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The 6 Steps To A Successful Fitness Brand... MiBrand - Expert help on developing your fitness brand


The 6 Steps To A Successful Fitness Brand... C












The 6 Steps To A Successful Fitness Brand...


Your Business & Brand Goals


The 6 Step Success Programme...


The 6 Step Success Programme: BONUS Material


Are You Ready For Success?


Success stories of the MiBrand 6 Steps to Success Programme


Step 1 – Be An Individual And Stand Out From The Crowd


Who is ... Jackie Diss?


Who is ... Scott Hodson?


Your Action Plan


Brand Potential Consultation






04. The 6 Steps To A Successful Fitness

18. Who is ... Jackie & Scott

Step 2 – Putting Your Skills And Knowledge Into Products


Step3 – How To Build Relationships With Your New Found Target Market

Step 4 – Build Your Brand’s Profile And Visibility Step 5 – How To Develop Your Business Network To Accelerate Your Business Presence Step 6 – How To Successfully Systemise Your Business So You Can Take A Day Off Or Go On Holiday

06. Are You Ready For Success?

20. Brand Potential Consultation


The 6 Steps To A Successful Fitness Brand... A Step By Step Process That Helps You Become ‘THE’ Most Influential Fitness Brand In Your Area


iBrand Fitness Business Coaching helps you to turn your skills and knowledge into a business that offers products and services that will easily attract the right type of people into your business, who spend more money with you... and stay for longer. Follow these steps to fast track both your online and offline brand. This will allow you to turn your passion into a systemised business so that you can realise your own business goals.


The 6 Step Success Programme...

“These guys know


eveloping a strong brand that builds people’s trust to a point where they want to work with you... (and only you) doesn’t happen overnight. It takes careful planning, simple structures and 100% implementation at key times. Over the past 10 years we have helped 1000’s of individuals and corporate fitness companies create strong brand messages, formulise their business direction and createkey products. We can help you repackage your fitness business, so if you are new to the fitness industry we can help you identify your skills and build a strong brand so that you can easily attract your target market. If you have been in the business for a while but feel you have lost direction (or on your way to burnout) we can help you get back on track. Not only will you walk away with a clear direction for your fitness business you will also have a razor sharp focus on who your brand is for and how to use it. If you ever wanted to be the next biggest fitness concept or the most

what they are doing.” Alex West - Boost Your Body

influential brand in your area our 6 step process will show you how. Every successful business has... • A razor sharp focus on its target market and brand message • Products and packages that allow the business to grow • Systemised marketing and sales processes • A strong network of mentors, followers and influencers • A plan of who, what, where, when and more importantly why? Becoming a recognised fitness brand takes more than a logo, monthly leaflet drops, a newspaper advert or a few social media posts. In our 6 steps to success we show you...

5. How to develop your business network to accelerate your business presence 6. How to successfully systemise your business so you can take a day off or go on holiday These 6 essential steps are the building blocks to setting up a successful online and offline brand AND... securing its ongoing growth. We will show you how to INCREASE your value so you can spend more time moving your business forward rather than working in the day to day grind. Alex West – Boost Your Body says: “This saves you from all the wandering around; these guys

1. How to make your business individual and stand out from the crowd

know what they are doing.

2. How to take all your skills and knowledge and put them into products


3. How to easily build relationships with your new found target market 4. How to build your brands profile and visibility (both online and offline)

I now have a clear and focused


Are You Ready For Success?


What Is Your Target Market’s Pain And How Can You Help? Now ask yourself what do your clients need... or most want to achieve? What is their pain?

Before you can implement these 6 essential steps you have to have a firm

Then ask yourself how can you help them solve (or move away from) their pain? What services or products

understanding of who you are and what type of people will want to work with you.

can you (or would you like to) offer?


Answer these questions:

2. 3.

Who Is Your Target Market? Describe your target market in as much detail as possible

What is your unique selling point (USP)? Why would someone choose you rather than the next business offering health and fitness? What is your brand message and do you connect to your market? Do you have ways to grow your database daily? If you have holes or have room for improvement in these questions you are just 6 steps away from filling them and having a successful fitness business.

Target Market Research • Is your target market male or female? • What is their age group (10 year range ONLY)? • What is their income bracket? How much disposable income do they have? • What are the goals they want to achieve? • What could be their potential fear about working with you? • What does your target market like to do in their social time? Do they listen to the radio, read magazines, papers, what type of TV programs do they watch? • What fitness bracket do they fit into? (Beginner, intermediate, advanced or non exerciser)? • What is their fitness interests e.g. gym, classes, athletics, outdoors or nothing at all?



The 6 Steps To A Successful Fitness Business

“Go for it, do it… you won’t be sorry!.” Simon Olney – Inspired Mums

Step 1 Be An Individual And Stand Out From The Crowd Why stand out from the crowd? If you want to be a successful brand there are 3 key things to consider... 1. Is your brand unique? 2. Will your brand sell? 3. Does your brand easily translate? Whenever we initially go into business the 5 year plan often involves growth, whether it be taking our product abroad, hiring staff, building a franchise or even selling on the business. Supersize your brand Understanding what makes you unique isn’t about the products and services you offer, it’s actually about the RESULTS you deliver. Once you understand how your brand can affect your audience’s emotions, health and lifestyle your brand’s reputation gets supersized! Develop a journey to results Next up, is ensuring you have a brand that will sell... and this all comes from understanding your audience and ensuring you know exactly what they want, and then creating products and services that take your clients on a journey to the results they desire.

“It has been a right eye opener on how to run a professional fitness business.” Sally Leech – Active 4 Mums

Step 2 Putting Your Skills And Knowledge Into Products Why Create Your Own Products?

Beat off the competition Lastly, your brand needs to easily translate. Could anyone viewing your brand for the first time clearly understand what it is you have to offer? Will they know YOU are the expert? Can they tell what you are the expert in? Health and wellbeing is on the rise and is predicted to boom over the next 10 years, which means there is more and more competition and more and more people putting out the same message, right? Wrong! If you can tackle the above 3 key areas you won’t have to worry about blending in with the crowd because your business will easily stand apart and sell to an audience who wants and needs you.

In our service based industry we typically have to exchange time for money. This can prove to be very hard as soon as you start to grow your client base, especially when they all want you in several different locations wanting several different services. If your primary business model is to exchange time for money then you automatically create an income ceiling and stop your business from becoming sustainable and scalable. You limit the amount of profit your can generate and you are by default signing up to a very busy and manic schedule Increase the value of your business...

The MiBrand 6 Step Success Programme includes these workshops:

How would you like to earn money whilst you are sleep? How would you like to take a day off and not have a care in the world? Have you got a million and one ideas of fitness books, DVDs, education courses and workouts you would love to create for your clients to help them reach their goals?

• Exploring your business potential, brand message and USP

Products are the building blocks for any successful business because; products allow clients to have access to you, WITHOUT you having to be there!

• The importance of nailing your niche • How to stand out from the crowd Simon Olney – Inspired Mums says: “I can guarantee that this will be the best investment that you put into your business so far, Go for it, do it… you won’t be sorry!”

Products allow you to potentially become a global product without you even having to jump on a plane. Products mean you as a business can grow without running yourself into the ground. Creating a powerful product ladder that has a purpose is a vital tool for any business to grow and survive. Once you understand what your target market wants then it’s time to pour all of your knowledge and skill into the products. They will be cueing up, because they can finally take you home, take you to the gym or even take you on holiday.

To help you understand how important developing your own products to compliment your business here are a few stats and ideas: • 88.3% surveyed say they make fitness purchases online • 82% surveyed say they use Facebook as a free way to research fitness products, information and workouts • 64% surveyed use Youtube as a free fitness resource • 42% surveyed download fitness information (Giveaways/Workouts) Developing your own products is definitely 100% the way to move forward. Products can range from a podcast, DVD, webinar, Ebook, training sessions and even retreats... the options are endless! The MiBrand 6 Step Success Programme includes these workshops: • Increase your revenue streams by developing a product ladder • How to develop a successful lead generation product

Sally Leech – Active 4 Mums says: “Having done the course I would pay x5 times the amount… It has been a right eye opener on how to run a professional fitness business.”



“ I now generate income

whilst I am asleep”

“brilliant and really inspirational” Gill Bailey – Gill’s Health and Fitness

Sarah Johnson – DanceFit Studios

Step 3 How To Build Relationships With Your New Found Target Market

• You need to prove to them that you can give them the result that they want

them closer to the point of sale every time they communicate with you.

Why Is It Essential To Build Relationships?

• You need clear lines of communication (preferable x3 to increase sales)

Turn all your content around to SERVE your target audience and then work on getting them back to your brand/website multiple amounts of times to increase sales.

95% of people who come to your website are NOT ready to buy. If you are spending your time and money getting people to your website and then just selling things to them you will find that your conversion rate and return on investment will be low. Firstly let’s concentrate on the 5% of people who are actually in the market looking to buy. These people are coming to your website looking for a solution to their pain... You need to have key items on your website to encourage them to invest their time and money: • You need to tell them that you can solve their problem and give them a result, for the amount of money they wish to spend, at a risk level they are comfortable with • You then need to signpost them to their perfect package as quick as possible with easy to use navigation and engaging content • Your sales page needs to be sell the benefits (not the features) of working with you

If you do not have these things you will not convert even 1% of your website visitors. Get a higher return on your investment Now... let’s turn our attention to the 95% who are NOT ready to invest and take action If you change your mindset and gear your website and marketing towards helping these people (rather than just selling to them) you will get a higher conversion rate and a higher return on investment. Your mindset should be to serve your target audience and not to sell to them – 95% of the people who are coming to your website (or coming into contact with your offline brand) will be in pain and have strongly held beliefs that are stopping them from taking action. If you gear your website and marketing towards helping them solve their pains and tackle their strongly held beliefs for FREE... then you will be building a relationship with them and moving

Technology and internet marketing is so easy nowadays – in fact, even the most avid technophobes can set up their website to automate their relationship building marketing so then you can spend more time delivering the business, servicing clients and generating cash. The MiBrand 6 Step Success Programme includes these workshops: • Creating a successful lead page • Developing your website journey to increase sales • “Content is King!” – How to develop compelling content

Sarah Johnson – DanceFit Studios says: “The most exciting things is I now generate income whilst I am asleep”

Step 4 Build Your Brand’s Profile And Visibility Why Build Your Brand’s Profile? Unless you have budgets like Virgin or a celebrity portfolio like NIKE, most businesses have to be savvy with the development of their brand. Your direction needs to be clear and your voice needs to be heard and respected. You have to make sure your business choices stay within the character of what people have come to expect. The brand journey for your client starts from the second someone hears your name or sees your product. Your first hello only has a few seconds to make a lasting impression and ultimately decides if they forget you... or investigate you further. With advancing technology, reaching your target market has never been easier, yet... felt so much more complicated. Spinning all the plates of social media, email marketing, website content and personal interactions means you have to ensure continuity reigns. Everything must not only sing from the same hymn sheet to give people that feeling of trust and credibility.

Don’t just stop at your logo... To get trust and credibility you have to go passed your logo, I’m referring to the messages you put out through your advertising, on your website, on your social media and on the images related to your brand. Building your brand means building a clear message that your target market can come to trust. Without trust you do not have followers, without followers you do not have a brand. If you do not have a brand... you will then find it very hard to attract new clients and receive referrals and then you don’t have a business. You can literally save yourself thousands of pounds if you get your brand and message right.

markets pain’s and strongly held belief’s. Integrate your website and blog with social media to leverage your time and create more noise with your marketing. A great tool to automate this is Hootsuite. The MiBrand 6 Step Success Programme includes these workshops: • Identifying your Google Keywords to target new clients • Video is the future – How to use video to build your brand • Super charge your blogs and newsletter to attract more followers and increase sales

Gill Bailey – Gill’s Health

Now boost your visibility... The best way to get high visibility is to get your website to the top of Google with terms that your market is using to find you. This can attract 100’s if not 1000’s of people to your brand every month that are actually looking for your services... but, this is pointless if your profile and brand message does not connect with them within the first 3-11 seconds. Integrate your website with a blog to help communicate your message and tackle your target

and Fitness says: “Jackie is brilliant and really inspirational, I can’t recommend her enough… you get told exactly what you are going to do, which weeks you were going to do it, how long you get to prepare everything, so I had a structured timetable to work to, which I found really really helpful”



“our database has grown

in the hundreds” Jill Little – Inno8 Fitness

Step 5 How To Develop Your Business Network To Accelerate Your Business Presence Why You Need A Business Network? Being a solo-entrepreneur is tough... You have to be the business leader, project manager and fitness technician all at the same time You have to be sales and marketing, finance, operations and human resources 24,7,365 and to be honest that is why most fitness professionals don’t earn over £10,500 per year* and don’t survive their first year. Have a winning plan... The best way to secure your future and develop a strong business and brand is to develop a strong business network around you. Don’t just choose anyone...they have to be right for you and the way you want to run your business. To develop a winning plan you must surround yourself with people who have been there and done that... and most importantly got success! Your business network should include: • Friends and family – For emotional support and encouragement (typically not business advice) • Consumer group / Target market advisors – You can have the greatest ideas in the world but if your target audience doesn’t want it... it isn’t going to be successful • Mentors and coaches – Surround yourself with people with proven records in the things you want to achieve, listen to them and the implement their advice

• Administrators – Outsource the things you’re not good at (admin, books, invoicing) and concentrate on the things you are (like getting people health, fit and happy) • Joint ventures and partners – This is where the magic happens. Choose businesses that are jam packed with your target audience and work together for mutual benefit.

The MiBrand 6 Step Success Programme includes these workshops: • A proven and step by step 3 month marketing plan • The power of PR • Develop strong JV & Affiliate packs

Jill Little – Inno8 Fitness says: “Within the last 5 months Innov8 has gone from nothing to developing a brand, our database has grown in the hundreds, we are making income from the business and our funded places are growing every month”

“WOW… Things are really great, I am now very clear on what to do” Catherine – Fabulously Fit Mums

Step 6 How To Successfully Systemise Your Business So You Can Take A Day Off Or Go On Holiday Why Develop Your Own Systems? For all the same reasons why you need a strong business network around you also need to develop your way of delivering your health and fitness business.... and then systemise it! If you are not working with a target audience you will find that each and every client wants different things from their experience. They will consume your information in different ways and demand different things from you. They will each struggle at different times of working with you and if you haven’t got all the answers, to all the different types of people that you work with, then they will not get the results that they want. Worse still... as they aren’t getting the results they will not tell their friends about you. They will not be your walking advertisements and you will then have to spend more time and money gaining new clients... as you will find it very hard to keep hold of the ones you have got.

Your systems will need to manage the 3 main parts of your business... • Managing your existing clients – Communications, human contact, fitness delivery, retention • Managing your new clients – Education, goal setting, rewarding , getting results • Managing and sourcing suspects and prospects – sales and marketing, website development, advertising, networking As with all “systems” they will not be dependent on you to be working in the business for them to work. You can automate, systemise and outsource things so that you can take that day off and have a lush holiday every year. The MiBrand 6 Step Success Programme includes these workshops: • Turning on your systems for the launch of your business • Grow your business with analysis, analytics and surveys • Outsource to survive

Deliver your business systems When you are working with a target market they typically all want the same result, they all have the same pain and they all have the same things they will struggle with whilst working with you. You can now start to develop your way of delivering your business to get a predictable result for your clients. As soon as you reach this stage in your business you can develop your own systems to reduce admin times, increase profitability, automate your marketing, increase your income streams, improve retention and predictably grow your business

Catherine – Fabulously Fit Mums says: “WOW… Things are really great, I am now very clear on what to do and how to do it”

Your Goals


Your Business & Brand Goals

The 6 Step Success Programme: BONUS Material

Follow this simple exercise to take the first step in implementing the 6 steps into your fitness business.

Yvette Nevrkla – The UK’s leading fitness business coach

List out where you are now and then project where you want to be within the time periods on the left hand side. You can fill in every box or just the key milestones that are specific to you and your business.

“My approach to business coaching and to PT business success is centred around two key things; building a rock solid business foundation and developing the mindset required for success. I help my clients to think differently and think bigger about themselves, their business and about the difference they can make doing what they love”

Table key: Business status – Are you pre-start-up? Start-up? Surviving? Existing? Growing? Maintaining? Selling? Licensing? Franchising? Profile – What will/are people saying about you? Where? What platforms?

Guest presentation: The Importance Of Nailing Your Niche By developing your niche market you can quite literally save yourself years of useless marketing. Learn how to develop your niche.

Visibility – How many fans, followers, likes, traffic, email opens do you have on a monthly basis? Client base – How many paying clients do you have on a monthly basis?

Tanya Godbeer – PR gal to the fitness industry

Revenue – How much revenue are you taking on a monthly basis?

Health, fitness and lifestyle writer that specialises in writing press releases for fitness professionals and working closely with women’s lifestyle and fitness organisations

Time periods

Business Status

Now 3 months time



Client Base


Guest presentation: The Power of PR Get ahead of the competition and learn how to master the power of PR. Get free exposure and marketing in your local press to make you the go to person in your area for fitness.

6 months time Jodie Everett – Good at everything your not!

12 months time 2 years time 3 years time 5 years time

Please use another sheet of paper if

“I have over 13 years experience in all aspects of administrative support, and can offer a wealth of administrative, secretarial, office coordination, personal assistant, project management and event management services. I believe at the CoRe of every business is a hard working Administrator who can really help make a difference to your business.” Guest presentation: Outsource to survive! Breaking your business down to essential tasks, business growth tasks and just the jobs that have to get done are essential to recognise early on. Jodie is going to help you structure your time and show you how a little outsourcing can help you grow your business in weeks AND give you some well earned rest!


Success stories of the MiBrand 6 Steps to Success Programme Gillian Thomas Fitness @ “‘Before I started working with Jackie I felt as if I had no direction, I didn’t know which way to take my business, I was running around trying to be a Jack of all instead a master of one.


Who is Jackie Diss? Jackie Diss Creator & Owner Of MiBrand Fitness Business Coaching Where Jackie Started...

Once I had finished working with Jackie I felt I got direction and a belief in myself to use my qualifications and become the person to come to with back issues.

Jackie Diss now has almost 19 years experience in the fitness industry and she still feels as passionate about it today as she did the first day she started. At the age of 15 after many years of being overweight, bullied and having low self esteem Jackie joined a gym with her father and this is where she fell in love with fitness.

The most useful sections we worked through together were on the ebook and content for my web site, and getting the same help with my DVD. I got a really good web site with good content and more confidence in myself to write and produce information. I would definitely recommend working with Jackie’”

Beacon Outdoor Fitness @ “Before myself and Jackie started working together I felt excited, but a little apprehensive of what to expect. Since we have gone through the MiBrand Programme I am now even more exited! With your experience, knowledge and skills you have helped me to develop my website content that is directed and meaningful towards my target market. I found the development of my own packages and takeaways the most useful and interesting part of the program. From working with MiBrand I now have a website where the content is directed and focused on what I want to do and for prospective clients the pages, packages and information is aimed at their pains, frustrations together with my solutions to overcome these. I would most definitely recommend this programme to anyone! I got a really good web site with good content and more confidence in myself to write and produce information. I would definitely recommend working with Jackie’”

By the age of 17 Jackie was fully qualified and working in a gym fulltime managing GP referrals, weight loss programmes and gym programmes. She soon moved on into Studio Management then Area Studio management and finally she worked as a Consultant and Global Trainer for ICG (Indoor Cycling Group). Whilst working as a freelance instructor and personal trainer Jackie travelled the globe and has now worked in 16 countries presenting and delivering fitness education courses to packed out crowds. In 2006 Jackie was hired to film her first fitness DVD and the rest is history, with 6 commercial fitness DVDs, 100s of fitness downloads and fitness presenting work for some of the biggest fitness brands such as Nike, Fitpro, Women’s Fitness, Body in Balance TV and Universal. Jackie has a wealth of experience in both fitness media and the fitness industry.

Today … Jackie stays in very close contact within the fitness industry and writes for magazines such as Bodyfit and Women’s Fitness as well as developing her own women’s fitness programmes specifically designed to help women lose weight safely, improve self esteem and confidence. Her signature programmes are DanceLoss and How To Love The Skin You Are In.



Who is Scott Hodson?

Your Action Plan

Scott Hodson The World’s Fittest Webmaster

1. Fill out the “Are you ready for success” worksheet 2. Assess your business against each of the 6 steps detailed above

• Discover what is holding your brand back from moving forward

3. Highlight the areas that you need to work on to increase your profile and visibility

• Review your existing brand presence and your brand goals

Where Scott started...

4. Write down your “Business and Brand” goals

Scott trained to be a gym instructor in his year out before he went to University. His first gym job was at Brands Hatch when he was 17 and is where he became a Personal Trainer.

5. Take action! Or book a consultation to plan out your 6 steps to success together...

• Evaluate your brand through our 6 key steps to success

He was playing decent rugby at the time and found himself playing at Saracens where he quickly learned to “toughen up”. He played at Saracens for nearly four years and by the time he left he was already looking for a new opportunity to earn his millions, as he knew he wasn’t going to be able to earn a decent living from professional rugby. As soon as he graduated from St.Marys University he saw the opportunity in the health and fitness industry for developing a very simple and effective piece of health and fitness assessment software. There was nothing like it in the market. The nearest thing was outdated, hard to use and didn’t do anything effective or he ceased the initiative and turned to one of his best buddies (Ian Rumsey) to see if he wanted to start a business. In September 2003 Optimum Fitness Software was born with help from the Princes Trust. Together the pair developed a prototype software from the University to prove there was an opportunity to commercialise the software 12 months later they licensed it on and started to build Optimum Fitness Software into a market leading business, specialising in web and software development for the health, sport and leisure industry. Now 10 years on they are very proud to be the only award winning business in this space. Scott has been quoted to say “it’s been fun, hard work, full of sacrifice, challenges, victories, successes and failures”… but at the end of the day it has all been part of the master plan to be the World’s leading health and fitness software developers by 2015. Scott believes that if you have a healthy body, have healthy nutrition and develop a healthy mind you can achieve anything. This is the driving force and ethos that he uses to take a small team of very talented people and inspires them to achieve great things  

Book A Consultation We pride ourselves on working with self driven, motivated individuals. Our 6 Step Success Programme can ONLY be successful if individuals are serious about committing the time and energy it takes to complete this program and continue to move their brand forward once the program is finished. If you think our 6 Step Success Programme is something you would like to be a part of and see it as a way of moving your business forward we would like to offer you a ‘Brand Potential Consultation’ This will not only give us an insight into your brand and how we can help, it will also give you an informed insight into how the program works and if we as a team can work successfully together. Additionally you get a fitness branding plan designed to help you systemise your marketing (worth £195) Why attend a consultation?

• Discuss the 6 Step Fitness Brand Success Programme • Receive a branding plan to help systemise your marketing worth £195

The consultation costs only £50 and will take 1 hour on Skype or over the phone Get this for free: The consultation fee will be deducted from any programme you invest in with us. *All payments must be paid before the day of the consultation SIGN ME UP! I would like to attend a Brand Potential Consultation Please send below form back to:


Brand Potential Consultation Tell us about you... (tick all appropriate boxes) I have skills, ideas and experience that I want to make into the next big fitness concept I already have products and services BUT would like to learn how to make them all on brand and into a business

I want to take the leap from employed to running my own business I want to create and build my profile I’m new to the industry and want to launch with impact I already have an existing business which I want to take to the next level (or even World domination!�

Your Details (Please print in CAPS) Mr/Mrs/Ms First Name: Second Name: Email: Mobile: Website: Street Address: Postcode: Skype address: Paypal Email Address:

Copyright 2013 (c) MiBrand Fitness Business Coaching is a service provided by Jackie Diss and Scott Hodson who are backed up by their award winning design and web development team at Optimum Fitness Software

The 6 Steps To A Successful Fitness Brand...

Copyright 2013 (c) MiBrand Fitness Business Coaching is a service provided by Jackie Diss and Scott Hodson who are backed up by their award winning design and web development team at Optimum Fitness Software


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