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Creative alliances A directory of projects for investors & donors - no commission to intermediary - small contributions welcome from $1 or ÂŁ1 please email or use donate button

Exhibition of Oriental Art & Giant Origami Project Art Gallery

Publish new books “Wildflowers” & “Unsung Heroine” Sons of England Literary Award wining author

Reduce our interest rate - loan Current high interest borrower, excellent repayment record

Replacement laptop computer University student

Restoration of church Charitable trust

Artist commission – stained glass windows & religious statues Charitable trust

Help to complete 1970s Porsche 928 rebuild project Private owner

Alterations & additions for elderly relative - loan House owner 100% FUNDED! 1

New gaming & social media launch Software developer

University tuition fees - loan Promising student 100% FUNDED!

Construction of swimming pool - loan Owner 100% FUNDED!

Air ticket purchase to return home Mother & teenage son stuck abroad

Replacement pre-owned car - loan Ancient VW Beetle driver

Winter clothes Low-income household 100% FUNDED!

New Xbox 360 controller to replace broken one University student

Build/assemble computer with purchased components University student


Steering wheel for PC/Xbox 360 driving games University student

Oculus Rift VR headset University student

Spare bedroom tax Parent of teenager studying away from home

Camera Canon 500D University student

Deposit for new residential lease - loan Low-income family

Parquet floors to replace carpets Dust allergy sufferers on low incomes – ongoing, multiple beneficiaries

Legal fees to apply to court for visitation access to elderly relative Victim of greedy lawyer, elderly relative forced into care home without consent

Legal fees to appoint curator - elderly relative's care preferences Victim of greedy lawyer, elderly relative forced into care home without consent


Legal fees to sue elderly relative's lawyer for defamation Victim of greedy lawyer

Legal fees to investigate disappearance of elderly relative's funds Victim of greedy lawyer

Travel funds to visit birth parents by daughter Victim of forced adoption by child traffickers (over 21)

Beginner swimming lessons for under-privileged children Coach

Elderly care manicures & pedicures welcome gifts - footspa & salts Manicurist 100% FUNDED!

Software development project – new safer free online payment gateway Computer systems analyst

Addressing snowballing bank charges initiative for those on low income Computer systems analyst

Development of reliable local free Email service with no adverts Computer systems analyst


Creative alliances