 crossways all the browsers and this is expected to be completed in 2014.

Html 5 excellent web technology