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The creative process is often a path which follows a straight line, but most of the times are thousands of paths going in different directions. It is an exercise where ideas, experiences, dilemmas, emotions and creations are fused. That is the activity that we face every day. Creativity is a thought or an answer to a doubt. It is a skill, a solution to a problem or an expression of free thinking. It is looking to the inside and externalize. It is a process of confession and communication of our true nature. To create is to imagine, to free and also questioning. It is to reflect and give opinions to thrill. It is about establishing relationships between possible and impossible. Between tangible and intangible. It is connecting arbitrary with justified. Trivial with essential. Complex with simple. Dreams with conscience. Everyone dreams so we all imagine. This creative direction in which imagination lies, it is the natural territory of our professional activity. There is one common project that unites us all, and that is: a creative affair.

Graphic Design/ Branding Corporate Identity Editorial Graphics Packaging Signage Illustration

From the briefing with the client to the development of the project. From the planning to the concept, from the managing to the realization. we are capable of managing internally any stage of the project.

Exhibition Design/ Stands Exhibitions Scenography Events/ Congresses Business presentations Formal Dinners Interior Design/ Comercial Residential Offices Product Design/ Furniture Lighting Products Industrial

01. Briefing 02. Project Analysis 03. Planning and Costs 04. Project Development 05. Project Realization 06. Coordination 07. Production Control

c/ Pujades 127, Baixos 08005 Barcelona SPAIN +34 93 421 52 00




Born in Barcelona, Roman starts his creative career in Industrial Design at Massana School of Arts and Design in Barcelona. Afterwards, he worked as a Junior Designer for nearly a year in the same city. He moved to London and enrolled in a BA( Hons) course in Product and Furniture Design at Kingston University London. After graduating, he completed an internship for almost a year at Viable London Ltd, where he collaborated in projects for clients like: Habitat, Decode London, Established&Sons, etc. He was offered a position to join the studio PearsonLloyd Ltd, in which he worked for a year developing projects for clients like: Martinez Otero, Westfield, Lufhtansa, Royal College of Art, Danerka, Aram Store, Bene, etc. He decided to go back to Barcelona and after working as a freelance for a year he co-founded CreativeAffairs where he currently works developing a variety of projects involving Lighting, Product, Furniture, Interiors, Communication, and Exhibition Design.

Laia was born in Barcelona in 1979. Since she was a child she wanted to be a sculptor, but the smell of wood from the family business made her choose industrial design. While she was studying Engineering on Industrial design in Elisava School she was working on her family麓s furniture factory. During years she worked in different studios in Barcelona and Milan: GTP arquitectos e ingenieros, Disseny entre 4 parets, Torres Decoraci贸, Studio Marco Piva and Conte Oggioni Partners.



Francesco was born in 1978 in Ragusa (Italy) He studies painting and visual communication in the art school of Siracusa.

Born in Barcelona started her early studies in Arts at the Massana School of Barcelona and specialized in Interior design.

In 2005 he graduates in Communication and Brand Design in il Politecnico de Milano. He collaborates with the studio of Alessandro Villa, Shloq in Augusta and also with the milanese practice of Conte Oggioni Partners where he develops projects of communication design, exhibition design and interiors. In 2008 he co-founded La-nevera together with Laia Guarro in which he worked until 2010, when he decided to co-found CreativeAffairs.

It was on this last studio where she meets Francesco Cusumano and after a year sharing experiences they decide to create La-Nevera a multidisciplinary studio dedicated to communication and exhibition design. In mid 2009 La-Nevera crosses its path with Fragmento Studio and together co-found CreativeAffairs.

After some work experience, she decided to continue her studies at Kingston University in London, where she could develop a more conceptual thinking. After university, Elena joined Mackay and Partners and collaborated in a variety of high end projects at a national and international level. She came back to her natal city in 2009 and after a year of working as a freelance she decided to co-found CreativeAffairs with her partners in crime.


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