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Creative Futures Institute Our Update Jan-Dec 2012



“Our work builds understanding through art, science, social science and the humanities, to develop a vision for the future that is creative, responsible and inspiring�



Our Update Jan-Dec 2012


Summary 30 outputs 25 headlines 35 talks 10 events 15 associates 20 students


Welcome from the Director “Welcome to the first newsletter of the Creative Futures Institute. Over year 1.0, we have appointed our first Associates and Advisory Board members, along with focusing on the development of our research strategy, business plan, online presence, and support systems. This year, many of our Associates were involved with the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, generating some of the most exciting work, drawing together diverse aspects of our research community.“

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�Art educators have an obligation to develop awareness in students of this shifting reality, and to encourage a creative approach to professional practice� Samantha Clark, 2012


Research Outputs

Samantha Clark’s ‘cloud chamber’ has exhibited internationally


Books Foley, M., McGillivray, D., McPherson, G. (2012) Events Policy: From Theory to Practice, London & New York, Routledge. Miah, A. & Garcia, B. (2012) The Olympics: The Basics. London & New York, Routledge Overend, D. (2012) Making Routes: Journeys in Live Performance, a Study Room Guide, London: Live Art Development Agency



Journal Articles Clark, S. (2012) Employability and the Fine Art Student, Transitions: Journal of the Centre for Education and the Built Environment 9(2). Crawford, E. (2012) Perpetuating Britishness: Rhetorical Strategies of Political Leaders in a Nation State Under Threat, Journal of Language and Politics. Foley, M and Hunt, G (2012) Events and Technology in Finkel, R, McGillivray, D; McPherson, G and Robinson, P (Eds) (2012) Research Themes in Events CABI. McGillivray, D & McPherson, G (2012) Mega Events: Neoliberalized vehicle or opportunity for strategic global leadership? Journal of


Accountability, Leadership and Ethics, 5 (9). McGillivray, D and McPherson, G (2012) Surfing the wave of change: A critical appraisal of London 2012 cultural programme, Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events Vol 4:2, 123-147. Miah, A. (2012) Bioarte: actuación transhumana y posthumana, Teknokultura, 9(1), 85-104. Miah, A. (2012) Genetics & Sport: Bioethical Concerns, Recent Patents on DNA and Gene Sequences, 6(3), 197-202. Overend, D. (2012) ‘Clubbing Audiences: Relational Theatre Practice at Death Disco’, New Theatre Quarterly 28(1), pp.67-79. Overend, David (2012) ‘Sites of Illusion: Performing the Spatial Stories of the Guided Tour’, Scandinavian Journal of Tourism and Hospitality 12(1), pp.44-54.


Book Chapters Carnicelli Filho, S. (2012) Tourism Developments and Distribution Channels in Brotas: Brazilian Adventure Capital. In Lohmann, G. & Dredge, D. (eds) Tourism in Brazil: Environment, management and segments. London & New York, Routledge, pp.92-107. McGillivray, D; McPherson, G and McKay, C (2012) Events and Volunteers in Finkel, R., McGillivray, D.; McPherson, G. and Robinson, P. (Eds) (2012) Research Themes in Events CABI. Miah, A. & Jones, J. (2012) The Olympic Movement's New Media


“Newspapers are useful for those who are keen to contrast their liberal outlook with what they consider to be illiberal nationalist others.� Ewan Crawford, 2012


FOCUS: "Substratum" by Alison Clifford cf. Associate Alison Clifford’s latest work“Substratum”is an experimental audio-visual artwork by artistcomposer duo, Alison Clifford and Graeme Truslove. It explores abstract relationships between sound and image. Both artists rely on algorithmic processes to generate audio and visual materials, which form the basis of their audio-visual compositions. The final montage is composed from layers of these sequences, sculpted to the nuances of the audio. The work has been exhibited at various places, notably the Arches in Glasgow and GA2010 – XIII International Generative Art Conference, Milan Italy

Screenshot of Alison Clifford’s ‘Substratum’


Revolution: Monetization, Open Media & Intellectual Property. In Lenskyj, H. & Wagg, S. Palgrave Handbook of Olympic Studies, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp.274-288. Miah, A. (2012) Q&A, in Harris, H., Kukkonen, S., Nykanen, O., and Tuovinen, J. TV Like Us, Reaktio Publishing, pp.65-67. Wolfenden, H (2012) 'Just be yourself? Talk radio and performance and authentic on-air selves', in Radio and Society: New Thinking for an Old Medium, ed. M Mollgaard, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne.


Practice Research Â

Clifford, A. & Truslove, G. (2012) Lux [audio visual art work], 2012 Lumen Prize shortlist, exhibited Shanghai, Hong Kong, Latvia, London Manderson, D. (2012) Union Rules. New Writing Scotland. Manderson, D. (2012) Location, dislocation: film and the Trossachs, in Brown, I. Literary Tourism, the Trossachs and Walter Scott. Glasgow, Scottish Literature International, pp.141-153.


“The nations of the Middle East and Gulf Region have, over the last decade, taken the sport event tourism world by storm.” Professor Malcolm Foley, Professor Gayle McPherson, & Dr David McGillivray, 2012.

Still image from Alison Clifford’s ‘Lux’


cf. 21

Media Impact “As well as studying the media, we are often in the media. We want our research to contribute to public debate and for it to influence all kinds of public.”

Deborah Warner’s Peace Camp at Anglesey, studied as part of our Cultural Olympiad research


(2012 August) BBC Radio 5 Live, CNN, Interview on Oscar Pistorius at the Paralympic Game (2012 July) BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC World Service Interview on social media and the Olympics (2012 July) BBC Radio 5 Live Interview on Oscar Pistorius at the Paralympic Games (2012 July) BBC2 Newsnight Interview about technology and the Olympics (2012 July) La Vanguardia, Spain Interview for ‘La Contra’ (2012 July) The Huffington Post Article about Oscar Pistorius ahead of London 2012


(2012 June) El Pais, Spain Profile piece on Prof Andy Miah (2012 June) El Pais, Spain Interview about ethics and future of banking system (2012 Jun) Channel 4 Paralympic Games interview (2012 Jun) Metro Newspapers Column on Olympics (2012 Apr) Scotland on Sunday, Profile on Andy Miah (2012 Feb) The Guardian, Olympic legacy for Education (2012, Feb) The Scotsman Column on the Future of Monarchy (2012 Jan) BBC Radio 4 Interview on Scottish devolution (2012 Jan) The Guardian Column on Celebrity Academics (2012 Jan) BBC Scotland Article on the UK Leveson Inquiry


FOCUS: Ewan Crawford Ewan Crawford’s research focuses on nationalism, identity, Scotland and the media. Formerly an advisor to the Finance Minister of Scotland, he is a regular commentator on the debates around devolution within the United Kingdom, most recently shaping the debate about independence. Ewan regularly appears on BBC Newsnight Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland, and STV, and produces written journalism as part of his research output and he has recently published on blogging and the role of open commentary within newspapers.

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“Most people would not hesitate to label live talk radio presentation as a performance, but when the question is taken directly to practitioners, a more complicated picture emerges� Dr Helen Wolfenden, 2012


cf. 27

Project News “Our research is often focused on action and change; we build collaborations and connections with the people and places that we study. This work can take us all around the world or just around the corner.” Hadrian’s Wall, our research on the Cultural Olympiad, north and south of the border


Future Everything hosts Olympic Journalism project Future Everything is the UK’s leading digital arts festival and this year it hosted the #media2012 project, a citizen journalism initiative led by Professor Andy Miah at UWS. Coordinator Jennifer Jones, Professor Gayle McPherson, and Dr David McGillivray led proceedings during the festival.


“The monetisation of Olympic assets is likely to have value particularly for the non-sporting dimensions of the Games, which currently do not fall within the obligations of media contractors� Professor Andy Miah & Jennifer Jones, 2012


Recycling Mumbai On 23rd November, cf. PhD student Ben Parry discussed ‘Reversing the Gaze’ in an event called ‘Recycling Mumbai’ at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow. Ben’s project investigates the displacement of 450 families formerly living on the Dharavi pipeline. The Dharavi pipeline is one of the most recognizable images of ‘slum world’, made famous through its representation in Slumdog Millionaire and National Geographic. Working with artists, community members, and the Acorn Foundation, Ben interrogates his own outsider ‘gaze’ and that of others who come to extract knowledge about Mumbai’s informal urban practices.


Fan Culture & the Olympics During the Olympic Games, Dr David McGillivray worked on a project to study the role of ‘Live Sites’ at the Olympic Games. His research examines the role of these ‘third spaces’ within mega-events.

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Fans gather for the London 2012 Olympic torch


From RAE2008 to REF2014 As our research community plans towards REF2014, Creative Futures Institute Researchers have analysed data from the Research Assessment Exercise 2008 to ascertain a subject profile for Unit 66 (Media, Communications and Cultural Studies). We want to gain insights into what our Unit of Assessment looks like and make this public to everyone within our community.



As the Olympic Torch relay got underway, staff and students from UWS developed the Citizen Relay project, which brought amateur and professional journalists together to follow the torch across Scotland and provide local insights into the experience. Content was aggregated on one web platform and created an oral and visual record of Scotland’s citizens’ views on the torch relay, complementing the work of mainstream media organisations.

The Olympic flame sets out from Dumfries


cf. 35

Research Impact “Our Associates enjoy strong links with the creative community, influencing policy decisions, shaping investment, working on projects, and engaging with life beyond academia.�

Our industry links in commercial music have influenced the sector


Going Social with the Foreign Office & DCMS

cf. Associate PhD student Jennifer Jones spoke to the FCO and DCMS about their digital engagement strategy. Jennifer was invited to talk to the team at the Cabinet Office digital diplomacy team about how social media and communication become an integral part of diplomatic processes.


Superhuman During the summer of 2012, Professor Andy Miah featured in an exhibition by Wellcome Trust, which developed the idea of the ‘superhuman’, bringing artifacts of human enhancement and modification to gallery goers, charting the rise of human enhancements.

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Paralympic sprinters go for gold at the London 2012 Games


Emotional Media Social Media was a big part of our year, examining the impact of the London 2012 Games. One unique project developed a sentiment analysis of Twitter content to ascertain what kinds of emotions people were feeling during the entire Olympic Games perid. In collaboration with the Future Everything festival, Professor Andy Miah worked from the Games, giving an inside view into breaking stories and trending tags, which was then transformed into a beautiful web design and, eventually, a physical sculpture of tweets, which is now being exhibited around the world.


“Film-like imagination and visualization existed long before film was made and long before the birth of film, Walter Scott was the most filmic of writers.� Dr David Manderson, 2012


cf. 41

Spoken Word


Dr David McGillivray introducing the Citizen Relay project

Invited Lectures Â

Be Good be Social, Edinburgh, UK Imprint Literary Festival, Kilmarnock, UK Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, UK Battle of Ideas, Royal Academy of Engineering, London, UK Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, UK British Library, London, UK Manchester Science Festival, Manchester, UK Belmont Picture House, Aberdeen, UK


FOCUS: Graham Jeffery Graham’s research on creativity and participatory arts has lead him to informing public policy on cultural education and community regeneration. In 2012, he was awarded AHRC Connected Communities funding for a project called ‘Remaking Society’, with the Universities of Exeter and Edinburgh. In November, he spoke at the World Alliance for Arts Education Summit, which was hosted by the University of Lapland, one of our key partner universities. The event coincided with the River Lights event, which is an annual festival of fire sculpture on the banks of the river Rovaniemi.

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Royal College of Art, London, UK Oxford University, UK Milngavie Arts and Book Festival, Glasgow, UK Arts in Society Conference, Liverpool, UK Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery, UK National Chiao Tung University Hsinchu, Taiwan, University of Montpellier, France Monongalia Arts Center (MAC) Morgantown, USA Federal University of Sao Paulo Sao Paulo, Brazil University of East London, UK Sabhal Mor Ostaig, Skye Future Everything, Manchester, UK European Commission, Brussels, Belgium Edinburgh International Science Festival, Edinburgh, UK


Da Yeh University, Taiwan StAnza Poetry Festival, St Andrews, UK Grimsby Minster, Grimsby Institute, Grimsby, UK Aye Write Festival, Glasgow, UK Southampton Solent University, Southampton, UK DCMS & PODIUM, London, UK Glasgow University, UK The Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, UK Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland ArtWorks/Creative Scotland, Edinburgh, UK


FOCUS: Humanity 2.0 On 6th October, cf. Director Andy Miah chaired the launch of Professor Steve Fuller’s new book ‘Humanity 2.0! a the RSA in London, asking: How will we ascribe status to human life in a ‘post-human’ world? Should we take posthumanism seriously? As we reengineer the human body, and even human genome, are we attempting to realize dreams that hitherto have been largely pursued as socialengineering projects or are we doing something new?


Conference Presentations Our Associates also regularly submit papers to academic conferences. Here is a sample of where we were in 2012. World Alliance for Arts Education Summit, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Lapland Arctic Sustainable Art and Design: Opening the Dialogue, Institute for Northern Culture, University of the Arctic, Arctikum, Rovaniemi, Lapland Valve Magazine Launch, Valve Magazine, Glasgow, UK MECCSA Practice Network seminar: Practice Based Research and REF2014, University of Kingston, Kingstonupon-Thames, UK


The Streb extreme street performance company perform for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad


International Association for the Study of Popular Music - UK & Ireland Branch Conference, Salford University, Salford, UK Translating Russian and Eastern European cultures symposium , CCA Glasgow/University of Glasgow/UWS, Scotland 5th International Sport Business Symposium, Birkbeck University, London, UK Policy Notes: Popular Music, Industry and the State, Monash University Melbourne, Australia SPAN - Scottish Pop Academic Network, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, UK


cf. 51


/ “While our Associates drive our research, we are surrounded by a community of practitioners, innovators, and intellectual agitators who drive our creative ecology.�


Associates From the School of Creative & Cultural Industries Dr Kathryn Burnett Samantha Clark Alison Clifford Ewan Crawford Tony Grace Graham Jeffery Dr Katarzyna Kosmala Dr David Manderson Dr David McGillivray Professor Gayle McPherson Professor Andy Miah Dr David Overend Dr John Robertson Dr Holly Tessler From Other Schools Dr Sandro Carnicelli Filho Dr Alexandre Gagnon Professor Andrew Hursthouse Dr Daniel Livingstone


FOCUS: Dr Holly Tessler Holly’s research focuses on popular music and culture. Originally from Philadelphia, she studied in the UK for some years, focusing on the The Beatles. Holly leads our emerging research cluster on Commercial Music..

Paul McCartney plays at Anfield in Liverpool


PhD Students Our PhD student population has rapidly expanded in recent years and we now have 34 full time students within the Institute. Ana Adi / Kyle Barrett / Alison Bell / Martin Boyle / Nick Brooks / Kenneth Byers / John Carruthers / Christopher Dooks / Ian Falconer / Danielle Farrel / Marco Federici / Rachel Flynn / Amanda Geary / Jacqueline Greener / Gerry Hassan / Jennifer Jones / Mingxia Li / Kirsten Macleod / Elizabeth McLaughlin / Andrea Brown / Julia Rommel / Sarah Scott / Gail Sneddon / Emilia Sosnowska / Eleanor Thom / Eleanor Yule / Roman Sebastyanski / Pamela Barnes / Oscar van Heek / Stephen Langston / Andrea Brauening / Mirjam Muller / Ben Parry / Anna Snazjder


FOCUS: Andrea Braeuning PhD student Andrea is a new student based at the Hochschuler der Medien in Stuttgart, one of our key partners. A senior innovation manager at Bosch, Andrea has been working with world class businesses for over 15 years. Her PhD research examines how businesses are developing strategies around the smart city agenda. Learn more:

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cf. 57

Our Creative Future “In 2013, we take our work to Russia, Thailand, and India. We build projects towards the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, the Youth Olympic Games, and Scotland’s future, as the debate about independence rages. We also have major exhibitions and events planned at the CCA Glasgow, the Architectural Association, London and on our campuses in Ayr and Paisley.”



Contact Creative Futures Institute School of Creative & Cultural Industries University of the West of Scotland Paisley Campus A Block, Barbour Building Paisley, Renfrewshire Scotland, UK PA1 2BE



Creative Futures Institute - Our Update 2012  
Creative Futures Institute - Our Update 2012  

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